Supporters 2017


The following individuals are ensuring the future of WHYY with legacy gifts through their estates. Bequests were received in Fiscal Year 2017 from:

Joseph E. Braim
Ann L. Devine
John C. Echols, Jr.
Nessa Forman
Guy L. Goldich
Dorrance H. Hamilton
Jane H. Kesson
Shirley Elise Stern


We thank the following corporations and businesses, which supported WHYY with gifts and grants of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017:

Anonymous (1)
American Airlines
AmeriHealth Caritas
Aqua America
ARAMARK Corporation
Bank of America
BDB Company
Bentley Systems, Inc.
Blue Prairie Group
Brandywine Realty Trust
Cabrini College
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CRW Graphics
Day & Zimmermann
Detroit Public Television
Ernst & Young, LLP
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Haverford Trust
Horizon Services
IBEW Local No. 98
Independence Blue Cross
M&T Bank
Merck & Co., Inc.
New Age Industries
PECO Energy Company
Penn African Studies
Philadelphia Contributionship
Philadelphia Department of Public Health
Philadelphia Energy Solutions
PNC Bank
Public Financial Management
Public Health Management Corporation
Rennoc Corporation Foundation
Salveson Stetson Group, Inc.
Spark Therapeutics
The Leader’s Edge
UGI Corporation
University City Science Center
University of Delaware
Viamark Advertising
Weis Markets
Wilmington University


The following foundations and other agencies contributed $1,000 or more for programs and services between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016:

Alex J. Ettl Foundation
Alice Shaver Foundation
Alpern-Vitriol Family Foundation
AMJ Foundation
Arthur Judson Foundation, Inc.
Austelle Foundation
Barnes Foundation
The CHG Charitable Trust
Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation
Connelly Foundation
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The Curtis Institute of Music
Elizabeth A. Clarke Family Fund
Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation
Ellason and Molly L. Downs Perpetual Trust
Epstein Family Charitable Trust
Frances Chapin Foundation
The Franklin Institute
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
Hamilton Family Foundation
Heinz Endowments
Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
The Huron Foundation
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
The Langfitt Family Foundation
Lewin Family Foundation
Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Margaret G. Jacobs Charitable Trust
Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation
McLean Contributionship
Moses Feldman Family Foundation
Neubauer Family Foundation
Oliver Dewey Marcks Foundation
Patriarch Family Foundation
Pew Charitable Trusts
The Philadelphia Cultural Fund
The Philadelphia Foundation
Public Health Fund
Ralph E. Cades Family Foundation
Richard P. Byler Charitable Fund
Robert E. Lamb Foundation, Inc.
Robert H. And Janet S. Fleisher Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Samuel S. Fels Fund
Scattergood Foundation
The Schiel Family Foundation
Schwartz Foundation
Solutions Journalism Network
Stainrook Foundation
Sutherland Family Charitable Fund
The Suzanne Roberts Cultural Development Fund
Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation
Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation
Turner Family Foundation
The Vanguard Group Foundation
William Goldman Foundation
The William Penn Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
Wyss Foundation
Zeldin Family Foundation

Mercury Society

We thank the following Mercury Society members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017:

Titanium Circle

($25,000 and higher)
Anonymous (1)
Patricia and David Atkinson
Mrs. Rainey Augustine
Dr. George Benes, M.D. and Michael Malee, Ph.D.
Lois G. Brodsky
Mrs. Edith Dixon
Dianne and David Elderkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith
Mr. Edward A. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sutherland

Platinum Circle

($10,000 to $24,999)
Anonymous (4)
Pam and Tim Alles
Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson
Jim and Janet Averill
Sandra K. Baldino
Elia Buck
Cathy Greek
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Marrazzo
Mr. Herbert B. Mayo
Ralph Muller and Beth Johnston
Ms. Marie O’Donnell
A. Morris Williams, Jr.
Leslie Miller and Richard Worley
Dr. Ilana B. Pachter Wynn and Dr. William W. Wynn

Gold Circle

($5,000 to $9,999)
Anonymous (5)
Mr. Angel Angelov
Ms. Carol Baker and Mr. Mark Stein
Ms. Susan Bass
Ms. Jessica M. Berwind
Casey Blood and Nancy Hellebrand
Basil and Phoebe Bouvier
Mr. Benito Cachinero-Sanchez and Ms. Deborah Gorman
Barbara R. Cobb
Dr. William A. Crawford and Dr. Maria Luisa Crawford
Mr. G. Fred DiBona III and Mrs. Teresa DiBona
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickinson
Gillian Facher and Susan Houde
John C. Fuhr and Joanne Hill
Ms. Donna Galvin and Mr. Sean McCloskey
Barbara and Jerome R. Glickman
David and Linda Glickstein
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Goldschmidt
Nathan and Marilyn Hayward
Mr. William Headley and Mrs. Roberta Headley
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Horner
Ed and Lin House Family
Dr. Mariell Jessup
Mr. Curt Lundgren and Mrs. Diane D. Lundgren
Bill and Randi Marrazzo
Dr. and Mrs. V. Eugene McCoy
Michael and Nancy McLelland
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Newbold
Ms. Elizabeth A. Norris
Dr. Lucy J. Oblonsky and Dr. C. Marc Doyle
Nancy Petersmeyer
Vivian W. Piasecki
Ms. Margaret Reimann and Ms. Anna Reimann
Ms. Marta K. Rozans
Mr. T.W. F. Russell
Mrs. Sadoff
Sharon and Bill Schwarze
Antoinette Farrar Seymour
Mrs. Christine J. Smith and Mr. Lawrence Smith
Ms. Sandra Triem
Ms. Teresa A. Wallace and Mr. John G. Chou
John and Patricia Walsh
Don and Nancy Weaver
Harriet and Larry Weiss
Ms. Suzanne P. Welsh
Ms. Marsha F. Yankelev and Mr. Michael Eisenbud

Silver Circle

($2,500 to $4,999)
Anonymous (11)
Mr. Craig L. Adams
Rita and Robert Auritt
David and Margaret Balamuth
Susan and Dan Barnes
Karl and Kristin Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Milton L. Rock
Mrs. George Bissell, Jr.
Mr. D. Jeffry Benoliel and Ms. Amy Branch
Mr. Edward Breen and Mrs. Lynn Breen
Mr. Jonathan M. Broder and Ms. Joy Bernstein
Lenny and Teresa Bazemore
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck III
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
Richard Burk
Peter A. Benoliel and Willo Carey
Mr. Patrick Carmolingo
Rosalind Horton Cauffman
Ms. Mary E. Chomitz and Mr. Morton A. Collier
Dr. William and Cissy Claypool
Perky Cohen
Amy and Michael Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cole, Jr.
Sarah Miller Coulson
Mr. Walter D’Alessio
Dr. and Mrs. Dwight P. Davis
Amy De Shong
Ms. Leslie Dixon Cook
Matthew and Lori Espe
Dr. Thomas Fekete and Mr. Owen Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher
Ms. Donna L. Fried
Elizabeth H. Gemmill, Esq.
Doris and Arnold Glaberson
Ms. Elizabeth Glatfelter
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Goodman, III
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Greenberg
Joanne Greenspun
Ms. La-Toya P. Hackney and Mr. Otis Hackney
Ms. Jeanne M. Hayden and Mr. Andrew Szajlai
Mrs. Hannah L. Henderson
Mrs. Kerry Henkels and Mr. Rod Henkels
Dr. Lorraine L. Herrenkohl and Ms. Glenda Merchant
Mr. Arthur T. Herring
Mr. Joachim Hirche
Mrs. Yick Hsuan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jasper
Donna and Stefan Keller
Ms. Lisa Kimbro and Mr. Ray Lynch
Ms. Abha Kumar
Peter and Emilie Lapham
Edward and Kathryn Lee
Mrs. Nora E. Lewis
Jeffrey and Christian Libson
Chip and Molly Linehan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. and Wendy L. MacMullen
Mr. Michael S. Marks
Lori A. Martin and Christopher Eisgruber
Ms. Bonnie Matthaeus
Tom and Linda McCarthy
Ms. Mary F. McFadden
Valerie and Jim McKinney
Robert and Claire McLear
Bill and Katie McNabb
Mr. John P. McNiff and Mrs. Evelyn McNiff
Ms. Anne Melians and Ms. Christine Coll
Mark and Kathryn Miani
Gynnie and Terry Moody
Ms. Susan B. Muller
Ms. Brenda Murphy
Mr. Steven Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Nash
Bill and Donna Oliver
Mr. Neil Oxman
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Parrish
Jane G. Pepper
Anna Marie and William Petersen
Elise and Charles Pizzi
Heather and Chris Plastaras
Bruce and Barbara Powers
Candace and Marvin Preston, IV
Mr. Saideep Raj and Mrs. Shivanee Raj
Mrs. Jennifer Rice and Mr. Michael Forman
Patricia and Charles Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Rosato
Suzanne Rotondo and Karima Zedan
Ms. Cecile Sam and Dr. John Cernetich
Andrew and Bryna Scott
Ms. Martha Levine and Mr. Howard Sedran
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Shea
Ms. Molly D. Shepard and Dr. Peter J. Dean
Ms. Nancy Silverman
Mr. Gerald E. Slaper
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Constance Smukler
Mr. Ivan R. Snyder and Mrs. Hannah P. Snyder
Harold and Emily Starr
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Steinbook
Mrs. Ellen S. Sterling and Mr. H. A. Semone
Mrs. George E. Stewart
Ms. Judi Stillman
Suzanne Swann
Ms. Julia R. Toner and Mr. Robert M. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Townsend
Mr. Simon J. Trowell and Dr. Steven Alles, M.D.
Gail Ullman
Ms. Welmoet Vankammen
David and Helen Wagner
Mr. William H. Walls
Mr. Dennis C. Wendt and Ms. Susan Baker-Wendt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Westfall
Ms. Linda C. Wingate and William P. Liberi, Ph.D.
Thomas and Diane Wren
Sharon and Hal Yoh

