A Party of Planets in the Night Sky

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The sky is bright with many planets to be seen in the western sky tonight, March 26th. You’ll see a thin crescent moon, along with brilliant Venus and Jupiter. This is also the perfect time of year to see constellations of the winter sky and summer sky. Also, NASA is hoping it will be able to launch five sounding rockets, which are smaller rockets that don’t have as much thrust and carry a much smaller pay load. They also have a very special substance on board that upon exposure to oxygen, will glow. Since the sounding rockets are launching from Wallops Island, Virginia, which is not that far away from the Delaware Valley, we may be able to see this glowing material blowing around in the atmosphere. All this and more on this weeks Sky Talk.

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  • Lea Albera

    I happened to take my dog out Monday evening, & of course, I saw that beautiful crescent moon with Jupiter so bright. I called my grandson in Ohio; he & his dad went outside to see & reported back to me that indeed the planet was Jupiter. Very cool being able to share that with my family—-thanks Dr. Pitts—you are the bomb!

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