Tacony Quality of Life Council addresses crime, L&I issues

The Tacony Quality of Life Council meets monthly to address crime, zoning, licensing and other quality-of-life issues in Tacony and beyond. Below are the minutes from the group’s May meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for June 23.

Lt Marty Best reported on crime issues.

Burglary are up. Abandoned houses are being targeted for copper.

Burglaries are happening during the day

Auto theft have also increased. GPS’s, radio’s, personal items left in unlocked cars. Also cars left idling are being stolen while owners are in convenience stores. (At the Captains request cars left idling will be ticketed)

Major drug arrest this month. An individual responsible for a majority of marijuana, meth, and several other street drugs was arrested this month. Joint effort between 15th district officers, Field unit, DEA. This individual had been using females on the Avenue to transport drugs. Also at the time of arrest was found with 20 lbs of pot in his trunk.

Resolved Issues

Friendship Street abandoned car – removed

5100 Princeton Ave. (boat launch) – cleaned

Tolbut Street tree – pruned

Tulip Street cave-in – repaired

Keystone Street dumpster – removed

Wellington Street dog issue – resolved

I-95 graffiti – cleaned

Cindy Lustich discussed C.L.I.P. rules and regulations

CLIP handles yard cleanups, dog waste issues, overgrown weeds-grass etc.

There are 2 inspectors for this area. Issues are normally inspected within a couple days and property owners are given 2weeks to resolve the issue before the property is reinspected. If owners do not comply a ticket is issued and CLIP will schedule a crew to clean the area and the home owner is billed for the work.

Overgrown trees will only be pruned by CLIP if the tree impedes the right of way or interferes with electrical lines. If branches of a neighbors tree stretches onto your property you have the right to cut the branches to the property line. But not over the property line.

Any tickets or clean up charges are sent to the home owner. If the house is a rental property the owner of the property is still the person fined.

Maura Kennedy, L & I

Addresses and issues already sent to L&I will be inspected and a report sent back to the Council

L & I maintains all property in the city is owned by someone. Even if it is a city property. Owners must be accountable for their properties. L & I will research the property history to find the owner and make them comply, through the court is necessary with maintaining their property.

When an inspection is done and a violation is noted, the owner has 30 working days to fix or repair the violation. The court will hold hearings 1 day per week for violation compliance.

Abandoned house initiative is for any house left unsecured. Any city block that is over 80% occupied is part of this initiative. Property owners are responsible for insuring their un-occupied property is sealed. And if a property has a door or windows broken or open the owner, once the violation is written must seal the property within 30 days or can be subjected to a $300 per day fine.

If L&I must intercede and fix the violation the owner is responsible for the entire cost of the repair and any additional fines.

The city understands abandoned property’s are a haven for illegal drug use. It is in the best interest of the community to report the property.

In regards to rental properties, the property owner must have a rental license. Must pay taxes on income from the rental, and must maintain the property.

Any information on abandoned houses can be emailed to the Council and will be forwarded to Maura. The Council will then track the progress and report back to the complainant.

Illegal signage is now under the Streets Department umbrella. Illegal signs can be called into the 311 system (or e-mailed to the Council) and the Streets department will remove the sign and fine the business owner.

Pending Issues

Abandoned house Keystone Street needs to be resealed.

Abandoned house Marsden Street needs to be resealed

Abandoned house Gillespie Street needs to be inspected; rear wall collapsing

Algard Street “party” house needs to be inspected; zoning issue

Algard Street boarding house needs inspection; zoning issue

Hegerman Street potholes need repairs

Gillespie Street  potholes need repairs

Keystone Street warehouse needs inspection, demolition

Civic news

Mayfair Civic meeting is Tuesday May 31st at the Perzel Center.

Holmesburg Civic meeting is Tuesday June 13th.

Upper Holmesburg Civic meeting is Thursday June 13th.

Other News

**Tacony/Upper Mayfair/Holmesburg Town Watch needs more volunteers. Becoming a member is an easy process. Just fill out an application and commit to patrol with an active member 1 or 2 nights a month. Patrols normally start at 8:30pm and end at midnight.The police cannot be everywhere and TW as the eyes and ears of the community help the police track crime areas and document drugs and illegal activities.

**Next Great City-2 has scheduled their 2035 Release for July 7 at 5:30 at Moore Collage of Art

**The PHS City Gardens Contest gives Philadelphia residents recognition for their dedicated and imaginative gardening skills and offers them the opportunity to compete for top honors in several gardening categories.

Volunteer judges are needed for this contest.

**Please contact the Council at Taconyqol AT hotmail.com to report an abandoned house, a drug complaint, any CLIP or L & I issue.

Our June meeting is scheduled for Thursday June 23rd at 7pm at the Sons of Italy Lodge. A representative from the streets department will be addressing our members. Also we hope to schedule someone from the Veterans Administration to discuss their out-reach program


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