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Tuesday, January 17

The First Lady: The legacy of Michelle Obama

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Hour 1

Guests: Veronica Chambers, Jodi Kantor

The First Lady leaves the White House with higher approval ratings than her husband. Michelle Obama is well known for her rousing, passionate speeches, her Let’s Move campaign to combat childhood obesity, her White house garden and her all-American fashion style.  She did it all with grace while raising two daughters and standing right by President Obama’s side. In this hour of Marty’s guest discuss Mrs. Obama’s legacy. We’ll be joined by VERONICA CHAMBERS, editor of “The Meaning of Michelle” and JODI KANTOR, New York Times correspondent and author of “The Obamas.” 

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The Future of the ACA

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Hour 2

Guests: Dan Diamond, James Carpetta, Mollyann Brodie

As promised since the Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, Republicans have vowed to abolish it.  In this hour of Radio Times, we’ll talk about the future of the Affordable Care Act — efforts to repeal and reform it and what Americans say they want from the health care law.  We’ll start off talking about congressional efforts to “repeal and delay” the Affordable Care Act with DAN DIAMOND, who covers health care policy for Politico and writes “Pulse.”  Then we’ll hear from JAMES CAPRETTA of the American Enterprise Institute about how the Democrats and Republicans might find common ground on the law.  And finally, MOLLYANN BRODIE from the Kaiser Family Foundation explains the findings of recent polls exploring what Americans’ want from their health insurance and their health care.

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