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The New Yorker’s cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff

July 21, 2014

Hour 2

Guest: Bob Mankoff

[From the Radio Times archive] For some readers, The New Yorker cartoons don’t always elicit a “laugh-out-loud” response. But our guest, BOB MANKOFF, has likely made your sides split as more than 14,000 of his cartoons have been published in the venerable magazine. Mankoff became The New Yorker cartoon editor in 1997 after being a contributor for 20 years. He says “I may not have the best job in the world, but I’m in the running.” Among his duties is selecting about 17 out of over 500 cartoons submitted each week. Mankoff’s memoir, illustrated with cartoons and enhanced family photos, is titled after his most famous captioned cartoon, “How About Never – Is Never Good for You?” Marty sat down with Mankoff this April to discuss his book.

  • © Bob Mankoff/The New Yorker Collection/Condé Nast

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