Episode 6: Going the Distance

We receive a mysterious micro-cassette containing a 20-year-old voicemail message from Sylvester Stallone. It allows us to tap into the mind of the man himself — uncovering why he created Rocky and what elements of Philadelphia he used to build the world around him.

Episode 6: Going the Distance
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In a moment of reckoning and reimagining for monuments, why do millions of people each year from around the world visit Philly’s Rocky Statue? What does a statue celebrating a fictional boxer tell us about how we memorialize some stories over others? Monument Lab’s Paul Farber dives deep into the story of the statue to the greatest Philadelphian who never lived.

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Episode 4: "Rocky's Stoop"

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Trailer: The Statue

The Statue, the story of a monument to the greatest Philadelphian who never lived, from WHYY Digital Studios. Coming in 2023. ...

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