You Bet Your Garden

Did this miserable winter wipeout mildew and blight?

Mike McGrath chats with listeners about tamarind trees, how to build and fill a raised bed garden, how to plant for privacy, the best way to get rid of ivy, maintaining a daffodil display, the importance of rotating or mixing crops, a rose care regime and whether this winter has wiped out mildew and blight.

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Mike McGrath on Here and Now

Mike McGrath chats with Here and Now about Long, Cold Winter Leading to Gardening Woes »

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This month Friday Arts takes a trip outside the city to visit Woodland Jewel Mushrooms in Chester County. In this segment, we join the husband and wife team of Norman and Heather Fetter on their family farm in Spring City as they harvest gourmet mushrooms that take concentrated, time-consuming care.

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