Supporters 2021


The following individuals are ensuring the future of WHYY with legacy gifts through their estates. Bequests were received in Fiscal Year 2021 from:

Mark J. Bojanowski
Ann L. Devine
Janice L. Freeman
Richard Guffanti
Harold Hagg
Ruth Herd
John McNichol, Jr.
Howard Pien
Ruth Rappaport
Laura Edna Spencer
Mary L. Staeffler
Barry Toltzis


We thank the following corporations and businesses, which supported WHYY with gifts and grants of $1,000 or more in Fiscal Year 2021:

Anonymous (1)
Ballard Spahr LLP
Bank of America
Citizens Bank
Exelon Corporation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Green Tree Event Consultants
Haverford Trust
Illinois Tools Works
Johnson & Johnson
M&T Bank
Music Together, LLC
New Age Industries
PNC Bank
Public Financial Management
Saads Halal Restaurant
Spring Point Partners
The Fred Rogers Company
The Vanguard Group
Unitedhealth Group
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Weis Markets


The following foundations and other agencies contributed $1,000 or more for programs and services in Fiscal Year 2021:

Anonymous (1)
Advisor Charitable Gift Fund
The Alex J. Ettl Foundation
Alpern-Vitriol Family Foundation
Amazonsmile Foundation
American Endowment Foundation
The American Gift Fund
America’s Charities
AMJ Foundation
Anne M. and Philip H. Glatfelter Family Foundation
The Anna and Isadore Oritsky Philanthropic Fund
The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Anne M. and Philip H. Glatfelter Family Foundation
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
The Barra Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Barnes Foundation
Berks County Community Foundation
Bessemer National Gift Fund
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Bright Funds Foundation
Caroline J. Sanders Trust #2
The C.E. Bennett Foundation
The Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation
Charles Delmar Foundation
Chatham Foundation
The CHG Charitable Trust
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
The Commonwealth Fund
Community Foundation of New Jersey
Connelly Foundation
Delaware Community Foundation
Delaware State Employees Charitable Campaign
Dolfinger McMahon Foundation
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation
Ellason and Molly L. Downs Perpetual Trust
Everence Foundation
Facebook Journalism Project
Fidelity Charitable
Fiduciary Trust Charitable
Foundation For Delaware County
The Fund for New Jersey
GE Fund
Geisinger Fund
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Hamilton Family Foundation
Hetznecker Family Fund
Honeywell International Charity Matching
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
The Horner Foundation
Howard Family Gift Fund
Independence Public Media Foundation
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Jewish Federation of Reading
The Joe and Nancy’s Fund Family
Joseph and Sally Handleman Foundation
KCG Charitable Fund
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
The Langfit Family Foudation
The Leo Model Foundation
Leo Niessen, Jr. Charitable Trust
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Marta and Robert Adelson Family Foundation
Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation
The May Family Foundation
McLean Contributionship
The Merck Company Foundation
The Miami Foundation
Montco Counts Action Fund
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust
Moses Feldman Family Foundation
National Philanthropic Trust
Neubauer Family Foundation
NewsHour Productions, LLC
OOS Foundation
Otto Haas Charitable Trust #2
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Pew Charitable Trusts
The Philadelphia Contributionship
Philadelphia COVID-19 Fund
The Philadelphia Foundation
Princeton Area Community Foundation
Public Health Fund
Raymond James Charitable
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Robert E. Lamb Foundation
Robert F. and Francisca V. Kan Philanthropic Fund
SAGA Foundation
Schwab Charitable
The Sisters of St. Francis Family
The Snider Foundation
Solutions Journalism Network
T. Rowe Price Charitable
Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
TIAA Charitable
Tuttleman Family Foundation
Vanguard Charitable
The Verity Charitable Fund
Wakefield Family Fund
William and Nancy Lifland Fund of the Princeton ACF
William Goldman Foundation
The William Penn Foundation
Wyncote Foundation

Leadership Circle

We thank the following Leadership Circle members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY in Fiscal Year 2021:


($10,000 and higher)
Anonymous (7)
Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson
Patricia and David Atkinson
Susan and Dan Barnes
Dr. George Benes and Dr. Michael Mallee
Ms. Jessica M. Berwind
Ms. Barbara C. Bisgaier
Gene and Joann Bissell
Mr. D. Jeffrey Benoliel and Ms. Amy Branch
Lois G. Brodsky
Ms. Hope B. Bromley
Elia Buck
Barbara R. Cobb
Mrs. Tobey Dichter and Mr. Mark Dichter
Mrs. Edith Dixon
Mrs. Tai Eng
Mr. Joseph Field and Mrs. Marie Field
Mrs. Elaine Gelb and Mr. Marc Pachtman
Barbara and Jerome R. Glickman
Mr. Gordon Gund
Ms. Nina M. Gussack
Mrs. Hannah L. Henderson
Claire Higham Thomas
Mr. Robert E. Keith and Mrs. Margot Keith
Peter and Emilie Lapham
Ms. Caryl Levin
Dr. Robert Locke and Ms. Sarah Thorne-Locke
Christopher and Melissa Lukach
Mr. Jeffrey D. Marrazzo and Mrs. Elinor Marrazzo
Valerie and Jim McKinney
Kathy McMaster
Vin and Christie Milano
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley
Ralph Muller and Beth Johnston
Mrs. Brenda Nixon and Mr. John Nixon, Jr.
Ms. Ellen M. Nobles-Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Paikin
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Nancy Petersmeyer
Mr. Wendell E. Pritchett and Ms. Anne Kringel
Patricia and Charles Robertson
Dr. Marta K. Rozans
John Salveson
Mrs. Anne Schoemaker
Mr. John Sheppard and Mrs. Sonal Sheppard
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Helen and Bill Stimson
Mr. Fred Sutherland and Mrs. Barbara Sutherland
Mr. Alan Thistlethwaite and Ms. Bryna Stepak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Townsend
Mrs. Emily Walton and Mr. Steven Walton
Mrs. Jennifer Watts and Mr. Ralph Watts
Harriet and Larry Weiss
Sankey and Connie Williams
Ms. Adelaide W. Zabriskie


($5,000 to $9,999)
Anonymous (7)
Ms. Arleen Armstrong and Mr. David Del Beccaro
Jim and Janet Averill
Ms. Audrey Baxter
Karl and Kristin Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Blinder
Ms. Bonnie Bogle
Mr. Jon Broder and Ms. Joy Bernstein
Wayne and Cyndy Bullaughey
Mr. Benito Cachinero-Sanchez and Ms. Deborah Gorman
Marietta Cahill
Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Ms. Debra Carrier and Mr. Harry Gaines
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Uma and Vinay Chowdhry
Mrs. Rhonda Cohen and Mr. David Cohen
Perky Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole, Jr.
Sarah Miller Coulson
Mr. Robert Dickinson and Mrs. Susan Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fahnestock
Ms. Julia Fisher and Mr. Joseph Fisher
Mrs. Catherine Friedman and Mr. David Friedman
John C. Fuhr and Joanne Hill
Ms. Donna Galvin
Mrs. Linda Glickstein and Mr. David Glickstein
Mr. Norman Goldschmidt
Farrari Graham
Mrs. Bonnie Greenberg and Mr. Lon Greenberg
Raj Gupta
Mr. William Haynes and Ms. Aline Haynes
Mr. Mel Heifetz
Mr. Eric Helt
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Horner
Mr. Edward C. House
Ms. Jerri Huber-Gibson and Mr. Hans E. Huber
Ms. Lisa Kimbro and Mr. Ray Lynch
Gay and Donald Kimelman
Christina Kind
Ms. Jan M. King
Mr. John Kingham and Mrs. Sallie Kingham
Dr. Mary Jane Kirkpatrick
Mr. Robert C. Legnini and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Legnini
Ms. Martha Levine and Mr. Howard Sedran
Ms. Catherine Parks Loevner and Mr. David R. Loevner
Ms. Colleen Manfred
Bill and Randi Marrazzo
Dr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Mayer
Mrs. Mary McCoy
Dr. Robert C. McLear and Mrs. Claire W. McLear
Michael and Nancy McLelland
Mr. Rodney McLeod
Bill and Katie McNabb
Ms. Martha Monserrate-McDade
Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Moorhead III
Ms. Susan B. Muller
John and Shirley Nash
Susan Odessey
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Parrish
Anna Marie and William Petersen
Neil Petusky and Doris Petusky
Mrs. Lydia Pfeiffer and Mr. Johan Pfeiffer
Vivian W. Piasecki
Bruce and Barbara Powers
Ms. Jennifer Roberts
Mr. Howard Ross and Ms. Susan K. Hollenstein
Mr. Joseph Sanfilippo
Eva and Marvin Schlanger
Sharon and Bill Schwarze
Antoinette Farrar Seymour
Nancy Silverman
Mr. Peter Smyrl and Mrs. Eloise Smyrl
Mr. Michael E. Sneed and Ms. Emily Ann Riddell
Ms. Jeralyn T. Svanda and Mr. Peter L. Svanda
Suzanne Swann
Tom Thomas
Ms. Sandra Triem
Paul and Christine Tufano
Mr. Robert E. Turner and Ms. Carolyn Turner
Mr. Max C. Tuttleman
Archbold D. Van Beuren and Helene van Beuren
Ms. Teresa A. Wallace and Mr. John G. Chou
John and Patricia Walsh
Don and Nancy Weaver
Ms. Linda C. Wingate and Dr. William P. Liberi
Mr. Forwood Wiser and Ms. Katherine Adams
Ethel Benson Wister
Dr. Stephanie Zarus

Memorial and Tribute Gifts Fiscal Year 2021

Gifts were made in memory of the following individuals in Fiscal Year 2021:

Louis J. Affannato
Elizabeth Armento
Gail S. Arnold
Bruce Z. Belinger
Renee (Rosenberg) Boose
Peter F. Hewitt
Elizabeth “Liz” Kovasckitz
Tammi Kissinger
Audrey T. Lane
Jason Luther
Elisa Poole
Dr. Charles Mode
Nina C. Morgenstern
Frances K. Nitardi
Catharine Pope
Gerald W. Powell
Helen and Richard Powers
Vic Runowicz
Nancy Lynne Sabatini
Marian Scattergood
Carolyn Kit (Killian) Staley
Samuel Lozada Tamayo
Molly Tennyson
Phyllis Shapiro
Bonnie Sillers
Miriam I. Silverman
Jennifer Davidian Sorenson
Paul and Betty Starkey
James Stow
Ann Syrdal
David Scott Yeager

The Laurence LePage Society

Named for WHYY’s founder Dr. W. Laurence LePage, The LePage Society recognizes and honors individuals who have provided for WHYY’s future in their estate plans — designating a bequest or trust, naming WHYY as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy, or establishing a WHYY Charitable Gift Annuity.

Anonymous (28)
Debra Josephson Abrams
Ann A. Abbott
Stephen E. Altman
Jerome and Anna May Arzt
Mrs. Rainey Augustine
Ward Barnes
Katherine R. Bartholomew
Paul and Beth Bechly
Nancy H. Blancé
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Jayne Bodner*
Jane Biberman
Mr. Richard P. Brown, Jr.*
Lyn Byerly
Ms. Willo Carey and Peter A. Benoliel
ROI Solutions, Inc.
Reverend William & Elizabeth Cline
Mr. W. Gary Caufield & Mrs. Margaret Caufield
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Mary Davar
Robert M. and Bonnie A. Dettore
Nancy and Dick Eales
Mr. and Mrs. Van P. Eckes
Dianne and David Elderkin
Mark Evorik
Ms. C. Fewlass and Mr. Thomas Fewlass
Mr. Leonard X. Finegold
Joanne T. Greenspun*
Mary Bert Gutman*
Bob Haver
Mrs. Frieda Hopkins
Mr. Lee A. Huff
J. Isenhower
Jan Jessup
Ms. Debbie Kaplan
Ms. K. Michelle Kelly
ROI Solutions, Inc.
Mrs. Lee Scarborough-Kirk
Ms. Jane H. Kesson*
A. Melissa Kiser
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
Deborah S. Krauss
Maggi Leyden
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Liebling
Mr. Hugh MacDonald
Larry and Mickey Magid
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. James McKinney
Paul and Victoria Marton
Peggy Morgan
David A. Murdock and James Keith Webb
Marlene Petter
Lisa D. Quiveors
Mr. F. Lee Radzicki
Mr. Francis Rasmus
Harriette Rubinstein
Mr. Nicholas M. Sanders
Wright and Alice Seneres
Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.
Ms. Molly D. Shepard
Steve and Ruthie Shipley
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Ivan R. and Hannah P. Snyder
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mrs. Patricia S. Stover
Mr. Thomas W. Teel*
Curtis E. Thomsen, Ph.D.*
Anthony & Marianna Tlush
Robert and Alice Vernon
Jannina Viscardi
Jennifer and Ralph Watts
David and Adrienne Webb Schulman
Geraldine and Francis J. Welsh
Ms. Florence S. Witonsky*
Jackie and Earl Wolf
Ruth A. Wren
Richard C.* and Janet T. Young


Y Circle

We thank the following Y Circle members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY in Fiscal Year 2021:


