A new discovery about Supermassive Black Holes

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Can supermassive black holes have personalities? Let’s consult Derrick Pitts for an analysis. Some are calm and some are active, but the most significant thing is that some of these black holes have the ability to create motion, which is something new. More and more is being learned about Jupiter’s moon, Europa, which has an ocean of liquid water underneath the upper crust of ice. There is some suspicion that there might be life of some type there. But is there enough oxygen or sunlight? Also, what to see in the night sky on this week’s SkyTalk.

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  • Giles Farnaby

    I’ve always wondered if life forms on other worlds could thrive on elements other than oxygen and sunlight?Is it conceivable that alien creatures might breathe, say, methane? (yuk). If such possibilities exist, I would think the chances of life in the cosmos would be practically endless…

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