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Monday, January 26

Jonathan Moreno’s “Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture, and the Social Network”

Guest: Jonathan Moreno

[From the Radio Times archive] In this hour of Radio Times, JONATHAN MORENO discusses his new book Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture, and the Social Network. His book examines the contributions of his father – J.L Moreno – to psychiatry and psychology and the role he played in the creation of “psychodrama”, the combination of therapy and theater and “sociometry,” the study of social relationships. He’ll talk about his father’s life and work and how it even laid the foundation for contemporary social-network analysis. Marty spoke with him last year.

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Radio Times in Review: Remembering Al Capone, Atheist Sam Harris, Jazz Composer Danilo Pérez

Guests: Jonathan Eig, Sam Harris, Danilo Pérez

It’s another edition of Radio Times in Review, our new weekly feature where we dig into our archives and rediscover some of the best conversations from the past. First up, we listen to Marty’s conversation with journalist and writer JONATHAN EIG, who joined Marty in 2010 to discuss Get Capone: The Secret Plot that Captured America’s Most Wanted Gangster. The book is a lengthy profile of one of history’s most notorious criminals, who died 68 years ago this weekend. Then, we’ll revisit Marty’s interview with atheist SAM HARRIS, who joined Marty in studio last fall following his controversial appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. We’ll listen to the portions of Marty’s interview that focused on his book Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion, which was overshadowed at the time by Harris’ provocative remarks about Islam. Finally, we’ll hear Marty’s discussion with acclaimed jazz pianist and composer DANILO PÉREZ, who was recently profiled in The New York Times for his efforts to spread music and performance in his native Panama.

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