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Mark Bowden on “Hue 1968″ and North Korea

September 4, 2017

Guest: Mark Bowden

Historians often point to the battle of Huế, part of the Tet Offensive, as the turning point in the Vietnam War. The surprise fierce fighting by the North convinced Americans that the war was unwinnable, and following the drop in domestic support, the U.S. eventually withdrew from Vietnam. This hour, Marty is joined by journalist and author MARK BOWDEN whose new book, Huế 1968 is a day-by-day account of this pivotal moment in American military history. Bowden is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and contributing editor at Vanity Fair and joins Marty to talk about his new book, and also about his Atlantic cover story, “How to Deal with North Korea.”

This show was originally broadcast on July, 3rd 2017

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