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Tuesday, July 29

Pennsylvania and the fast-growing natural gas industry

Hour 1

Guests: Marie Cusick, Eugene DePasquale, E. Christopher Abruzzo

Pennsylvania’s Auditor General recently issued a report claiming that the state’s Department for Environmental Protection has not sufficiently handled issues relating to aspects of hydraulic fracturing and the state’s fast-growing natural gas industry.  Among the allegations is that the DEP has kept poor records, that their oversight of waste and drilling inspections has been insufficient, and that they have not been diligent in their response to water contamination complaints. The DEP has responded, refuting the bulk of the accusations, but claiming that they concur with the Auditor General’s recommendations for improvement.    We’ll talk to MARIE CUSICK, reporter for State Impact Pennsylvania, who will get us up to speed on the issue.  Then, we’ll hear from Pennsylvania’s Auditor General, EUGENE DePASQUALE, who campaigned on this issue about his report.  Then, we’ll be joined by Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, E. CHRISTOPHER ABRUZZO, to get his response to the allegations.

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Brando Skyhorse

Hour 2

Guest: Brando Skyhorse

Acclaimed author Brando Skyhorse’s new memoir, Take This Man, chronicles his tumultuous childhood in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.  Through the untruths of his eccentric mother, Skyhorse was led to believe that he was of Native American descent, and that his father was an imprisoned political activist.  It was years before he found out the truth about his Mexican-American heritage, and the father who abandoned his family.  BRANDO SKYHORSE joins us to discuss his life and his work for this hour of Radio Times.

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