($2,500 to $4,999)
Anonymous (11)
Franny and Franny Abbott
Craig and April Adams
Neysa Adams
Mrs. Keller Arnold and Mr. Adrian Costello
Drs. Joycellen Y. Auritt and Leslie D. Schlessinger
Ms. Carol Baker and Mr. Mark Stein
David Baker and Irene Levy Baker
David and Margaret Balamuth
A. M. Baldeck, M.D.
Tom and Betsy Balderston
Sandra K. Baldino
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Bartholomew III
Mr. Eric P. Batterman and Mrs. Catherine J. Schaeder Batterman
Mr. Edward V. Beazley and Mrs. Maria Beazley
Ms. Lisa M. Bilder
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bilotta, Jr.
Ms. Sharon Binstok and Mr. John Russell
Jean G. Bodine
Sheila Bodine
Mr. Andrew Bonfiglio
Mr. Carl J. Bowden
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. and Mrs. William Buck
Robert and Cynthia Burke
Mr. Ronald A. Cahan and Ms. Adelaide Ferguson
Ellen Casey
Mr. Edward F. Chacker
Ms. Bonnie Chang and Mr. Robert Hsu
Ms. Cissy G. Claypool and Mr. William D. Claypool
Amy and Michael Cohen
Dr. Alexandra Baker and Mr. Michael A. Colucci
Mrs. Penny Contractor and Mr. Rashmi Contractor
Ms. Leslie Dixon Cook
Sarah D’Alonzo
Mrs. Diane Danoff and Mr. Theodore Danoff
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Davis
Dr. Bhaskar Deb
Clark and Debbie DeHaven
Amy De Shong
Mrs. Barbara Diamond and Dr. Steven Diamond
Mr. G. Fred DiBona III and Mrs. Teresa DiBona
Mr. Thomas Diederich and Mrs. Rebecca Diederich
Mr. Catherine Dolam and Mr. Richard Bierregaard
Ms. Deborah A. Dooling
Mrs. Mary B. Doyle
Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Matthew and Lori Espe
Jeff and Lyn Evans
Carolyn and Joseph M. Evans, Jr.
Mr. Paul D. Farmer and Mr. Michael D. King
Mr. Chris Fenger and Mrs. Paula Fenger
Ms. Jeanne B. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fleming
Mr. Charles Freyer and Ms. Judith Freyer
Ms. Donna L. Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fuchs
Mr. John R. Gailey III
Ms. Elizabeth H. Gemmill, Esq.
Doris and Arnold Glaberson
Mr. Robert J. Glickman and Ms. Candace Bernard
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Ms. Juliet J. Goodfriend and Dr. Marc Moreau
Mrs. Judith Goodman and Mr. Walter Goodman III
Ms. Martha Clark Goss
Mrs. Wendy Greenspan and Mr. Steve Greenspan
Mrs. Gretchen Guttman and Mr. Tim Guttman
Ms. Latoya Hackney and Mr. Otis Hackney
Bill and Debbie Haggett
Mr. Richard Handloff
Mr. Paul Henry and Mrs. Mary Henry
Mr. Joachim Hirche
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Holcomb
Ms. Frieda Hopkins
Eileen and Joe Janssen
Ms. Pamela Joy Jensen
Mr. Jay T. Johnson and Mrs. Terri Gemberling-Johnson
Mrs. Cheryl Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Kelly
Mr. Young S. Kim
Nancy and Dick Klavans
Mr. Mark A. Kleinman and Ms. Jennifer Anolik
Dr. Charles W. Koenig and Mrs. Sandra J. Koenig
Ms. Linda Kozitzky
Peter Kreek
Mr. Daniel J. Krosky and Mrs. Paula M. Krosky
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kulak
Ms. Susanna Lachs
Ms. Taylor Lake
Nancy Lanham
Joan Lapayowker
Ms. Juliane R. Lehr, NRP
Mr. Anthony Leitner and Mrs. Jennifer Leitner
Mr. Ronald M. Levine
Dr. Gerald Liebling and Mrs. Eun Sook Liebling
Charisse R. Lillie and Thomas L. McGill, Jr.
Chip and Molly Linehan
Mr. and Mrs. William Lombardo
Tim Lung and Kim Lung
Ms. Christine Lussier and Mr. Robert Hamill
Ms. Fern L. Mann
Mr. Thomas Markley
Lori A. Martin and Christopher Eisgruber
Mr. David W. Matsen and Mrs. Alison K. Matsen
Ms. Bonnie Matthaeus
Tom and Linda McCarthy
Kyra and Peter McGrath
Dr. John McNichol and Ms. Lisa McNichol
Mr. John P. McNiff and Mrs. Evelyn McNiff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Messner
Madeline E. Miller and H. Gordon Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. H. Laddie Montague
Gynnie and Terry Moody
Bill and Donna Oliver
Mr. Neil Oxman
Mr. Robert Parsons and Ms. Marilyn Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Pearson
Jane G. Pepper
Tod and Betsy Peyton
David and Lucinda Pollack
Mrs. Shivanee Raj and Mr. Saideep Raj
Mr. Srinivas M. Raju
Margaret W. and Thomas A. Ralph
Richard L. Scheff and Natalie D. Ramsey
Dr. Carol A. Raviola
Mr. Frank E. Reed and Mrs. Ann Reed
Mrs. Karina Reuter and Mr. David Reuter
Mrs. Janet Ries Stern and Dr. Matthew Stern
Ms. Sarah Ringer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato
Mr. Stuart Rosenbaum
Jerry and Bernice Rubenstein
Ms. Hannah Ryan
Dr. James R. Ryland and Mrs. Sylvia L. Ryland
Mr. Marcus Samuelsson
Ms. Srivalli Sastry-Kuppa and Mr. Nitin S. Apte
Ms. Michele Savage and Mr. Douglas Boesch
Dr. Jean Schwarzbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scott
Ms. Linda Seyda and Mr. Robert Boris
Mr. Anthony Shaw and Ms. Wei Shaw
Stephen and Elizabeth Silverman
Mr. Joseph Singer and Mrs. Michelle Singer
Valerie A. Smith
Cynthia B. Solot and Steven D. Handler
Ms. Mary Lou A. Sterge and Mr. Andrew J. Sterge
Mrs. George E. Stewart
Mr. Donald R. Strobach and Mrs. Barbara Strobach
Ms. Edna Styer
Cecilia Seigle Tannenbaum
Ms. Julia R. Toner and Mr. Robert M. Maxwell
Mr. Phillip Turberg and Ms. Pat Turberg
Rajeev Vaidya, Ph.D. and Shailaja Vaidya, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Volkmann
Mrs. Helen S. Wagner and Mr. David H. Wagner
Mrs. Cynthia Warner
Ms. Carol L. Weiser
Mr. and Mrs. David Winikur
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe
Dr. Thomas A. Wolk and Mrs. Deborah Wolk
Ms. Carla Wragge
Thomas and Diane Wren
Anne Jeffrey Wright
Dr. Jon Yardney
Sharon and Hal Yoh
Ms. Janet T. Young
Ms. Mary Ziegler
Ms. Jan Levine and Mr. Michael Zuckerman


($1,200 to $2,499)
Anonymous (35)
Mr. Lawrence W. Abel and Mrs. Seyna R. Abel
Mr. Larry Abrams and Mrs. Bea Abrams
Mr. Donald A. Addison
Ms. Barbara Alleva and Mr. Donald Gant
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ammon
David and Belinda Rose Anderson
Mrs. Maria B. Archer and Mr. Peter C. Archer
Mr. Richard L. Arvedlund and Mrs. Margaret J. Arvedlund
Mr. Daniel M. Attaway
Ms. Kathryn P. Bagley
Ms. Suzanne Bakewell
Ms. Margaret M. Balitsaris
Ms. Lynda Barness
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baron
Mr. Kevin P. Barry and Dr. Carol A. Hart
Connie Karasow
Ms. Donna L. Battista
Ms. Joan A. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Tara Beitler
Dr. Robert Belasco and Dr. Jean Belasco
Mary and Dick Benioff
Mrs. Milton L. Rock
Ms. Therese V. Bentley
Mr. Michael Beyer and Mrs. Katie Beyer
Jane Biberman
Dr. Gwendolyn K. Binder
Mr. Allen Black and Mr. Randy Apgar
Claire and Henry Blair
Ms. Martha Bowlsbey
Joan Bozan
Marie Bradley and Leah Bradley
Richard J. Braemer and Amy L. Finkel
Ms. Diana Brody and Dr. Justin Kaplan
A. Michael and Juliene G. Broennle
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bromley
Jill and Christopher Brooks
Mrs. Glendora Brooks
Mary and Stuart Brooks
Ms. Nancy Burack
Ms. Vicki S. Burdett
Mr. Peter G. Burgess and Ms. Janet N. Stevens
Mr. David A. Burton and Mrs. Ruth Burton
Ms. Lynn Bush and Rev. John Bartle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Denise Cabrey
Mrs. Harriet A. Campbell and Mr. Dennis M. Campbell
Cecilia S. Campolucci
Mr. Frank A. Capasso and Mrs. Mary Ann Capasso
Ms. Marie C. Carroll
William Carter
Rosalind Horton Cauffman
Marie Cavuto and Joseph Cavuto
Mr. Giacomo Cesareo
Lisa Charles
Drs. Maryalice Cheney and Scott Goldman
Mr. Adam Chou and Mrs. Lucinda Chou
Robert Cicippio
Mr. John Clarke and Mrs. Melanie Clarke
Ms. Jennifer A. Clement
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cohen
Elizabeth J. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colalillo
Mr. Timothy Cole and Mrs. Peggy Bell-Cole
Mr. Gregory L. Coleman
Mrs. Charlene Compher and Mr. Vic Compher
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Conant
Dr. Marie A. Conn
Ms. Kelly M. Connelly
David W. Conver and Margaret Conver
Mr. Christopher K. Cook and Mrs. Laura Matey
Gene and Shirley Cordes
Ms. Natalie Cornell
Ms. Jane Corrigan
Mary Cosaboom
Mr. John Cotter and Mrs. Carolyn Cotter
Mr. David J. Crewdson
Warren and Kaye Crown
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Cullen
Mr. John J. Curtin
Ms. Beverly A. Barnett and Mr. Alton J. Dahl
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dalfo
Carolyn and Vince D’Amico
Rhoda and Michael Danziger
Mr. Kenneth L. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis
Mr. Stephan de la Veaux
Mr. Randolph Dellago
Susan Denholm
Mr. Anthony N. DeSanto
Dr. Karen E. Detlefsen and Dr. Kok-Chor Tan
Mr. Robert M. Dettore and Mrs. Bonnie Dettore
Ms. Andrea R. Devereux
Dr. Kristofer Dewberry
Mr. Joseph E. Dinich
Ms. Eileen Doherty
Daniel A. Doyle
Phoebe Driscoll
Ms. Nina Duval-Gillis
Mr. Everett Dyer and Mrs. Karen Dyer
The Drs. Edwards
Nancy Elfant and Robert Elfant
Dr. Julianne Elward-Berry
Ms. Sarah Emerson
Mr. Marc Engelsman
Dr. Mindy Engle Friedman and Dr. Eliot L. Friedman
Katharine English
Mr. Richard Epstein
Ms. Maureen Essenthier
Dr. and Mrs. Klaus Esser
Dr. Scott Dessain and Dr. Tracey Evans
Mr. Roy Fairman and Mrs. Nancy Fairman
Dr. Melissa Fender and Mr. Tim N. Fender
Mr. Andras Ferencz
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keath Fetter
Raymond Field and Tatiana Kosche
Kay and Graham Finney
Mr. W. M. Fitzhugh and Mrs. Christine Fitzhugh
Mr. Charles Fleischmann and Mrs. Blair Fleischmann
Mr. William Floyd and Mrs. Susan Floyd
Mr. Owen Foizen and Mrs. Stephanie Foizen
