voices in the family

Voices special edition:

Back to School; Back to Stress

What do our emerging adults need from us? What is it like to be a teen in today’s world with working parents, blended families, emphasis on testing, peer pressure and so much more? Ten rising juniors and seniors from around the area sit down with Dr. Dan Gottlieb to discuss their lives. They talk about their daily life, relationships with friends and family and, most of all, the pressures of school and achievement. Across the board, communication and understanding with adults is a common issue. Martie Gillen from Speak Up discusses ways their organization encourages communication.


In this special web extra, Dr. Dan speaks with some of the parents of the teens about the stressors in their lives, and their relationships with their children.

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Weekly conversation with behavioral health reporter Maiken Scott:

Do worry, be happy

Do you worry a lot? Always think about the worst case scenario? New research finds that that may actually be helpful.

In their weekly conversation, WHYY’s Maiken Scott and psychologist Dan Gottlieb – both expert worriers – discuss the findings.

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