Bronze Circle

($1,200 to $2,499)
Anonymous (33)
Neysa Adams
Dr. Raymond A. Adelizzi
Mr. Robert S. Agran and Ms. Kathy Echternach
Lorraine and Ben Alexander
Mr. Stephen Alexopoulos
Dr. Barbara M. Mathes and Dr. Patrick Alguire
Pam and Tom Allingham
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Ammon
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Anderson
Ms. M. Brownell Anderson
Karen Antell
Mr. Matthew Antonini
Ms. Arleen Armstrong and Mr. David Del Beccaro
Ms. Keller Arnold and Mr. Adrian Costello
Dr. Jerold M. Aronson and Dr. Susan S. Aronson
Mr. Michael Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Arvedlund
Drs. Carolyn H. and Arthur K. Asbury
Drs. Joycellen Y. Auritt & Leslie D. Schlessinger
Ms. Kathryn P. Bagley
Tom and Betsy Balderston
Ms. Margaret M. Balitsaris
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Ballard
Ms. Jeanne Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Bartholomew III
Ms. Donna L. Battista
Dr. Scott Beaudoin and Ms. Rebecca Dator
Diane Runyan Bech and Fritz R. Bech
Jere R. Behrman and Barbara A. Ventresco
Mary and Dick Benioff
Ms. Anca Bereanu
Dr. Robert B. Berger and Ms. Linda Berger
Ms. Lisa M. Bergson
Mrs. Ashley H. Best-Raiten
Ms. Amy Bibb-Ford
Jane Biberman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bilotta, Jr.
Ms. Sharon E. Binstok and Mr. John J. Russell
Gene Bissell and Joann Bissell
Mr. Allen Black and Mr. Randy Apgar
Dr. and Mrs. Perry Black
Claire and Henry Blair
Dr. Ian Blair and Dr. Gillian Blair
Mr. Richard Boak
Robert and Mary Jane Bobrow
Jean G. Bodine
Sheila Bodine
Ms. Molly Bogan and Mr. Jonathan R. Withers
Ms. Tara Boland
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Bowersox
Ms. Martha Bowlsbey
Mr. and Mrs. David Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Bradley
Richard J. Braemer and Amy L. Finkel
Ms. Betty Brandt
Mr. Ed Breiner and Mrs. Julie Breiner
Ms. Carrie Brennen
A. Michael and Juliene G. Broennle
Jill and Christopher Brooks
Mr. Garrett E. Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brown
Jerry and Anne Buckley
Mr. Paul Budzilowicz
Ms. Vicki S. Burdett
Mr. Peter G. Burgess and Ms. Janet N. Stevens
Robert and Cynthia Burke
Ms. Lynn Bush and Mr. John Bartle
Ms. Julia Butters
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Denise Cabrey
Mr. Ronald A. Cahan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Campbell
Cecilia S. Campolucci
Mr. Frank A. Capasso and Mrs. Mary Ann Capasso
William B. Carey
Lynda Juall Carpenito
Patrick J. Carr
Ms. Marie C. Carroll
Susan W. and Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Ed Charlton and Grace Spampinato
Kathleen and Nicholas Chimicles
Dr. Gloria T. Chisum
Adam and Lucinda Chou
Uma and Vinay Chowdhry
Mr. and Mrs. Heeten H. Choxi
Mrs. Lucia Cinaglia and Mr. David Cinaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colalillo
Dr. Alexandra Baker and Mr. Michael A. Colucci
Dr. Marie A. Conn
Ms. Kelly M. Connelly
Ms. Patricia Conway Milgrim
Mr. Christopher K. Cook and Mrs. Laura Matey
Peggy Cooke
Gene and Shirley Cordes
Mr. Gregg Corradi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Creamer III
Mr. Frederick L. Cresson and Mr. Ron Strouse
Mr. David J. Crewdson
Mr. Robert J. Cristinzio and Mrs. Sina Cristinzio
Dr. Kate M. Cronan
Mr. and Mrs. Neil H. Cullen
Mr. John J. Curtin
Ms. Beverly A. Barnett and Mr. Alton J. Dahl
Maria and Bill Dana
Dr. Giulio D’Angio and Dr. Audrey E. Evans
Rhoda and Michael Danziger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Davis
Ms. Patricia A. Davis and Mr. Richard Steward
Kimerbly DelSordo
Ms. Karen E. Detlefsen
Ms. Andrea R. Devereux
Dr. Kristofer Dewberry
Dr. Steven Diamond and Mrs. Barbara H. Diamond
Mr. Guy Diamond
Dr. Robert H. Diamond and Ms. Martha E. Ortiz
Tobey and Mark Dichter
Anna Maria and Richard DiDio
Mr. David Dieck and Ms. Eugenie S. Dieck
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Diederich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. DiPinto
Ms. Deborah A. Dooling
Mr. Geoffrey Dorfman and Ms. Tracey Jones
Mr. Richard E. Downing
Phoebe Driscoll
Mrs. Gertrude R. Drysdale
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua T. Duffy
Mr. Irenee duPont May
Mr. Blake H. Eisenhart
Mrs. Nancy Elfant and Mr. Robert Elfant
Mr. Joachim Elterich
Dr. Julianne Elward-Berry
Ms. Sarah Emerson
Mr. Amze Emmons
Mr. Richard Epstein
Ms. Maureen Essenthier
Mr. and Mrs. John Estey
Heather Richards Evans
Jeff and Lyn Evans
Carolyn and Joseph M. Evans, Jr.
Dr. Scott Dessain and Dr. Tracey Evans
Dr. Lesley L. Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fairman
Mr. Alan S. Fellheimer, Esq.
Dr. C. Melissa Fender and Mr. Timothy N. Fender
Mr. Chris Fenger and Mrs. Paula Fenger
Dr. Gladys S. Fenichel
Kay and Graham Finney
Ms. Jeanne B. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fitzhugh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fleischmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fleming
Dr. Jean Flood and Dr. Paul Nemeth
Mr. and Mrs. William Floyd
Mr. Geoffrey S. Forney
Mr. Samuel J. Frabizzio
Mr. Richard Francolino
Dr. Charles M. Franklin and Mrs. Gwenn Benson
Mr. Jerry Frebowitz and Mrs. Brenda Frebowitz
Mrs. Linda Frick and Mr. Charles Frick
Mr. and Mrs. David Friedman
Mr. James J. Friedman and Mrs. Bonnie Friedman
Mrs. N.W. Fritsche
Rev. Burton Froom and Dr. Louise M. Lisi
Ms. Sue Fuhrmann
Mr. John R. Fulton III and Mrs. Karen S. Fulton
Mr. Gareth Funka-Lea and Ms. Cynthia Funka-Lea
Bill and Dot Gaboda
Mr. Harry Gaines and Ms. Debra Carrier
Mr. Robert Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Garber
William C. Garrow, CPA
Mr. Kenneth L. George
Mr. George Gepp and Mrs. Sally Gepp
Ms. Susan Getze
Mrs. LuAnn Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Gillis
Eduardo Glandt
Mrs. Barbara Glazar
Mr. Robert J. Glickman and Ms. Candace Bernard
Mr. Norman Goldberger and Mrs. Jaclyn Goldberger
Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg
Drs. Scott and Suzy Goldstein
Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Ms. Ellen Goodman and Mr. David Cohen
Ms. Gayle Goodman and Mr. Jim Searing
Mrs. Sarah I. Gore
Ms. Martha C. Goss and Mr. David Goss
Dr. Daniel Gottlieb
Mr. and Mrs. Chad F. Gottschlich
Mrs. Nancy B. Granese and Mr. Claude Granese
Mr. Kevin F. Green
Peggy and Rich Greenawalt
Mr. David Greer
Drs. Eric and Andrea Greyson
Mr. and Mrs. Allan K. Grim, Jr.
Mignon and Jim Groch
Harry and Lyn Groome
Mr. John R. Guerin
Dr. Kathryn A. Evers Haas and Dr. Allen B. Haas
Curt and Dona Haltiwanger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Handloff
Ms. Rita Hannum
Mr. Charles F. Harenza
Mrs. Barbara C. Harris
Sharon A. Harris
Dr. Amy C. Hart
Judith E. and K. Palmer Hartl
Ms. Jane Hassler
Ms. Lou A. Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hatstat III
Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
Mr. Dave Hauss
Ms. Grey Heck
Gabi and Bernhard Heiles
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Henry
Ms. K. Hipple and Mr. W. Moomaw
Mrs. Kristen J. Hofmann
Ms. Anne Holbrook
Mrs. Jo Ann Holloway
Mr. Eric Holmboe and Mrs. Eileen Holmboe
Ms. Clark Hooper Baruch
Ms. Frieda Hopkins
Ms. Jerri Huber-Gibson
Susan Hughes, M.D. and Mr. Michael Desimone
Mr. Osagie Imasogie and Mrs. Losenge Imasogie
Mr. Keith M. Irwin and Mrs. Laura A. Irwin
Anne and John Iskrant
Ms. Christine A. Jacobs
Ms. Linda J. Jacobsen
Dr. William L. Jaffee and Dr. Barbara F. Jaffee
Eileen and Joe Janssen
Mr. Carl Jefferson and Mrs. Shannon Jefferson
Anne Jeffrey Wright
Ms. Pamela Joy Jensen
Dr. Patrick Jjemba
Mr. William Johnston
Ms. Susan D. Jones
Mrs. Virginia Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kalogris
Mr. Ranbir Kashap and Ms. Linda Rhizor
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Keil
Gail B. Keim
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Kelly
Mr. John H. Kemps
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Kent
Jared and Nancy Kieling
Gay and Donald Kimelman
Mrs. Amy Kimmich
Christina Kind
Mr. Kenneth Kind and Ms. Sharon G. Kind
Ms. Jan M. King
Sallie and John Kingham
Mr. Richard Kipp
Dr. Mary Jane Kirkpatrick
A. Melissa Kiser
Mr. David Kistner and Ms. Tamra Goodrow
Mandy C. Cabot and Peter Kjellerup
Nancy and Dick Klavans
Mr. Mark A. Kleinman and Ms. Jennifer Anolik
Mr. Emanuel Klenner
Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Klugman
Craig and Lori Knauer
Dr. Melvin A. Kohn
Mr. Mitchell B. Kowal and Mrs. Eileen M. Kowal
Ms. Linda Kozitzky
Peter Kreek
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Kreider
Ms. Anne M. Kuhn and Mr. Jeffrey A. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kuhn
Bruce and Ann Press
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kulak
Mrs. Joan S. Kumar
Peshe and Peter Kuriloff
Ms. Katherine Kurtz
Dr. Linda Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kurzweil
Mr. and Mrs. William Lafferty
Mr. Charles S. Lambert
Nancy Lanham
Ms. Elizabeth K. Larsen
David and Rachel Lauer
Mr. John Lawler and Mrs. Karen Lawler
Ms. Abigail Leafe
Ms. Juliane R. Lehr, NRP
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Leist
Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levin
Ms. Ivy Lewis
Mr. Jeffrey P. Lewis and Ms. Mary Ann Rossi
Maggi Leyden
Dr. Gerald Liebling and Mrs. Eun Sook Liebling
Ms. Annabel Liu
Sueyun Locks
Ms. Mary Anne Lowery and Mr. James Lowery
Blair Lowry
Elsie Lund
Mr. K. Tim Lung and Mrs. Robin S. Lung
Ms. Christine Lussier and Mr. Robert Hamill
Mr. C. James Luther
Dr. LeeAnn Srogi and Dr. Tim Lutz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Ian MacKinnon
Ms. Dorothy G. Magers
Mr. Robert Mahorter
Ms. Lydia G. Mallett, Ph.D.
Drs. Thomas K. and Mariam Mammen
Ms. Fern L. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Margel
Dr. Abigail E. Martin
Dr. Edmund F. Martin
Robert and Brigitte Masci
Mr. Michael J. McAleer and Mrs. Anna C. McAleer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCusker
Diane McDowell, M.D. and Seth McDowell
Mr. Francis J. McGovern
Kyra and Peter McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Loia D. McInally
Margarett and Sam McKeel
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. Bernard J. McLafferty
Mr. John McNeil and Mrs. Sue McNeil
Dr. Mary P. McPherson
Mr. John Melton
Mr. Chris Menchin
Dr. Richard Menin and Mrs. Barbara L. Menin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Messner
Mr. Shakil A. Mian
Ms. Charity Miller
Madeline E. Miller and H. Gordon Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. Matt C. Miller
Ms. Kathleen Milne
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Mintz
Dr. Robin Mockenhaupt and Dr. Ralph Popp
Charles J. Mode
Mr. and Mrs. H. Laddie Montague
Drs. Richard Month and Ana Cristancho
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Morris, Jr.
Mr. David Morse and Mrs. Susan Morse
Mr. Gary B. Mount and Ms. Pam Mount
Dr. Burnaby Munson
Mr. Martin J. Murafsky
Mr. James Murdock and Ms. Catherine G. Murdock
Dr. Judith H. Murphy and Mr. Butch Sincock
Dr. Douglas W. Muzyka and Ms. Christine Calbry
Mr. Nagaminikandan K. Nair
Mr. Steven Nathan
Ms. Jacqueline Needleman and Mr. David Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad B. Nelson
Kenneth S. and Judith Nelson
Mitch and Donna Newcomer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Niepold
Ms. Amy Norr and Mr. Jeff Metz
Ms. Marlene T. Norwood
Ms. Becky Nuttall
Mrs. Deborah Nye
Dr. Kayson Nyi and Dr. Corinne Nyi
Ms. Theresa O’Connor
Susan Odessey
Ms. Jeanine O’Donnell and Mr. Stephen O’Donnell
Mrs. Roseann Oleyn and Mr. Ed Oleyn
Mr. and Mrs. Jo Orsin
Dr. Alyson N. Owen and Dr. Craig M. Oliner
Kimberly C. Oxholm
Ms. Anne C. Oyler
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Paikin
Mr. Matthew Paoli
Mr. Charles A. Parker and Ms. Kathy Parker
Dipak and Mina Patel
Mark G. Pavlovich, Ph.D.
Ms. Elizabeth Pecora
Mrs. Carol N. Peevey and Mr. Richard Peevey
Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Pendleton
Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman
Ms. Michelle Petrongolo
Ms. Marlene D. Petter
Tod and Betsy Peyton
Ms. Julie L. Pfeffer
Ms. Lydia Pfeiffer
Dr. Catherine W. Piccoli
Mr. Michael T. Pidgeon
Ms. Adelaide P. Pingue
Mr. Jeff R. Pitel and Ms. Ellen C. Pitel
Mrs. Suzanne Plambeck
Ms. Penny Pleasance and Mr. Robert E. Ewers, Jr.
David and Lucinda Pollack
Mrs. Harriet Potashnick
Bill and Bobbie Potsic
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley T. Praiss, D.D.S.
Mr. Daniel Promislo
Mr. and Mrs. Steve P. Querido
Mrs. Laura B. Raab
Margaret W. and Thomas A. Ralph
Mr. Steven Ralston
Dr. Bruce Randazzo and Dr. Meryl S. Cohen
Ellen M. Ravin
Dr. Carol A. Raviola
Ms. Catherine M. Recker and Mr. Matthew Pappajohn
Ms. Carol Reid-Grandfield
Dr. Danielle M. Reinhardt
Ms. Barbara C. Remy
Mr. James Rens
Diana and Jim Resek
Mr. Jeff Rexford and Mrs. Pepper Rexford
Ms. Elizabeth I. Riemer
Mr. and Mrs. William Robbins
Mrs. Debi Rochelle
Ms. Sylvia Rodriguez and Ms. Jess Rodriguez
Dr. Richard E. Rohr
Jerry and Bernice Rubenstein
Ms. Sylvia Richardson Ryland and Mr. James Ryland, III
Ms. Ann Sacks
Patricia Saddier
Sue and Richard Salkowitz
Mr. Paul Salvo and Mrs. Joan Salvo
Ms. Marlene Santacecilia
Ms. Kathleen L. Sauder and Mr. James A. Sauder
Heather Saunders and Eric Chapman
Mr. Timothy F. Sayles and Mrs. Victoria Sayles
Ms. Catherine J. Schaeder and Mr. Eric P. Batterman
Mr. Robert Schamis
Richard L. Scheff and Natalie D. Ramsey
Dr. Jay S. Schinfeld and Sharlene Ferrin
Dr. Diane M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schoenberg
Mr. George Schoenhard
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Schreiber
Mr. Lauran R. Schultz
Mr. Pete Schwartz
Dr. Jean Schwarzbauer
Martha Scott Walton
Mr. H. Rodney Scott
Mr. Lewis N. Sears and Mrs. Sharon Sears
Ms. Linda Seyda and Mr. Robert Boris
Mr. Kenneth A. Shackman
Dr. Sanjay Shah and Dr. Payal D. Shah
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shaman
Mr. Andrew Shapiro
Mr. Sanjay K. Sharma and Mrs. Archana Sharma
Ms. Alice M. Sharp
Ms. Joan L. Sharp
Dr. Olivia Sheridan
Britton and Lesha Shinn
Stephen Shipley
Mr. Abraham Silverman
Ms. Kaja Silverman
Laurie Selber Silverstein
Ms. Karen Simmins
Ms. Carolyn M. Smart
Mr. James Smirk and Ms. Rebecca Smirk
Mr. Geoffrey Smith
Valerie A. Smith
Ms. Lisa Snyder
Ms. Christine Sorge
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mr. Rick Stamm and Mrs. Debbie Stamm
Ms. Anne P. Standley and Dr. David Robertson, Ph.D.
Ms. Marylouise A. Sterge
Janet Ries and Matthew B. Stern
Mr. Peter G. Stern
Mr. Don Stitz and Mrs. Margherita R. Stitz
Ms. Patricia Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M. Straus
Mr. Jeff Stuart
Dr. Francis J. Sullivan
Mr. Joseph A. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Suplee
Barbara B. Supplee
Elizabeth C. Sussman
Mr. Robert A. Swift and Mrs. Meredith Swift
Ms. Patricia Bender and Dr. Mark F. Sylvester
Ms. Leslie Taglieber and Mr. Ulrich Taglieber
Ms. Jacqueline C. Tanaka
Ms. Kimberley Tempas
Tom Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Thomas
Dr. Robert Locke and Ms. Sarah Thorne-Locke
Dr. Shirley M. Tilghman
Kimberly Togman and Geoffrey Aguirre
Mrs. Barbara D. Trillich and Mr. Charles D. Trillich
Kenneth I. Trujillo, Esq.
Mr. Thomas G. Tudor and Mrs. Francine Tudor
Paul and Christine Tufano
Donna B. Tully
Ms. Jana Vagele
Mr. and Mrs. Rajeev A. Vaidya
Ken and Elaine Van Aken
Mr. and Mrs. Archbold D. van Beuren
Mr. Alan Van Vleet
Mr. James Vance
Mr. and Mrs. George Vangieri
Mr. Paul E. Vilter and Mrs. Mary Vilter
Ms. Victoria A. Vipond
Mr. and Mrs. G. Clay von Seldeneck
Mrs. Jane Walker
Dr. Linda M. Walker
Ms. Viola Walker and Ms. Kathleen Walker
Mr. Gary Ward
Mrs. Cynthia Warner
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Kathleen F. Weidner
Ms. Rachel Weinstein and Mr. Bruce Frohlich
Ms. Carol L. Weiser
Ms. Amber West Buller
Dr. Jean M. Whaley and Mr. Brian C. Monahan
Ms. Jane Whittaker and Mr. Michael Delli Carpini
Jody and Bill Widing
Ms. Carrie A. Wilkie
Ms. Marjean Willett
Ms. Barbara A. Williams
Sankey and Connie Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Jay J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Quincy N. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Willson
Dr. and Mrs. James Wilson
Andrew and Ellen F. Wineman
Mr. Donald Winey
Mr. and Mrs. David Winikur
Mr. Forwood C. Wiser and Ms. Katherine Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. David Wolfson
Mr. Harry W. Woodcock
Mr. and Mrs. Kent T. Woods
Gloria Worrell
Ms. Carla Wragge
Ms. Kelli Wright
Ms. Angela Wu
Mr. James B. Wyeth
Dr. Jon Yardney
Gerard and Elizabeth Yarnall
Mr. John A. Yeatman
Ms. Elizabeth M. Young
Mr. Claudio A. Zancani
Mr. Marc Ziss
Mr. Michael Zuckerman and Ms. Jan Levine

In Memoriam

Gifts were made in memory of the following individuals in Fiscal Year 2017:

Edwina Amoroso
Bob and Betty Barclay
Menachem Mendel ben Levi
Miriam E. Boyd
Richard P. Brown
Patrick Keep Chase
Susan Elizabeth Christy
Carol B. Colen
R. Jeremy Dummer
Wayne Dyer
John P. Ford
Dr. Melvyn Hammarberg
Barbara Harney
Jorg Holzle
William Houghton
Gwen Ifill
Shulim Jonas
Rochelle Krupnick
Lori Jentleson
Steve Michaels
Pearl Oyle
Joanne Pail
Dorothy Pensiero
Therese Posnansky
Al Rinaldi
Tim Roll
Thelma Slott Sayare
Sarah Tulloss
Jim Vance
Diane Waxmans
Dr. William M. Weinberg

In Honor

Gifts were made in honor of the following individuals in Fiscal Year 2017:

Dick Ackland
Betsy Beckerman
Ken Burns
Willo Carey
Roger C. Fell
Terry Gross
Gordan Grguric
Grace Hunter
Don & Nancy Maclay
Julian Miller
Mr. Joseph Neubauer and Ms. Jeanette Lerman Neubauer
Henrik Ringbom
Jill Ryan
Craig Santoro
Philip Silverman
Scott Simon
Greta Shane
Shirley Soloman
Ernest Tews
Thomas Ullom
Paul Whitney
Barbara Wolf

The Laurence LePage Society

Named for WHYY’s founder Dr. W. Laurence LePage, The LePage Society recognizes and honors individuals who have provided for WHYY’s future in their estate plans – designating a bequest or trust, naming WHYY as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy, or establishing a WHYY Charitable Gift Annuity.

