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Curiosity is the driving force behind creativity, innovation, and learning in general. It is something we’re all born with- but not all of us can keep that fire kindled throughout our lifetimes.On this Voices in the Family with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, we’ll speak with author Ian Leslie about his new book Curious: The Desire To Know And Why Your Future Depends On It. We’ll talk about how to foster creativity, why some are more curious than others, and whether in this age of constant information and technology- is curiosity strengthened or harmed. We will also hear from Dr. Paul Harris of the Harvard Graduate School of Education about his research in this field.

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Dr. Dan Gottlieb to speak at TEDx on November 14

Dr. Dan Gottlieb joins a series of speakers at TEDx PSUBerks to speak on the theme of love and education. Dan Gottlieb's talk, Do you feel you are lovable? Roadblocks that prevent us from loving and being loved, is scheduled during Session 2 of the event. More information »