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Wednesday, August 5

Pennsylvania’s budget stalemate and why it matters

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Guests: John Micek, Madeleine Dean and William Adolph

The budget stalemate between Pennsylvania’s governor Tom Wolf and Republican legislators is in its second month. Wolf vetoed a budget bill passed by the General Assembly on June 30th and since then there’s been little movement around a compromise. Within days the State could run out of money for social service organizations and school districts which rely on the Commonwealth for funding. Wolf wants a new tax on natural gas drilling as well as an increase in sales and personal income taxes. Republicans oppose increasing taxes and instead look to privatizing liquor stores and controlling public employee pension costs. We’ll get perspectives from JOHN MICEK of the Patriot-News and Penn Live, Democratic State Representative MADELEINE DEAN, and Republican State Representative WILLIAM ADOLPH.

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HitchBOT, then discussing David Foster Wallace

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Guests: Chris Cummins, Christian Lorentzen, Jason Guriel

The friendly hitchhiking Canadian robot, the late hitchBOT, maybe not surprisingly was found beheaded and dismembered in Old City, Philadelphia over the weekend. We’ll talk with CHRIS CUMMINS, writer for Geekadelphia and Philebrity, about the saga of hitchBOT, the efforts to rebuild him, and whether or not his dismemberment speaks to the character of Philly. Then, The End of the Road, a new film starring Jason Segal as acclaimed author David Foster Wallace, arrived in theaters across the country on Friday. Today on Radio Times, we discuss the late author, the film, and the debate over the appropriateness of depicting Wallace on the big screen. We’ll be joined by JASON GURIEL, contributing writer to The New Republic, as well as CHRISTIAN LORENTZEN, book critic for New York Magazine, and editor at-large for London Review of Books.

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