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We’ve enhanced our TV lineup

This school year is going to be different. Caregivers, teachers, administrators and children are all faced with new challenges, questions and opportunities. WHYY-TV 12 is here to help.

Together with our fellow Pennsylvania PBS stations and Pennsylvania Department of Education, we have created Learning at Home, your connection to thousands of hours of educational and entertaining videos, activities and games. From Sesame Street for preschoolers to NOVA for high school science students, WHYY is the place to go for educational enrichment.

You will also find interactive Learning Shorts created by local educators and resources for parents to help their children stay engaged.

Teachers, parents and caregivers: please explore! We are in this #TogetherPennsylvania.

Learning at Home

Monday, September 20 – Friday, September 24
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (PreK to 3rd)
Full WHYY-TV 12 schedule

PBS WHYY Learning at Home TV Schedule Monday, September 20 - Friday, September 24

Download the Learning at Home schedule [PDF]

Weekly Activities

Download weekly schedules and fun activities designed for preschool through elementary age students.

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Download activities for Monday, Monday, September 20 – Friday, September 24 [PDF]

Descargar actividades para Lunes, Septiembre 20 – Viernes, Septiembre 24 [PDF]

Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition Now Open At The Franklin Institute

Students of all skill levels and interests will find a way to sharpen their unique talents as they innovate, invent, and influence their way through the IDEA Workshop. Make the most of your visit with this downloadable Educator Guide [PDF].

Crayola Ideaworks Educator Guide

Download the Educator Guide [PDF]


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Learning Shorts

Watch fun educational videos made by teachers in collaboration with the WHYY Media Lab.
middle school science teacher Brianna Barkus introduces us to the many caterpillars in a local Delaware garden
For Students

Butterflies with Ms. Barkus

Delaware middle school science teacher Brianna Barkus introduces us to the many caterpillars in a local Delaware garden.

1 year ago

Biodiversity in the Delaware Bay
For Students

Biodiversity in the Delaware Bay

Delaware middle school science teacher Brianna Barkus takes us to the Delaware Bay to show us the many organisms that call this area home.

1 year ago

Educating Voters using Vote411
For Students

Educating Voters using Vote411

Getting ready to cast your first ballot this year? Delaware educator Ms. Wells walks us through how to use the website

1 year ago

Student life during the pandemic
For Students

Students of COVID-19

Maizy Mennuti, junior at Haddon Township High School in NJ, checked in on how students from their school are handling the current shutdown.

1 year ago

Gabriel Perez Setright teaches Spanish vocabulary useful to the pandemic
For Students

Spanish for COVID-19

Join WHYY Media Lab instructor Gabriel Perez Setright as they walk us through a Spanish lesson of vocabulary words that are useful to know during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1 year ago

Learning at Home is a collaboration of the seven PBS stations in the commonwealth, collectively known as Pennsylvania PBS.

Visit to learn more about the statewide project in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
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