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Tuesday, February 28

The pinelands pipeline, exoplanets, and the Oscars

Guests: Joe Hernandez, Eric Jensen, Hillary Busis

First up on today’s show: New Jersey green-lit a natural gas pipeline through the pinelands on Friday after a years long approval process. WHYY’s JOE HERNANDEZ joins us to talk about the pipeline, the protests, and how it will get built.  Then: astronomers have discovered seven planets orbiting the dwarf star in nearby solar system.  At least three of the Earth-sized planets are within the habitable zone and could possibly support water or even life.   Swarthmore College astronomer ERIC JENSEN comes in to tell Marty about the excitement around this new discovery. And lastly, we’ll talk about the winners and losers at last night’s Academy Awards with HILLARY BUSIS, Hollywood editor for Vanity Fair.

Reading List

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