Anonymous (21)
Ms. Anne Abbott
Mr. Stephen Alexopoulos
Mrs. Rainey Augustine
Mrs. Katherine R. Bartholomew
Ms. Willo Carey and Peter A. Benoliel
Ms. Melanie W. Chadwick
Robert M. and Bonnie A. Dettore
Nancy and Dick Eales
Mr. and Mrs. Van P. Eckes
Ms. Constance Fewlass and Mr. Thomas Fewlass
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard X. Finegold
Joanne T. Greenspun
Bob Haver
Mrs. Frieda Hopkins
Mr. Lee A. Huff
Ms. Debbie Kaplan
Ms. K. Michelle Kelly
The Kranzdorf Family Foundation
Deborah Krauss
Maggi Leyden
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Liebling
Mr. Hugh MacDonald
Paul and Victoria Marton
James and Carol McKelvey
Mr. James McKinney
Ms. Lisa Quiveors
Mr. F. Lee Radzicki
Mr. Francis Rasmus
Mr. Nicholas Sanders
Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.
Patricia H. Shawe
Ms. Molly D. Shepard
Ms. Linda J. Simon
Mr. A. Roy Smith
Ms. Carolyn K. Staley
Mrs. Patricia S. Stover
Mr. Thomas W. Teel
Robert and Alice Vernon
Geraldine and Francis J. Welsh
Ms. Florence S. Witonsky
Ruth Avis Wren

Y Circle

We thank the following Y Circle members for their generous support with gifts to WHYY from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017:

