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Saturday, December 10

Michael Lewis on his new book ‘The Undoing Project’

Guest: Michael Lewis

In this special edition of Radio Times, Marty heads to WHYY’s Hamilton Media Commons auditorium to interview renowned author MICHAEL LEWIS for an audience of WHYY members. Lewis is a best-selling non-fiction author whose most prominent works include Moneyball and The Big Short – both of which were adapted to Oscar-nominated films.  His new book is The Undoing Project, and is about two Israeli psychologists and their breakthrough research on decision making and human irrationality.

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Radio Times in Review: free speech, the 19th Century youth vote, political regionalism

Guests: David Cole, Jon Grinspan, Ahkil Reed Amar

On today’s edition of Radio Times in Review, we’ll be taking a look at American history, The US Constitution, and elections.  President-elect Trump recently tweeted that people who burn the flag should be stripped of their citizenship. So, we’ll take a listen to Marty’s conversation with civil liberties lawyer DAVID COLE.  He joined us last week to discuss Trump’s tweet as well as other statements from Trump and their constitutionality. We’ll also hear Marty’s conversation with historian JON GRINSPAN.  He joined us earlier this year to talk about the history of the youth vote, specifically how younger people influenced elections in the 19th century. Then, we’ll revisit Marty’s talk with AKHIL REED AMAR who examines the way each state and region affects individual’s interpretation of The U.S. Constitution.

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