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Peak Travel

We visit Mexico City, whose housing market has been shaken up by an influx of remote workers. How is this changing the city, and how can we as travelers lessen our impact?

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Travel can broaden horizons, create new relationships, and restore the soul. But this $1.9 trillion industry comes with a real human cost.

Hosted by travel writer Tariro Mzezewa, formerly of NYT Travel, we examine the impact that tourism has on locals, our planet, and the people who work in the industry. Is it even possible to travel ethically? How do technology, pandemics, religion, global warming, war, family, and tradition drive our behaviors? And can our planet – and those who call it home- sustain the growth of the industry?

Each episode is centered on a destination and an issue through the eyes of a local expert, from naturalists, academics and politicians to chefs, journalists and bootleggers. Supported by rich, on-location sound from around the world, Peak Travel examines the tourism industry and its impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

Listen to the pilot and submit your feedback.

Potential Episodes

Each episode will have special elements created for multiple platforms including: a 30 min podcast, a 10-15 min YouTube video, 3-5 social assets featuring travel tips, episode teases and informational content for TikTok, IG Reels and YouTube Shorts, radio promos and cross promotions via PRX/NPR Networks, blog posts, resources, photos, maps and links on, and a newsletter.

Hawaii - Please Don’t Come Here

Once an independent nation, the relationship between native Hawaiians and US mainlanders has been fraught for decades. During Covid, tourists came in droves, enjoying a domestic vacation when other far flung destinations were off limits. The recent wildfires have left Maui reeling and some locals are begging tourists to stay home. But when tourism makes up a full quarter of Hawaii’s economy, is that feasible? Should one even visit Hawaii, and if so, how?

Bali, Under the Influence

Westerners seeking Eastern spiritual enlightenment have long been drawn here, and a cottage industry of spiritual tourism still drives the economy in Ubud. We examine the role that media has played in drawing people to Bali - from Australian surfers to Eat Pray Love to a crush of Instagram influencers. How has the island physically changed due to tourism, and how are the people that call it home adapting? What does it mean when the center for your religion becomes the backdrop for a photo? And how can one visit Bali in a way that is sustainable and supportive?

Venice, Cruise Ships and Asthma in the Mediterranean

Venice is the poster child for over-tourism. Venice is sinking. The population swells to unbelievable numbers and the cruise industry pollutes the shallow waters. Italy has taken the unusual step of allowing cruise ships to idle while in port, burning bunker fuel (a form of heavy crude) to generate power. With asthma rates well over the standard for other Mediterranean cities, we examine the impact that the cruise industry and fossil fuels have on Venice. We explore some potential futures Venice might have and give actionable tips on how to visit without contributing to the problem.