Be thankful for your family
Be thankful for your family

WHYY blogger Solomon Jones is the author of eight novels, including the critically-acclaimed “Pipe Dream” (Random House), and has been featured nationally by media outlets like CNN, NPR, ABC News, TV One and HLN.

Formerly a professor of creative writing at Temple University, Solomon is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including Essence, Newsday, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

In 2013, Solomon along with prominent authors like Noam Chomsky, was selected as one of 50 writers representing Philadelphia’s literary legacy. He is the creator of Words on the Street, a writing and literacy program that garnered him a leadership award from the Knight Foundation.

Solomon, a lifelong Philadelphian, is morning host on Praise 107.9 FM, and a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. His latest novel is “The Dead Man’s Wife.”

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Be thankful for your family

While I should be counting my blessings, I can’t stop thinking of 15-year-old Kidron Roberts, who was charged with killing a Camden High School freshman several days ago.

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As thousands of migrants walk to America to escape the violence in Central America, I’m disappointed that a president who is the son of ...

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Sooner or later, someone was going to respond to Donald Trump’s uncouth behavior with the same level of rudeness that the president has often exhibited.

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A prayer for seizing opportunity

As our Philly students start a new school year, I know they feel like they have all the time in the world to fulfill their dreams. But I have 3 words for them: Life is short.

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