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Wednesday, October 26

Examining the Supreme Court: Clinton Court vs.Trump Court

Guest: Lincoln Caplan

During the last presidential debate, candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took on questions about the Supreme Court, how the constitution should be interpreted, gun laws and abortion laws. In this hour, Marty will talk with LINCOLN CAPLAN about the state of a 4-4 Supreme Court in transition, the politicization of the nomination of justices, and what a Clinton court or a Trump court could mean for the country. Caplan’s new book is “American Justice 2016,” and he will be at the National Constitution Center today at noon.

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The latest on the ACA, then “Oh, you’re just a nurse?”

Guest: Margo Brooks-Cathon, Lisa Laphan-Morad and Julie Rovner

“Oh, you’re just a nurse?” Many nurses deal with just that sort of comment on a regular basis. Yet, daily they perform important life-extending and life-saving work. We’ll discuss the public perception of the field and the daily work nurses do. We’ll be joined in studio by registered nurse practitioner MARGO BROOKS-CARTHON, an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, and and Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner LISA LAPHAN-MORAD, the associate chief nursing officer at Cooper University Health Care. And for a big picture look at how the field has changed, and the impact of the ACA, we’ll talk with JULIE ROVNER, Senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News.

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