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Thursday, March 26

Ballot Talks: advice for the next mayor – education

Guests: William Wade, Kate Shaw, Shereda Cromwell, Christine Carlson

On this week’s edition of Ballot Talks, we take a look at the continuing school crisis in Philadelphia and ask a panel of guests what advice they’d give the next mayor on fixing the city schools? Poor performance, massive budget deficits, large teacher and staff layoffs, school closures, and the funding tension between the district’s public schools and charters have plagued Philadelphia in recent years. Our guests weigh in on the problems, potential solutions, and where the next mayor should put his or her attention. Marty talks with WILLIAM WADE, principal of the Promise Academy at Martin Luther King High School, KATE SHAW, executive Director of Research for Action, and CHRISTINE CARLSON, founder of the Greater Center City Neighborhood Schools Coalition

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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Jonathan Waldman’s “Rust: The Longest War”

Guests: Jonathan Waldman and Alyssha Eve Csuk

Rust costs the United States around $400 billion per year, more than the cost of hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides and other weather events combined, but this slow-moving and insidious threat to our nation’s infrastructure rarely grabs our attention. In “Rust: The Longest War,” JONATHAN WALDMAN tells the surprisingly exciting, behind-the-scenes story of America’s never-ending battle to keep the rust at bay. Waldman traveled across the U.S.—from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska—and encountered “flying pigs, Trekkies, decapitations, exploding coke cans, rust boogers, and nerdy superheroes” along the way. We’ll also hear from ALYSSHA EVE CSUKa photographer from Bethlehem, PA who finds beauty in the rusty details at the old steel plant.

Image: Alyssha Eve Csuk

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