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Sunday, May 1

Saleem Haddad’s “Guapa” explores gay identity in the Middle East

Guest: Saleem Haddad

In his debut novel, Guapa, author SALEEM HADDAD tells the story of Rasa, a young gay translator living in an unnamed Middle East country that’s on the brink of civil war.  The novel follows Rasa for 24 hours after his grandmother discovers him in bed with his lover.  He struggles with his sexual identity, family and societal expectations, and political and religious upheaval.  Haddad, a former aid worker, comes in today to talk with Marty about his new book and the challenges and complexities of being queer in the Arab world.

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Radio Times in Review: Astronomer Chris Impey, restaurateur Michael Solomonov, tap dancer Michelle Dorrance

Guests: Chris Impey, Michael Solomonov, Michelle Dorrance

Coming up on today’s edition of Radio Times in Review: we’ll hear about the future of space travel when we hear from astronomer CHRIS IMPEY as Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has recently made great strides in shaping innovating space exploration. We’ll also listen to Marty’s conversation about food and addiction with Philadelphia chef and restauranteur MICHAEL SOLOMONOV. His cookbook Zahav just won the James Beard Award for cookbook of the year. And finally we’ll hear Marty’s discussion with tap dancer and choreographer MICHELLE DORRANCE.  She joined us in the studio last year after she received a MacArthur Genius award.  Her new show called “ETM: Double Down” debuted at New York’s Joyce Theater earlier this week.


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