Mr. Geoffrey S. Forney
Natalie Foster
Ms. Jacqueline French and Mr. Henry Fraimow
Dr. Donna R. Franchetti
Mr. Rick Francolino and Ms. Brett Francolino
Mr. David L. Frankel
Mrs. Diana Frazier and Mr. Jeffrey Frazier
Mr. Jerry Frebowitz and Mrs. Brenda Frebowitz
Mr. Carl H. Fridy and Mrs. Jean Fridy
Mr. James J. Friedman and Mrs. Bonnie Friedman
Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Bill and Dot Gaboda
Mr. Brad Ruppel and Ms. Maryn Gemgnani
Mr. Kenneth L. George
Jayne and Bruce Gershkowitz
Mr. Dan Gerstenhaber
Jean and Doug Gessl
Ms. Susan Getze
Ms. Lauren E. Gibson
Mrs. Suzanne Glatz
Ms. Diane B. Glossman
Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg
Joan and William Goldstein
Drs. Scott and Suzy Goldstein
Dr. Anita C. Lee and Dr. Ross A. Gombiner
Ms. Ellen Goodman and Mr. David P. Cohen
Ms. Patricia F. Gorsky
Mr. David Goss
Kevin Fitzgerald Green
Martyn and Grete Greenacre
Peggy and Rich Greenawalt
Mary Ann Gregorek
Drs. Eric and Andrea Greyson
Mr. and Mrs. David Griffith
Thomas Griffith
Mignon and Jim Groch
Harry and Lyn Groome
Mr. Barry Grossbach and Mr. Michael D. Hardy
Ms. Anne Gruenberg
Mr. Glenn A. Gundersen and Ms. Susan P. Manix
Mrs. Jane Haegele
Mrs. Nannette Hanslowe
Ms. Beth C. Hare
Sharon A. Harris
Judith E. and K. Palmer Hartl
Ms. Lou A. Hatfield
Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
Ann Hausmann and Jonathan Alderson
Ms. Grey Heck
Gabi and Bernhard Heiles
Mr. Thomas Hemphil and Mrs. Susan Hemphil
Kerry Henkels
Dr. Algund Hermann and Dr. Julio Kuperman
Ms. Van Hoang
Mr. Robert Hoe and Mrs. Barbara Hoe
Mrs. Gail Hoffman
Mr. Eric Holmboe and Mrs. Eileen Holmboe
Drs. David and Patricia Holtz
Mr. Kenneth L. Homan
Mr. A. David Horne
Jennifer Horney and Michael Chan
Ms. Tracey Whitesell and Mr. Terrance J. Huettl
Mr. Lee Huff
Ms. Ellen Hughes
Mrs. Anne Humes
Ms. Lynda Hubbell and Mr. Paul Hummer
Mr. Robert Hunter
Mr. Keith Irwin and Mrs. Laura Irwin
Anne and John Iskrant
Ms. Linda J. Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jacobson
Mr. Carl Jefferson and Mrs. Shannon Jefferson
Jan Jessup
Mr. Kenneth V. Jones
Mr. Geoffrey Dorfman and Ms. Tracey Jones
Mr. W. Daniel Kayser
Mrs. Anne Marie S. Keil and Mr. Matthew Keil
Donna and Stefan Keller
Mr. Lawrence J. Kent
Denise and Robert Keyser
Mr. Sean P. Kilkenny
Ms. Jackie King
Mr. Raymond Hoffeld and Ms. Adrienne M. Kinney
Mrs. Elvira C. Kipp
Mr. David Kistner and Ms. Tamra Goodrow
Dr. Jan-Michael Klapproth and Ms. Asa Jeppson Klapproth
Mr. Emanuel Klenner
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Klugman
Mr. Josiah Knapp
Craig and Lori Knauer
Mr. John Kohke
Dr. Mel A. Kohn
Ms. Pei Ann Kong
Frederick Kosel
Ms. Sylvia M. Kreithen
Ms. Jane Krick
Mrs. Anne M. Kuhn and Mr. Jeffrey A. Kuhn
Mr. H. Taylor Lamborn
Gibbs and Jane LaMotte
David and Rachel Lauer
Ms. Abigail Leafe and Mr. Edward Merriman
Mr. Allen Lee
Reverend Edward Lee and Mrs. Kathryn Lee
Mr. Thomas P. Leist and Ms. Judith Leist
Mr. David Leonard and Mrs. Leslie Leonard
Mr. Robert Levin and Mrs. Suzanne Levin
Mr. Jeffrey P. Lewis and Ms. Mary Ann Rossi
Claudette and Jim Leyden
Maggi Leyden
Dr. Samuel Litwin and Ms. Perry Watts
Mr. Eric P. Loken and Mrs. Sally Loken
Ms. Jane Lowe
Mary Anne Lowery
Elsie Lund
Dr. LeeAnn Srogi and Dr. Tim Lutz
Mr. Alain T. Luxembourg
Ms. Joan Mackie
Mr. Ian MacKinnon and Mrs. Mary MacKinnon
Mr. Andre Maddox and Mrs. Cheryl Maddox
Casey Malcolm
Ms. Rebecca J. Malick and Mr. Guy Malick
Ms. Lydia G. Mallett, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maniaci
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Manogue
Ms. Patricia Manzon
Ms. Linda D. Marshall
Mr. David Marshall and Mrs. Sandra Marshall
Anne Martelli
Dr. Abigail E. Martin
Mr. Gregory E. Martin and Mrs. Mary K. Martin
Robert and Brigitte Masci
Mr. Dan Masten and Mr. Bryan Masten
Mr. and Mrs. James Matarese
Mr. Franz Matschinsky
Ms. Susan L. May
Ms. Patricia McCabe
Catherine McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kevin McGlynn
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. Charles McLister and Mrs. Elizabeth McLister
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McManus
Dr. Mary P. McPherson
Mr. Charles Meacham and Mrs. Cynthia B. Meacham
Karen and Larry Fridkis
Dr. Michael Millenson and Dr. Amy Freedman
Ms. Kerry Miller and Mr. Mark Huddell
Mr. Michael D. Miller
Mr. Paul S. Mintz and Ms. Solange Israel-Mintz
Mr. William Monser
Drs. Richard Month and Ana Cristancho
Mrs. Peggy Morgan
Ms. Jackie Morrill and Mr. Mike Donahue
Dr. Jeffrey B. Morris and Mrs. Alice Morris
Ms. Marty Moss-Coane and Dr. James Coane
Katie and Hugh Moulton
John Moyer
Mr. Martin J. Murafsky
Mr. James Murdock and Mrs. Catherine G. Murdock
Dr. Judith H. Murphy
Dr. Douglas Muzyka and Ms. Christine Calbry
Rama Narayanan
Mr. Manny Neff
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad B. Nelson
Kenneth S. Nelson and Judith B. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Newbold
Mitch and Donna Newcomer
Mr. David Earling and Ms. Maria R. Nicolo
Dr. Kayson Nyi and Dr. Corinne Nyi
Mr. Thomas O’Brien and Mrs. Jennifer O’Brien
Dr. Myra O’Donoghue
Mr. Philip Okala
Hayes Oken
Ms. Barbara Oldenhoff
Mrs. Gertrude S. O’Leary
Robert P. Olson
Dr. Alyson N. Owen and Dr. Craig M. Oliner
Kimberly C. Oxholm
Ms. Lise K. Pacala
Mr. Guy Padbury
Dr. Nancy K. Pancko
Mrs. Christina Pappajohn
Mr. Travis R. Parchman and Ms. Kimberly Tynan
Mr. Charles A. Parker and Ms. Kathy Parker
Dipak and Mina Patel
Dan Perlmutter
Ms. Marlene D. Petter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Phillips
Ms. Stephanie Phillips
Diane Pien
Mr. Anthony Piscitelli
Ms. Elyse Pivnick
Jaime Pludo
Ms. Susan Pohanka
Bill and Bobbie Potsic
Mr. Daniel Promislo
Mr. Nathaniel Puffer and Mrs. Yvonne L. Puffer
Mr. Daniel Quigley III
Ms. Robin Quivers
Ms. Laura B. Raab
Mr. Steven Ralston
Mr. Alex Rankin
Mr. Michael S. Rassweiler
Ellen M. Ravin
Dr. Paul J. Read
Ms. Catherine Recker and Mr. Matthew Pappajohn
Dr. Laura Reich and Mr. Jeffrey Ellis
Michael Louis Reid
Dr. Danielle M. Reinhardt
Mr. Ross Rieder and Ms. Vicki Gershon
Lois Riskin
Mr. Stephen Robb
Mr. Theodore Robb
Ms. Claire J. Rocco
Ms. Patricia Rodenbaugh
Dr. Richard E. Rohr
Mr. Ronald I. Rosen, Esq.
Mr. Ivan Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ross, Jr.
Lyn Ross
Mrs. Marsha Rothman
Mrs. Carol Rothschild
Patricia Saddier
Susan Salkowitz and Richard Salkowitz
Ms. Marlene Santacecilia
Mr. George Saunders and Ms. Cynthia Matossian
Ms. Kathleen M. Savini
Mr. Geoff Sawyer, Jr. and Ms. Alice Sawyer
Mr. Timothy F. Sayles and Mrs. Victoria Sayles
William Schaninger and Becky Keptner
Dr. Jay S. Schinfeld and Sharlene Ferrin
Dr. Diana M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schoenberg
Mr. Jonathan S. Schoenfeld and Ms. Amy A. Concannon
Mr. Lauran R. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. H. Rodney Scott
Mr. Lewis Sears and Mrs. Sharon Sears
Ms. Jaclyn Sekula
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Dr. Judith Shapiro
Dina L. Shaw
Dr. Olivia Sheridan
Ms. Lynn Shropshire
Sam Sidewater and Kate Sidewater
Edith A. Silver
Mr. Abraham Silverman and Ms. Jenny Greene
Ms. Karen P. Sirlin and Mr. Jon C. Sirlin
Mr. Christopher Smith
Ms. Lisa Snyder
Mrs. Corinne H. Stahl
Mr. Peter Staley
Harold and Emily Starr
Mr. Randall Stauffer
Mr. Joshua Steere
Mr. and Mrs. William Stock
Ms. Patricia Stover
Mr. Bruce O. Strasser and Ms. Ivy D. Johnson
Mr. Ed Frank Strauss and Ms. Mary Elizabeth Sales
Hon. Ronald L. Strouse and Mr. Frederick L. Cresson
Jeff Stuart
Ms. Nancy Stuski
Ms. Tre Sullivan
Barbara B. Supplee
Mr. Henderson Supplee
Mr. Robert Suter and Mrs. Valerie Suter
Ms. Judith Tannenbaum
Mr. Chester Tapp
Ms. Gail E. Tefft
Ms. Kimberley Tempas
Ms. Christina M. Thistle
Dr. Lawrence Tom and Mrs. Mary Tom
Dr. Joseph Totino
Ms. Jayme C. Trott and Mr. Bud Johnson
Ms. Barbara H. Trought and Mr. George E. Trought, Jr.
Mr. Simon J. Trowell and Steven Alles, M.D.
Mr. Thomas G. Tudor and Mrs. Francine Tudor
Donna B. Tully
Ross Turner
Mr. Kevin Ulkloss
Gail Ullman
Mr. Gael Ulrich
Mr. Jere Behrman and Ms. Barbara Ventresco
Mr. Paul E. Vilter
Mr. Brock Vinton II and Mrs. Jennifer Vinton
Ms. Sandra Vondeling
Leanne C. Wagner and John G. Dent
Dr. L. M. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallis
Mr. and Mrs. William Walter
Johanna L. Walters
Mr. John B. Walton and Mrs. Lynn Walton
Ms. Elizabeth Warshawer
Mr. Paul S. Weinberg
Mr. Bruce Frohlich and Ms. Rachel Weinstein
Ms. Lorna Weir
Mr. Dennis C. Wendt and Ms. Susan Baker-Wendt
Dr. Amy R. Wexler
Henry S. Farber and Miquelon L. Weyeneth
Mr. Warwick S. Wheeler and Ms. Mollie McNickle
Ms. Jane T. Whittaker and Mr. Michael X. Delli Carpini
Jody and Bill Widing
Mrs. Anne A. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Williams
Robert Williams
Dr. Hadley Williams and Dr. Victoria R. Williams
Marie L. Wilson
Mr. Robert N. Wilson
Andrew and Ellen F. Wineman
Mr. Donald Winey
Jackie and Earl L. Wolf
Dr. Barbara J. Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Woods
Gloria Worrell
Dr. Ilana B. Pachter Wynn and Dr. William W. Wynn
Gerard and Elizabeth Yarnall
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Yost
Mr. Clarence Young and Ms. Wendy Nickerson
Ms. Elizabeth M. Young
Dr. Lisl Zach
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Zangerle
Mr. Marc Ziss


