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What’s the hold up? The science of procrastination

March 29, 2012

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We’ve wanted to do a show on procrastination for a while now but we just kept putting it off. Finally, we buckled down and scheduled it.  Sound familiar?  Procrastination is something a lot of us struggle with everyday – we delay work, get anxious about impending deadlines and pull all-nighters to finish things up at the very last minute.  So why do people procrastinate and is there a way to change the behavior? Today we’re going to talk about the science of procrastination with JOSEPH FERRARI, a psychology professor at DePaul University and the author of “Still Procrastinating? The No-Regrets Guide to Getting Things Done”  and TIMOTHY PYCHYL,  an associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and hosts the site

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