Anonymous (122)
Mr. Hans Aarsleff
Ms. Ann A. Abbott
Ms. Shirley M. Abdullah
Mr. Yahya Abdullah-Aziz
Ms. Elisa Abeloff
Ms. Jane B. Abrams and Mr. John MacDuffie
Larry and Be Abrams
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Abrams
Mrs. Mae Adams
Mr. and Mrs. James Abramson
Ms. Lillie M. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Adams
Mr. Walt Adams
Mr. Donald A. Addison
Ms. Sylvia Adjepong
Ms. Jennifer Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Adler
Ms. Veena Aggarwal
Mrs. Melvia E. Ahmed
Mr. James Akerberg
Ms. Nitya Akeroyd and Mr. Jeffrey Zehr
Mrs. Georgia Alberti and Mr. James A. Alberti
Ms. Janae A. Alberts
Ms. Susan Albin
Mr. John R. Alchin
Mr. Brent Alderfer and Mrs. Deirdre Alderfer
Ms. Beth Allen
Dr. Paul Allen III
Mr. Peter Allen
Mr. Rolan C. Allen
Ms. Alleva and Mr. Gant
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan A. Allison
Gad and Revital Allon
Ms. Aurea M. Almazan
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Almquist
Ms. Michele Alperin and Mr. Steven Sheriff
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Alston
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Ambro
Mr. Joseph Amedori
Ms. Catherine L. Amico
Ms. Mamta Amin and Ms. Shreya Amin
Mr. Mark C. Amstutz and Mrs. Barbara Amstutz
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin V. Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Anderson
Ms. Mary H. Anderson
Dr. Melissa Anderson and Dr. Paul Anderson
Ms. Myra Anderson
Ms. Susan L. Anderson
Ms. Maria S. Angelo
Mr. Thomas Anglim
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Aniano, Jr.
Mr. Alan E. Ankeny
Mr. Joshua Anthony
Mr. Peter C. Archer
Ms. Jean Arduino and Mr. Brian Walling
Ms. Nancy Arico and Mr. Michael L. Arico
Ms. Laura J. Armstrong
Mrs. Joan Arnold and Mr. Michael Arnold
Frank and Elizabeth Arrison
Mr. Franklin Ash
Mr. Alvin L. Ashcraft
Ms. Janice B. Asher
Mr. and Mrs. Kalyan Athota
Mr. Clarence Atkinson
Ms. Elizabeth Atkinson
Mary Attig
Mr. William Atwell
Ms. Tina Babusci
Mr. John Bagostino
Sally and Michael A. Bailin
Ms. Judith S. Baillere
Ms. Karen Bajczyk
Ms. Hillary H. Baker
Dr. Joan M. Baker and Mr. Benjamin B. James
Ms. Mary M. Baker and Ms. Michelle Baker
Fran Balamuth and Michael Mullins
Jaya Balasubramaniam
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Balk
Mr. Jeffrey E. Ball
Mr. David Ballamy
Mrs. Jill Balshi
Ms. Sylvia Barclay
Mr. and Mrs. Chad J. Bardone
Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes
Ms. Toni J. Barnett
Marcella Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Baron
Mr. Anthony Baroni
Mr. Chris Barr and Ms. Linda Barr
Mr. Kevin P. Barry and Dr. Carol A. Hart
Ms. Susan Bartman
Dr. Todd D. Barton
Ms. Ann Bassett and Mr. Ross Goldberg
Ms. Marlene A. Bassett
Mrs. Mary Battin
Ms. Joan A. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bauer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bauer
Jon and Mary Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Baum
Mr. John Baumann and Ms. Marcelline V. Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Baumert
Ms. Carol Baylis
Mr. Carl Bayuk
Eileen A. Bazelon, M.D.
Mrs. Laurie M. Beach
Mr. Bruce R. Beadle
Mr. Donald Bean
Patricia and Glenn Beasley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Beattie
Mrs. Lorraine E. Beavers
Mr. Edward V. Beazley and Mrs. Maria Beazley
William and Debbie Becker
Ms. Shirley Beckett
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bedell
Ms. Patricia Beegoo
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Beinfest
Mr. Robert Beiswinger
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Tara Beitler
Dr. Robert Belasco and Dr. Jean Belasco
Ms. Wendy Belcher
Miss Kristen Bell
Mr. Rodney D. Bell and Dr. Hannah R. Bell
Mr. William Bellows and Ms. Jane B. Palmer
Dr. Joseph Bender
Ms. Nancy Benedict and Mr. Charles Benedict
Mr. Barry Bennett, Sr.
Mr. Richard Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Benning
Mr. Marc Benoff and Mrs. Joy Benoff
Mr. John D. Benson and Ms. Susan M. Sygenda
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Bente III
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bentley
Katharine Bepler Whelan
Dr. Eric Berger and Dr. Melissa Lerman
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Berger
Ms. Marjorie M. Berlinghof and Mr. William R. Berlinghof
Ms. Helen Berman
Dr. Richard A. Berman
Ms. Sarah Bernardi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bernhardt
Mark and Sandra Bernstein
Ms. Margarette F. Berry
Mrs. Nancy Travers and Dr. Gerald Bertiger
Mr. Joel Bethany
Mr. Tim W. Bethuy
Bikki Bevelhymer
Mrs. Angi Bevers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beyer
Amol and Kanchan Bhagwat
Ms. Isha Bhattacharyya and Mr. Amitabha ‘Alex’ Bhattacharyya
Mr. Anthony Biddle
Ms. Charlotte H. Biddle
Mr. Chris W. Biddle and Mrs. Meg Biddle
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Bielby
Ms. Patricia Bielenberg
Ms. Marcie W. Bierlein
Ms. Joanne Steele and Mr. George Bigge
Ms. Ann A. Biggs
Ms. Susan Bilger
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Bilheimer
Ms. Stacey A. Bilinski
Mr. John Bilotta
Mr. George W. Binder
Ms. Gwendolyn K. Binder-Scholl
Mr. Mark Birch
Mr. Thomas Biron and Mrs. Janice Biron
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Bischof
Dr. Gene B. Bishop and Dr. Andrew Stone
John and Christine Bishop
Mr. F. L. Bissinger and Ms. Nancy Bissinger
Dr. Joseph Blanc
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood P. Blanchard, Jr.
Mr. Walter Blanchard
Mrs. Linda Blanchfield Dillow
Mrs. Shirley A. Blankenship
Drs. David and Norma Blecker
Ms. Linda Blickley
Ms. Dorothy K. Blindenbacher
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Blinder
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Block
Mrs. Sandra L. Block
Ms. Susan J. Blood
Mr. Tim Blosser
Mrs. Audrey J. Blossic
Mr. John Blubaugh
Ms. Carla Blumenfeld
Ms. Evelyn C. Boada and Mr. Mark Boada
Richard and Carol Boardman
David and Patricia Boath
Ms. Sylvia Boddie
Ms. Julia Bodnar
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Boesch
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bohn
Mr. Herbert F. Bohnet IV and Ms. Carrie A. Simons
Mr. Thomas R. Boldt and Ms. Elizabeth Specht
Mr. Jerry Bollenbach and Mrs. Tina Bollenbach
Mr. Mark Bolwell
Mr. and Mrs. George Bonadio
Ms. Jennifer S. Bonovitz
Mr. Greg Bonsib
Mr. and Mrs. Otho Boone
Ms. Lea M. Booth
Dr. Jude A. Bornstein-Chau
Ms. Amy B. Borovoy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bortman
Jennifer A. and Jennifer Boschi
Mr. and Mrs. Jacobus M. Botje
Mr. Charles Bourne
Ms. Roseann R. Bove
Ms. Natalie J. Bovino
Mr. William Bowen and Mrs. Sharon Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bowker
Mr. Arnold G. Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bown
Ms. Tara Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Boyer
Mr. Richard Boyko
Mr. George Boyle
Mr. Marshall Boyler and Ms. Cheryl Munson
Ms. Janet Boys and Mr. Donald McGuire
Ruth and Roy Brader
Ms. Ann Bradley
Ms. Denise Bradley
Ms. Maria Bradley
Mr. David Brainard
Mr. and Mrs. Elton Brand
Mr. Edward D. Brannock and Ms. Virginia Brannock
Rachel E. Branson, Esq.
Mr. Roy Breffitt
Ms. Ann Breinig and Mr. Charles Breinig
Dr. Erica M. Brendel
Ms. Leslie Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. B. Dennis C. Bricker
Mr. Richard L. Brilhart and Ms. Barbara Brilhart
Drs. Brill-Edwards and Elden
Mr. Jared Brimfield and Ms. Amanda Diesel
Ms. Margaretta Brokaw
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bromley
Mr. Spencer B. Brook
Mrs. Glendora Brooks
Mr. Paul Brooks
Ms. Genevieve Broomes
Mr. Andrew M. Brown
Ms. Beverly Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Brown
Mr. Isaac W. Brown
Ms. Jennifer D. Brown
Ms. Lynne E. Brown
Jim and Lynne Brown
Ms. Marge Brown and Mr. Phil Kalodner
Ms. Sheila Brown
Ms. Emily Browning and Dr. Peter Graham
Dr. Derek D. Bruce and Dr. Frances M. Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Bryan
Ms. Linda C. Bryant
Ms. Sarah Bryant
Mr. William R. Buchanan
Ms. Linda M. Buchheit
Ms. Donna K. Buckley
Mr. John Buckley and Mrs. Wendy Buckley
Ms. Kate Budman
Mr. John E. Bugary and Mrs. Ellen O. Bugary
Ms. Jacqueline M. Buhn and Mr. Alan J. Razak
Wayne and Cyndy Bullaughey
Ms. Nancy Burack
Dr. Linda Burdette
Dr. Theodore P. and Barbara R. Burger
Mr. Frank J. Burger
Beth Burrell and David Sorensen
Mr. Neil R. Burrow
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Burton
Ms. Dorothy J. Burton
Dr. David F. Bushnell and Ms. Kim Pelkey
Mr. Donald Bustard and Dr. Margaret Stineman
Dr. Kelly E. Butler
Mr. Paul Buttner and Mr. Lawrence J. Scharf
Ms. Jennifer Butts
Ms. Judith A. Byerly
Mr. Charles D. Byers and Mrs. Dorothy Byers
Mr. James T. Bykowski
Mr. Frank Byrne
Ms. Mary Ellen Byrne
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Caggiano
Mrs. Josephine Calabretta
Dr. Marian P. Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Callahan
Mr. Tom Callan and Mr. Martin McNamara
Dr. Carolyn L. Cambor
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Camisa
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campanella
Mrs. Jeanne Campbell
Ms. Patricia Campbell
Lorna Campbell-Seely and Edgar Seely III
Dr. Andrea Candia
Mr. Patrick Canfield
Dr. Timothy S. Cann
Richard L. Cantor Esq.
Mr. Lawrence J. Canzano and Ms. Maria Isabell Teix
Mr. Victor Capo
Robin Capresecco
Ms. Jennifer N. Caraballo and Dr. Victor Caraballo
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Carcagno
Mrs. Claudia A. Cardenuto and Mr. Rodolpho Cardenuto
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Carle
Mr. Nicholas Carleton
Rev. Dr. Joni Carley
Annie Carlino
Ms. Patricia Carlson
Ms. Janice Carney
Ms. Janet Carpenter
Mr. Albert Carr
Ms. Marie Carroll and Mr. Russell Carroll
Capt. & Mrs. Thomas E. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Casciato
Ms. Linda Casertano
Mr. Timothy Cash
Ms. Avigail Caspi-Lebovic
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cassidy
Ms. Diane-Louise L. Casson
Ms. Mary G. Love and Mr. Adrian A. Castelli
Ms. Teresita Castillo
Ms. Anita J. Catterton
Mr. Douglas Cattie
Mrs. Emily Cavanagh and Mr. Mike Cavanagh
Mr. Thomas J. Cellucci
Ms. Jane Century and Mr. Theodore Century
Mr. Giacomo Cesareo
Ms. Cynthia C. Chambers
Mr. Edward H. Chambers and Mrs. Barbara Chambers
Mr. Charles Champagne
Mr. Daniel Chaneske and Ms. Clarene Spennato
Mrs. Pei-Hua Chang and Mr. Hongju Chang
Ms. Alison Chapman
Dr. Robert C. and Linda H. Chapman
Mr. Frank Cheever and Ms. Elisabeth Cheever
Ms. Robin L. Chelius
Dr. Aaron Chen and Dr. Elaina Lin
Mrs. Eleanora Cheney
Drs. Maryalice Cheney and Scott Goldman
Ms. Susan Cherkas
Ms. Claire E. Cherney
Elizabeth Chesick
Aley Cheung and Chik So
Mr. Paul Chiappardi
Ms. Rosemary M. Chidester and Miss Tobin S. Chides
Mr. Peter Choate
Mr. Michael W. Chorazy
Jolley Bruce Christman
Mrs. Susan Christy
Ms. Pyong Hwa Chung
Mr. Michael Churchill and Ms. Tasha Stonorov
Ms. Jessica E. Cichalski
Ms. Eileen Cilurso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cimprich
Dr. Ronnie E. Cimprich and Mr. Jack R. Cimprich
Mr. John T. Cinfici
Mr. and Mrs. Saul N. Clair
Mr. Michael Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Olin T. Clark
Mr. Richard Clark
Mr. Edward Clarke and Mrs. Sarajane Clarke
Elizabeth A. Clarke Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke
Ms. Adiss E. Clark-Valera
Mr. Benjamin Classen
Ms. Arlene Clavin
Mr. Joseph V. F. Clay
Ms. Michele A. Cleary
Ms. Carol Clein and Mr. Warren Clein
Mr. and Mrs. Don Clement
Ms. Constance Clery
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Clift
Ms. Barbara Clothier
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac H. Clothier IV
Ms. Joan L. Coale
Ms. Jacqueline Cody Downing
Ms. Carolyn J. Cohen
Mr. Charles F. Cohen
Ms. Claire A. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cohen
Ms. Darlene Cohen
Ms. Elizabeth J. Cohen
Ms. Marilyn A. Cohen
Deborah and Robert Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cola
Ms. Laurie Colborn
Ms. Catherine Coleman and Mr. Patrick Coleman
Mr. Gregory L. Coleman
Mr. Christopher Colket
Mr. Gary Coller
Mr. and Mrs. John Collette
Blair Collier
Dr. Anita M. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Collins
Mr. Jim Collins and Mrs. Tina Collins
Mr. Christopher Colson and Mrs. Emily Colson
Ms. June Colton
Mr. William G. Combs and Mrs. Gail F. Combs
Ms. Wendy Comisar
Thomas J. and Carolyn T. Comitta
Mr. Joe Conley
Mr. Patrick Conlin
Ms. Alexis Conlon and Mr. Denis Conlon
Mr. James A. Connelly and Mrs. Eleanor Connelly
Robin Connerat
Ms. Joan M. Connolly
Mr. Chris Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Conver
Richard W. Bartholomew and Julia Moore Converse
Mr. Robert Conway
Ms. Theresa M. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cook
Ms. Mary Ann Cook and Ms. Debra Barrett
Mr. Robert Cook and Ms. Courtney Pascarella
Ms. Donna Cooper
Mr. Jeffery A. Cooper
Mr. Matthew K. Cooper and Ms. Maggie Lenoir
Esther L. Cooperman
Mr. David C. Copeland
Ms. Sharon Copeland
Mrs. Deborah Copes
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Copestick
Ms. Carole A. Corcoran
Ms. Kimberly J. Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Corcoran
Mr. Nicholas Cordisco
Ms. Suzanne D. Cornell
Mr. John I. Cornue and Ms. Leutica Cornue
Laura Anne Corsell
Ms. Jean M. Cortner
Dr. Joseph M. Corvasce and Mrs. Sarah A. Corvasce
Dr. Douglas S. Cosgrove
Dr. James D. Cosgrove
Dr. Andrew T. Costarino and Dr. Jane Lavelle
Mr. Harold Cottman
Mr. Edward Courter
Dr. Frederick A. Coville
Ms. Barbara Craig
Mr. Frank Craparo
Mr. John Craven and Ms. Maria Craven
Ms. Elizabeth Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Creato, Sr.
Mrs. Beth A. Crippen and Mr. Chris Siebens
Ms. Ruth S. Cristy
Barbara D. Crowell
Ms. Doris H. Crowley
Mr. Stanley G. Crowley and Ms. Josephine Price
Warren and Kaye Crown
Mr. Gregg R. Crumley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. William Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cummings
Mr. Raphael Cunniff
Ms. Judy Curry and Mr. Robert L. Curry
Ms. Margo Curry
Mrs. Susan E. Cushinotto
Susan and Jim Cycyk
Mr. Hilary Czaplicki and Ms. Diane Czaplicki
Dr. John D’ Alessandro
Mr. Ted Daeschler and Ms. Emily Daeschler
Ms. Mary Ellen Dahlgren and Mr. Carl Dahlgren
Mr. Robert Dailey and Ms. Donna Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. D’Alba
Mr. John C. Dale
Mr. and Mrs. David Dalrymple
Ms. Margherita J. D’Amato
Carolyn and Vince D’Amico
Mr. Dennis Danese
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Daniell
Ms. Lenore B. Danielson and Mr. Donald McLeod
Ms. Irina Danilova and Mr. Hiram Levy II
Dr. Theodore Danoff and Ms. Diane Siegel Danoff
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Danyo
Mr. and Mrs. Horatio G. Daub
Ms. Sandra Daukaus
Rev. Bruce Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Davidson
Ms. Marcelle S. Davidson and Mr. James W. Davidson
Mr. Ron Davidson
Ms. A. Yvonne Davis
Mr. Allen F. Davis
