Healthcare overhaul

    As the debate over the final shape of the legislation continues, WHYY’s Health+Science desk keeps you informed with the latest developments on the healthcare overhaul.

    WHYY’s Health+Science desk keeps you informed with the latest developments on the healthcare overhaul.

    New health insurance rules kick in this week Kerry Grens -September 21, 2010 This week marks the six month anniversary of the passage of the new federal health insurance law that will eventually require all citizens to have coverage. But the law has many components – some of which kick in soon.

    Job-based health coverage slips Taunya English -September 21, 2010 Fewer Americans now get their health insurance on the job. According to new data from the U.S. Census. In the depth of the recession, Pennsylvanians lost jobs and health coverage too.

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    Health law was written to narrow health gaps Taunya English -August 25, 2010 The new federal health law includes scholarship and loan money to help launch minorities into health care jobs. It’s part of the strategy to narrow the health gap between whites and minorities in the United States.

    Health clinics benefit from stimulus and health dollars Kerry Grens -August 23, 2010 Community health centers frequently operate under tight budgets; but new government funds are allowing these clinics to expand and renovate.

    States to scrutinize insurance prices Kerry Grens -August 17, 2010 The federal government has awarded states a million dollars each to monitor premium rate hikes from health insurance companies.

    High-risk insurance opens up in Pa. Kerry Grens -August 3, 2010

    Companies are weighing the benefits of benefits Taunya English – July 2, 2010


    Coverage for people who’ve had trouble buying health insurance Taunya English – July 2, 2010


    Funding for post-partum depression research part of healthcare overhaul Maiken Scott – June 22, 2010

    A health plan for high risk people Taunya English – June 8, 2010

    Pa. advisors will map out the health overhaul Taunya English – May 20, 2010

    Challenging the health reform challenge Taunya English – May 14, 2010

    Health experts discuss implications of Medicaid expansion Taunya English – May 5, 2010

    PA will manage a high-risk pool Taunya English – April 28, 2010

    Electronic paydays for Medicare providers Taunya English – April 13, 2010

    Health insurance regulators: Be alert for new scams Taunya English – April 12, 2010

    Drug companies will post doctor payments Kerry Grens – March 30, 2010

    Divergent predictions about the new abortion rules Taunya English – March 29, 2010


    “There’s a sense at least for a lot of the cardiovascular implantable types of stuff, stents and things like that, that maybe it doesn’t equal out because a lot of those are used predominantly in Medicare patients, which are obviously already covered.” – David Filmore, senior editor of the medical device trade publication The Gray Sheet.

    Health care bill taxes medical device makers Kerry Grens – March 24, 2010


    Will Philadelphia hospitals see relief from uninsured? Kerry Grens – March 24, 2010

    PA to sue over health overhaul Taunya English – March 24, 2010

    Insurers must permit parents to cover their adult children Taunya English – March 23, 2010

    Overhaul brings help for small business Taunya English – March 22, 2010

    Health care bill passes Kerry Grens – March 22, 2010

    South Jersey democrat to vote no on health care bill Kerry Grens – March 19, 2010

    Activists hound lawmakers undecided on health care Kerry Grens – March 18, 2010


    “He talked about the need to reign in insurance company abuses. And that’s particularly important in this state where we have very lax consumer protections against insurance companies.” – Sharon Ward, Pennsylvania Health Access Network

    President pitches health care in PA Kerry Grens – March 8, 2010


    Walking to Washington Taunya English – February 18, 2010

    New med school aims to shrink doctor shortage Kerry Grens – February 16, 2010

    Strategizing a health reform vote Kerry Grens – January 21, 2010

    Democrats address “cadillac” plans with unions January 15, 2010

    The health insurance mandate Taunya English – January 5, 2010


    “Pennsylvania is more generous than most other states in terms of Medicaid, and the proposal in the Senate bill is another example of no good deed goes unpunished.” – Robert Field, professor of law and public health at Drexel University.

    States worry over expanded Medicaid costs Taunya English – December 30, 2009


    Region’s senators explain health care votes Mark Eichmann – December 24, 2009

    Health reform advocates say legislation could do more Kerry Grens – December 22, 2009

    Sen. Carper returns to Wilmington after late vote Stephanie Aldrich – December 21, 2009


    “Medicare exists already today, so it’s very easy to think about opening the program up to new populations very quickly as opposed to having to roll things out over many years. The challenge is going to be that it is a buy-in option, and so it’s gonna be expensive.” – David Grande, health policy analyst at the UPenn

    Buying into Medicare early Taunya English – December 10, 2009


    Debating abortion funding Taunya English – December 3, 2009

    A tax on teeth whitening and tummy tucks Taunya English – December 3, 2009

    Debating abortion funding Taunya English – December 2, 2009


    robert_casey_jr“I think there’s a consensus in the country not to have federal tax dollars pay for abortions and I think that’s the intention of people in both parties here in Washington.” – Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)

    Sen. Casey calls for changes in health care bill Scott Detrow – November 25, 2009


    Track the health care votes November 10, 2009

    Health bill foes see trouble in senate Scott Detrow – November 10, 2009

    Public health experts debate House health plan Taunya English – November 10, 2009

    House approves health care bill Kerry Grens – November 9, 2009


    “…it’s a phenomenon of job lock where people end up staying in their job solely based upon insurance.” – John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority.

