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Sunday, March 29

The Latest in Solar Energy Developments Nationally and Locally

Guests: Bobby Magill, Vera Cole, and David Wright

In this hour of Radio Times, guest host Jeff Brady will be discussing the latest national news about solar energy and the solar industry with BOBBY MAGILL, a senior science writer at Climate Central. Then we’ll hear from VERA COLE, president of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association, about the growth of the solar energy industry locally and her experiences with the technology. We’ll also hear from DAVID WRIGHT, a former National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners president, about what the rise of solar energy means for consumers and utilities. Join us.

(AP Photo/Jim Mone)

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Radio Times in Review: Remembering Frances Perkins, Memory Champion Joshua Foer, Jazz Trumpeter Terell Stafford

Guests: Kristen Downey, Joshua Foer, Terell Stafford

Coming up on today’s edition of Radio Times in Review: We’ll hear about the life and work of FDR’s Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, who some believe should replace Andrew Jackson as the face of the $20 bill. Her biographer, KRISTEN DOWNEY, joined Marty in 2009. Also, we’ll revisit Marty’s conversation about memorization with JOSHUA FOER, author of Moonwalking with Einstein. The book recounts his training for, and participation in, the United States Memory Championship, which takes place this weekend in New York. Lastly, we’ll hear Marty’s conversation with jazz trumpeter TERELL STAFFORD, who has been called “one of the great players of our time.” The Philadelphia-native started the non-profit Jazz Orchestra of Philadelphia two years ago.

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