Mr. Arthur Davis
Mr. Donald B. Davis
Dr. Elizabeth A. Davis
Mr. Herbert Davis
Mrs. Nancy B. Davis
Mr. Todd Davis and Ms. Ruby Davis
Lesley Dawson and Gerry Stein
Ms. Lise Dawson
Mr. Youssef Dayoub
Mrs. Sharon A. De La Parra
Mr. Stephan De La Veaux
Ms. Leanne De Muijnck
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Dearden
Mr. Richard T. Deasey
Ms. Teresa A. Debernardis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. DeBlieu
Ms. Samantha Decastro
Mr. Murray Dechter
Ms. Veronica Deely
Kimberly and Peter Defilippi
Ms. Mary Dehaan
Ms. Patricia Deitch
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Della Penna
Ms. Elizabeth A. Dellers
Ms. Rebecca N. Deloach
Ms. Stephanie S. Deluca
Ms. Paula DeLucco
Mr. Patrick deMunecas and Mrs. Maren deMunecas
Ms. Fern A. Denney
Laura and Christopher Densmore
Leanne C. Wagner and John G. Dent
Ishani Desai
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Deschere
Dr. Binodh S. Desilva
Ms. Jane Desnouee
Mrs. Loretta Destefano
Mr. Robert M. Dettore and Mrs. Bonnie Dettore
Dr. Phyllis H. Detwiler
Ms. Eleanor Devatt
Mr. Brian S. Devitt and Ms. Dale Buddine
Ms. Patricia Devitto
Mr. Luis Diaz
Peter M. DiBattiste, M.D.
Mr. James L. Dicarlo and Mrs. Susan DiCarlo
Ms. Betty I. Diem
Ms. Dorothy C. Diem
Mr. David Dietz
Ms. Ana Diez Roux
Mrs. Willem Dikland
Mr. and Mrs. John L. DiLello
Mrs. Margaret B. Dillin
Gail M. Dillon
Mrs. Gail W. Dillon
Dr. Susan Dillon
Mr. Wendell Dingle and Mrs. Roxanne P. Dingle
Ms. Loan Dinh
Ms. Margaret A. Dinneny
Ms. Dina DiPietro
Ronald and Rowena Dise
Mr. Anthony T. DiSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Disko
Ms. Laura E. Dlugacz and Ms. Carrie Dlugacz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Doak
Ms. Phoebe Doering
Mr. Thomas W. Dolgenos and Ms. Sarah E. Ricks
Ms. Sherri Doll
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donahue
Ms. Patricia Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Donaldson
Mrs. Cheryl L. Donley
Ms. Marci Donnelly
Ms. Meghan Donnelly
Colleen Grace Donofrio
Mrs. Sandra L. D’Onofrio
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Donoghue II
Ms. Rosemary T. Donohue
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Doolittle
Anne and Andrew Dordal
Peter Doris
Ms. Susan Dorshimer and Mr. George Dorshimer
Mrs. Joan H. Douglas
Dr. Lois Dow and Mr. William Rowe
Ms. Diane Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Downs
Mr. Daniel A. Doyle
Mr. Thomas Doyle
Ms. Reeve Draper
Mrs. Margaret Dubell and Mr. Bill Dubell
Mr. Timothy M. Dubon
Mr. Mark Duckett and Mr. Stan Gaddy
Mr. Edward M. Duffy
Ms. Karen Duncan
Ms. Laurelee Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dunford
Ms. Doris E. Dunkelberger
Ms. Denise L. Dunlap
Ms. Louise Dunn and Dr. Scott Kozin
Mrs. Polly (Mary) H. Dunn
Brooks Durbin
Ms. Lucy Ann A. Dure and Mr. Davis Dure
Ms. Brenda A. Dusak
Mr. Panna Dutta
Ms. Julia R. Dutton
Ms. Maureen Q. Dwyer
Ms. Kathryn B. Dyer
Mr. Russell R. Dynes
Nancy and Dick Eales
Ms. Catharina Earle
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Earle
Mr. Thomas D. East
Ms. Kristen Eaton and Mr. Donald Z. Eaton
Mr. Thomas Eaton
Ms. Linda Eberhardt
Mrs. Elizabeth Ebert-Colegrove and Mr. William Colegrove
Ms. Mariana L. Eckadrt
Dr. Gail A. Edelsohn
Ms. Alexandra Edsall and Mr. Robert Victor
The Drs. Edwards
Mr. Vance Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. David Egger
Ms. Vicki L. Eicher
Mrs. Susan B. Eichert
Mrs. Veronica M. Eid
Mr. Joseph Eisenstein
Ms. Latifah Elahi
Ms. Alison Elder
Dr. David Elder and Dr. Peggy M. Elder
Mr. William H. Elfring, Jr. and Ms. Linda Good
Mr. Brendan Elick
Mrs. Michele Elkes
Dr. William L. Elkins and Mrs. Helen M. Elkins
Steve and Gloria Ellers
Mr. Roger Ellestad and Ms. Melissa Ellestad
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Elliott
Mr. Arthur Ellis and Mrs. Lynne Ellis
Ms. Carla Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ellis
Mr. Richard Ellis
Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel
Mrs. Jessica A. Emmons
Ms. Louise Ench
Mr. Jeffrey S. Engelman and Mrs. Kirstin F. Engelm
Mr. Scott Engle
Ms. Isabella M. Englebach
Mr. David English
Ms. Michelle English and Mr. Michael English
Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Engstrom
Mr. Louis J. Eni
Ms. Karen Ennis
Mrs. Jane M. Eppley and Mr. Matthew Eppley
Mr. and Mrs. Saul S. Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eileen G. Erinoff
Mrs. Elisabeth L. Erlbaum
Ms. Christine L. Espiritu
Mr. Anthony Esposito and Mrs. Angeliki Esposito
Ms. Holly Esposito and Mr. Orlando Esposito
Ms. Alexandra Estey
Mr. Nicholas Evageliou
Mr. Elwyn Evans, Jr. and Ms. Jane W. Evans
Ms. Janet Evans
Mr. and Mrs. William Evans
Dr. Andrea Everard
Ms. Carolyn Eversole
Mr. Mark Ezzo
Ms. Kathleen Fahey-Hosey and Mr. Patrick Hosey
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fahnestock
Ms. Rebecca E. Fahrmeier
Sasha Falkowski
Mrs. Faith A. Fanic and Mr. Gerard R. Fanic
Henry S. Farber and Miquelon L. Weyeneth
Ms. Jane T. Farella and Mr. Andy F. Farella
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey H. Farenback-Brateman
Mr. Kenneth Farmer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Farnum
Mr. and Mrs. James Farr
Drs. Cynthia A. Farrell and Marvin Schatz
Mr. Clarence Faulcon
Mrs. Sherry E. Faulkner
Mr. Andrew Faust
Dr. Lisa Fazi
Mr. Frank H. Fee
Mr. Michael E. Feeny
Ms. Teresa Feeser
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Feinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Feinour, Jr.
Ms. Nancy Feldman
Mr. Lewis K. Felleisen
Norman Felsenthal, Ph.D.
Mr. Andras Ferencz
Ms. Adelaide Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dickson Ferguson
Ms. Judy K. Fern
Ms. Noemi Fernandez
Ms. Catherine Ferrante
Mrs. Maureen A. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keath Fetter
Mr. Richard Fetzer
Ms. Nan Feyler and Ms. Lisa Shulock
Mr. Dan Fichter
Ms. Lola Fields
Mrs. Marion Fiero
Eric V. Finkenstadt, M.D.
Dr. Joni E. Finney and Ms. Victoria G. Castelli
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Fischer
Ms. Joanne Fischer and Mr. Eric Hoffman
Carol and Bill Fisher
Mr. Josh Fisher
Mr. Mark Fisher
Mrs. Susan S. Fisher
Ms. Kate Fishershute
Mr Stephen Kobrin and Ms. Carol Fixman
Ms. Barbara Flacco
Mr. Adam Flake
Ms. Alison J. Flemer
Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming
Mr. Kelly B. Flemings
Mr. Marc L. Fliegelman
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Flogaus
Mr. James A. Flood, Sr. and Ms. Kathleen Flood
Dr. Jeremy Flood
Mr. Ralph Flood and Mrs. Carol Flood
Mr. Stephen Flood and Ms. Sara A. George
Mr. Richard L. Fluri and Ms. Dyann Paoline
Mrs. Amber Flynn and Mr. David Flynn
Dr. Cynthia E. Flynn and Ms. Deirdre Boyle
Deborah Flynn, Esq.
Ms. Grace Flynn
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Flynn
Mrs. Barbara J. Fogal
Mr. Jeffrey Fogg
Dr. and Mrs. Hal Folander
Ms. Lauren M. Fonseca
Dr. Joseph F. Foote and Ms. Patricia Ann Schieb
Mr. Robert J. Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ford, Jr.
Mr. Alexander Fornal
Ms. Deborah Forney and Dr. Donald Feeney
Mr. Benjamin Forst
Mr. Michael S. Forst and Mrs. Susanne Forst
Ms. Roberta Foss
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Foster
Miss Heather L. Foster
Ms. Natalie Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Foutes
Ms. Amy A. Fox and Mr. Daniel H. Wheeler
Ms. Elizabeth W. Fox
Ms. Joyce Fox
Mrs. Marion Fox
Mr. Robert A. Fox and Mrs. Penny Fox
Ms. Jacqueline French and Mr. Henry Fraimow
Dr. Donna R. Franchetti
Ms. Barbara Francis
Ms. Grace Franco
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Frank
Ms. Joan Franklin
Mr. Carmin E. Frankowski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Franlin
Ms. Karen E. Frantz
Ms. Stephanie Fratantaro
Ms. Lyn Frazier
Mr. Robert H. Fredd
Mr. James Frederick and Mr. Daniel Frederick
Mr. Bill Freed and Ms. Diane Freed
Mr. David Freed
Ms. Janice L. Freeman
Ms. Deborah L. Freerksen
Ms. Jane Fremon and Mr. Paul Scutt
Mr. William J. French
Ms. Marjorie Freund
Karen and Larry Fridkis
Carolyn and John Friedman
Theodore Friend
Elizabeth Wood Fritsch
Mr. Barry Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Fuchs
Ms. Nancy H. Fullam
Ms. Claudette P. Fulton
Ms. Nancy Fulton
Ms. Sonya H. Funk and Mr. Daniel Funk
Mr. Carl Gable
Ms. Stephanie Gaboriault and Mr. Randy Gaboriault
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gahagan
Ms. Susan Gaither
Ms. Shameem N. Gaj
Mr. Jack Gallagher and Mrs. Beverly G. Gallagher
Mr. Marc J. Gallagher
Mrs. Joan Gallo
Ms. Miriam L. Galster
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Ganti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garabedian
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Garaventi
Geoffrey and Laura Gardiner
Mr. Stephen Gardner and Dr. Yuli Kim
Ms. Donna Garnett
Ms. Deborah Gartenberg
Ms. Darlene Gary
Ms. Julie A. Fox and Mr. Steve Gates
Ms. Susan D. Geers
Mr. Tom Gehrt and Dr. Victoria C. Gehrt
Ms. Janis Geller and Dr. Janis Davidson, Ph.D.
Ms. Maryn Gemgnani and Mr. Brad Ruppel
Mr. Andrew Gerardi
Ms. Jane Gerb
Ms. Lucille Gerber and Mr. James R. Brown
Dr. Douglas D. Gerdts
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gessl
Mr. and Mrs. Viveksheel Ghai
Ms. Dina Ghen
Mr. Steve Giacomucci
Mr. Amedeo Giambuzzi and Ms. Brenda H. Giambuzzi
Ms. Pamela Giannini
Mr. Robert Giannone
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gianopulos
Mr. Jin Giasullo
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Giese
Mrs. Lisa A. Giletto
Mr. John Gill
Ms. Caroline Gillespie
Mrs. Edward H. P. Gilman
Mr. Geoffrey Gilmore
Ms. Susan Gilmore
Ms. Edith G. Gimm
Mr. and Mrs. Brant Gindilis Cosaboom
Mr. Stanley D. Ginsburg
Ms. Katherine S.Giordano and Dr. Heath D. Schmidt
Ms. Phyllis S. Gitlin
Ms. Sue E. Glandorf and Mr. Charles Glandorf
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Glassman
Mrs. Suzanne Glatz
Mr. Richard Glazer and Mrs. Wendy Glazer
Mr. Robert Gleason
Mr. Floyd A. Glenn III and Ms. Cynthia M. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Glenn
Ms. Diane B. Glossman
Linda G. Gochfeld, MD
Ms. Marta Godoy
Mr. Edward Goehringer
Collen A. Goggins
Ms. Tamara Gohean
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goldberg
Mr. James E. Goldberger
Mrs. Ann W. Golden
Ms. Eugenia Golden
Ms. Julie Golderer
Ms. Margaret F. Goldfarb
Mrs. Florence Goldfine
Judi Golding-Baker
Ms. Carol Goldman
Ms. Mary L. Goldman
Mr. David A. Goldstein
Ms. Gail Goldstein
Joan and William Goldstein
Mr. Neil Goldstein and Ms. Jean Wallace
Dr. Anita C. Lee and Dr. Ross A. Gombiner
Ms. Elisa Gonzalez
Mr. Manuel Gonzalez, Jr.
Ms. Beverly Goodfriend and Mr. Joseph Bakovsky
Ms. Juliet J. Goodfriend and Mr. Marc Moreau
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Gooding
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Goodley
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Goodman
Mr. Frank Goodman and Mrs. Joan F. Goodman
Dr. Grace Goracci
Mr. John S. Goryl III
Ms. Susan S. Gould
Dr. Brian MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Goyda
Ms. Katherine Grace
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Graham, Jr.
Miss Gail A. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Graham
Ms. Victoria Graham and Mr. Victor Graham
Mrs. Louise G. Gray and Mr. M. Gray
Mr. William J. Green
Dr. Kathleen Greenacre Goodman
Martyn and Grete Greenacre
Dr. Doris Greenblatt and Mr. Dana B. Greenblatt
Ms. Jessica Greenfield
Dr. Phyllis Greenwald
Mrs. Elizabeth K. Grenald
Mr. Peter Grimes
Ms. Sabina Grimmelbein and Mr. Louis Grimmelbein
Ms. Barbara A. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Gross
Mr. Mitchell Gross and Mrs. Christine Debouck
Mr. Monte Grossman
Dr. Robert A. Grossman, M.D.
Mr. Robert Grover and Ms. Jennifer Grover
Ms. Grunde-McLaughlin and Mr. Edward McLaughlin
Ms. Roseanne Gryniewich
Ann and Rod Gualtieri
Mrs. Catherine E. Guard
Ms. Luisa Guena
Mr. and Mrs. David Guendelsberger
Mr. John J. Guerin and Ms. Kathy Guerin
Mr. Tito Guerrero
Mr. Richard Guffanti and Dr. Theresa Tsai
Mr. Manish Gugnani
Mr. N. R. Guilbert
Ms. Carina Guillot
Ms. Susan Guiragos
Ms. Judith L. Guise
Ms. Jean Gupta
Mrs. Eleanor Gural
Mr. Rob Gushurst and Mrs. Marian Gushurst
Ms. Tanja Gustafson
Mr. Steven M. Guthrie
Mr. John A. Gutman and Ms. Elizabeth A. Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim G. Guttman
Dr. Stephen Guy and Mrs. Ruth Frank
Mr. Thomas Guy and Ms. Heidi Daly-Guy
Ms. Jacqueline H. Guynn
Ms. Blanche Guzzardi
Ms. Martha Gyllenhaal
Mr. Mark Haas
Dr. Reem Habboushe
Ms. Kristi Habedanck
Mr. Walter Haenn and Ms. Theresa Haenn
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Hagey
Bill and Debbie Haggett
Ms. Deborah Haines
Mr. Bret Hain-Tobias and Mrs. Collette Hain-Tobias
Ms. Colleen T. Haley
Ms. Carol Halfin
Dr. Gretchen R. Hall
Ms. Teri Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hallett
Ms. Marion Halliday
Harry and Kay Halloran
Mr. Eric Halpern
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Halverson
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Louis I. Hamilton
Mr. Nathaniel P. Hamilton, Jr.
Ms. April Hampton
Ms. Entela Hana
Mr. Michael Hanna
Miss Nancy Hanslowe
Mr. Brian Hanson
Mr. Michael P. Hanson and Mrs. Julia L. Hanson
Navjot S. and Reena Hanspal
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Happ
Mrs. Mary E. Hardesty
Mr. Jerre W. Hardin and Ms. Ruth K. Hardin
Mr. Karl Hardman and Ms. Judy Katz
Anand Ekambaram and Lakshmi Hariharam
Mr. John G. Harkins, Jr.
Dr. John A. Harman and Mrs. Virgina Harman
Mr. Ronald L. Harmon and Ms. Elizabeth Harmon
Mrs. Carol Harris
Mr. Ian Harris and Mrs. Caryn Harris
Ms. Susan Harris
Ms. Virginia Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hart, Jr.
Mr. David P. Hartsfield
Mrs. Marilyn Hartt
Mrs. Marion K. Harvey
Dr. Edith D. Hasbrouck and Mr. William Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hashemi
Ms. Ellen Hass
Ms. Sandra Hassett
Ms. Vilma Hasson
Mr. Stephen M. Hastie
Ms. Karen Hatcher
Mr. Jon Hauserman
Mr. Karl Hausker and Ms. Kathleen McGinty
Mr. Peter Hausmann and Mrs. Alice E. Hausmann
Bob Haver
Mr. Alan J. Hay
Dr. Kyoko Hayakawa
Mr. Charles H. Hayes
Mike & Sophie Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hayes
Ms. Karen M. Hayman and Ms. Julie Hayman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Hazen
Mrs. Victoria A. Hearn
Ms. Karen L. Heart
Mr. James Heavens
Ms. Mary Hediger
Ms. Deborah D. Heffernan
Ms. Elizabeth Heim
Mr. William Heiman
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Heimann
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Heimbach
Mr. Jeffrey S. Heinel
Ms. Jacqueline B. Hemphill
Ms. Jean L. Hennessy
Mr. Robert J. Henry
Miss Susan Henry
Ms. Margaret Henry-Parker
Mr. William Heran
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Herbert
Mrs. Maria C. Hering
Dr. Algund Hermann and Dr. Julio Kuperman
Dr. Richard J. Herring
Ms. Rhoda K. Herrold
Mrs. Alice C. Hershberger
Mr. Adolf Herst and Mrs. Patricia U. Herst
