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Annual benefits:

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  • WHYY Passport
  • The WHYY MemberCard*
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WHYY Passport

Stream your favorite PBS shows, including Masterpiece, PBS NewsHour, award-winning documentaries by Ken Burns and much more. Unlock access to a rich library of public television programming for a minimum Sustaining Membership of $5 a month or an annual contribution of $60 or more.

WHYY MemberCard

Enjoy special experiences and discounts throughout our community. You’ll enjoy discounts to local restaurants, museums, theaters, shops and other small businesses with your WHYY MemberCard. See the full list of WHYY MemberCard Partners!

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Enjoy exclusive access and discounts to many WHYY events: live music performances, film screenings, creative workshops, guest lectures, community forums, meet-and-greet opportunities and more. WHYY offers something for everyone.


WHYY members receive the Connections newsletter by mail multiple times a year, plus useful e-newsletters like the WHYY TV Guide and our WHYY Weekly, capturing the best of community news, events and public media programming. You can manage your newsletter subscriptions in the WHYY Member Portal.

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As a WHYY member, you can participate in our annual Member Survey and tell us which of our programs and services make a difference in your life.

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