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Wednesday, February 22

Higher ed in the age of Trump

Audio for this story will be available at approximately 1 p.m.

Guests: Sara Goldrick-Rab, Aaron Schenk, Aminata Sy

 Betsy DeVos, the recently minted Secretary of Education has faced scrutiny and praise primarily based on her positions regarding K-12 schools.  But amidst this, her advocacy for for-profit and career colleges is also at odds with the previous administration’s increased oversight of institutions like DeVry, ITT and Phoenix University. Today on the show, we’ll talk about what the Trump administration’s position on for-profit colleges, college affordability, and community colleges will look like, and what it may mean for students who wish to obtain a degree. We’ll talk with SARA GOLDRICK-RAB,  professor of higher education policy and sociology at Temple University, and from AARON SCHENK, executive director of the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators.  But first, we’ll hear about student AMINATA SY’s dream to attend the University of Pennsylvania was made possible by the Community College of Philadelphia.

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