Mr. Bruce Herzog
Ms. Cornelia Hester-Williams
Ms. Mary E. Hewlett
Ms. Sheila K. Hickey
Ms. Sherrley A. Hickman
Mr. Harry R. Hicks
Mrs. Cynthia L. Hickson
Ms. Elizabeth Higginbotham
Mrs. Gayle N. Higgins
Suzie and Crawford Hill
Mr. James H. Hill Jr. and Ms. Pamela M. Hill
Ms. Jo Ann H. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Hillas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hillenbrand
Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Hillyer
Dr. and Mrs. Colin G. Hingley
Mr. Aaron Hinken
Mr. and Mrs. Barry K. Hinkle
Mr. Charles Hinton
Ms. Julie Hinton
Mr. Kevan F. Hirsch
Ms. Dana Hirschenbaum
Ms. Barbra Hjorth
Elizabeth Hoagey
Mr. Alan M. Hoberman
Mr. Robert Hoch
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hodess
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Hodges
Ms. Kathryn A. Hodgkiss
Jan and Marja Hoek
Ms. Carol Hoffecker
Ms. Barbara Hoffman
Ms. Cindy J. Hoffman and Dr. Martin Bergman
Mrs. Gail Hoffman
Ms. Jo L. Hoffman-Ferenchak
Mr. Thomas Hofmann and Ms. Mary C. Capizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Hayward J. Holbert
Ms. Barbara J. Holland
Ms. Michelle T. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Holland
Ms. Demer Holleran
Mr. Irving Hollingshead and Mrs. Jennifer P. Hollingshead
Ms. Patricia Holloman
Mr. David A. Holman
Ms. Penny Holman
Ms. Christine Holmes
Mrs. Mary Beth Kineke and Mr. Carleton A. Holstrom
Drs. David and Patricia Holtz
Ms. Kathleen Holz and Mr. Donald Silverson
Ms. Linda Holzer
Mr. Dale Hoover
Dr. Mary Horchos
Mr. Walter L. Horigan
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Horn
Ms. Elizabeth T. Hornberger
Mr. Avram Hornik and Mrs. Karl Damora
Margot and Ellis Horwitz
Mr. Stuart Hosansky and Ms. Caren Hosansky
Ms. Sonia Hou
Ms. Michele Houlday
Ms. Gail L. Houlihan
Mr. Alfred B. House
Ms. Annette E. House
Ms. Janice Howard
Ms. Loretta Howard
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Howe
Mrs. Lisa Howe and Mr. Todd Howe
Mrs. Christine Hoyler and Mr. Robert Jackson
Mr. Jonathan Hoza
Ms. Danuta Hrebien and Mr. Leon Hrebien
Mr. Robert T. Hsu and Ms. Bonnie Chang
Jian Hu
Mr. Bradley L. Hubbell
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Huerkens
Mr. Lee Huff
Melvin E. Huffman
Ms. Claudia N. Hughes
Ms. Ellen Hughes
Ms. Mary P. Hugues
Mr. Lamar Hume
Mrs. Anne Humes
Ms. Lynda Hubbell and Mr. Paul Hummer
Ms. Joann Humphrey
Ms. Constance Hungerford and Mr. H. Oberdiek
Mr. John F. Hunt, Esq. and Ms. Penny M. Hunt
Mrs. Bettie Hunt-Aycox
Mr. Robert Hunter
Mr. Stephen N. Huntington and Mrs. Susan M. Huntington
Clara Cole Huntzinger
Ms. Patricia G. Hurd
Mr. Burton Hurff
Mr. Robert Hurka and Mrs. Roberta Hurka
Ms. Barbara B. Hurley
Mary and Howard Hurtig
Dr. Gail Husch and Mr. Michael Cabana
Dr. Evan E. Husted
Mr. Charlean Hutchison and Ms. Charlene Hutchison
Ms. Grace H. Hutton
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hyer
Mr. and Mrs. Randall N. Hyer
Ms. Rosalie Hypolite
Ms. Susanne H. Iannece
Ms. Nan L. Ides
James Imbriaco and Arleen Buchanan
Mr. Ermanno Incollingo
Ms. Lisa Iosca
Mrs. Patricia B. Ireton
Ms. Dorothy Irrgang
Ellen Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. Nissen Isakov
Ms. Marsha Isard and Mr. Michael Isard
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Ivey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ivey
Ms. Nancy I. Jackson
Mrs. Carol Jacobson and Mr. Carl Jacobson
Ms. Susan Jacobson and Dr. Michael Golden
Dr. Lane J. Jaeckle Santos and Mr. Miguel Santos
Mr. and Mrs. Anand Jagota
Mr. Amumia Jamaal
Ms. Cathy L. James
Mrs. Nannie M. James
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jansen
Ms. Paula S. Janssen
Mr. Louis E. Jeffries
Perry Jenkins
Ms. Barbara L. Jennings and Mr. Kirk E. Jennings
Mr. David E. Jennings
Robert Bryan and Julie Jensen Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Jerome
Jan Jessup
Ms. Bettina L. Jevtitch and Mr. Milan Jevtitch
Mr. Alan T. Jewett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Jex
Bin Jiang
Ms. Christina N. Johnson Leeson
Ms. Alesia Johnson
Ms. Andrea Johnson
Ms. Carrie S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Johnson III
David and Bonnie Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Johnson
Ms. Hilary C. Johnson
Mr. John Johnson
Craig and Meg Johnson
Ms. Jen Johnson-Rockhill and Ms. Charlann L. Johnson-Rockhill
Mrs. Constance L. Jones
Elise F. Jones
Mr. Graham K. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. John L. W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Jones
Ms. Maureen Jones
Mr. Samuel B. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Marlene Jordan
Marilyn and Uli Jorns
Mr. William T. Josem and Ms. Nancy Adler
Ms. Alaknanda Joshi
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Judd
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Judge
Mr. Carl R. June, Jr. and Ms. Lorraine June
Mr. Paul J. Junker
Mr. Steve Kacenjar and Ms. Loretta Kacenjar
Mrs. Joan Kaess
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn, Jr.
Robert and Sharon Kahn
Mr. John R. Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kaluzny
Mr. and Mrs. Balagopal Kalyatpanoli
Robert F. and Francisca V. Kan
Mrs. Brianne Kanach
Ms. Patricia A. Kanady
Ms. Amany N. Kandil
Ms. Megan Kane
Barbara and Jerry Kaplan
Mr. Robert Kaplan
Dr. Shivakumar G. Kapsi and Mrs. Nagalakshmi S. Kapsi
Mr. Donald Kardon and Ms. Dorothy Kardon
Ms. Marion Karschner
Mr. Stanley N. Katz
Mrs. Sivia K. Katz-Braunstein
Mr. Ralph Kaufman and Ms. Deborah C. Berlin
Dr. Robert L. Kaufman and Dr. Lauren J. Krivo
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kawecki
Mr. and Mrs. L. William Kay II
Ms. Paula S. Kay
Mr. Daniel Kayser
Ms. Diana P. Keat and Mr. Edward Glickman
Ms. Michelle L. Keates
Mr. William Keating
Mr. Michael Keba
Ms. Kristin L. Keeney
Mr. William S. Keilbaugh and Ms. Miriam Hall
Mr. Ed Kelley and Mrs. Diane Kelley
Ms. Charlene D. Kellum-Jackson
Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Barbara Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kelly
Mr. Michael Kelly
Mrs. Sharon J. Kelly
Ms. Sheila A. Kelly
Mr. Jay F. Kelso
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kemmerer
Ms. Caroline Mackenzie Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kennedy
Mr. Matthew J. Kennedy
Dr. Michael A. Kennedy
Ms. Pauline A. Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kenning
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kerlin
Mr. Ehud Israel and Mrs. Vivian K. Israel
Ms. Janet Kestenberg Amighi
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Ketterman
Denise and Robert Keyser
Ms. Ellen K. Kick and Mr. Seung Kwak
Mr. Ian B. Kiesel
Mr. Donald J. Kieser and Mrs. Jane Kieser
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar and Eleanor Kilgore
Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Kilkenny
Ms. Sandra Kim and Mr. Dennis A. Darin
Mr. Young S. Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Kind-Rubin
Mr. Lyle E. King and Mrs. Ursula Kaiser-King
Ms. Mary B. King
Michael A. King and Joan K. King
Ms. Carolyn King-Thomas
Ms. Adrienne M. Kinney and Mr. Raymond Hoffeld
Mrs. Elvira C. Kipp
Ms. Kirsten Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood Kirk
Mr. Michael P. Kirkhoff
Mr. Donald L. Kirkpatrick
Mr. Robert Kirkwood
Mr. Leonard Kirwin
Ms. Jeanne Kita
Edith Klausner
Ms. June Kleban
Justin and Mary Klein
Ms. Kathryn B. Klein and Mr. Gerald Klein
Ms. Melissa Klein and Ms. Neysa Nevins
Ms. Sylvia Klett
Dr. Lorraine H. Kligman
Mr. Howard W. Klipfel
Ms. Sarah Kloss and Mr. Hari Palaiyanur
Mr. Brett M. Klukan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Knight
Ms. Julane H. Knobil
Ms. Stephanie A. Knopp and Mr. Stephen Wilcox
Martha and Leo Kob
Mr. Fred Koch
Ms. Rececca L. Koch
Mr. John Koegler
Ms. Christine Koenig
Mrs. Georgia Koenig and Mr. Richard Koenig
Mr. John Kohke
Dr. James D. Kolker
Mrs. Judith Koltun
Ms. Pei Ann Kong
Mr. Ernest Korchak and Mrs. Helen Marie Korchak
Ms. Kim J. Overby and Mr. Gary Koretzky
Ms. Evelyn Korman
Mr. and Mrs. Seth J. Koss
Ms. Pricilla Koutsouradis
Ms. Judith J. Kraft
Mr. Alfred V. Kramer and Mrs. Sandra S. Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kramer
Ms. Joy Krause and Ms. Megan J. Krause
Mr. Kurt J. Krauss
Steven and Cheryl Krementz
Ms. Deborah A. Krepcio and Dr. Paul V. Cherington
Dr. Jacob Kriger and Ms. Linda S. Kriger
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Krosky
Mrs. Fran E. Krumbiegel
Mark A. and Diana Kudes
Ms. Teresa H. Kuehlwein
Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Kuhn
Mr. Robert Kuhn and Ms. Marcy Zeichner
Mr. Louis R. Kulp and Ms. Kathleen Kulp
Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Kundel
Dr. Hank F. Kung
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kunkle
Mr. Leo Kuperschmid and Mrs. Lois Kuperschmid
Ms. Nancy Kupferschmidt
Barbara and Al Kurtz
Mr. John Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kurtz
Mr. Harry Kushner
Ms. Lilia T. Labik
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lacavera
Ms. Ruth Ladd
Ms. Catherine Lafarge
Mr. and Mrs. John Lafferty
Dr. Chunwei Lai
Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Lakoff
Mr. H. Taylor Lamborn and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Lamborn
Gibbs and Jane LaMotte
Sharon and Clive Landa
Ms. Melissa Landsmann
Mr. Billie Joe Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lang
Mr. Scott Langstein
Joan Lapayowker
Ms. Anna Lee Lapinski
Ms. Geri A. LaPlaca
Ms. Margarete Larese-Ortiz
Dr. and Mrs. Walter F. Larkin
Ms. Suzanne K. Laskowski
Gabe Lau
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lau
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Laufenberg
D. A. Laume
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lawes
Ms. Mary B. Lawnicki
Ms. Bette Ann D. Lawrence
Ms. Joyce A. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawrence
Ms. Beatrice Lawson
Ms. Virginia A. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lawver
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Layman
Jan Lazrow
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lea
Dr. Susan G. Lea
Mr. Patrick E. Leader
Mr. John V. Learson and Mrs. Lynn D. Learson
Ms. Maureen Leary
Ms. Sarah Leclair
Miss Megan A. Lecluyse
Gabriele W. Lee
Dr. Jason B. Lee and Dr. Susanne N. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Lee
Mr. Stephen Lee
Ms. Virginia Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Leeper
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Lefevre
Mr. Gary Lefler
Ms. Judith Leigh
Dr. And Mrs. Robert J. Leipold
Ms. Sheila Leith
Mr. James M. Lemisch
Ms. Carol D. Lenker
Leseh Lentner
Margaret Leonard
Bea and Norman Leopold
Ms. Ellen B. Lepine
Ms. Janice M. Lescas
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Lessner
Mr. John Letai
Mr. Peter H. LeVan, Jr.
Mr. Gary M. Levin and Ms. Carol S. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Levin
Mr. Stuart Levy
Mr. J. Rudy Lewis and Ms. Elie-Anne Chevrier-Lewis
Mr. John Lewis
Ms. Marilyn Lewis
Dr. Michael J. Lewis
Claudette and Jim Leyden
Ms. Lillian M. Li
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick L. Liburd
Craig Lichtman, MD, MBA
Mr. Ziskind R. Lieb
Dr. Erik Lier and Mrs. Gwen Lier
Mr. Vladimir Liflyandchick
Ms. Jean B. Lifter
Mr. Jonathan R. Liggett and Mrs. Sharna Liggett
Nancy Light
Mr. Peter R. Lighte
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lighty
Dr. and Mrs. John Lignelli, II
Mr. Nelson Lim
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Limbach
Mr. Stephen Lindenhein
Ms. Jean Ann Linney
Ms. Rebecca Lipner
Walter H. Lippincott
Mr. Howard Lipschutz
Ms. Amy F. Lipton
Ms. Holly Lissner and Mr. Rich Angiullo
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Littauer
Ms. Louise Little
Mr. Mark Litwack
Dr. Samuel Litwin and Ms. Perry Watts
Mr. Jeff Litz
Ms. Lindsay Lloyd
Mr. Victor Lobanov
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Lobb
Mr. Michael Lockey
Ms. Carol R. Lockman
Ms. Marylou Loesch
Dr. Scott J. Loev
Ms. Joan Lofgren
Ms. Lynneth Lohse
Linda G. London
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Loney
Mr. David A. Long and Mrs. Patricia A. Long
Mr. Norman Long and Ms. Luc Long
Mr. William B. Long and Dr. Sarah S. Long
Ms. Jean Longmire
Mr. Eugene J. Lorandeau and Mr. Glenn Lorandeau
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Loser
Mr. Paul M. Lott and Mrs. Amanda Lott
Mr. Robert Loughran
Ms. Andrea Love
Mr. David N. Low
Ms. Jane Lowe and Mr. Edward Speedling
Dr. Joseph E. Loyd
Amy F. and Joseph Luccaro
Ms. Elizabeth Ludwigson
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Luginbuhl
Ms. Carol Ann Lukas
Mr. and Mrs. Chandler B. Luke
Mr. Michael Lusk and Dr. Louellen Lusk
Mr. George Luskus and Ms. Marsha J. Blake
Ms. Debra Lutz
Mr. Francis Lutz and Ms. Margie Lutz
Mrs. Rebecca Lyczak
Ms. Joan Lynaugh
Mr. Thomas J. Lynch
Mr. Thomas J. Lynch
Mrs. Diane Macadam and Mr. Doug Macadam
Mr. Robert MacBain
Ms. Janet MacCrindle
Mr. Thomas MacDonald
Ms. Mary MacElree
Mr. and Mrs. James MacFadyen
Ms. Dawn L. Madjar
Mr. Stephen Madjar and Ms. Meredith Haab
Mr. Anthony Madrigale
Ms. Angela Magee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Magee
Mr. Michael A. Magent and Ms. Yesim Erke-Magent
Ms. Kristine M. Maglietta
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Maguire
Ms. Sara Jane Mahan
Mrs. Valerie Mahgoul and Mr. Rachid Mahgoul
Dr. and Mrs. Mario L. Maiese
Ms. Hilary D. Mainka
Mr. Gene Malady
Ms. Rebecca J Malick
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Malkames
Mr. Robert Mallard
P. Malloy
Dr. Kathryn R. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Manchester, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Mancini
Ms. Theresa Mancuso
Mr. and Mrs. David Mandelbaum
Ms. Linda Mandolos
Margaret P. Manlove
Dr. Catherine S. Manno and Dr. Bruno Manno
Mr. David C. Marchetti and Ms. Lisa Stockebrand
Mr. Stephen Marino
Ms. Elaine T. Markezin
Ms. Joan Markoe
Mr. James E. Marks
Mrs. Susan Maron
Hon. Jane Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Marple
Mr. John M. Marsden
Ms. Linda D. Marshall
Mr. Aaron J. Martin
Mrs. Janet M. Martin
Mr. Ralph Martin
Ms. Celeste Martinez
Mr. Paul G. Marton and Mrs. Vickie A. Marton
Michael Masch and Rachel Falkove
Ms. Cindy Masiejczyk
Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin
Ms. Deborah Mass
Mr. Barry Massone
Ms. Andrea Mastro and Mr. Ari Mastro
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Matarese
Ms. Mary B. Mathias
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Matlock
Ms. Anna Matsukevich and Mr. Jeremy R. Johnson
Ms. Beverly Matthews
Mr. Mannie Mavros
Dr. Lynne G. Maxwell
The May Family Foundation
Mrs. Virginia S. Mayforth
Gene and Carol Mayhew
Jeffrey and Sandra Mazer
Mr. Richard Mazzei
Ms. Kathy McBride
Mrs. Francesca A. McBride-Carter
Ms. Lucinda McBurnette
Ms. Patricia McCabe
Ms. Christine McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Brook McCann
Mr. Daniel McCann
Ms. Cindy McCarthy
