Radio Times

The roots of racism and hate groups

August 16, 2017

Guests: A.C. Thompson, David Cunningham, Christian Picciolini

President Trump finally condemned white supremacists responsible for the deadly riots in Charlottesville on Monday, after facing days of intense criticism.  But many people say it’s too little, too late — neo-Nazis and other hate groups interpreted Trump’s hesitancy as tacit support for their beliefs. This hour, we discuss the violence in Charlottesville and the white supremacist movement – its roots, its supporters, its growth and its political power. Our guests include A.C. THOMPSON, a reporter for ProPublica who covered the demonstrations, Washington University sociologist DAVID CUNNINGHAM, author of Klansville, USA, and former white supremacist CHRISTIAN PICCIOLINI, who is co-founder of the nonprofit peace advocacy organization, Life After Hate, and author of the memoir, Romantic Violence: Memoirs Of An American Skinhead.

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