Mars as big as the moon? Truth or hoax?

You may have heard of Mars’ close approach, which means when you look in the night sky Mars is larger than ever. So large in fact that it looks as big as the moon. Is this really possible? Find out the answer on this week’s SkyTalk. Also Derrick Pitts lists some star parties to attend. Take a look at the right side of this page for an astronomy club near you.

Image Caption: Mars closest approach in 2007.


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  • Karl A. Ruggeberg

    Excellent report!If I had been borne and raised in the US, I would have most likely become an astronomer or cosmolgist.This is precisely what the young Americans need to hear in order to want to become scientists.Articles like this should also be translated into Spanish in order to excite our growing Hispanic population in the US to also become engineers and scientists.

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