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How to Rescue Trees with Wrapped Up Roots

Is it possible to rescue a tree that was planted with its roots all wrapped up? Mike McGrath will bravely battle on behalf of the balled and burlaped. Plus: Mike examines a brand new variety of strawberry that has been developed at Rutgers University. And your fabulous phone calls! Questions of the Week: “Mike, the […]

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Mike McGrath at the Empty Bowl Dinner

Mike McGrath talks about hunger in America at the Empty Bowl Dinner benefit. Watch now »

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Homesweet Homegrown

If you have heard the saying, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade"? Then you will understand that is exactly what happened with Robyn Jasko and her husband Paul, but instead with peppers. It all started with Robyn's blog where she expressed her passions for gardening.

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