($500 to $1,199)
Anonymous (68)
Ms. Ann A. Abbott
Ms. Carole Abercauph
Jeffrey L. Abrams and Margaret A. Barry
Mr. James Abramson and Mrs. Carolyn Abramson
Ms. Kathleen M. Acey
Mr. and Mrs. David Ackerman
Ms. Carolyn Adams and Mr. John Meigs
Mr. and Mrs. David Adams
Mr. Timothy Adams and Mrs. Carolyn Adams
Ms. Tessa Adelekan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adelman
A. Edward Adeyward
Mrs. Joan F. Adler
Mr. Robert S. Agran and Ms. Kathy Echternach
Mrs. Melvia E. Ahmed
Al C. Airone and Carolyn J. Kelly
Mr. Will and Jai Aja
Mr. James Akerberg
Mr. Fred Akl
Jan Albaum and Harry Cerino
Louise B. Albert and Stephen D. Brown
Ms. Susan Albin and Mr. Michael Juliar
Mr. John R. Alchin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alderson
Mrs. Lorraine Alexander
Maureen, Cooper and Pippen Alexander
Mr. Mohammed Aljuboori
Ms. Diane Allemang
Ms. Martha L. Allen
Mr. Michael Allen and Mrs. Eleanor Allen
Mr. Peter Allen
Mr. Thomas A. Allen
Anita Allen-Castellitto
Ms. Jennifer Alleva
Mr. George H. Allport II
Mr. Kenneth N. Alston
Ms. Linda S. Altman
Stan And Lisa Altman
Mr. Robert Amar
Mary Ames
Ms. Francesca Ammon
Mr. Mark Amstutz and Mrs. Barbara Amstutz
Dr. Marvin Andersen and Mrs. Kathy Andersen
Mr. Charles L. Anderson and Mrs. Renee J. Anderson
Mr. Dennis Anderson
Ms. M. Brownell Anderson
Mary H. Anderson
Dr. Melissa Anderson and Dr. Paul Anderson
Sheila Anderson
Ms. Sofia K. Anderson
Mr. Thomas Anderson
Ms. Maria S. Angelo
Mr. John Aniano, Jr. and Mrs. Debra Aniano
Mr. Alan E. Ankeny
Ms. Paula Annunziato
Mr. Mitchell Anolik and Mrs. Nathalie Anolik
Karen Antell
Mr. Joshua Anthony
Mr. Ernest Appline, Jr.
Ms. Jean Marie Arduino and Mr. Brian Walling
Clay Armstrong and Clara Armstrong
Ms. Laura J. Armstrong
Ms. Mary M. Arndtsen
Frank and Elizabeth Arrison
Maryann Artz
Ms. Danielle Ashenheim
Mary S. Ashmead
Gwen Asplundh
Mrs. Gwendolyn M. Asplundh
Ms. Elizabeth Atkinson
Natalie, Lauren and Rachel Aussprung
Dr. Ruth Austin
Mr. R. Geoffrey Avery
Ms. G. Victoria Babish
Mr. Eric Baelen
Jamie Bafundo and Leonard Bafundo
Mr. Partha Bagchi
Ms. Sherry Baker
Nancy and Tom Baker
Ms. Tara A. Bakhle
Fran Balamuth and Michael Mullins
Ms. Veronica Balassone and Mr. Kirby Tirk
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Balk
Ms. Janeen Ball
Mr. Bill Ballantine
Mr. Hank Ballerstedt
Mr. George Baltz and Mrs. Theresa Baltz
Joanne Banko
Mrs. Sheri A. Barberini and Mr. Bruce Barberini
Ms. Julie Barber-Rotenberg
Simeon Bardin, M.D. and Susan Denman, M.D.
Mr. Chad J. Bardone and Mrs. Cecilia Bardone
Dr. John P. Bare
Ms. Isabelle Baribaud
Mrs. Eleanor Barkley and Mr. James Barkley
Ms. Marcella Barnhart
Mr. Christopher Barr and Ms. Linda Barr
James Barrett
Kate Barrett
Ms. Jeanne Barron
Martin Barrows
Mr. Francis P. Barse
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bartkowski
Ms. Margaretta Barton Colt
Ms. Ellen Bass
Ms. Susan Bass
Mr. Ross Goldberg and Ms. Ann Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Batdorf
Diana L. Bates
Mr. Joseph Battin
Jon and Mary Baum
Drs. Joshua M. Bauml and Mr. Joshua Bauml
Mrs. Eileen A. Bazelon
Mrs. Patricia A. Beaber
Mrs. Laurie M. Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Beaser
Patricia and Glenn Beasley
Mrs. Jo Anne Beattie
Dr. Scott Beaudoin and Ms. Rebecca Dator
Mr. Barry L. Bechtel
William and Debbie Becker
Ms. Dorothy Bedford and Mr. Rush Taggart III
Anne Beerley
Mr. and Mrs. John Beidler
Gail Beitelman
Mr. Tristan Bella
Dr. Philip L. Benditt and Mrs. Claudia Benditt
Nancy Benedict and Charles Benedict
Dr. Alex Benjamin
John Benner and Judith Benner
Ms. Hope Bennett
Mr. J. Michael Bennett and Ms. Bonnie Marcus-Bennett
Ms. Jean Bennett and Mr. Albert Maguire
Mr. Peter Bennett and Ms. Jean Nevins
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Benning
Mr. John D. Benson and Ms. Susan M. Sygenda
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente III
Dean C. Berg
Dr. Eric Berger and Dr. Melissa Lerman
Mr. Jonathan Berger
Mrs. Mary Lew Bergman and Mr. Ronald W. Bergman
Ms. Sandra Berkowitz
Mr. William R. Berlinghof and Mrs. Marjorie M. Berlinghof
Ms. Helen Berman
John Berman
Dr. Loren Berman
Mr. Mark L. Berman
Dr. Richard A. Berman
Mr. John Bernard and Mrs. Diane S. Bernard
Mr. Andrew Berry
Irmgard Bertelsen
Mrs. Nancy Travers and Dr. Gerald Bertiger
Ms. Eden Beschen
Mr. Joel Bethany
Mr. Tim W. Bethuy
Mr. Robert L. Bettiker and Mr. Robert Grundmeier
Mrs. Angi Bevers
Mr. Sean Bevington
David A. Biche
Mr. Chris W. Biddle and Mrs. Meg Biddle
Mr. Arthur D. Bielby
Ms. Patricia Bielenberg
Dr. Thomas G. Bierl
Ms. Marcie Bierlein
Mr. and Mrs. David Bilheimer
Mr. Robert D. Billet
Mr. Robert Bilofsky and Ms. Margaret Shapiro
Mr. George W. Binder
Ms. Vicky Binetti
George F. Bingham and Jane B. Bingham
Mr. O. Francis Biondi and Mrs. Anita Biondi
Mr. and Mrs. David Bisbee
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Blair
Dr. Ian Blair and Dr. Gillian Blair
Dr. Joseph Blanc
Mr. Elwood P. Blanchard, Jr. and Mrs. Barbara D. Blanchard
Mrs. Shirley A. Blankenship
Starsha Blankenship
Dr. Luis Blasco and Mrs. Marjeanne Collins Blasco
Drs. David and Norma Blecker
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Block
Ms. Elizabeth Block and Mr. Bruce Kuklick
Ms. Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman
Mr. Ben Blumberg
Richard and Carol Boardman
David and Patricia Boath
Geetika and Durga P. Bobba
Mr. Robert W. Bogle
Ms. Christine Bogrette
Mr. Herbert F. Bohnet IV and Ms. Carrie A. Simons
Alex Bois
Mr. Jarrod Boland and Mrs. Kathryn Boland
Mr. Steven Bolef
Mrs. Melissa Bollmann-Jenkins
Mr. Sheldon M. Bonovitz and Mrs. Jill F. Bonovitz
Ms. Mary Anne Borge
Ms. Amy B. Borovoy and Mr. Jonathan Morduch
Mary Borrell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bortman
Eunice Boscov
Mr. Kevin Boswell
Ms. Mary Boudart and Mr. Donald Callender
Boujoukos Family
Betsy A. Bowden
Dr. Jeffrey E. Bowersox and Mrs. Carter Bowersox
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bowker
John Bown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bown
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell F. Boyd
William Boyer and Nancy Boyer
Mr. William H. Boylan
Mr. Kim Pelle and Ms. Colleen Bracken
Mr. Douglas Bradac
Ms. Rachel Braddick
Mr. Edward C. Bradley and Mr. Rich McCracken
Ms. James A. Bradley
Ms. Tabitha Bradley
James Brady
Mr. Richard Brail
Charles Bramham and Nancy S. Bramham
Patricia Brandon
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Brantz
Ms. Amy Brantz Bedrick and Mr. Edward L. Bedrick
Ms. Elizabeth Brennan
Dr. Patrick J. Brennan
Mrs. Judith G. Breslin
Curnel Bridges
Jacqueline Brigden
Mr. Thomas Briggs and Mrs. Margaret Briggs
Mr. Robert Brislin and Ms. Marie T. Brislin
Mrs. Margaret Broderick and Mr. Joe Broderick
Mr. Morris Brodkey and Mrs. Estelle Brodkey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brooks
Mr. Paul Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown
Ms. Eleanor M. Brown
Ms. Jennifer D. Brown
Marion A. Brown
Mrs. Peggy W. Brown
Mr. Randall E. Brown
Mr. Rick Brown
Mr. Robert Brown
Ms. Diane Brubaker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brubaker
Dr. Derek D. Bruce and Dr. Frances M. Bruce
Ms. Lisa D. Bryan
Mr. Robert Bryan and Mrs. Julie Jensen Bryan
Mr. Thomas P. Bryan
Ms. Linda C. Bryant
Ms. Linda M. Buchheit
Ms. Jacqueline M. Buhn and Mr. Alan J. Razak
Mr. John Bullard
Mr. William C. Bullitt and Mrs. Sheryl N. Bullitt
Ms. Susan R. Bullivant
Ms. Mary Bullock
Ms. Barbara Bunkle
Mr. William Burden and Mrs. Carol C. Burden
Mark E. Burgert and Cecile Lefebvre-Burgert
Doris Burke
Mr. Ronald Burkholder and Mrs. Lynn Burkholder
Beth Burrell and David Sorensen
Mrs. Jennifer Burris and Mr. Brian Burris
Patricia Bush
Dr. Kelly E. Butler
Ms. Julia Butters
Virginia Butters and David Butters
Mr. Paul Buttner and Mr. Lawrence J. Scharf
Mr. Charles Byers and Mrs. Dorothy Byers
Mr. Jody Byram and Mrs. Lee Ann Byram
Karen E. Byrd
Ms. Mary Ellen Byrne
Mr. Thomas J. Cahill
Arthur L. Cain
Mr. and Mrs. T. Richard Cain
Mrs. Josephine Calabretta
Jenny Calhoun
Ms. Susan Calia
Mr. S. William Calkins
Ms. Deborah W. Callahan
Ms. Lindsay Callantine
Dr. William J. Calvano
Ms. Elaine Camarda
Mr. and Mrs. Vance G. Camisa
Jon Cammack
Ms. Anne Mary Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Campbell
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Mr. John Campbell and Ms. Allison Cox
Pamela S. Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cancro
Dr. Timothy S. Cann
Mr. David Cannadine
Dr. Anthony J. Cannon
Joseph Capone and Bernice Capone
Mrs. Sydney R. Cardea
Mr. James C. Carey
Jennifer Carey and H. Augustus Carey
Ms. Joanne W. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Carle
Jim Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Carlson
Mr. James D. Carota
Ms. Kathleen L. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Carr
Lucy J. Carroll and Anthony P. Lannutti
Regina Carroll
Mrs. Sue Carroll and Captain Tom Carroll
Mrs. Catherine D. Carruthers
Mae Carter
Mr. Richard H. Carter, Jr.
Mr. Robert M. Casciato and Mrs. Shelley Casciato
Patricia Casey
Ms. Judith Cassidy
Dr. Art Castelbaum and Ms. Debra Cahn
Ms. Mary G. Love and Mr. Adrian A. Castelli
Mrs. Flora Castillo
Josephine Cathrall
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Cautilli
Mr. N.P. Cernansky and Ms. Eleanor T. Cernansky
Mr. Edward Chacker and Mrs. Sheila Chacker
Mr. Edward H. Chambers and Mrs. Barbara Chambers
Ms. Vanessa Chan and Mr. Mark Van der Helm
Dr. Robert C. and Mrs. Linda H. Chapman
Ms. Susanna Charlotte
Ed Charlton and Grace Spampinato
Ms. Audrey Chen
Ms. Claire E. Cherney
Mr. Shai Cherry and Mrs. Rebecca Cherry
Elizabeth Chesick
Mr. Jason Chester
Dr. Gloria T. Chisum
Mr. Peter Choate
Ms. Mary E. Chomitz and Mr. David L. Collier
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chornomaz
Mr. David Chrencik
Jolley Bruce Christman
Ms. Kristen Chryssikos
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Church
Eva Cieniewicz
Dr. Ronnie E. Cimprich and Mr. Jack R. Cimprich
Lourdes Cintora Mansour
Mr. Dominick A. Cipollini
Mrs. Ann Z. Cirelli and Mr. Samuel Cirelli
Ms. Margery Clare
Mr. Harry Clark
Mr. Timothy D. Clarke and Ms. Diane L. Alex
Ms. Norma Clarkson
Mr. Joseph V. F. Clay
Ms. Carolyn Clein and Mr. Warren Clein
Mr. Don Clement and Mrs. Nancy Clement
Mr. John A. Clifton and Mrs. Lynndell Clifton
Ms. Joan L. Coale
Mr. Lawrence S. Coburn
Mr. Kevin Cody
Ms. Norma Coe
Mrs. Valarie Cofield
Ms. Barbara Cohen
Ms. Hedy Cohen
Dr. Martin S. Polinsky and Dr. Barbara E. Cohen
Dr. Bruce Randazzo and Dr. Meryl S. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cola
Mrs. Catherine Coleman and Mr. Patrick Coleman
Mr. Gary Coller
Mr. Richard T. Collier
Dr. Anita M. Collins
Mr. Ronald Collman and Dr. Domingos J. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. George Conard
Mrs. Nancy J. Conjura
Mr. Gray Connaughton
Mr. Jay H. Conner
Ms. Joan M. Connolly
Ms. Christina F. Conroy
Mr. Robert Conway
Dr. Timothy P. Coogan and Mrs. Jill B. Coogan
Ms. Betty V. Cook
Ms. Rosemary Cook
Ms. Valerie Cook
Peggy Cooke
Ms. Catherine Cooney
Mr. Matthew K. Cooper and Ms. Maggie Lenoir
Nancy R. Cooper
Ms. Wendy A. Cooper
Esther L. Cooperman
Ms. Miriam Cooperman
Mr. Steven J. Coper
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Corcoran
Mrs. Sandra Cornelius
Suzanne D. Cornell
Dr. Mark J. Cornfeld
Mr. John I. Cornue and Ms. Leutica Cornue
Ms. Theodora B. Corroon
Dr. Joseph M. Corvasce and Mrs. Sarah A. Corvasce
Dr. James D. Cosgrove
H. Branch Coslett
Mr. Paul Costa and Ms. Mia Carpiniello
Dr. Andrew T. Costarino and Dr. Jane Lavelle
Mr. and Mrs. James Cottrell
Mr. Herbert Coulter and Mrs. Susan Coulter
Mrs. Joan Countryman
Alex Cox and Lynne Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James Cox
Ms. Susan Craig
Mr. Rob Craven and Mrs. Michelle Craven
Ms. Elizabeth Crawford
Mr. David C. Cremer
Mr. Basil Criaris
Mr. Gregory Crisp
Mr. Philip Cristiano
Mr. Joseph Crockett
Mr. Walter O. Croft
Thomas Crolius
Karen Y. Cromley
Ms. Jane E. Crosby
Mr. Carl Crouthamel
Barbara D. Crowell
Mr. Edward Crowell and Mrs. Susan Crowell
Ms. Doris H. Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. John Crowley
Karen Culp-Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cummings
Frances Cummins
Victor Cunicelli
Allison Curd-Entzminger
Ms. Nancy Cure-Bolt
Ms. Elizabeth R. Cutler and Mr. Tom Cutler-Kreutz
Ms. Randi Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Czaplicki
Mr. Ted Daeschler and Ms. Emily Daeschler
Ms. Kim Dahl
Mr. James Dailey and Mrs. Hannah Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. D’Alba
Mr. Palmer Dalesandro and Mrs. Margaret Dalesandro
David Dalrymple
Ms. Constantine Dalson
Maartje Daly
Mr. Neal Damato and Ms. Jamie Udinson
Mr. Michael D’Amore
Ms. Thanh Dang
Mrs. Ann Hughes D’Antonio and Mr. Michael D’Antonio
Mrs. Mary A. Davar and Mr. Art Davar
Ms. Beverly Davidson
Rev. Bruce Davidson
Mr. John C. Davidson
Mrs. Barbara Davies and Mr. Brian Davies
Mr. Ian Davies
Mr. Allen F. Davis
Diana A. Davis
Ms. Hazel A. Davis
Ms. Marilyn Davis
Ms. Patricia A. Davis and Mr. Richard Steward
