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Tuesday, July 26

Planning for the DNC, What to Expect, Ed Rendell’s Role at the convention, & more

Guests: Julia Terruso, Holly Otterbein, Mayor Jim Kenney, Governor Ed Rendell

Radio Times is broadcasting live this week from the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia, the site of the Democratic National Convention. We’ll start our week of coverage from the Democratic National Convention with a local take on the event. We’ll discuss the city’s planning for the gathering, the cost, and what local politicians are thinking. We’ll be joined on Radio Row by JULIA TERRUSO, a staff writer at The Philadelphia Inquirer, and HOLLY OTTERBEIN, deputy news director at Philadelphia Magazine and editor of the Citified blog. Then we speak with Philadelphia Mayor JIM KENNEY about how the city has readied itself for the proceedings and to see what he’s looking forward to in the week ahead. And, we’ll speak with former Pennsylvania Governor and host committee chair of the DNC ED RENDELL to talk about his role in the convention.

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What to watch for during the DNC

Guests: Ron Fournier, Sam Stein

On the first day of the Democratic National Convention, the party is trying to project a message of unity after a divisive nomination process. The tonight’s theme — United Together.  Winning over Bernie Sander’s supporters remains one of Hillary Clinton’s major challenges.  Sanders is scheduled to speak this evening. This hour, we’ll discuss the messaging and mood at the DNC, Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine, and what the speaker lineup says about the Democrats’ strategy. Marty’s guests are RON FOURNIER, senior political columnist at the National Journal and SAM STEIN, senior politics editor for The Huffington Post, and DOMENICO MONTENARO, lead editor for politics at NPR.  Then, halfway through two solid weeks of convention coverage, we’ll step into the neighborhood for a few minutes. We sent Radio Times producer Elizabeth Fiedler to North Philly to talk with residents about politics, the last 8 years, crime, and the anti-violence song the group recently released.

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