Kae Lani Palmisano in Delishtory: It's a Matter of Taste
It’s a Matter of Taste

Kae Lani Palmisano blows our collective minds as she dives into how our tongues translate spicy flavors, astringency, and carbon dioxide.

It’s a Matter of Taste

Join Check, Please! Philly host and self-proclaimed food nerd, Kae Lani Palmisano, for a tasty exploration of our favorite food obsessions. Each episode of Delishtory serves up a heaping helping of context for some of America’s most iconic dishes, offering insight into their origin and popularity.  Because everything tastes a little bit better when it’s sprinkled with facts. It’s delicious, it’s history – it’s Delishtory.  

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Delishtory: Food Fights

Food Fights

Which would you rather be pelted with - an orange, an old tomato, or a fruitcake?

Air Date: April 28, 2021

Kae Lani Palmisano in Delishtory: Not Your Grandma's Cinnamon

Not Your Grandma’s Cinnamon

The cinnamon you're noshing on today is not the same kind your Granny used to sprinkle in her recipes.

Air Date: April 14, 2021

Kae Lani Palmisano next to a popsicle poster in Delishtory: Accidental Food Inventions

Accidental Food Inventions

Kae Lani Palmisano tells the tales behind a panicked dish created when the chef was away and one young boy's backyard experiment.

Air Date: April 7, 2021

Kae Lani Palmisano in Delishtory: Champagne Foods

Champagne Foods

You know, if it doesn't come from Kobe, it's really just sparkling beef.

Air Date: March 24, 2021

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