Ms. Wendy Davis
Mr. Nathan Davis Olds
Ms. Lise Dawson
Mr. Eric Day
Kathleen De Los Reyes
Ms. Leanne De Muijnck
Mrs. Susan T. Deakins
Mr. Dylan Deangelis and Ms. Marianne Royce
Ms. Abby Deans
Ms. Pamela Deckman
Mr. John R. Degan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeGennaro
Ann Deinhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Deitz
Joseph Del Duca
Virginia Delavan
Mr. Louis Della Penna and Mrs. Carol Della Penna
Mr. Joseph W. Dellapenna
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dellers
Kimberly DelSordo
Ms. Paula DeLucco
Mr. David Demarco
Mr. Patrick deMunecas and Mrs. Maren deMunecas
Domenic Depaul
Mr. Anthony Deprince
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Derby
Mr. Jon Derewicz and Mrs. Kristine Derewicz
Ms. Jennifer Derins
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Deschere
Mr. Mark Desgrosseilliers
Alyssa DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Desmond
Mr. M. Detweiler and Mrs. Suzanne Detweiler
Dr. Phyllis H. Detwiler
Richard Devine
Mr. Pierre J. Devlieger and Ms. Tracy Devlieger
Ms. Suzette G. Dewey
Mr. Lester S. Dewis and Mrs. Susan B. Dewis
Mr. Mark Dewitte and Mrs. Karen Dewitte
Joanne Di Novo
Mr. Joseph Di Pinto and Mrs. Pat Di Pinto
Dr. Robert H. Diamond and Ms. Martha E. Ortiz
Peter M. DiBattiste, M.D.
Boneta A. Didas
Mr. Brian DiDonato and Mrs. Pamela DiDonato
William Dietrich
Mrs. Willem Dikland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dileo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DiMenna
Mr. and Mrs. James Dinnage
Ms. Margaret A. Dinneny
Ms. Barbara Dinsmore
Ronald and Rowena Dise
Ms. Susan Dishler Shubin
Mr. Stuart Ditzen and Ms. Denise Cowie
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doak
Ms. Cynthia J. Doan
Mr. Philip J. Doerle and Ms. Ardith B. Miller
Mr. John J. Donahue and Mrs. Priscilla L. Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Donahue
Ms. Patricia Donahue
Mr. James Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Donaldson
Mark Doncic
Therese M. Donlan
Colleen Grace Donofrio
Mrs. Sandra L. Donofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Donohoe
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Donohoe
Ms. Elisabeth Doolan
Mr. John Dore
Lois Dow
Ms. Diane Dowd
Ms. Kate M. Downey
Mr. George Downs
Ms. Elise Drake
Hyacinth Drakes
Ms. Reeve Draper
Ms. Samantha Dreilinger
Mark Driscoll
Mr. and Ms. Herbert Drucker
Gertrude R. Drysdale
Ms. Paula Dubberly
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dubell
Ann Duerr
Mr. Dennis Duffy
Mr. Edward M. Duffy
Mr. Patrick Duffy
Mrs. Doris Dummer
Mr. and Mrs. River Dunavin
Ms. Allison Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dunford
Ms. Kristin Dunn
Ms. Marie Durand
Brooks Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Durham
Julia and Les Dutton
Ms. Maureen Q. Dwyer
J. Eager
Nancy and Dick Eales
Joyleen Earle
Mr. Thomas D. East
Mr. John A. Eberly
Jessie M. Ebischbach
Ms. Mariana L. Eckadrt
Ms. Catherine Lynn Eckardt
Mr. Van P. Eckes
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Edelman
Dr. Gail A. Edelsohn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edmonds
Mr. Arthur Edwards
Dr. Barbara R. Edwards
Jeffrey Effgen and Michelle Effgen
Dr. and Mrs. David Egger
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Ehrlich
Mrs. Susan B. Eichert
Thomas Eighmy and Beverly Eighmy
Ms. Ann Einstein
Mrs. Emily Eischen
Ms. Barbara H. Eisenberg
Mr. Joseph Eisenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Eldridge
James R. Eley
Mr. William H. Elfring, Jr. and Ms. Linda Good
Mrs. Michele Elkes
Dr. William L. Elkins and Mrs. Helen M. Elkins
Steve and Gloria Ellers
Mrs. Leatrice Elliman
Mr. Jeffrey E. Ellis
Mr. John Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ellis
Mr. Stefan D. Ellis
Ms. Donna Emig
Amy Emmett-Rardin and Tim Emmett-Rardin
Ms. Maria Emmons
Ms. Isabella M. Englebach
Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom
Mr. Thomas Eoyang
Ryan Epple
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Eppley
Mr. Jay Epstein
Mrs. Elisbeth L. Erlbaum
Ms. Audrey Escoll
Mr. John Estey and Mrs. Amy Estey
Ms. Jane K. Evans
Ms. Janet Evans
Mr. Jonathan W. Evans and Ms. Melissa Graf-Evans
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Eversmann
Dr. Lesley L. Ewing
Mrs. Norma A. Fabian
Gillian Facher and Susan Houde
Mr. Patrick Hosey and Ms. Kathleen Fahey-Hosey
Jami Fair-Davis
Ms. Rachel Falkove
Ms. Anna Fanelle
Mr. and Mrs. Andy F. Farella
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Farenback-Brateman
Maggie G. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Farnum
Mrs. Caroline Farr and Mr. Terry Harvey
Ms. Nancy M. Farriss
Mr. Andrew Faust
Mr. Bruce G. Fay
Mr. Frank H. Fee
Ms. Teresa Feeser
Ms. Barbara A. Fein
Mr. Kenneth Feinour, Jr. and Mrs. Roselee Feinour
Birte Feld
Ms. Lizbeth A. Feldstein
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Mr. Peter J. Fenik
Mrs. Julie E. Fenley
Ms. Dana Fennell and Mr. Mark Fennell
Ms. Monica Ferrante
Mrs. Maureen A. Ferris
Rosaleen M. Ferry
Mr. and Mrs. John Field
Ms. Laura Finn
Dr. Joni E. Finney and Ms. Victoria G. Castelli
Mrs. Abigail C. Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Fischer
Mrs. Donna Fischer and Mr. Paul Fischer
Ms. Jane Fischetti and Mr. Russel Dorwart
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Fisher
Mr. Josh Fisher
Mrs. Rebecca Fitton
Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick and Ms. Susan Daubner
Mr. and Mrs. James Flanagan
Mr. Renate Flannelly
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Flaugher
Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming
Mr. Kelly B. Flemings
Dr. Jeremy Flood
Mr. and Mrs. David Flynn
Dr. Cynthia E. Flynn and Ms. Deirdre Boyle
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Flynn
Mr. Jeffrey Fogg
Mrs. Victoria Folmar
Mrs. Eileen Fonseca and Mr. A. Fonseca
Ms. Joann M. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ford
Ms. Margaret N. Forster
Ms. Joyce R. Foster
Ms. Lisa M. Foster
Frank H. Foulkes
Ms. Velia Fowler
Mr. Daniel H. Wheeler and Ms. Amy A. Fox
Jane S. Fox
Stephen Fox
Timothy Fox and Terri Fox
Dr. Lawrence H. Frame and Mrs. Virgina Frame
Ms. Deirdre Francis
Elizabeth Franck
Mr. Francke
Mr. David Frank
Mr. Carmin E. Frankowski
Ms. Judith Franks
Ms. Stephanie Fratantaro
Bill Frawley and Katie Rogers
Karen and Jeffrey Freedman
Ms. Deborah L. Freerksen
Ms. Marjorie Freund
Linda K. Frey
Ms. Christine Fricker Moore
Ms. Marilyn Fridey
Mrs. Barbara D. Friedman
Ms. Patricia Friel
Elizabeth Wood Fritsch
Mr. William Fritz
Ms. Catherine Frohbieter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fry
Mr. John R. Fulton III and Mrs. Karen S. Fulton
Margaretta T. Fulton
Mrs. Denise Fulvio
Ms. Maureen A. Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Gagne
Lolita Gaillard
Mr. Jack Gallagher and Mrs. Beverly G. Gallagher
Mr. Kevin Gallagher
Margaret M. Gallagher
Mrs. Joan Gallo
Mr. Thomas Galloway and Mrs. Tracy Galloway
Ms. Jane Gammell and Ms. Laura Barrett
Ahida Garcia
Geoffrey and Laura Gardiner
Joseph Gardler
Janet P. Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Garno, Jr.
Mr. Kirk Garratt
William C. Garrow, CPA
Mr. Thomas Garton and Mrs. Linda Garton
Ms. Julie A. Fox and Mr. Steve Gates
Mr. Jerrold Walton and Ms. Nancy Gavey
Joan Gbur
Justin Gdula
Oksana M. Gecha
Ms. Elizabeth H. Geiger
Ms. Rita Gellert
Mr. and Mrs. George Gepp
Dr. Douglas D. Gerdts
Ms. Dina Ghen
Mr. Stephen Giacomuccj
Mr. and Mrs. William Giese
Ms. Susan Gilmore
Mr. Neil Gilmour and Mrs. Doris Gilmour
Ms. Edith G. Gimm
Cheryl Gist
Eduardo Glandt and George Ritchie
Mr. Harold E. Glass
Mr. Richard Glazer and Mrs. Wendy Glazer
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Glenn
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Gwen Glew
Mr. Robert J. Glynn
Linda G. Gochfeld, M.D.
Ms. Deirdre J. Godin
Mrs. Elinor I. Goff
Dr. Allan Goldberg
Ms. Judy Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goldberg
Mr. Norman Goldberger and Mrs. Jaclyn Goldberger
Mr. Kenneth Goldblatt and Mrs. Ellen Goldblatt
Mrs. Florence Goldfine
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Goldman
Mr. David A. Goldstein
Ms. Jill Goldstein
Mr. Neil Goldstein and Ms. Jean Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldstein
Mr. William Goldstein and Mrs. Nancy Goldstein
Jerry P. Gollub and Diane B. Nissen
Georgia B. Gonsalves
Mr. Jim Searing and Ms. Gayle Goodman
Mr. James Goodman
Joan Goodman
Bernard Goodrich
Mr. James Goodwill
Corinne and Debra Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Gordon
Mr. Peter Gordon
Mr. Peter Gordon
Kenneth J. Gorelick
Mr. Adam Goren
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Goren
Mr. David Gorgonzola and Mrs. Karen Gorgonzola
Ms. Susan Gosin
Mr. and Mrs. William Goss
Dr. Daniel Gottlieb
Brian Gottshall
Ms. Sandra Gould
Ms. Susan S. Gould
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graham
Mr. George W. Graham, Jr.
Mr. John Graham
Mr. Patrick Grannan and Ms. Linda Matrunich
Ms. Louise G. Gray and Mr. Mark J. Gray
Mr. Grant L. Greapentrog
Mr. Edward Green and Mrs. Betty Green
Ms. Margaret E. Green and Dr. Padmanabhan Sundararaman
Mr. William Green and Mrs. Patricia Green
Dr. Kathleen Greenacre Goodman
Cecile I. Greenberg
Doris and Dana Greenblatt, Mirowski Family Foundation
Mrs. Adele A. Greenspun
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Grenald
Camille Griffin
Drew Griffiths
Mr. Allan K. Grim, Jr.
Dr. William T. Grizos
Mrs. Barbara Groff
Ben Grooters
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Gross
Ms. Louise W. Gross
Mr. Monte Grossman
Robert A. Grossman, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Grove
Mr. Peter A. Grove and Mrs. Nancy Grove
Ms. Allison Groves and Mr. Matthew Pierce
Ann and Rod Gualtieri
Frank J. Guarnaccia
Ms. Luisa Guena
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Guendelsberger
Mr. Lukas Guenthardt
Mr. John J. Guerin and Mrs. Kathy Guerin
Kenneth R. Guerrero
Mr. Keith Guglielmi
Mr. Michael J. Guilfoyle
Ms. Judith L. Guise
Mr. Devkumar Gupta
Mrs. Tara H. Gupta
Mr. John A. Gutman and Ms. Elizabeth A. Duffy
Stephen Guy and Ruth Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Haag
Mr. Marshall Haegley and Mrs. Stephanie Haegley
F. John Hagele
Ms. Rekha Hagen
Mrs. Linda Hagey
Mrs. Karen Hahn
Dr. Pekka Hakkarainen
Ms. Cassandra Hall-Murray
Harry and Kay Halloran
Sally and Aaron Hamburger
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton
Patricia Hamilton
Mr. Thomas P. Hamilton, Jr.
Mr. Ron Hamlen
Mr. Michael Hanchard
Mr. Joseph Hancock
Donna Haney
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Haney III
Mary and William Hangley
Ms. Wendy Haniman and Ms. Sue Bye
Mr. Richard J. Hankin
Harry Hannigan and Lucille Hannigan
Ms. Curtiss P. Hannum
Susan Hansen-Flaschen
Andy and Ellen Happ
Mr. David M. Harcar
Mr. Richard J. Harcar
Mr. Richard A. Harder
Mr. Alfred Hare
Ms. Joanne Harmelin
President John Harmon
Mr. Ronald L. Harmon and Ms. Elizabeth Harmon
Robert G. Harnwell and Sally J. Gordon
Mr. Gregory Harper
Mr. and Mrs. John Harper
Mr. Daniel Harrington and Mrs. Linda June Harrington
Mrs. Barbara C. Harris
Candice Harris and Patrick Mundy
Mr. Ian Harris and Mrs. Caryn Harris
George Harris
Ms. Sara Harris
Mrs. Shakti Harris
Ms. Susan Harris
Ms. Beverly L. Harrison
Mr. Bruce Harrison
Bruce N. Harrison and Lisa Cromley
Mrs. Joan Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hartin
Mrs. Carol Hartz
Mr. Matthew B. Harvey
Ms. Ellen N. Hass
Ms. Hana Hasson
Mr. Bradford Crowley and Ms. Alison Hastings
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hatstat
Mr. Bruce A. Hauptfuhrer
Mr. William C. Hauser
Mr. Peter Hausmann and Mrs. Alice E. Hausmann
Bob Haver
Mr. David Hawk and Ms. Patricia Beitel
Ms. Leslie J. Hawkes
Mr. Kazuya O. Hayakawa
Mr. Geoffrey Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Luke S. Hayden
Mike and Sophie Hayes
Mrs. Kristin Hays
Ms. Cheryl Haze-Luehrs and Mr. Bruce Luehrs
Mr. Peter A. Hazen
Mr. James G. Headley, Jr.
Mr. Martin Headley and Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Headley
Mr. David C. Heck III
Mr. Jason Heckler
Ms. Mary Hediger
Ms. Elizabeth Heim
Ms. Johanna E. Heine
Ms. Caroline R. Heise
Jeffrey Held
Dr. Patrice E. Heller
Mr. Richard Hellstern and Mrs. Kathleen Meier-Hellstern
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hembree
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hemphill
Mrs. Alice Hendricks
Mrs. Maretta Henretig and Mr. Fred Henretig
Miss Susan Henry
Dr. Bruce W. Herdman
Mr. John and Mrs. Karen Herman
Dr. Richard J. Herring and Dr. Christina Herring
Ms. Rhoda K. Herrold
Ms. Cheryl Hess
Mr. John F. Hesselberth
Ms. Harriette Hesselein
Mary W. Hewlett
Ms. Frances Heyman
Mrs. Jean Heytler
Mr. Stephen Hilbert
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Hill, Jr.
Ms. Jessie B. Hill
Mr. Thomas Hill
Mrs. Dolores E. Hillas
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Hillyer
Elwood F. Hilton, Jr.
Ms. Joan E. Himes
Dr. Howard C. Hines
Ms. Susan Hines
Dr. Robert A. Hirsh and Ms. Rochelle Z. Hirsh
