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Wednesday, May 27

Infrastructure Action

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Guests: Robert Puentes

America’s infrastructure recently received a D+ grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The problem was highlighted by the devastating Amtrak crash in Philadelphia earlier this month, which claimed the lives of eight people. Today, we examine the need to repair America’s rails, roads, bridges, pipes, grids, and more, when we talk with ROBERT PUENTES, Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program.

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Philadelphia writer ASALI SOLOMON on her book, Disgrunted

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Hour 2
Guest: Asali Solomon

Writer ASALI SOLOMON grew up in West Philadelphia, the daughter of Afrocentric, Black Nationalist parents. In her new novel, Disgruntled, she mines the experiences of her youth to tell the story of protagonist Kenya Curtis’ unconventional upbringing and her struggles to fit in – in her inner-city community and in the suburban, mostly-white private school and college she attends. It’s a coming-of age story about race, finding one’s own identity and the meaning of community and home.

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One-on-one with Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates

As the Philadelphia Democratic mayoral primary race enters its final weeks, Marty talks with each of the candidates about their campaigns and the issues facing the city.

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