Celestial views for tax day

Well it’s tax time again, but a reward awaits you in the night sky when your done this Thursday right around sun set. If you go out to the evening sky and look to the west you’ll see Venus with Mercury, one of the most elusive planets in the solar system. You just need a clear sky to see them. In addition, you can see a brand new crescent moon making a rather impressive sight in the night sky. Forty-nine years ago Soviet Union astronaut Yuri Gagarin went up into space and made the first orbit of the planet. However, the United States actually made it to the moon first. Also, there is a change of seasons on a moon of Neptune, but not the way we would think of Winter to Summer. Two hundred and seventy degrees below zero doesn’t sound quite balmy, but is significantly warmer than winter temperatures for Neptune’s moon. Do other planets like Venus or Mars have seasonal changes? All this and more on this week’s SkyTalk.

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