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Friday, August 1

Max Brooks on his graphic novel “The Harlem Hellfighters”

Hour Two

Guest: Max Brooks

[From the Radio Times archive] World War I was said to be “The War to End All Wars,” and our guest, author MAX BROOKS responds, “but the truth’s got an ugly way of killin’ nice stories.” The former history major has long wanted to tell the story of the real-life African-American 369th Infantry Regiment that fought with the French in World War I, but he didn’t want it to be presented in a boring way. So the author of three zombie books, including “World War Z,” has created a graphic novel, The Harlem Hellfighters, illustrated by Canaan White. Marty sat down with Brooks to talk about his book this April.

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Three Stories About Water

Guests: Ian James, Matt Helms, & Vicki Blazer

A look at water-related stories around the country. First, we’re joined by IAN JAMES, environmental reporter for the Desert Sun, about a Nestle plant on an Indian reservation in California that has continued to pump ground water, despite the state’s efforts to reduce water consumption to counter the effects of the current drought. Then, we’ll speak with MATT HELMS of the Detroit Free-Press to get an update on the ongoing controversy surrounding the decision to shut-off water to city residents who are unable to pay their water bills. Then, VICKI BLAZER from the United States Geological Survey discusses her research on intersex fish that were found in three Pennsylvania river basins.

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