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Friday, February 27

Making medical and health care prices more transparent

Hour 1
Guests: Betty Long and Jeanne Pinder

Your back hurts, your health care provider says you need an MRI, and you schedule an appointment without any thought to what the test might cost. But with an increase in high-deductible and/or high co-pay health insurance plans, the price of medical procedures does matter to your pocketbook. You may even find it makes sense to shop around for quality care at the lowest dollar amount. The problem is, few hospitals and providers make public what they charge for a procedure or diagnostic test. There is a growing movement around the country for all that to change. This morning on Radio Times, we’ll talk about a new WHYY project, in collaboration with, aimed at making medical prices in our region more transparent. Joining us to talk about it is JEANNE PINDER, founder and CEO of We’ll also be joined by BETTY LONG, president and founder of Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates. She’ll help us understand why hospital bills are so complicated, how prices are determined and why it’s so important to be a savvy health consumer.

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Radio Times in Review: Neurologist Oliver Sacks, Swimmer Lynne Cox, Musician Kevin Eubanks

Hour 2

Guests: Oliver Sacks,  Lynne Cox, Kevin Eubanks

Coming up on today’s show, we revisit Marty’s conversation with author and neurologist OLIVER SACKS, who recently published a moving op-ed in the New York Times about how he plans to live the remaining months of his life, after finding out that his cancer has become terminal. Then, if you think you’re cold these days, take a listen to Marty’s conversation with open-water swimmer LYNNE COX, who specializes in traversing the waters in the world’s coldest climates, including Antarctica and Greenland. Then, we’ll hear Marty’s interview with guitarist KEVIN EUBANKS. The former musical director of “The Tonight Show” has a forthcoming album called Duets, a collaboration with fellow jazz guitar player Stanley Jordan.

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