Done With Your Resolutions?
Done With Your Resolutions?

Thoughtful discussions led by family psychologist Dan Gottlieb, Ph.D., Voices in the Family highlights issues and experiences that affect individuals and society with an emphasis on behavioral health and well being.  Dan addresses recent developments in the fields of psychology and sociology and brings his unique talents as a psychotherapist and radio professional to each interview and each caller. As such, the audience is treated to a radio experience that is both eye opening and heart opening.  Both the show and Dr. Dan have received numerous local and national awards.

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Is Loneliness Dividing Us?

Americans are deeply divided on so many issues these days; gun control, climate change, and immigration, just to name a few. But in his n ...

Air Date: December 10, 2018

Listen 03:51

The Power of Touch

When couples hold hands, their breathing and heart rates synchronize. If one of the partners is in pain, it diminishes the more the brain ...

Air Date: March 19, 2018

Listen 02:42
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