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Thursday, October 23

Ballot Talks: Midterms elsewhere

Guests: Mary Spicuzza, Dave Helling, Andra Gillespie

In this edition of Ballot Talks, our weekly hour on all things election-related: We take a look at some of the more interesting midterm elections taking place across the country. First, we’ll hear from MARY SPICUZZA, state government reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal, about the tightly-contested race for governor between incumbent Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Mary Burke. Then, we’ll hear about a race which has received a lot of national attention – the governor’s race in Kansas. DAVE HELLING from the Kansas City Star joins us to let us in on the latest between incumbent, Sam Brownback and democrat Paul Davis. And lastly, ANDRA GILLESPIE, assistant professor of political science at Emory University, describes the messy senate race in Georgia.

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Azar Nafisi on the importance of reading literature

Guest: Azar Nafisi

In her new book, The Republic of Imagination, Azar Nafisi, explores the role of literature in changing people’s lives and perpetuating the values on which America was founded. Nafisi, the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, dives deep into her three favorite novels — The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Babbit – to make her case. Along the way she looks back at her own childhood in Iran, tells a devastating story about an Iranian American friend, and urges educators to return to teaching humanities as a way to enrich education in the U.S.

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