Hate group coming to the Northeast

Westboro Baptist Church has announced it’ll bring its touring schedule the the Northeast. The nationally recognized hate group has targeted Archbishop Ryan High School, Father Judge High School and JCC Klein for upcoming protests. The group’s site has this to say about ….

Archbishop Ryan: WBC to come to Archbishop Ryan High School to show the children at this school some truth for probably the only time in their lives.  They have been taught a steady diet of lies their whole lives with a side of pride and rebellion.  You raise these demon-possessed brats to have no knowledge of the Bible, much less a true understanding of their God.  Now there is an entire generation that has no idea what it means to be obedient to their God.  Instead, they worship their feeeeeeeeeeeelings.  How shameful.  They have NO moral compass!  They grope around in darkness day and night, believing the twin lies (God loves everybody and It’s OK to be gay) that they have been taught their whole lives.  The parents, preachers, teachers, and leaders – all the way up to Antichrist Obama – are to blame.  You have all neglected your Deutoronomy 6 duty.  Shame on you!!  Your destruction is imminent!” JCC Klein: WBC to picket the Jewish Community Center to remind these rebels against God that they will not be blameless on Judgement Day.  Jews killed Jesus!!  What better place to be than reminding the Jews of their Christ-rejecting sins and calling out for those who will be separated out and sealed by the merciful hand of our Lord. These happy Elect Jews will come forth to sing a new song.” Father Judge: WBC to picket Father Judge High School.  The children in this country are in peril.  They do not know God, they do not know His standards, and the worst part is that they are purposefully raised on lies.  You teach your children that God is a liar!  God says no premaritaly sex.  You say, as long as you use birth control and condemns, go ahead and fornicate your brains out!  Oh, and if those don’t work, no problem, just murder the baby (though God says, Thou shalt not kill.  Ex 20:13)  God says NO FAGS!  (Le 18:22)  You say, it’s OK to be gay.  God says obey and keep His commandments.  (De 13:4)  You say, how does that make you feeeeeeeeeeeel?!  Wake up!  You are raising your children to have NO moral compass.  Instead, you give them a PhD in pride and rebellion before they are out of grade school.  Then, you encourage them to out onto the battlefields where they will inevitably receive their own GodSmack – either coming up maimed or dead – and having no idea why!  They need to know that God is a consuming fire!  (De 4:24)  They need to know that their God is the one that holds the breath of life!” The pickets are scheduled throughout the day on Dec. 20.

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