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Thursday, July 28

Live from the DNC: Last night’s speakers and then checking the facts

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Hour 1

Robert Costa, Dick Polman and Angie Drobnic Holan

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden took the stage last night to talk about Hillary Clinton’s experience, qualifications for office and the high stakes for the 2016 Presidential election.  We’ll get response to their speeches from ROBERT COSTA, reporter for the Washington Post, and DICK POLMAN, national political columnist at Newsworks.  Then we’ll fact check all the convention speakers with PolitiFact editor ANGIE DROBNIC HOLAN.

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Live from the DNC: The Democratic strategy, who is Hillary Clinton, and then, a little levity

Audio for this story will be available at approximately 1 p.m.

Hour 2

Guests:  Mark Nevins, Neil Oxman, Nichola Gutgold and Jennifer Childs

We discuss Democratic strategy with MARK NEVINS of the Dover Group and NEIL OXMAN of the Campaign Group.  Then, ahead of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s acceptance speech , we get the answer to “Who is Hillary?” from  NICHOLA GUTGOLD of Penn State University.  She’s the author of Almost Madam President:  Why Hillary Clinton ‘Won’ in 2008. We end the hour with some theatrics. Actor JENNIFER CHILDS, of 1812 Productions, Philadelphia’s All Comedy Theater Company, has been following the conventions and attended the DNC one night. She’ll give us her take on the drama, the staging and the production of the convention.

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