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Vaping: a public health crisis?
Vaping: a public health crisis?
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(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Vaping: a public health crisis?

Some state and city governments have begun to implement more stringent regulations when it comes to the sale of vape devices and liquids. But is it an overreaction?

Air Date: October 23, 2019 10:00 am

A view of a Business center, believed to be the location of the new

Information wars

Former State Department official, Richard Stengel discusses his new book, "Information Wars: How We Lost the Global Battle Against Disinformation and What We Can Do About It."

Air Date: October 18, 2019 12:00 am

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Botham Jean's younger brother Brandt Jean hugs convicted murderer and former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger after delivering his impact statement to her after she was sentenced to 10 years in jail, Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, in Dallas. Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean, an unarmed 26-year-old neighbor in his own apartment last year. She told police she thought his apartment was her own and that he was an intruder. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool)

On forgiveness

The video of Brandt Jean forgiving and hugging Amber Guyger, who murdered his brother, has sparked a national conversation about the nature of forgiveness.

Air Date: October 11, 2019 10:00 am

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