Ms. Alenka Hlousek-Radojcic
Ms. Francine Ho
Elizabeth Hoagey
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Hoch
Mr. Alan Hodesblatt
Mr. Arthur Hodess
Ms. Christina Hodess
Mrs. Linda B. Hodgdon
Ms. Kathy A. Hodgkiss
Jan and Marja Hoek
Ms. Jane Hoelker
Ms. Magdalena Hofer
Dr. Jennifer M. Hoffmann and Mr. Eric Hoffmann
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hofmann
Mr. Eric Hogan
Mrs. Luevinia Hogans and Mr. Leroy Hogans
Deborah Holl
Ms. Barbara J. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holland
Ms. Jackie Holland
Dr. Adrienne Hollander
Ms. Demer Holleran
Joann Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holman
Mr. Gregory Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holt
Ms. Deborah Holt Weil
Mr. Robert Holum
Mr. Richard Holzer
Dr. Ann Honebrink
Mrs. Lynne Honickman and Mr. Harold Honickman
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Honore
Ms. Ruth Hoopes
Mrs. Rosmarie Hope
Raymond Hopkins and Carol Hopkins
Dr. Mary Horchos
Ms. Elizabeth T. Hornberger
Mr. Avram Hornik
Elizabeth Horton
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Mr. Stuart Hosansky and Mrs. Caren Hosansky
Ms. Michele Houlday
Ms. I. Howard
Mr. Timothy Hoyle
Ms. Chris Hoyler and Mr. Robert Jackson
Mr. James Hsieh
Hans Huerkens and Susan Ward-Huerkens
Claudia N. Hughes
Ms. Mary B. Hughes
Ms. Jane K. Hulting
Ms. Joann Humphrey
Lloyd D. Humphrey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Hunt
Rev. Dave Hunter and Rev. Kerry Mueller
Ms. Patricia G. Hurd
Mr. Peter Hurd and Mrs. Patti Hurd
Robert Hurka, Jr. and Susan Stewart
Mary and Howard Hurtig
Ms. Virginia Husband
Joe and Cathy Huston
Ms. Ann S. Hutton
Joyce Hyden
Susanne H. Iannece
Mr. Raymond Iannuzzelli and Mrs. Nancy Iannuzzelli
Mr. Emmanuel O. Iheukwumere
Dr. Ayesha Imani
Mr. Osagie Imasogie and Mrs. Losenge Imasogie
James Imbriaco and Arleen Buchanan
Ms. Anne-Marie Inge
Sherrie R. Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Isard
Mrs. Carol L. Ivey and Mr. Jack L. Ivey
Ms. Sucharita Iyengar
Mrs. John R. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jackson
Mr. Phillip Jackson
Dr. Robert H. Jackson
Ms. Susan Jackson
Dr. Athole G. Jacobi
Ms. Christine A. Jacobs
Ms. Susan Jacobson and Dr. Michael Golden
Dr. Lane J. Jaeckle Santos and Mr. Miguel Santos
Mr. Jonathan Jaffe
Dr. William L. Jaffee and Dr. Barbara F. Jaffee
Ms. Luann C. Jahnke
Amumia Jamaal
Ms. Cathy L. James
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jankiewicz
Rev. Paul Jann
Ms. Sophie M. Janney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jansen
Ms. Paula S. Janssen
Ms. Anne Janvrin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Jardine
Katherine Jasper and Alphonzo Jasper
Mr. Louis E. Jeffries
Simon Jenkins
Mrs. Barbara L. Jennings and Mr. Kirk E. Jennings
Ms. Jen Jennings
Ms. Lynn M. Jensen
Mrs. Lorraine Jewett
Ms. Susan Jewett and Mr. Carl C. Duzen
Ms. Andrea Johnson
Ms. Celeste M. Johnson
David and Bonnie Johnson
Ms. Jennifer Johnson and Ms. Charlann L. Rockhill
John Johnson
Ms. Mary-Martha Johnson
Craig and Meg Johnson
Mr. Nicholas Johnson and Mrs. Tina Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Johnson
Paul T. Johnson
Roxanne T. Johnson
Mr. Steve Johnson
Ms. Christina N. Johnson Leeson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Johnston
Ms. Lynn Johnston
Mr. J. Kenneth Jones
James V. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Jones
Mr. Joseph L. Jones and Mrs. Nancy L. Jones
Mr. Keith L. Jones and Mrs. Elaine V. Jones
Mr. Morgan Jones
Ms. Paula M. Jones and Mr. Richard Balka
Mr. William D. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jorgensen
Mr. William Josem and Ms. Nancy Adler
Ms. Alaknanda Joshi
Mr. and Mrs. James Julian
Kris Kafka
Mr. Frederick Kahan
Robert and Sharon Kahn
Cathy Kalbach
Dr. Howard Kallender
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaluzny
Ms. Winnie Lanoix and Mr. David Kannerstein
Christine V. Kanter
Barbara and Jerry Kaplan
Martin C. Kaplan and Valerie E. Profit
Ms. Denise Karasic
Mr. Donald Kardon and Mrs. Dorothy Kardon
Marion Karschner
Ms. Linda E. Karter
Mr. Ranbir Kashap and Ms. Linda Rhizor
Mr. Nick Katra
Lawrence and Judith Katz
Mr. Stanley N. Katz
Robert Kaufelt
Mr. Craig Kaufman
Dr. Robert L. Kaufman and Dr. Lauren J. Krivo
David Kavalow-Huie
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kawecki
Ms. Paula S. Kay
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paxon Keates
Mr. Gregory T. Keenan
Dr. Mary Ann Keenan
Mrs. Catharine K. Keim
Mr. Brian Keith
Ms. Jennifer Keller and Mr. Chris Keller
Ms. Charlene D. Kellum-Jackson
Ms. Janet R. Kelly and Mr. Thomas B. Kane
Lynn Kelly
Carol E. Kelsey
Suzanne Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kennedy
Ellen L. Kennedy
Mr. Christopher Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kenning
Mr. Gilbert Kerlin and Mrs. Rebecca Kerlin
Mr. Alan Kesselhaut and Ms. Barbara Cuneo
Maryann Kessler
Mrs. Erika Keulmann
Ms. Ellen K. Kick and Mr. Seung Kwak
Mr. Scott Kiefer
Mrs. Lynne E. Kielhorn
Ms. Ruth Kilgore
Ms. Susan S. Kilham
Mr. David Kim and Mrs. Jane Kim
Peter Kim and Sung Kim
Mr. and Mrs. John Kimberly
Andrew and Valerie Kind-Rubin
Ms. Mary Beth Kineke and Mr. Carleton A. Holstrom
Mr. Gerard Kuhn and Mrs. Katherine Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kirker
Mr. Michael P. Kirkhoff
A. Melissa Kiser
Mr. Steven Klausner
David Klein and Joanne Klein
Ms. Elisa Klein
Mrs. Mary Klein and Mr. Justin Klein
Ms. Melissa Klein and Ms. Neysa Nevins
Sylvia Klett and Michael Klett
Rose Klevansky
Alan Kligerman
Ms. Diane M. Kline
Mr. Robert C. Kline and Mrs. Ann Kline
Ms. Sarah Kloss Palaiyanur
Katherine M. Klotzburger, Ph.D.
Ms. Jean-Marie Kneeley
Mrs. Kristin Knight
Ms. Lea Knight
Mrs. Lulu Gail Knight
Rose Marie Knight
Mrs. Hedvika L. Knoth
Mr. Robert C. Knowles
Ms. Hollister Knowlton
Martha and Leo Kob
Mr. and Mrs. William Koehler
Mr. Richard Koenig and Mrs. Georgia Koenig
Mrs. Kathy Koenig
Ms. Helen R. Kohler
Mr. Christopher G. Kokiko
Mr. Frank Koko and Mrs. Mary Koko
Mr. and Mrs. Kolodner
Ellen G. Kopeland
Ms. Halyna Kopytchak
Mrs. Helen M. Korchak
Mr. and Mrs. James Korsh
Mr. Paul L. Koser
Mr. Mark Kotapka
Natalie Kotkin and David Katzman
Mr. Mitchell B. Kowal and Mrs. Eileen M. Kowal
Ms. Dawn Kowalczyk
Ms. Kimberly Krack
Pilar Kraman
Jane Kramer
Catherine Krauss
Ms. Deborah Kravetz
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Krawiec
Elizabeth Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Krein
Michael A. Kreps
J. Kropewnicki
Mark A. Kudes, M.D. and Diana Kudes, M.D.
Mr. Matthew D. Kueny and Mrs. Tracy Kueny
Doug Kugler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kuhn
Colleen Kulzer
Shakthi Kumar
Dr. Harold Kundel
Dr. Hank F. Kung
Ms. Michele Kunis
Ms. Carolyn A. Kunze and Ms. Marilyn Kunze
Peshe and Peter Kuriloff
Ms. Judith Kurland
Ms. Katherine Kurtz
Ms. Mary Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kwarta
Mr. Mark G. Lacher and Mrs. Kate Lacher
Ms. Catherine Lafarge
Mr. John Lafferty and Mrs. Karen Lafferty
Mr. William Lafferty and Mrs. Melissa Lafferty
Ms. Cynthia Lamb
Ms. Eileen A. Lambert
Mr. Michael Lampson
Ms. Mary A. Landa
Mr. and Mrs. George Landau
Tom R. Lander and Sandra W. Lander
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lang
Ms. Margarete Larese-Ortiz
Carol Larkin
Mrs. Rosemary E. Lassiter
Ms. Barbara Latour
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lau
Mr. and Mrs. Bevan Lawson
Ms. Laura A. Lawson
Ms. Barbara Lawton
Mr. Joseph R. Lawver
Ms. Jessica Leacy
Mr. David Leaman and Ms. Marva Williams
Mr. William Leboeuf and Ms. Sarah Fernsler
Mr. Harry Lebowitz and Ms. Penelope Neckowitz
Mrs. Eileen M. LeClercq
Doctor and Mrs. Steven Lederman
Gabriele W. Lee
Dr. Jason B. Lee and Dr. Susanne N. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Lee
Dr. Virginia M. Lee
Mr. Andrew Lees and Mrs. Lynn Lees
Mr. John G. Leese
Linda E. Leighbody
Ms. Margaret Leimkuhler
Dr. Susan E. Lenk
Ms. Carol D. Lenker
Ms. Leseh Lentner
Ms. Anita Lenz
Margaret Leonard
Mr. Taryl Leonard and Mr. Marc Leonard
William Lake Leonard
Mr. David Lerman and Dr. Shelley L. Wallock
Mrs. Florence Leroy
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lesser
Mary B. Lessig
Mr. John Letai
Ms. Ann Letizi-Beatty and Mr. David Beatty
Levente Letso
Mr. Richard M. Leventhal
Mrs. Christine Levin and Mr. Kenneth Levin
Ms. Joan Levin and Mr. James Levin
Mrs. Emily S. Levine and Mr. Ronald H. Levine
Mildred S. Levine
Ms. Joy Levine-Benoff
Ms. Sarah Levinson
Ms. Lisa Levithan
Mrs. Beverly Levy
Mr. Henry Levy
William Levy and Daniel Levy and Rhonda Levy
Mr. Theodore C. Lewandowski and Mrs. Mary L. Lewandowski
Mr. Michael J. Lewis
P. Lewis and Cheryl Lewis
Susan Lewis
Kangning Li
Ms. Lillian M. Li
Eileen Liang
Ms. Lesia Liao
Ms. Michelle Liao
Jeffrey and Christian Libson
Mr. Derrick L. Liburd and Mrs. Lisa R. Liburd
Craig Lichtman, M.D., MBA
Mr. Roger S. Lichtman
Mrs. Goldie Lieberman
Ms. Jean B. Lifter
Mr. Peter R. Lighte
Dr. and Mrs. John Lignelli II
Ms. Kathryn Limmer
Mr. George H. Limpert
Ms. Amanda Lin and Mr. Nathan Thomas
Dr. Adele Lindenmeyr
Ms. Karen B. Linder
Ms. Pamela C. Linderman
Ms. Christine Lindstrom and Mr. Joseph A. McNally
Ms. Elaine W. Linton
Mr. Howard Lipschutz
Ms. Amy F. Lipton
Ms. Holly Lissner and Mr. Rich Angiullo
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Littauer
Mr. Thomas Lloyd
Mr. Eric Luthi and Mrs. Kristen Luthi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Loatman
Mr. Victor Lobanov
Ms. Carol R. Lockman
Ms. Virginia Lockman
Kara Logan
Ms. Rose Marie A. Logsdon
Ms. Lynneth Lohse
Ms. Beverly Lomax
Daniel Lombardo
Linda G. London
Mr. Eliot Long
John B. Long and Cynthia Long
Mr. Norman Long and Ms. Luc Long
Russel J. Lorraine and Rebecca Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Navneet Lotlikar
Mrs. Donna Lovenworth
Ms. Anne Lovett
Mr. Steven Lowe
Mr. Joseph E. Lowry and Mrs. Vanessa A. Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lubenow
Mr. Andrew P. Lucas
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Luginbuhl
Mr. Michael Lusk and Dr. Louellen Lusk
Mr. George Luskus and Ms. Marsha Blake
Mr. Jason Luther and Mrs. Kristin Luther
Ms. Valerie Lutz
Mrs. Evelyn Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacAniff
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Macaulay
Richard MacBride and Lenore Khan
John and Christina MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald
Mr. Tom MacDonald
Dr. Larami Mackenzie and Dr. Amy R. Mackenzie
Ms. Caroline Mackenzie Kennedy
Louise Mackie
Tina and Harvey Maclary
Mr. Donald M. Maclay and Mrs. Nancy H. Maclay
Mr. Douglas MacMaster
Susan Madian
Ms. Christine Maguire and Ms. Erin Maguire
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Dr. David Major and Ms. Evelyn Eskin
Mr. Luke R. Maki
Mr. and Mrs. Sharad Malik
Mr. Robert Mallard
Mr. Martin J. Malloy
Mr. Gary Malmberg
Dr. Kathryn R. Malone
Ms. Alison L. Manaker
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Manchester, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Mandelbaum
Lewis Manges and Maxine Manges
Stephen G. Manifold, M.D.
Greg Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mann
Dr. Bruno Manno and Dr. Catherine S. Manno
Ms. Susan M. Manser
Ms. Yvonne Marcuse
Ms. Terry Marek
Mr. Lawrence Margel and Mrs. Ronnie Margel
Ms. Joan A. Markoe
Mr. James E. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Marles
Mrs. Susan Maron
Mr. and Mrs. James Marple
Mr. John M. Marsden
Ms. Carole Martin
Jacqueline Martin
Dr. Martina M. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. S. Eric Martin
Ms. Thalia Martin
Ms. Diana M. Martinez
Dr. Peter H. Marvel and Mrs. Mary Ellen Marvel
Deborah Mass
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Masters
Ms. Andrea Mastro and Mr. Ari Mastro
Mr. Sebastian Mata-Bruni
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Mather
Lynn Mather
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mattie
Mr. Dean Kaplan and Ms. Barbara Mattleman
Dr. Britta A. Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Matz
Alan H. Maurer and Marilyn Maurer
Mr. Robert R. Maven
Mr. and Mrs. David Maxey
Dr. Lynne G. Maxwell
Mrs. Virginia S. Mayforth
Gene and Carol Mayhew
Mr. Robert Mazer
Ms. Dana McAleer
Thomas Mcavoy and Danielle Mcavoy
Ms. Christine McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Brook McCann
Mr. Anthony McCarley and Ms. Carolyn Wukitch
Ms. Kathleen B. McCarthy
Mary A. McCauley
Mrs. Lorraine E. McClain and Mr. Larry D. McClain
Mr. Patrick H. McClain
Ms. Barbara P. McCleary
Mr. George M. McCloskey
Virginia McCloy
Mr. Michael K. McClure
Ms. Jill McCormack
Mona McCormick
Ms. Susan McCoy and Mr. Fred Shriner
Mr. Thomas F. McCrea
Diana McCulloch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McCutchen
Dr. Christine McDade
Mr. John S. McDaniel III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Mr. Craig E. McDonald
Dr. Susan McEwen-Fial
Mrs. Donna McFadden and Mr. David McFadden
Mr. Neal R. McFeeley
Ms. Victoria McGeer
Constance J. McGeorge
Ms. Mary McGinness
