Older than Dirt

Stardust discovered in a meteorite that landed in Australia more than 50 years ago is up to three billion years older than our solar syst ...

Air Date: February 22, 2020

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Coming Attractions

Astronomers observing white dwarf stars see spectrographic signatures of previously orbiting gas giant planets. Our gas giants (Jupiter a ...

Air Date: February 8, 2020

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NASA's three Great Observatories -- the Hubble Space Telescope, the SpitzerSpace Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory -- joined forces to probe theexpanding remains of a supernova, called Kepler's supernova remnant.


Supernovae are known as element factories, but astronomers are now discovering that merging neutron stars and fast-spinning supernovae ma ...

Air Date: January 11, 2020

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