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New health insurance rules kick in this week

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

This week marks the six month anniversary of the passage of the new federal health insurance law that will eventually require all citizens to have coverage. But the law has many components – some of which kick in soon.

Recent college grads can attest: finding a job can be hard. Finding one that offers health benefits, harder. The new health insurance law says that, at the next benefits renewal date, employers must extend family benefits to employees’ children, up to age 26. Whether or not they are employed, in school or even dependent. The only exception: If the child has a job that comes with health insurance.

That’s just one of the eight provisions coming online this week. Health care activists celebrated them at a forum with Joann Grossi, the regional leader for the federal Health and Human Services Department.

Grossi: I myself have friends who’ve had breast cancer, who currently have breast cancer, who’ve been dropped from their insurance. That doesn’t get to happen anymore because of this law.

That’s because insurance companies can no longer rescind benefits after a person has started tapping into them. Nor can insurers impose lifetime limits on how much health care a person uses. And children under age 19 cannot be turned away because of previous illnesses.

Kathleen Stohl, the deputy executive director of Families USA, advocated for the new rules.

Stohl: There’s a lot more to come in 2014, but the concrete benefits of health reform are here right now … that will literally help millions of people with health insurance and provide many many more Americans with a source of coverage that they haven’t had before.

An executive at United HealthCare, one of the nation’s largest insurers, said the company is prepared for the provisions to kick in this week, and it supports them. The law’s broadest measure – requiring everyone to have coverage – does not kick in until 2014.

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  • Michele Bonaventura says:

    I am an Italian legally leaving in America for 27 years.Respecting and loving this country but As soon I started to learn the new rules of America life I started to be afraid to stay in America. When you have a family a house and a job(no insurance) you make home anywhere. One thing that I cannot stand is you American helped Italy to have one of the best healt sistem in the world. I remember in the sixty our prime minister Mr Andreotti every six months he was coming to America and begging for money. Thanks to you (because you never said NO) Italy was correcting their problems and going on with their lifes. Why we cannot have a sistem like Italy socialaized medicine or like Canada. I have an insurance that I pay out my pocket, just to make it a little more affordable we tooke high deductable. It doesn’t work I still pay everything I need just in case I end into an hospital it will pay me to have this insurance. Meanwile I do not do any preventive medicine on myself Thank God that everybody in my family is healty otherwise I will be in bankruptcy. We need to open our eyes and relize that the medicine practized in America is just to keep the Doctors and the Pharmacetical industry busy and letting them to get rich and richer, that’s all. It is time to relize that we need help from our government to feel to respect and love this Nation, Which at one time was the gratest Nation in the world. I do apologise for some mistake on my spelling or writing. I hope that you understand what I mean and my frustration.

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