Mr. John McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McGrath
Mr. James McGuckin and Mrs. Allison McGuckin
Mrs. Tami McHenry
Anne McHugh and Christine McHugh
Mrs. Joan M. McInally
Mrs. Mary Lou McKee
Mr. Theodore A. McKee
Sam McKeel
Mr. Bruce McKittrick
Ms. Marylou McLaughlin
Hoa McLean, M.D. and Philip McLean, M.D.
Ms. Susan A. McLeish
Kelly McLeod
Mrs. Kathy McMahon
Mr. Charles K. McManus
Mr. Kevin McMonagle
Mr. and Mrs. John McMurtrie
Mr. William B. McNamee, Jr. and Mrs. Judith McNamee
Mr. George McNeal, Jr. and Mrs. Lynnette McNeal
Ms. Carolyn M. McNeice
Mary Jane McNeil
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McNeil
Ms. Erin McRae
Ms. Mary T. McSorley and Mr. Ronald J. Yake
Ms. Paula A. McVeigh
Mr. Duncan L. McVey
Mr. Thomas A. Meade
Mr. Daryl E. Mecklem
Mr. William E. Meece
Adele G. Meehan
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Meier
Mr. Robert F. Meissner
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gregg Meister
Mrs. Theresa A. Melervey
Mr. Robert Mellon and Ms. Deborah A. Romanski
Mr. Richard M. Melsheimer and Ms. Patricia Melsheimer
Mr. Dale W. Melton and Ms. Joan Bristol
Ms. Linnea Melvin
Ms. Patricia A. Mendicino
Mr. Vincent Menicci and Ms. Nadeen McShane
Dr. Richard Menin and Mrs. Barbara L. Menin
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Joy Mentzer
Dr. Eileen L. Mera
Mrs. Deidre P. Mercer
Ms. Cheryl Grady Mercier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mercier
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Merlin
Mr. Stephen Merritt
Lee Merry
Michael H. Metelits
Mr. Charles W. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meyers
Mrs. Nicole Meyers
Mr. George Michel, Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Turek-Michel
Mr. Timothy I. Michel and Mrs. Karen A. Michel
Mr. Andrew J. Milewski
Mr. and Mrs. James Milheim
Mr. Arthur Miller and Mrs. Kathleen Miller
Ms. Carolyn E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Freeman Miller
Mrs. Jen Miller
Ms. Jenny Miller
Ms. Karen L. Miller and Mr. Bruce Posten
Mr. Keith L. Miller
Mark Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller
Mrs. Marnie Miller
Mr. Stephen L. Miller and Mrs. Kathleen Miller
Dr. Wallace T. Miller, Jr. and Ms. Christina Smith
Wilma Miller
Mr. John Mills and Mrs. Judy Mills
Mr. Roger L. Minear and Mrs. Loretta Minear
Daniel Mines, M.D. and Liza Somers, M.D.
Sara and Jay Minkoff
Dr. Yehia Y. Mishriki
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mitchell
Mrs. Linda Mittman-Fishman
Mr. Allen Model and Dr. Roberta Gausas
Alex Moeller
Florence Moles
Dr. Thomas J. Mollen, Jr. and Dr. Cynthia Mollen
Mr. Allan Molotsky and Mrs. Sandra Molotsky
Miss Erica S. Moncrief
Margarette W. Mongeau
Mr. Paul Mongillo
Mr. Timothy H. Montague
Casilda Montilla
Mr. Julian Moore
Mrs. Paula S. Moore and Mr. Robert C. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Moore
Mr. David F. Moos
Ms. Anne Moran
Mrs. Ellen S. Morehouse
Ms. Aletia Morgan
Ms. Sandra Morgan
Mr. Robert H. Morgen and Ms. Ann Morgen
Patricia C. Morlok
Mrs. Ann P. Morris
John and Mary Morris
Mr. David Morrison
Mr. Jeffrey A. Morrison
Leslie Robyn Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Morriss
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Morse
Jane and Peter Galetto
Mrs. Helen Moskovitz and Mr. Gary Moskovitz
Ms. Nancy Motto
Ms. Elisa Moxley
Ms. Lindsay M. Moxley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Moyer
Pamela R. Moyer
Ms. Denise Mroz
Mr. Robert Mueller
Mr. Vernon Muhlbaier
Ms. Victoria A. Mulhern
Kristine Mulhorn
Ms. Mary J. Mullany
Ms. Angela Mullen and Ms. Lisa Yanak
Mr. Mark C. Mullen
Christina Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Muller
Ms. Judith Mulligan
Matt Mulligan
Mr. Christopher Munley and Mrs. Lauren Munley
David Murdock and James Webb
Mrs. Gail Murray-Seitz and Mr. Collins Seitz
Mr. Shankar N. Muthuswami and Mrs. Geetha Muthuswami
Ms. Amy N. Myers
Ms. Candace S. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Myers
Ms. Vasantha Nagarajan
Doris M. Nagle
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nagy
Dr. Michael A. Naidoff and Mrs. Stephanie W. Naidoff
Mr. Louis M. Najera
Mrs. Karen S. Nakahara
Mr. Charles Nakamura and Ms. Lisa Laffend
Peter and Eleanor Nalle
Mr. James Nangeroni
Ronald and Suzanne Naples
Mr. Jerome Napson
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Narcowich
Kathaleen Natale
S.L. and R.S. Natalini
Dr. Howard M. Nathan and Ms. Liz Flanagan
Mr. Daniel Natkiel and Ms. Michaela Greif
Mr. Seth C. Naugler and Mrs. Vicki L. Naugler
Rosalind Neff
Ms. Lori Neff Larue
Mr. Michael Neiman
Andrew G. Nelson
Ms. Carolyn A. Nelson
Mr. Charles Nelson and Mrs. Cindy Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Judy Nelson
Ms. Sara Nerken and Mr. Robert S. Karpinski
Ms. Carol Newell and Mr. Matthew Newell
Mr. and Mrs. David Newmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newton
Mr. Gregory Nieto
Danuta Nitecki
Danuta A. Nitecki
Virginia Noblit
Julie Noolan
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Norcini
Stephen Norman and Debbie Whitby-Norman
Tammy Norris
Ms. Glenavie Norton
Ms. Barbara M. Noseworthy
Mrs. Deborah Nye
Lawrence Nykwest and Kim Naja
Stephen Obermeier
Mr. Dennis O’Connell
Pete Octinger
Mr. Lawrence M. O’Donnell
Dr. and Mrs. David Ogilby
Dr. Donald Oken and Mrs. Linda R. Oken
Ms. Katharine Okie
Mrs. Julia M. Olafson
Angie Oleszek
Mrs. Roseann Oleyn and Mr. Ed Oleyn
David Oliver
Mrs. Nancy Olson
Elizabeth Omand
Ms. Karen O’Neill
Ms. Letitia O’Neill
Ms. Linda R. Oppenheim and Mr. Robert N. Karp
Carol Orme-Johnson
Judith O’Rourke
Ms. Jacqueline Ortiz
Ms. Elissa G. Topol and Dr. A. Lee Osterman
Miss Margaret R. Otte
Mr. Robert Ousterhout
Ms. Gillian J. Owen
Mr. John T. Packard and Mrs. Pamela Packard
Sudharshan Padmanabhan
Paul F. Paetow
Ms. Eleanor Pages
Adolf Paier and Geraldine Paier
Sarah A. Palmer
Mr. Sal Palumbo
Mr. Mohan Pandit
Monika and Tim Panger
Mr. Michael A. Pannebaker
Ms. Tari Pantaleo
Mr. Matthew Paoli
Ms. Outi A. Papamarcos and Mr. Andrew Papamarcos
Ms. Christine C. Pappas
Gary and Susan Parilis
Mr. David Park
Ms. Sandra K. Park
Ms. Beverly Parker
Mr. John Parker and Ms. Cynthia R. Parker
Todd Parlee
Vernita Parris
Lance and Ginny Parry
Mr. Prital Patel
Debra A. Patton
Ms. Kathleen Paul
Mr. Michael Paulley
Ms. Bernard A. Paxton-Lawrence
Ms. Deborah Payson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payson
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Peachey
Mrs. Judith Peakes and Mr. John Peakes
Dr. Candence A. Kim and Mr. Warren S. Pear
Mr. Joseph Pearce
Ms. Kate Pearlman
Ms. Susan Peck
Mrs. Jean A. Peebles
Ms. Rebecca J. Peikes
Susan L. Peluso
Mrs. Stephen H. Pendergast
Ms. Beverly L. Penn
Mrs. Eshowe P. Pennink and Mr. Duncan Pitcairn
Debra J. Perez, Ph.D.
Mr. Joel Perlish
Ms. Lili Perski
Mary Lynn and Nils Person
Mr. Paul Peterson and Mrs. Anne Peterson
Mr. Corey Petrulich
Mr. Matthew Pey
Mrs. Rebecca S. Pfaefflin
Dr. and Mrs. William Pfeffer
Ms. Margaret E. Phan
Ms. Kay H. Philipps and Ms. Edward Philipps
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Mr. Isaiah W. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Phillips
Mr. Stephen L. Phillips
Dr. Catherine W. Piccoli
Mr. Leo Pierce
Ms. Patricia Pierce
Mr. Paul F. Pierlott and Ms. Chandi Wijey
Shirley Pietrini and Francis Pietrini
Mr. John J. Pikulski
Mrs. Oglatha Pinkney-Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Malin Pinsky
Frank Pinto and Marsha Pinto
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Pitzenberger
Mrs. Suzanne Plambeck
Heather and Chris Plastaras
Mr. Michael Platoff
Ms. Randi Platt
Dr. David S. Poll and Ms. Rebecca L. Bien
Ms. Nancy G. Pollock
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Pomerantz
Mr. and Mrs. David Poneman
Ms. Marie E. Poos
Mr. Gregory Porter
Ms. Elizabeth Porth
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Portner
Ms. Cathie Posey-Goulding
John Post
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Potter
Ms. Virginia R. Powel
Ms. Erin Powrie
Mr. Stephen R. Pozzi and Mrs. Ellen M. Pozzi
Mrs. Ursula Praiss
Mr. Bear Pratt and Mrs. Carrie Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Prentis
Ms. Cheryl C. Price
Patricia Price and Brian Price
T. Rowe Price
Mr. William Probsting
Ms. Irina Progrebivsky
Ms. Kate Propert
Mrs. Barbara Prutzma and Mr. David Prutzma
Mr. Keith Pryor and Ms. Mary Geisz
Ms. Gwendolyn F. Punchard
Mr. Edward Putnam
Kristine S. Qualls
Steve and Dana Querido
Ms. Brenna Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Raab
Nancy Raabe and Bill Raabe
Mr. Daniel Rader
Mrs. Susan Radomski and Mr. Philip Radomski
Ms. Jill Radwell and Mr. John Radwell
Ms. Renee Rainville
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Rakestraw
Ms. Puneeta Ramachandra
Mr. Bruce B. Rambo and Mrs. Patricia Rambo
Ms. Carol B. Randall
Mrs. Rose Randall
David and Joyce Randolph
Dr. Natarajan Ranganathan
Dr. Ajaykumar Rao
Ms. Stacy Raphael
Mr. Paul Rardin
Ms. Carolyn T. Raskin
Ms. Carole F. Rasmussen
Peter L. Rasmussen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Raspanti
Mr. John Chase and Ms. Jane S. Rath
Ms. Melinda G. Rath
Mr. Timothy Ratner and Ms. Joyce Ratner
Mr. Stephen Rauscher and Mrs. Nancy Rauscher
Ms. Johanna Ray
Ms. Dorothy Rea
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Redder
Mrs. Louise H. Reed
Patricia Reed and Zoe Rosenberg
Ms. Vanessa Reed
Mr. Richard Reeves
Ms. Alison Reichstein
Ms. Lois Reid
Mr. Stephen Reilly
Ms. Susan Reisbord
Mr. Nathan Renner-Johnson and Mr. Alexander Macnow
Mrs. Alice Reyes
Stephanie Reyes
Mr. John Reymann and Mrs. Jennifer Reymann
Henry C. Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. Ashby Rice
Miss Delories L. Richardi
Ms. Elaine Richert
Ms. Marjorie Richman
Carolynn Richmond
Dr. Courtney E. Richmond
Barbara J. Richter Kobrin
Marcia Ricketts
Jeff Riddle
Mr. Steven Ridenour and Ms. Marcella Ridenour
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ridout
Mr. Richard Riggs and Ms. Christine Taber
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rightmire
Debra Riley
Gabrielle K. Rinaldi
Ms. Anne Ritter
Mr. Thomas Rivello and Mrs. Margaret Rivello
Elizabeth and Brian Rizor
Cecilia Roba
Mr. Edwin G. Robb
Mrs. Phoebe C. Robb
Christopher Brian Robbins
Ms. Elizabeth Roberto
Ms. Claire Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roberts
Mr. Willie Robinson
Ms. Angela Rocco and Mr. Glenn Gilman
Edward Rock and Geralyn Rock
Dr. Sevgi B. Rodan
Ms. Debra Rodgers and Mr. Paul Meyer
Mr. Franklyn L. Rodgers and Mrs. Cintra Rodgers
Donna Rodio
Mr. Travis Roe-Raymond and Mrs. Carolina Roe-Raymond
Mrs. Caroline B. Rogers
Ellen Rosen Rogoff
Ms. Ellen Rogovin-Hart
Mr. Eric Rolin
John Rollins
Mrs. Theresa P. Rollins
Dr. and Mr. Romberger-Sklarosky
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rorer
Ms. Cheryl Rorke
Mr. and Mrs. Joel B. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosen
Ms. Susan Rosen
Dr. Evelyn Rosen Isom
Mr. Thomas R. Rosenau
Mrs. Joan B. Rosenberg
Lorna and Murray Rosenberg
Lyle L. and Janet T. Rosenberger
Ms. Kathie L. Rosenberger
Hal and Sue Rosenthal
Ms. Lynn Rosenthal and Mr. Herb Fineburg
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rosin
Mr. Daniel R. Ross and Mrs. Faye Z. Ross
Dr. Louis Rossman and Val Rossman
Mrs. Louise F. Rossmassler
Ms. Sarah Roth
Virginia Rothrock
Andrew M. Rouse
Mr. John F. Royston
Ronald Rubin
Marc and Carol Rubinger
Mrs. Julia R. Rudden
Mr. Victor Keen and Mrs. Jeanne Ruddy-Keen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Rudy
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ruff
Mr. Patrick M. Rumaker
Mr. Lawrence P. Rumpf
Mr. Philip H. Rush
Michael Rushton
Ms. Donna Rusinko
Mr. and Mrs. James Russell
Jeanette Russell
Gale Rutan
Celeste Ryan
Mrs. Elizabeth Ryan
Drs. J. Michael and Linda Ryan
Ms. Martha Ryan
Ms. Joan Ryder
Mrs. Ruth E. Sacco
Ms. Ann Sacks
Mr. Samuel Sadoulet and Mrs. Meredith Sadoulet
Mr. Richard Salcido and Mrs. Maryann M. Salcido
Mr. Chris Salerno
Tom and Katie Salvatore
Mr. Richard Sanford
Mr. Steven R. Sanson
Ms. Theresa Santangelo
Jerome Santoro and Wendy C. Santoro
Rebecca Sargent
Mr. Justin Satrio
Ms. Karen H. Satterthwaite
Delia Bowman Sattin
Ms. Barbara Saunders and Mr. Kevin Call
Heather Saunders and Eric Chapman
Dr. Brenda F. Savage
Mr. James Savage
Ms. Suzanne F. Savidge
Adam Sawoski and Joan Sawoski
Joanne Saye
Mr. William G. Scarborough
Mr. Richard Schaller, Sr.
Mr. Robert Schamis
Mrs. Kathleen Schank
Mr. Leonard Schechter
Virginia Schiavelli
Ms. Cherylann Schieber and Alan Barton, Ph.D.
Mr. Alan Schiff and Ms. Judy Stavisky
Henry Schilb
Ms. Barbara S. Schilberg
Mrs. Barbara Schisfrin
Mr. Jeff Schlegel
John and Mary Schmelzer
Ms. Elizabeth Schmid
Ms. Diane R. Schmidt
Ms. Helen L. Schneider
Ms. Karen Schoelles
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Schramm
Mr. Thayer Schroeder
Ms. Kathy J. Schroeher
Ms. Patricia B. Miller and Mr. William L. Schultz
Dr. Hermann C. Schumacher
Dr. Thomas F. Schuntz
Ms. Patricia Schwartz
Dutch Schwertner
Mary Ellen Scott
Ms. Joann Seaver
Mr. David Seavey and Mrs. Yoshiko Seavey
