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Saturday, July 23

RNC wrap-up

Guests: Dave Davies, Joe Watkins, James Peterson, Christine Todd Whitman

With Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night, the Republican National Convention has concluded.  Today, we get some analysis of the week of speeches and contention, and what it means for the party and the general election.  We’re joined first by WHYY’s DAVE DAVIES who has been on the convention floor for the duration of the proceedings.  Then, we’ll hear from political commentators JOE WATKINS and JAMES PETERSON to get their thoughts.  Lastly, Marty will speak with former Republican Governor CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN about the current state of the GOP.

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Radio Times in Review: appreciating insects

 Guests: Fran Sorin, Jon Gelhaus, David Rothenberg, Daniella Martin, Paul Rozin

Bugs are beginning to show themselves more as the weather gets warmer, and many of us cringe at the sight of cockroaches and crickets when they show up in our homes.  But on this hour of Radio Times in Review, we’re going to take some time to show some appreciation for the insect world. First, we’ll hear from expert gardener FRAN SORIN and entomologist JON GELHAUS who talked with Marty about all the good that bugs provide the world.  And, we’ll hear about the unsung musicality of insects by listening to Marty’s conversation with DAVID ROTHENBERG, who incorporates insect sounds in his compositions. Lastly, a conversation about the edibility of bugs, and how doing so could help solve the world’s hunger problem when we listen to Marty’s conversation with DANIELLA MARTIN who wrote a book on the topic, and with psychologist and disgust expert, PAUL ROZIN.

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