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A new bill in the Pa. State Senate could mean the end for cyber charter schools in the state. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach, file)
The death of cyber charter schools in Pa.?

A proposal in Harrisburg would require a family to pay out-of-pocket tuition to attend a cyber charter.

The death of cyber charter schools in Pa.?

What connects Philadelphia with Pittsburgh? Altoona with Allegheny National Forest? Harrisburg with Happy Valley? Amish Country with Coal Country?

Quite a lot, actually.

While most media in the state focus locally, Keystone Crossroads explores the stories that matter across the commonwealth, reported with all Pennsylvanians in mind. Four public media newsrooms are collaborating on this project to create in-depth and insightful journalism on key topics that reverberate from the Statehouse to the streets and back again: government accountability, public education, changing communities, and criminal justice.

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