Mr. Robert P. Sechler
Ms. Joanne Seidel
Ms. Lynne P. Seidel
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Seiler
Ms. Marianne Seitzer
Mr. Dave Selinger and Mr. Vic Selinger
Mr. David Seltzer
Mr. James Semmler and Mrs. Marjorie F. Caplan
Alice Seneres and Wright Seneres
Ms. Marilyn Senior
Mrs. Phyllis Serota
Ms. Susan M. Sersha
Mr. James Seward
Ms. Gail E. Seygal
Mr. and Mrs. Soly Shababo
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shackelford
Mr. Kenneth A. Shackman
Mrs. Barbara Shaffer and Mr. Benjamin R. Barnett
Christopher Shaffer
Mr. Purushottam Shanbhag
Mrs. Kathy R. Shannon
Mr. Mark Sharnoff
Mrs. Alice M. Sharp and Mr. David Sharp
H. Donnan Sharp
Mrs. Lynn Herrick Sharp and Mr. Rodney Sharp III
Mr. James Shatz
Ms. Gwyneth Shaw
Ms. Ilka H. Shaw
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Shea
James M. and Ardis E. Shea
Mr. Waheed Sheikh
Ms. Lisa J. Shelby and Mr. Kenneth Glick
Robert Shelton
Mr. Benjamin Shender
Ms. Suzanne L. Shenk
Dr. Dorothy Shepard
Dale Sheraton
Mr. Thomas L. Sherman and Ms. Nancy L. Middlebrook
Mr. Victor F. Sheronas, Jr. and Mrs. Elisa L. Sheronas
Robert Sherrell
Britton and Lesha Shinn
Drs. Paul Shipkin and Barbara Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Shoemaker
Mrs. Ellen Sholevar
Ms. Edith Shooster
Mrs. Margaret M. Shorr
Mr. Donald H. Shotwell and Mrs. Joann Shotwell
Janice L. Shreffler and Peter B. Shreffler
Mr. Jerry Shreiber
Alan Shurtleff
Ms. Maria Siafacas
Mr. Andrew W. Siegel
Mrs. Carol Siegfried and Mr. Daniel Siegfried
Elizabeth Siegler
Mr. Christian Siemer and Mrs. Anne Siemer
Dr. Martin Sikora
Ms. Kay Silberfeld
Peter and Noele Silverman
Ms. Elizabeth Silver-Schack
Peter Silvia
Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Simmons and Rev. Cynthia L. Simmons
Ms. Mary Jane Simmons
Monica Simmons
Edward Simons
Mr. Mark Simpson
Mr. Robert D. Simpson and Miss Catherine R. Matsen
Amrendra Singh
Mr. Mansnimar Singh
Ms. Judith Singleton
Ms. Paulette Singleton
Mr. Bernard Siskin
Dr. Stefan M. Skalina and Ms. Mary Ellen Skalina
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Skatz
Ms. Mary Ann B. Skehan
Ms. Joan Sklaroff
Ms. Eve Slap
Ms. Deborah Slaughter
Ms. Dorothy Slavin
Ms. Amy Slenker
Dr. Gilbert J. Sloan
Ms. Ann J. Slowik
Ms. Margery N. Sly
Ms. Carolyn M. Smart
Mr. Anne Marie Smith and Mr. W. John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Mr. Dennis Smith and Mrs. Patricia Smith
Dr. Gary S. Smith and Dr. Soon Han
Mr. James H. Smith III and Mrs. Margaret B. Smith
Mr. Kim Smith and Mrs. Devie Smith
Kimberly G. Smith
Mr. Ralph Smith and Ms. Dorothy Otani-Smith
Mr. Russell H. Smith and Ms. Luanne Lyons-Smith
Ms. Sophia Smith
Todd Smith
Willie Smith
Sandra Smithers and J. Sy Smithers
Mr. Jonathan L. Smolowe
Ms. Gretchen Snethen
Ms. Emily Matthews and Dr. Robert H. Socolow
Mr. Giuliano Pignataro and Ms. Elizabeth Solms
Mr. and Mrs. Rayman L. Solomon
Beth Sommerfield
Mr. Robert Sommerville and Mrs. Monica Sommerville
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soohoo
Mr. Jerry Sorkin
Mr. Philip Soule
Mr. Barry Spector and Mrs. Trisha Spector
Mr. Hob Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Spirgel
Mr. Robert W. Spittle and Mrs. Marguerite M. Spittle
Mr. Donald S. Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Spivey
Ms. Kathleen Spivey
Ms. Rose Spofford
Mr. Ed Sproles
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Squeri
Mr. Linton D. Stables
Mrs. Phyllis and Mr. Mark P. Stackhouse
Ms. Helen Stacy
Kenneth Staib
Mr. David Stall and Mrs. Judith F. Hausen
John Neil Stalter
Mr. Vincent Stampone
Mrs. Ann C. Stanford
Mr. Brad N. Stanton and Mrs. Pamala Stanton
Mr. Walter Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Starrels
Ms. Jacqueline Stauffer
Mr. Edwin R. Steel
Mr. Craig Steele
Ms. Ann Steffel
Mrs. Nancy L. Stegens
Dr. Michael L. Steigerwald
Mr. Brett Stein and Ms. Mandy Bartoshesky
Lesley Dawson and Gerry Stein
Mr. Steven Stein
Ms. Roberta K. Steinberg
Ms. Russa Steiner
Mr. Scott Steketee and Ms. Nancy L. Steketee
Edward Stemmler
Ms. Pamela Stephani and Mr. Richard M. Morelli
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sterman
Joan N. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stern
Mr. Roger Stern
Mr. Saul Sternberg
Dorrit Sterner, M.D. and Todd Sterner, M.D.
Ms. Christina Sterner-Poses and Mr. Steven Poses
Mr. Robert Stetson and Mrs. Suzanne Stetson
Mr. Ed Stevens and Mrs. Robin B. Stevens
Stephanie Stevens
Mr. James M. Stewart, Jr.
Mr. Philip G. Steyaert
Ms. Shannon E. and Mr. Jeremy A. Sticker
Linda Stiefel
Ms. Judith Stillman
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stillwell
Mr. Don Stitz and Mrs. Margherita R. Stitz
Ms. Kristin Stitz and Mr. J. Scott Coleman
Neale D. Stock and Frances E. Crugman
Mr. Timothy A. Stokes
Dr. Nicole L. Stone
Ms. Helen Stopper
Ms. Maxine J. Stotland
Mrs. Sara A. Stover
Ms. Carol Stratton Beers
Mr. George Stratts and Mrs. Melissa Stratts
Ms. Miriam Straus
Nancy O. Straus and Laurence M. Straus
Mr. Philip A. Straus and Ms. Margaret Harris
Mr. David R. Strawbridge and Mrs. Louise Stawbridge
Mr. Thomas Strayer and Mrs. Karleen Strayer
Mr. Michael Strickland
Mrs. Dana Strode-Tritle
Mr. Mark Strong
Ms. Donna Clarke Stroud and Mr. Morris W. Stroud II
Mr. James Cahill and Dr. Marianne Sturr
Ms. Colleen M. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan
Ms. Kathleen M. Sullivan
Mr. Mark Sullivan
Mrs. Patricia H. Summers
Mr. Liyao Sun
Mr. Dennis R. Suplee and Mrs. Patricia H. Suplee
Elizabeth C. Sussman
Ms. Lauri Sussman Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Suter
Jewelle R. Sutherland
Mrs. Lisa Suttner and Mr. Leon Suttner
Mr. Eric W. Swanson
Dr. Sidney J. Swanson
Catherine M. Swartz
Ms. Diana Swavely
Mr. Patrick J. Sweeney and Ms. Elaine Coppola-Sweeney
Ms. Stacey Sweeney
Ms. Karin Sweet and Mr. William Sweet
Etta Swift
Mr. Robert A. Swift and Mrs. Meredith Swift
Mr. John H. Swope
Ms. Joyce Ann Swoyer
Mr. Russell C. Tadeo and Mr. Wayne R. Marquardt
Susan Tafel
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taggart
Ms. Leslie Taglieber and Mr. Ulrich Taglieber
Bob Tait and Erin Finnerty
Ms. Joan E. Talbot
Ms. Ardith Talbott
Mrs. Helen T. Talley
Mary Ruth Talley
Mrs. Maryann Tatum
Ms. Kathryn Taylor and Mr. Jonathan Sprogell
Mr. Roger Taylor
Dr. Ellen M. Tedaldi and Mr. L. Walden
Mr. Geoff Teehan
Mr. Mesfin Tegenu and Mrs. Nina Minale
Mr. L. Pierre Teillon
Mary Temoey and Ella Glassman and Brian Temoey
Ms. Frances Tendall
Ms. Diana Terrell
Ms. Lesley Tewnion
Mr. Albert H. Them and Ms. Jane Rutledge
Ms. Tiea Theurer
Dana Thiede
Mrs. Linda Thistle and Ms. Linda Thistle
Mr. Donald H. Thomas and Ms. Kathleen C. Tilly
Edward Thomas and Millicent Thomas
Brian and Lorie Thomas
Ms. Patricia A. Thomas
Mr. R. William Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas
Ann C. Thompson
Mr. John H. Thompson
Mrs. Lili-An Thompson
Mr. Richard E. Thompson and Mrs. Janet Thompson
Ms. Sara Thompson
Ms. Tracey Thompson
Mr. James Thomson and Mrs. Melissa Thomson
John A. and Kathi Blatt Thonet
Mrs. Annabel C. Tierney
Mr. Robert Tiffany
Ann Timmons
Dr. Doreen M. Tobin
Mr. Charles Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Todd
Ms. Janis A. Tomlinson
Mr. Mark Tomlinson and Ms. Martha Carey
Kenneth Toney
Ms. Yasmeen T. Toney
Mr. David Topolsky
Ms. Joan H. Torello
Mr. Nareg Torosian
Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Torrisi
Ms. Annis L. Townsend
Mr. Coleman Townsend and Mrs. Susan Townsend
Ms. Daphne A. Townsend
Ms. Linda H. Traver
Mrs. Gianna Tripodi-Bhise and Mr. Himesh Bhise
Ms. Julia Trout
Maryanne Troy
Mr. Vernon L. Trumbull and Ms. Tamara L. Jones
Mr. Jeffrey Tucker
Joe H. Tucker
William A. Tuffiash
Rodham E. Tulloss and Mary A. Tulloss
Rebecca Tunnell and Ellwood Tunnell
Ms. Gail M. Turley
Mr. R. Scott Turner
Ms. Carlene J. Tyrrell
Anna Tyson and Charles Tyson
Mr. John and Linda Tyson
Mr. Joseph A. Urbano
Dr. Peter G. Van Deerlin and Dr. Vivianna Van Deerlin
Mr. John Van Grinsven
Mr. Peter Van Horne and Mrs. Beverly Van Horne
William W. Van Stone and Joanne T. Svaer
Peter Van Syckle
Ms. Elizabeth S. Van Vleck
Mr. James Vance
Ms. Susan Vandenacre
Ms. Kimberly Vanderburg
Dr. Asha Varma
James R. Varrell
Ms. S.C. Vath
Dr. Mihaela Vava
Mrs. Renee G. Veloric
Mr. Anthony Veltri
Ms. Roberta I. Vena
Mr. Gerald P. Verbrugghe
Dr. Thomas M. and M. Patricia Vernon
Mr. George Vetter
Ms. Jami Vibbert
Janet and Paul Vines
Mr. Carmen F. Viola and Dr. Joanne L. Viola
Victoria A. Vipond
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Volpe
Mr. Michael Wade
Ms. Marjorie Wagenvoord
Ms. Shirley Wagner-Sevy and Mr. Jonathan Sevy
Ms. Kristina L. Wahl
Mr. David D. Wakefield
Ms. Crystal N. Walker
Margaret F. Walker
Sally Walker and Tom Gilmore
Mr. Robert J. Wallner
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Walsh
Mr. Lawrence A. Walsky
Dr. Bettyruth Walter
Albert Walton
Margaret C. Walz
Mrs. Theresa Wampler
Mrs. Anne D. Ward
Ms. Mary Warner
Dr. Ilene Warner-Maron and Dr. Jeffrey Maron
Ms. Sara A. Warren
Susan and Scott Wartel
Fine Washington
Mrs. Janet A. Wassum and Mrs. Jennifer M. Wassum
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Watson
Brenecia L. Watson
Mrs. Janice L. Watson
Juanita B. Watson
Mrs. Mary G. Wattis
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Way
Mrs. Helen S. Weary
Ms. Mary E. Webb
Ms. Kristin Weber
Mrs. Christina Webster
Dr. Gordon W. and Mrs. Joan E. Webster
Mr. Mark Webster
Ms. Lisa Weida
Mr. and Mrs. Arlo B. Weil
Ms. Jan D. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weirman
Mrs. Catherine F. Weiss and Dr. Brendan Weiss
Dr. Nancy Weiss and Dr. Stuart Weiss
Mr. Bruce Weitzman and Ms. Stephanie Weitzman
Mr. Jonathan Weitzman and Ms. Karen Reever
Mrs. Louise Wellemeyer
Ruth Ann Wells
Mr. and Mrs. David West
Ms. Therese B. West
Mr. David P. Weston and Mrs. Jean S. Weston
Mr. Joseph Westphal and Mrs. Linda Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. Jean M. West-Zawacki
Harrison Wetherill
Mr. Keith Wheelock
Mr. Martin L. Wheelwright
Ms. Anne Marie Whildin
Mr. Charles J. Whipple
Mr. and Mrs. P. Gerald White
Ms. Judith F. White
Ms. Lori White
Ms. Patricia C. White
Mrs. Anna Whitesell and Mr. Clay Whitesell
Dorothy G. Whitmore
Rhoda L. Wicks
Ms. Jennifer A. Widner
Mr. R. Bruce Partridge and Ms. Jane Widseth
Ms. Megan Wieand
Dr. Susan E. Wiegers and Dr. Barry J. Goldstein
Ms. Linda Wiesinger
Mr. Jay J. Wiesner
Mr. Scott M. Wilds
Ms. Joan Wiley and Mr. Steven Brescia
Ms. Robin Wilfong
Ms. Carrie A. Wilkie
Ms. Judith Ann Willan
Ms. Jane Willenbucher
Ms. Kim Willey
A. Morris Williams, Jr.
Bruce Williams
Dr. Frank Williams and Dr. Eve J. Williams
Mr. John N. Williams
Maryellen Williams and Mary Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Williams
Mr. Oliver P. Williams
Mr. Quincy Williams and Mrs. Nancy Williams
Mr. Richard S. Williams and Mrs. Claudie Williams
Rosalind D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Willis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Wilmerding
Ms. Susan P. Wilmerding
Irving Wilson
Dr. James F. Wilson and Mrs. Elise P. Wilson
Susan N. Wilson
Holly and Zachary Wilson
Ms. Edna M. Winans
Mr. John Wineland and Dr. Paula Wineland
Ms. Inge K. Winer
Mr. Ronald Winkelvoss and Mrs. Audrey Winkelvoss
Mr. Mark R. Winkle
Ms. Joan Witiak
Mr. Carl S. Witonsky
Tom and Loretta Witt
Mr. and Mrs. David Wojcik
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wojcik
Mr. Stanley Wojculewski
Ted and Stevie Wolf
Jill Dolan and Stacy Wolf
Dr. Edward L. Wolfe
Mr. William Wolfe and Mrs. Elizabeth Wolfe
Mr. Stephen Wolfson and Mrs. June Wolfson
Alexander Wood and Erica Wood
Jeffery Wood
Mr. John W. Wood
Mrs. Sally A. Wood
Mr. Rich Wood and Mrs. Tara Wood
Mr. Thomas Wood
Ms. Alice J. Wooden Kelly and Mr. William J. Kelly
Mr. Mark B. Woodland
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Woodley
Robert A. Woodruff
Ms. Deborah Woods
Mr. Jeffrey H. Woodward and Ms. Ann Myers
Catherine A. Worrall
Ms. Patricia K. Worthington
Ms. Agnes C. Wozniak
Ian Wright and Sheila Brown
Ms. Judith A. Wright
Minturn T. Wright III
Leslie Wright Jones
Mr. John Wyand and Ms. Cecilia Wyand
Ms. Lynn Wyatt
Dr. Richard Wynn
Mr. Kham Xapakdy and Ms. Jessica Lamey
Mr. Max R. Yaffe
Ms. Barbara Yanni
Mr. Eric J. Yates
Lynn H. Yeakel
Paul D. Yeates and Mary J. Nadeau
Mr. Christopher Yellen
Ms. Diane M. Yonke
Mr. Warren Youells
Mr. and Mrs. David Young
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Young
Ms. Pamela Young
Ms. Rosemary Young
Dr. Jian Q. Yu and Ms. Yan Wang
Ms. Joan A. Yue
Ms. Maryann Yurcisin
Ms. Marilyn Zack
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zadlo
Katherine and David Zaiser
Ms. Jane H. Zaiss
Ms. Hilary Zankel
Mr. and Mrs. David Zarley
Mr. Jeff P. Zeelander
Ms. Margaret G. Zehner
Mrs. Dorothy Zelesko
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Zelesko
Mr. Alan Zetterberg and Ms. Pamela Goodwin
Ms. Lynn Zettler
Qie Zhang
Tong Zhu
Dr. Edward Zito and Mrs. Carrie Zito
Mr. Thomas K. Zucca and Mrs. Denice K. Zucca
Mrs. Rona Zucker Kaplan

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