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Peg Botto and Harrison McInnis, friends and longtime business partners run Cosmic Café and Cider House, creating a compassionate work environment for individuals with disabilities. Photo provided by Cosmic Café.
Cosmic Cafe, Providing Farm to Table Food While Empowering Workers with Disabilities

Peg Botto and Harrison McInnis are the dynamic chef duo behind Cosmic Café and Cider House on Boathouse Row. They provide locally sources fresh food options, while providing jobs and training for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. “We believe that everyone deserves a chance to work and earn a living,” says McInnis, “and Peg has helped me realize just how many things you can do to make life a little better for people.”

Cosmic Cafe, Providing Farm to Table Food While Empowering Workers with Disabilities
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The Good Souls Project was developed to recognize an individual or group of individuals from the Delaware Valley Region making significant positive contributions to their neighborhood, community or region through their time, action, talent and dedication. The honoree(s) selected serve as a role model for compassion, generosity and service and are striving to make the world a better place.

These individuals were nominated for efforts outside of their paid employment, unless the effort was within their employment and includes work that is above and beyond the call of duty and has a broader, charitable, and community impact.

If you know someone who has performed an act of kindness, tell us their story by nominating them at

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We're highlighting some of these special individuals who make our Greater Philadelphia communities thrive.

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