Mr. Joseph G. McCarthy
Ms. Kathleen B. McCarthy
Mr. Patrick H. McClain
Ms. Linda McClelland
Mr. George M. McCloskey
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. McClure
Ms. Jill P. McConnel
Mona McCormick
Ms. Wendy McCoy
Mr. Thomas F. McCrea
Ms. Diane McCurdy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. McCutchen
Mr. John S. McDaniel III and Mrs. Regina A. Iorii
Mrs. Denise M. McDaniel-Henderson
Mr. Joseph McDonald
Dr. McEwen-Fial
Ms. Donna McFadden and Mr. David C. McFadden
Mrs. Marie T. McFeeley
Ms. Linda L. McGaha
Mrs. Sandra M. McGee
Mr. Robert McGeehan
Mr. Patrick McGhee
Mrs. Pam McGillian and Mr. John McGillian
Mr. Joseph P. McGinley and Ms. Margot McGinley
Mr. and Mrs. E. Kevin McGlynn
Shawn McGlynn
Dr. Heather A. McGovern
Mr. Robert McGovern
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGrath
Ms. Lorraine McGroarty
Mrs. Kim E. McGuire
Mrs. Patricia C. McGuire
Anne McHugh and Christine McHugh
Mr. Thomas McKee
Mr. George P. McKeon
Mr. Ted McKnight
Ms. Maryellen McLarnon
Margaret McLaughlin and Donald Bakove
Hoa and Philip McLean
Ms. Susan A. McLeish
Mr. John McLeod
Kathy McMaster
Ms. Joanne McMenamy
Ms. Sarah McMillian-Moore
Ms. Maureen McMillin
Mr. and Mrs. John McMurtrie
Ms. Sandra McNair and Mr. Barry McHale
Ms. Robin McNamara and Mr. Timothy Eggleston
Ms. Judith McNamee
Ms. Ruth McNeal
Dr. John McNichol and Ms. Lisa McNichol
Ms. Lydia F. McVay
Mr. Charles Meacham and Mrs. Cynthia B. Meacham
Mr. Thomas A. Meade
Mr. Jeffrey A. Meadows
Mr. Frank J. Mechura and Mrs. Susan Mechura
Mr. Jeff Meckler and Mr. Jeffrey Meckler
Ms. Evelyn M. Medoff
Mr. John J. Medveckis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Meissner
Mr. Richard M. Melsheimer
Mr. Dale W. Melton
Ms. Cindy Mendelson
Mr. Vincent Menicci and Ms. Nadeen McShane
Mr. Russ Menk
Ms. Joan H. Menocal
Mr. Michael Mentzel and Ms. Maria Mentzel
Dr. Eileen L. Mera
Ms. Cathi Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mercier
Ms. Patricia A. Merman
Mr. Stephen Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Meserve, Jr.
Mr. William Mestichelli and Ms. Karen Mestichelli
Mr. Charles W. Meyer
Timothy I. Michel and Karen A. Michel
Ms. Cubie Miles
Ms. Arlene T. Miller
Ms. Carolyn E. Miller
Mr. Charles Miller
Ms. Cheryl L. Miller
Dr. David L. Miller and Dr. Vandana A. Miller
Ms. Diane Miller
Mrs. Elise C. Miller
Mr. George Miller
Ms. Karen L. Miller
Ms. Kathy Miller
Mr. Keith L. Miller
Mrs. Louise H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller, Jr.
Mr. Michael D. Miller
Ms. Nancy L. Miller
Mr. Wayne Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mills
Mr. Robert Mills and Ms. Martha Kelly
Ms. Christine Milone
Ms. Lorraine Mineo
Daniel Mines, M.D. and Liza Somers, M.D.
Sara and Jay Minkoff
Mrs. Linda Mittman-Fishman
Mr. Stephen Mobley
Mr. Allen Model and Dr. Roberta Gausas
Ms. Katherine Moffitt
Ms. Michele Y. Molano
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Monigan
Ms. Teresa C. Montes
Mr. David D. Mooberry
Ms. Martha L. Moore
Mr. Rodman Moorhead III
John P. Moran
Ms. Leslie Morneweck
Mrs. Diana Moro
Ms. Jackie Morrill and Mr. Michael Donahue
Ms. Fran Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Morris
Ms. Lindsey A. Morrison and Mr. Josh Kerne
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Morroney
Ms. Jane Morton Galetto
Mrs. Helen Moskovitz and Mr. Gary Moskovitz
Mr. Dwight Mosley and Ms. Jacquelyn P. Mosley
Ms. Eleanor Mosley
Katie and Hugh Moulton
Mr. H. Movaghar
Ms. Pamela R. Moyer
Mr. Vernon Muhlbaier
Terry Mulholland Bob Michaels
Ms. Mary J. Mullany
Ms. Angela A. Mullen and Ms. Lisa Yanak
Francis T. and Mary Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Mundhenk
Ms. Wendy N. Munyon
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Murray
Ms. Maryanne Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Murtha
Mr. Shankar N. Muthuswami and Mrs. Geetha Muthuswami
Ms. Bonnie Mycek
Ms. Amy N. Myers
Mr. John Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Myers
Ms. Susan Myler
Mrs. Kathleen Nace
Ms. Shari-Beth Nadell
Ms. Vasantha Nagarajan
Peter & Eleanor Nalle
Dr. Young S. Nam
Mr. Shabbir Naqvi
Ms. Celeste Nasuti and Mr. James Nasuti
S.L. and R.S. Natalini
Mr. Daniel Natkiel
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Naugler
Mrs. Melissa Nedza
Dr. Dolores Needleman
Mr. Manny J. Neff
Rosalind Neff
Ms. Carolyn A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson
Mr. Delmar Nelson
Ms. Judith C. Nelson and Mr. Earl Nelson
Ms. Deborah A. Nemecek
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Nemeth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Neri
Ms. Sara Nerken
Mr. Robert Newman
Mr. and Mrs. David Newmann
Mr. Jim Newsham
Mrs. Iris Newsom
Ms. Ann Nicholas
Ms. Maria R. Nicolo
Ms. Dorothy Niemczuk
Ms. Beverly Niestroy
Mr. and Mrs. James Niles
Mr. and Mrs. David Noble
Mr. George H. Nofer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Nolan
Deborah and Phillip Nord
Ms. Joann Nordstrom
Mr. Maurice Norman
Stephen Norman and Debbie Whitby-Norman
Ms. Dee Norris
Mr. George K. North, Jr.
Ms. Glenavie Norton
Mr. Thomas Norton
Robin Novelli
Ms. Laura S. Nystrom
Mr. Stephen R. Oates and Ms. Leigh Oates
Ms. Carol A. Oatis
Mr. Jay Ochroch
Mr. Brian O’Conner
Mr. James H. O’Connor
Ms. Kathryn O’Connor
Mr. Hugh D. O’Donnell
Ms. Patricia Oelrich
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Oetinger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Ogle
Dr. Kunle Ogunde
Ms. Nidia Ogunleye
Mr. Austin Okie
Mrs. Julia M. Olafson
Ms. Barbara Oldenhoff
Mrs. Gertrude S. O’Leary
Ms. Brenda J. Oliphant
Ms. Louise Ollweiler
Mr. Seamus Oloan
Mrs. Nancy Olson
Mr. Robert P. Olson
Ms. Elizabeth Omand
Ms. Barbara Oncay
Miss Karen O’Neill
The Anna and Isadore Oritsky Philanthropic Fund
Mrs. Patricia A. Osbahr
Mr. Robert J. Osborn
Mrs. Mary Jane Osmick
Ms. Jennifer Ostrow and Mr. Alan Ostrow
Ms. Marie O’Toole
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. O’Toole
Mr. Scott Otterbein
Dr. Elisabeth Otvos-Papp
Mr. Robert Ousterhout
Mr. George R. Overhiser, Jr. and Ms. Sharyl Overhiser
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overmiller
Ms. Gillian J. Owen
Ms. Judith Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Stan P. Owocki
Ms. Elaine Gelb and Mr. Marc Pachtman
Mr. Guy Padbury
Ms. Camille Paglia and Mr. Vernon Francis
Rev. Dr. Josephjohn D. Palma, Sr.
Ms. Roxanne Palmer-Pettiford
Monika and Tim Panger
Ms. Linda Panzarella
Ms. Outi A. Papamarcos and Mr. Andrew Papamarcos
Mr. Travis R. Parchman and Ms. Kimberly Tynan
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Parilis
Mrs. Vernita Paris
Ms. Beverly Parker
Ms. Cheryl Parker
Mrs. John Parker
Ms. Patricia Parker
Dr. Janet A. Parker-Popky and Dr. George L. Popky
Ms. Catherine Parks Loevner and Mr. David R. Loevner
Mr. Rajan Parmeswar
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parton
Ms. Rebecca Pasdon
Mr. Raman Patel
Mr. and Mrs. David Patten
Ms. Debra A. Patton
Mr. Clyde Payn
Mr. H. Scott Payne
Ms. Mary Ellen Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Paynter
Ms. Barbara F. Peabody
Mr. Joseph Pearce
Ms. Valerie D. Pearce
Mr. Matthew A. Pearson and Ms. Kara Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Peck
Ms. Rita Pecora and Mr. Andrew Pecora
Mrs. Jean A. Peebles
Ira and Bridget Peezick
Mr. Edward Peifer
Mr. Kim Pelle and Ms. Colleen Bracken
Ms. Beverly L. Penn
Mr. Richard K. Penn and Mrs. Victoria Penn
Ms. Selina Penn
Ms. and Mrs. Eshowe Pennink
Miss I. E. Peoples
Mr. Mark Pepper
Felice and Dan Perlmutter
Ms. Ruth Perlmutter
Mr. David Perme and Ms. Leslie Winters
Walter and Mary-Elaine Perry
Craig and Page Peters
Ms. Silvana Petrecca
Ms. Arlene Pettersen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eliot Petty
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Petusky
Mr. Matthew Pey
Anne M. Pfaelzer de Ortiz
Ms. Janet B. Pfaff
Dr. and Mrs. William Pfeffer
Ms. Cheri Pfeiffer
Mr. Norman Pfeiffer and Mrs. Michelle Pfeiffer
Ms. Bette Phelps
The Rev. Nicholas B. Phelps
Bob and Dorothy Philipson
Mrs. Christina M. Phillips and Mr. Brian Phillips
Mrs. Ellen Phillips
Ms. Ellyn C. Phillips
Mr. Isaiah W. Phillips
Mr. Martin Phillips and Ms. Anmiryam Budner
Ms. Patricia Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Phillips
Ms. Jeanette Phinizee
Mr. and Mrs. George Pickering
Dr. Samuel Pierce and Ms. Susan Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Pierson
Mr. Giuliano Pignataro
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pileggi
Dr. Ashok Pilly
Ms. Alyson Pinard
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Piner
Ms. Karen Pinsky and Dr. Sam Romirowsky
Mr. Barry Pisetzner
Mr. Duncan B. Pitcairn and Mrs. Martha N. Pitcairn
Mr. George Pitcher
Ms. Marie T. Pitcherella and Mr. Jon Pitcherella
Mr. Michael Platoff
Ms. Josephine Plonski
Jaime Pludo
Mr. Melvin Plummer
Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Pochan
Craig Poff
Mrs. Irina Pogrebivsky and Mr. Steven Pogrebivsky
Ms. Susan Pohanka and Mr. David Schantz
Dr. Michael E. Pollack
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Pomerantz
Ms. Mihaela Popa McKiver
Dr. Norman Poppel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Portner
Ms. Sandra Portnoy
Ms. Cathie Posey-Goulding
Ms. Sara Poston
Mrs. Carrie Pratt and Mr. Bear Pratt
Mr. Allen A. Prebus
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Prentis
Ms. Valerie A. Pressley
Mr. Alan S. Preston
Ms. Jane L. Price
Ms. Caroline Priest
Mr. William Probsting
Mr. Patrick J. Profit
Ms. Lorraine Protheroe
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Puffer
Ms. Rita Puls
Ms. Gwendolyn F. Punchard
Mr. Edward Putnam
Ms. Kathleen Putnam
Ms. Aneira Puttaswamy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pyle
Xueling Qu
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer J. Qualls
Dr. Renee L. Quarterman
Mr. Kelly Queisser
Mr. Micah Quick
Mr. Leo Quigley
Mr. Paul M. Quinones and Ms. Lainey Johr
Mr. Stephen Raab
Mr. Ariel Rabinovic and Mrs. Lauren Rabinovic
Ms. Ellen Radow and Mr. Marwan Sadat
Ms. Donna Radzik
Mrs. Gay P. Rainville and Mr. Mark Rainville
Mr. Srinivas M. Raju
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Raker
Ms. Susan Rakestraw
Mr. Bruce B. Rambo and Mrs. Patricia Rambo
Ms. Elizabeth Ramirez-Sanfeliz
Mr. Joseph L. Ramsay
Ms. Claudia M. Ramspacher
Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall
Mr. David S. Randolph and Mrs. Joyce M. Randolph
Mr. Paul Rardin
Ms. Carolyn T. Raskin
Ms. Carole F. Rasmussen
Ms. Gracia Ratliff
David and Susan Rattner
Mrs. Karen Raudenbush
Mrs. Deborah Rauscher
Mr. Stephen Rauscher and Mrs. Nancy Rauscher
Susan D. Ravenscroft
Ms. Johanna Ray
Carolyn Raymond
Dr. Paul J. Read
Mr. Fred Recchiuti
Louise and Alan Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Reed
Mr. David L. Reeves
Mr. Lawrence M. Reich
Ms. Ann Reichelderfer and Mr. Douglas Blair
Miss Lydia Reichner
Ms. Alison Reichstein
Michael Louis Reid
Ms. Gail Reifenberg
Ms. Frances Reiner
Mr. Charles F. Reinhardt and Ms. Linda Reinhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rendfrey
Mrs. Karina Reuter and Mr. David Reuter
Ms. Kendal Reynolds
Mr. William E. Reynolds & Mrs. Rosemarie Reynolds
Ms. Gail Ribalta
Ms. Juanita B. Rice
Ms. Kathleen P. Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Nicole Rich
Ms. Milagro Richardson Browne
Ms. Elaine Richert
Mr. Steven Richmond and Mrs. Beth Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ridout
Mr. Ross Rieder and Ms. Vicki Gershon
Mr. Edward J. Riehl
Mr. L. Gerald Rigby
Ms. Jennifer P. Riggs
Ms. Elizabeth P. Rigo
Ms. Sharon Riser
Ms. Lois Riskin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Rittenhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rivello
Ms. Kathleen Rivin
Elizabeth and Brian Rizor
Ms. France N. Roach
Mrs. Phoebe C. Robb
Mr. Stephen Robb
Mr. Theodore Robb
Mrs. Kathryn B. Robbins
Mr. D. Robert
Ms. Elizabeth Roberto
Mr. Robert Roberts
Ms. Diane C. Robertson
Mr. Donald Robertson
Ms. Claire Rocco
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rodes
Ms. Debbie Rodgers
Mr. Franklyn L. Rodgers and Mrs. Cintra Rodgers
Mr. Jorge L. Rodriguez
Mr. Peter Justin Roe
Mrs. Beverly Roehm
Mr. Joseph W. Rogers, Jr.
Mr. Brian Rogerson and Ms. Holly Rogerson
Ellen Rosen Rogoff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rohde
Dr. and Mr. Romberger-Sklarosky
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Romeu
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro G. Ronderos
Ms. Sue A. Ronnenkamp
Ms. Susan Roop
Mr. Charles J. Root
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Rorer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike D. Roselli
Mr. and Mrs. Joel B. Rosen
Mr. Ronald I. Rosen, Esq.
Lorna and Murray Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Rosenberg
Mr. Daniel Rosenbloom
Dr. Frances L. Rosenblum
Hope Rosenlund
Hal and Sue Rosenthal
Mr. John Rosenwinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rosin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Ross, Jr.
Ms. Mattie M. Ross
Mr. Peter J. Rossi
Mrs. Louise F. Rossmassler
Ms. Elizabeth B. Rothermel
Ms. Linda Rothermel
Mr. Tomas Rotschild
Ms. Stefanie Rotta
Mr. Daniel B. Rouse and Ms. Carol Sudtelgte
Jonelle C. Rowe, M.D.
Mr. Richard Royall
Mr. John F. Royston
Mr. Eric Rubin
Ronald Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rubinger
Mr. John Rudibaugh and Ms. Doris Rudibaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rudolph
Ms. Lisa A. Ruff and Ms. Denise Fagan
Ms. Diane N. Rugala and Mr. Timothy Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ruggeri
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ruggiero
Mr. Lawrence P. Rumpf
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Rush
Mr. Jerry Rush and Ms. Charlotte Rush
Mr. Philip H. Rush
Sheryl A. Rush-Milstead and Gerald E. Milstead
Mr. Philip Rushton
Ms. Jeanette Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell
Mrs. Christi Russo
Ms. Dolores Russo
Carla Manley and Robbie Russock
Ms. Joyce Rutledge-Cassidy
Charles Ryan
Ms. Jennifer D. Ryan
Ms. Susan Rzucidlo
Ms. Tracy A. Saarela
Ms. Amina Sadiq
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Salata
Mr. Rick Salcedo and Ms. Theresa Salcedo
Ms. Susan E. Salmon
Leah and Matt Salp
Tom and Katie Salvatore
Ms. Marilynn Sambrano
Mrs. Eryn Santamoor
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Santeler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Santoleri
Mrs. Ann M. Santomas
Ms. Virginia Santomas and Ms. Ann Santomas
Dr. Joyce I. Sapin-Schulman and Dr. Seth L. Schulman
Ms. Larissa Sapko
Ms. Rebecca Sargent
Mr. George Saunders
Ms. Leslie G. Savage
Ms. Marie R. Savar
Ms. Suzanne F. Savidge
Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Savoie
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Sayles
Mr. Salvatore Scarpignato
Mr. Ernest E. Schaible, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Schank
Mr. Leonard Schechter
Ms. Ann L. Scheidt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Schell