    Could health reform relieve “job lock”? Kerry Grens – November 2, 2009


    Non-profits seek help in health reform Kerry Grens – October 27, 2009

    Public option supporters keep hope alive Taunya English – October 2, 2009

    Congress considers health insurance cooperatives Taunya English – September 29, 2009


    “So a lot of [behavioral health] practitioners in the community have learned older kinds of treatments, and have not kept pace with the newer kinds of treatments.” – Dr. Anthony Lehman, Psychiatrist, University of Maryland.

    Evidence based treatments in mental health Maiken Scott – September 25, 2009


    Health reform proponents rally at Cigna Tom MacDonald – September 23, 2009

    Pelosi visits Jeff Hospital to push health overhaul Taunya English – September 22, 2009

    Paying docs to save costs Kerry Grens – September 22, 2009


    [Regarding the for-profit insurance industry] “They are not sincere, this is rhetoric, they’ve said this every time that we’ve had this debate.” – Wendell Potter, former insurance industry spokesman.

    Health insurance insider speaks out Taunya English – September 18, 2009


    Senate presents health reform proposal Kerry Grens – September 17, 2009

    WEB CHAT: Searching for what works in medicine Taunya English – September 15, 2009

    Is the healthcare you want worth paying for? Taunya English – September 15, 2009


    090910joe_sestak“There is some chance for bipartisanship but at the end of the day, unfortunately you cannot sacrifice good policy at the altar of bipartisanship.” – Congressman Joe Sestak (D)


    Health plan may lack bipartisan support Susan Phillips – September 11, 2009

    Obama praises Central PA health system Taunya English – September 11, 2009

    Pharmaceutical industry welcomes reform Kerry Grens – September 10, 2009


    Richard Stefanacci“I think the likelihood that the savings would come even close to insuring the millions of people that we’re talking about here is unlikely.” – Dr. Richard Stefanacci


    Health care reform’s impact on seniors Kerry Grens – September 10, 2009

    Specter gets support for health reform Tom MacDonald – September 9, 2009


    “What allowed us to get the kind of treatments that we needed was that we were lucky enough to have some good credit” -Debbie Plotnick


    Fitting mental health into the health care equation Maiken Scott – September 9, 2009

    Healthcare reform – WEB CHAT September 3, 2009

    Challengers debate health care Kerry Grens – September 2, 2009


    “My sense is, anything that happens now is going to be forced through.” – Congressman Mike Castle (R)


    Rep. Castle calls for health reform ‘time-out’ Mark Eichmann – August 26, 2009

    Congressional delegates for public option Tom MacDonald – August 26, 2009

    Help for hospitals switching to electronic health records Taunya English – August 25, 2009

    First-stop docs could get a pay raise Taunya English – August 24, 2009

    Medical cost-savings pilot Kerry Grens – August 20, 2009


    “…those premiums are purchasing thinner coverage, and by thinner coverage we mean coverage that comes with higher deductibles, higher co-payments and fewer benefits.” – Ron Pollack


    Advocates pitch health reform to middle-income Americans Taunya English – August 20, 2009

    Delaware health care costs rise faster than earnings Mark Eichmann – August 20, 2009

    Christian co-op shares health costs Taunya English – August 19, 2009

    Everyone is passionate about healthcare reform, but does everyone know the facts? Chris Satullo – August 16, 2009

    “Death panels” get the axe Kerry Grens – August 14, 2009


    “Mind you the public healthcare plan option, and I know you may disagree with what I say but it is the fact, is a choice, its a choice, nothing more.” – Congressman Joe Sestak (D)


    Sestak discusses healthcare at local church Susan Phillips – August 14, 2009

    Sestak faces concern with “public option” Susan Phillips – August 13, 2009

    Drugs companies at odds Kerry Grens – August 12, 2009

    Arlen Specter booed at town hall meeting Susan Phillips – August 12, 2009

    Congress on recess, no healthcare plan Phil Gregory – August 11, 2009

    PA targeted to support Obama health plan Susan Phillips – August 10, 2009

    Lawmakers hold healthcare reform forums Shai Ben-Yaacov – August 5, 2009

    Health care still priority during break Stephanie Aldrich – August 3, 2009

    Healthcare reform materializes in Congress Kerry Grens – July 16, 2009

    The squeaky wheels of healthcare reform Kerry Grens – July 15, 2009

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