Mr. G. Craig Schelter
Mr. Harm Scherpbier and Ms. Titia Scherpbier
Ms. Cynthia S. Schick
William Schickler
Ms. Cherylann Schieber and Alan Barton, Ph.D.
Mr. Theodore C. Schiffman and Ms. Manja L. Lyssy
Ms. Elizabeth Schmid
Mrs. Alice Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schmitt
Ms. Erna K. Schneider
Ms. Helen L. Schneider
Ms. Jacalyn Schneider
Mr. Stephen H. Schnur
Malcolm and Leone Schoenberg
Mr. Jonathan S. Schoenfeld and Ms. Amy A. Concannon
Ms. Charlaine Schondra
Ms. Kathy J. Schroeher
Mrs. Kathryn Schulberg
Ms. Corinna Schultz
Ms. Patricia Schwartz
Ms. Whitney Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Schwing
Mr. Bryan M. Scofield
Ms. Annie L. Scott and Mr. Richard Scott
Dr. Kevin C. Scott
Ms. Mary Ellen Scott
Mr. William T. Scroggie
Dr. Cecilia S. Segawa Seigle Tannenbaum
Mrs. Cornelia H. Seidel
Mrs. Lynne P. Seidel
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Seidel
Ms. Marianne Seitzer
Paula and Lee Sellman
Mr. David Seltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Senin
Ms. Marilyn Senior
Mrs. Phyllis Serota
S. M. Sersha
Mr. Steven Settlemyre
Ms. Andrea Seuren
Mr. Paul Sevcik
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seybold
Ms. Barbara Shaffer and Mr. Benjamin R. Barnett
Mr. Amit Shah
Dr. Ashesh Shah and Dr. Erin Aakhus
Dr. Yizhi Shan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Shane
Ms. Kathy Shanklin-Reidinger and Ms. Kathy S. Reid
Mr. Allan Shanks
Peter J. and Deanna G. Shanley
Ms. Judith Shapiro, Ph.D.
Ms. Phyllis Shapiro and Mr. Partha Bagchi
Mr. Steven Shapiro and Dr. Barbara Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sharnoff
Ms. Cynthia F. Sharp
Lynn and Rodney Sharp
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Sharrar
Mr. James Shatz
James M. and Ardis E. Shea
Dr. Maurice Sheetz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sheftel
Mrs. Kay Sheldon
Ms. Elisabeth Shellenberger
Mr. Peter Shelly
Mr. Bernis Shelton
Ms. Joyce Shepherd
Ms. Lynn F. Shepherd
Mr. Joseph E. Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Victor F. Sheronas, Jr.
Dr. Susan A. Sherr-Pollard
Mr. Dan Sherry
Mr. Michael Shifflett
Drs. Paul Shipkin and Barbara Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Shore
Dr. Paul M. Shore and Mrs. Leeann Shore
Mr. Donald H. Shotwell and Mrs. Joann Shotwell
Mr. Gerald Shreiber
Mr. Wallace Shrekgast
Mr. and Mrs. Mahesh Shrestha
Ms. Catharine E. Sibel
Mr. Michael Sicilia
Ms. Victoria Sicks
Mr. Andrew W. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Siegel
Ms. Elisabeth Siegert
Ms. Ariel Sigle
Dr. Martin Sikora
Ms. Cynthia Silber
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sillick
Ms. Evelyn Sills
Mrs. Edith A. Silver
Peter and Noele Silverman
Ms. Eleanor F. Silvestri
Ms. Donna Simcoe
Ms. Jacqueline Simmers
Rev.Dr. Stephen A Simmons & Rev. Cynthia L Simmons
Ms. Camille E. Simms
Ms. Catherine P. Simon
Ms. Kathleen Simon
Ms. Barbara Simpson
Mr. James C. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Singer
Ms. Judy Singleton
Mr. A. Mercer Sisson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Siwy
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Skatz
Ms. Grace Skiadas
Ms. Anne Skillman and Mr. Marc Skillman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Skoien
Dr. Daniel A. Slaim
Ms. Eve Slap
Ms. Slater
Ms. Amy Slenker
Mr. Joel Slutz
Ms. Margery N. Sly
Mr. and Mrs. W. John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smith
Dr. David G. Smith
Mr. Dennis Smith and Ms. Patricia M. Smith
Ms. Erma Smith
Mr. Frank Smith
Mr. Harold Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith
Mr. Kim Smith and Mrs. Devie Smith
Ms. Mary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith
Mr. Robert C. Smith and Mrs. Carol S. Smith
Mr. Russell H. Smith and Ms. Luanne G. Lyons-Smith
Mrs. Shiela Smith
Mr. Vincent Smith
Miss Gretchen Snethen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Snow
Ms. Bonnie Snyder
Mr. Craig Snyder
Dr. Diane S. Snyder
Dr. Nancy Snyderman
Ms. Sharee Solow
Ms. Caitlin Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soo Hoo
Dr. Michael M. Soojian
Mr. Richard Soucy
Mrs. Maria Sousa
Mr. Neil Sowersby
Mrs. Patricia Q. Spampinato
Mr. Donald Spangler
Ms. Joan Sparks
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spencer
Ms. Joi Spraggins
Mr. Lloyd Spring
Ms. Evelyn Spritz
Mr. Jonathan H. Sprogell and Ms. M. Kathryn Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Squeri
Mr. Richard J. Stabile and Mrs. Arlene R. Stabile
Ms. Catherine Stack
Mr. Wilfrid Stack
Mr. David Stall and Ms. Judith F. Hausen
Ms. Jean C. Stanfield
Mrs. Ann C. Stanford
Dr. Corrie A. Stankiewicz
Mr. Kenneth Stanley
Mr. Michael E. Stanley
Mr. Ira Starling
Ms. Lillian J. Stead
Mr. Edwin R. Steel
Mrs. Susan D. Steel
Mrs. Liza C. Steele and Mr. Tom Steele
Nancy M. Steele, PhD
Mr. Robert Steele and Mrs. Illaria O. Steele
Dr. Michael L. Steigerwald
Mr. Steven Stein
Ms. Roberta K. Steinberg
Mr. Christopher Sterman and Mrs. Sara Vernon Sterm
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Stern
Joan N. Stern
Mr. Saul Sternberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Stetson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stevens
Ms. Suzanne Stevens and Ms. Allen Prebus
Mrs. Thomas Stewart
Mr. William Stewart, Jr.
Mr. Philip G. Steyaert
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Sticker
Mrs. Frances A. Stiles
Helen and Bill Stimson
Ms. Kristin Stitz and Mr. J. Scott Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. Stoller
Dr. Nicole L. Stone
Mrs. Joanna Storrar and Mr. William Storrar
Mrs. Sara A. Stover
Mr. Bruce O. Strasser and Ms. Ivy D. Johnson
Mr. George Stratts and Mrs. Melissa Stratts
Mr. Aivars Straume
Ms. Phyllis Straw
Ms. Carol Streckwald
Ms. Jacqueline Strigl
Ginna Stringer
Mrs. Rebecca T. Stuart and Mr. Collin J. Stuart
Dr. Marianne Sturr and Mr. James Cahill
Ms. Danielle Sullivan
Mr. Edward Sullivan and Mrs. Patricia Sullivan
Ms. Tre Sullivan
Sudhakar Sundaresan
Ms. Dawn Sunday
Ms. Christine Supplee
Mr. Henderson Supplee III
Robert and Val Suter
Mr. Leon Suttner and Ms. Lisa G. Suttner
Mr. John Suvannavejh
Mr. E. Mitchell Swann & Ms. Gillian Stickney-Swann
Sean Sweat
Ms. Anna Swora
Paula and Stanley Szortyka
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Taggart
Ms. Mary Lou Tague
Bob Tait & Erin Finnerty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Talley
Dr. Stephen S. Tang
Mr. Louis Tannen and Ms. Catherine Carr
Ms. Judith Tannenbaum
Mr. Richard Tanner
Mr. Sudeesh Tantry
Mrs. Joy H. Tartar
Linda A. and Simon Tasker
Ms. Jodi Taylor
Ms. Michele T. Taylor
Mr. Richard Tchen and Hilary Hertzler
Dr. Ellen M. Tedaldi and Mr. L. Walden
Ms. Gail E. Tefft
Mr. Mesfin Tegenu and Ms. Nina Minale
Ms. Heather Tereshko
Mr. Charles Thatcher
Mr. Albert H. Them and Ms. Jane Rutledge
Mr. Terrill Theman and Mrs. Jean Theman
Mrs. Julia K. Theodore
Ms. Deborah Thomas
Mrs. Diane C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Thomas
Mr. Glyn V. Thomas
Mr. James C. Thomas
Mr. Tedd T. Thomas
Mr. John H. Thompson
Ms. Mary E. Thompson
Ms. Sara Thompson
John A. and Kathi Blatt Thonet
Mrs. Virginia O. Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Threefoot
Ms. Nancy B. Tickel and Mr. David C. Tickel
Mr. and Mrs. Tierney
Mrs. Enea Tierno and Mr. David A. Tierno
Ms. Grace Tiffany
Dr. Jim H. Tobey and Dr. Elizabeth G. Sevin
Linda and Frank Toia
Ms. Jo Tolley
Mrs. Maia S. Tolsdorf and Mr. Christopher Tolsdorf
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Tom
Mr. Nils A. Tonning
Ms. Roberta G. Torian
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Toub
Ms. Annis L. Townsend
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Townsend
Mr. Stephen A. Townsend
Ms. Sarah A. Trainor
Mrs. Jan Travalia and Mr. Frank Travalia
Mr. Major Travers
Mr. Michael R. Treat
Vu Trieu
Ms. Jayme C. Trott and Mr. Bud Johnson
Ms. Adele Trout and Mr. Douglas Trout
Mr. Vernon L. Trumbull and Ms. Tamara L. Jones
Dr. Thomas C. Tsai and Ms. Yu Mei Tsai
Mr. Joe H. Tucker
Ms. Virginia Tucker
Dr. Kathryn Tullis and Mr. Phillip C. Liu
Dr. Roman Tuma
Ms. Kathleen Tuno
Ms. Elizabeth Turek and Mr. George B. Michel, Jr.
Ms. Gail M. Turley
Mr. R. Scott Turner
Mr. John Tus and Ms. Linda Tus
Mr. Ernest Twine III
Dr. Rachana Tyagi and Mr. Stephen Casalena
Mark and Joann Udren
Mr. Chad A. Umansky
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ungerman
Mr. and Mrs. Cristian Ungureanu
Dr. and Mrs. David U’Prichard
Ms. Patricia Urrunaga
Mr. Stephen P. Utkus
Ms. Beth N. Vaccaro
Mrs. Joyce Vail
Mr. Russell Valante
Mr. Irad A. Valentine, Jr.
Ms. Leslie J. Valenza
Ms. Elizabeth A. Vallen
Ms. Jeanne Valone
Miss Marian Van Buren
Dr. Peter G. Van Deerlin and Dr. Vivianna Van Deer
Ms. Elizabeth S. Van Vleck
Ms. Claudia S. Van Wyk
Vanguard Charitable Anonymous
Mrs. Phyllis M. Vanieken-Ryals
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Vasso
Ms. Susan C. Vath
Ms. Christine Vay
Mrs. Renee G. Veloric
Mr. Anthony Veltri
Ms. Roberta I. Vena
Mr. Gerald P. Verbrugghe
Mr. Robert Vernon
Ms. Nicole Verostick
Ms. Ellen M. Vetter
Ms. Jami Vibbert
Mr. Mark Viggiano
Mrs. Paulita Villareal
Mr. and Mrs. Raghuvir Vinekar
Janet and Paul Vines
Mr. Daniel Vining and Mrs. Motoko Vining
Mr. Carlo F. Viola and Dr. Joanne L. Viola
Mr. Richard Vogel and Ms. Susan T. Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Werner K. Volkmann
Ms. Amy C. Vollmer
Ms. Phyllis Vorhauer
Mrs. Joan M. Waddell
Ms. Dorothy Wade
Mrs. Marge Wagenvoord
Ms. Loretta Wagner
Dr. Walter Wagner and Rev. Deborah Wagner
Ms. Shirley Wagner-Sevy and Mr. Jonathan Sevy
Ms. Elizabeth K. Wakabayashi
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wakefield
Ms. Alicia W. Walker
Margaret F. Walker
Ms. Marylou Walker
Ms. Jeanne Wallace Ruttle and Mr. J. Michael Ruttle
Ms. Martha J. Wallace
Ms. Yolanda Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Wallentine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wallis
Mr. Thomas Wallitsch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Walsh
Mr. Leonard W. Walsh
Dr. Bettyruth Walter
Ms. Nadine Walther
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Walton
Margaret C. Walz
Dr. Andrew J. Wand
Mr. Louis Wang
Mr. Philip Ward and Dr. Paula Marie Ward
Mrs. Regina Ward
Mr. Thomas A. Ward
Mr. Chris J. Wargo and Mrs. Prema C. Wargo
Dr. Ilene Warner-Maron and Dr. Jeffrey Maron
Ms. Susan Warrington
Susan and Scott Wartel
Ms. Yasmine S. Wasfi
Mr. and Mrs. John Washburn
Ms. Lisa Washington
Mr. William Waterman
Mrs. Ophelia M. Waters
Mr. Cliff Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Watson
Mr. Dennis H. Watson
Mr. Robert T. Watt
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Watts
Mrs. Christina Webster
Dr. Gordon W. and Mrs. Joan E. Webster
Mr. Mark Webster
Ms. Sara M. Webster
Ms. Lisa Weida
Mrs. Patti V. Weikart
Ms. Janis S. Weiler
Ms. Jan D. Weiner
Dr. Oscar R. Weiner and Mrs. Joan Meyer Weiner
Robert S. and Lucinda Weiner
Mr. John R. Weingart and Ms. Deborah Spitalnik
Ms. Milena Weinman
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Weinstock
Ms. Ann Marie Weis
Mrs. Catherine F. Weiss and Dr. Brendan Weiss
Dr. Nancy Weiss and Dr. Stuart Weiss
Ms. Lenore E. Weissler
Mr. Jonathan Weitzman and Ms. Karen Reever
Ms. Lisa Welch
Mrs. Louise Wellemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Wells
Mr. Stephen D. Wentzell
Mr. Kevin Wesolowski
Mr. Anthony West
Mr. and Mrs. David A. West
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Westcott
Mr. David P. Weston and Mrs. Jean S. Weston
John and Susan Weston
Mr. John A. Weygandt
Mr. F. Helmut Weymar and Mrs. Caroline S. Weymar
Mr. Keith Wheelock
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Whipple
Ms. Jen Whistler
Mrs. Ann S. White
Ms. Judith F. White
Mr. and Mrs. P. Gerald White
Mr. James Whitesell and Ms. Anna Whitesell
Ms. Dorothy G. Whitmore
Dr. Robert J. Wicks
Ms. Jennifer A. Widner
Ms. Megan Wieand
Dr. Susan E. Wiegers and Dr. Barry J. Goldstein
Ms. Maureen Wiggins
Ms. Susan Wightman-Hentz
Joe and Catherine Wildenberg
Mr. Scott M. Wilds
Ms. Joan Wiley and Mr. Steven Brescia
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wilkie
Mr. Ralph Wilkinson
Ms. Judith Ann Willan
Dr. Mary A. Willard
Mr. Bruce H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Williams
Ms. Jeanette R. Williams
Mr. John Williams
Mr. John N. Williams
Ms. Mary Williams
Ms. Michelle L. Williams
Ms. Rosalind D. Williams
Victoria R. Williams, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Willing
Mr. Charles Wills
Mr. T. Edmund Wills
The Wilson Fund
Mr. Robert N. Wilson
Ms. Sheila J. Wilson
Wendy E. Wilson
Mr. Eric Wimmers
Ms. Edna M. Winans
Dina and Jerry Wind
Ms. Deborah Z. Winfield
Ms. Gloria Winter
Ms. Mary L. Wirth
Ms. Karen Wisdom
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wise
Mr. Paul Wisniewski and Mrs. Patti Wisniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Witonsky
Tom and Loretta Witt
Ms. Ashley Wivel
Mr. Matthew A. Wokulich
Dr. Barbara M. Wolf and Mr. Mladen Milic
Jackie and Earl L. Wolf
Ms. Jeanne H. Wolf
Ms. Marsha S. Wolf
Dr. David E. Wolfe and Dr. Nancie Wolfe
Dr. Edward L. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wolfson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wolk
Mr. Fred Wood
Mr. John W. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Wood
Mrs. Sally Wood
Mrs. Tara Wood and Mr. Rich Wood
Mr. Calvin E. Woodland
Dr. Barbara J. Woods
Ms. William C. Woodward
Ms. Scott Wrage
Ian Wright and Sheila Brown
Minturn T. Wright, III
Mr. and Mrs. William Wueschinski
Ms. Cassie Wuollet
Mr. Raymond Wurapa
Mr. Joseph Wusinich and Ms. Catherine Wusinich
Dr. Richard Wynn
Mr. Kham Xapakdy and Ms. Jessica Lamey
Ms. Katherine L. Yaksick
Ms. Karen Yama and Mr. Jeffrey Eugenides
Mrs. Judith D. Yancey
Ms. Barbara Yanni
Mrs. Roberta N. Yarker Smith
Mr. Rick Yborra and Mrs. Joan Yborra
Lynn H. Yeakel
Mr. Richard Yoder
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Yoshioka
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Yost
Ms. Janet T. Young
Mr. Jeffrey Young
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Young
Mr. Michael Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Karen Young
Mr. Tracy W. Young
Ms. Megan H. Yu
Dr. Richard L. Yudell, M.D.
Mr. Robert Yule
E. D. Zack
Ms. Patricia Zaharko
Katherine and David Zaiser
Dr. James G. Zangrilli, M.D.
Mrs. Karen C. Zecher
Mr. Jeff P. Zeelander
Mr. Sam Zeidman
Ms. Suzanne W. Zeleznik
Ms. Christine I. Zelinsky
Ms. Josephine F. Zelov
Mr. Alan C. Zetterberg and Ms. Pamela Goodwin
Ms. Anne Zetterberg
Mr. Jeremy Zevin
Mrs. Barbara Ziegler and Mr. Gordon Ziegler
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ziegler
Ms. Rosemarie Zimmerman
Ms. Karen I. Zinn
Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Zito
Gail Zivin, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Zod
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Zucca
Dr. Karen A. Zurlo

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