The Tornoe Spin: Christine O’Donnell to the rescue

Rob Tornoe provides a monthly editorial cartoon.  Feel free to respond. Here is his take this month.


Conservatives, convinced that the presidency of Barack Obama has been an enormous failure, look to the election of 2012 with hope and optimism that they can rid the country of his meddling socialist, big government fingers and Ronald Reaganize our economy back to prosperity.

Unfortunately, not a single one of the GOP’s 2012 candidates quite reach that perch of credibility, and have caused most conservatives, like a husband unhappy with a flawed wife, to continue to look afar to find a better quality mate. Well GOP, I’m here to suggest a perfect candidate for 2012 that should suit all your conservative needs – Delaware’s famous non-witch Christine O’Donnnell.It may seem an odd choice at first to pluck someone with little governing experience from the nation’s second-smallest state and put her in the GOP spotlight, but for a group of voters that hate and distrust government, you can’t get much better than never having held elected office. Ever since Mike Huckabee decided not to run, the Republican field has a need for a social conservative to take advantage of the evangelical Christian vote, which constituted 44 percent of all Republican presidential primary voters in 2008. O’Donnell is the perfect candidate for these voters, often parading “biblical” viewpoints in her rhetoric, like equating a lack of school prayer with weekly school shootings and taking the position that masturbation is adultery. She’s even made the case that hard evidence proves evolution is “merely a theory” and God’s creation of the world in “six 24-hour periods” is fact. Red meat for bible thumpers. There is the matter of her admission of dabbling in witchcraft, a big Christian no-no, which she could easily side-step by playing the lame-stream media card. After all, the coven you join in high school should stay in high school. In terms of support, O’Donnell has the potential to garner all the positives that Sarah Palin can muster, including a fascination by the media and her large support among men, without all the folksy negatives and idiotic statements about Paul Revere to drag her down. O’Donnell doesn’t have a Romneycare problem, a large credit account at Tiffany’s and has more campaign personality in one of her fingers that Tim Pawlenty exudes from his whole body. She doesn’t have the anti-homosexual views of Rick Santorum or the anti-war rhetoric of Ron Paul, and unlike Herman Cain, people know who Christine O’Donnell is. Finally, the life-blood of any campaign is money. The ability to raise cash might rival a GOP candidate’s need to oppose Roe v Wade. In tiny little Delaware, proudly waiving the tea party flag in her 2010 primary upset against party stalwart Mike Castle, O’Donnell was about to raise a substantial $3.8 million. Think of what she could do money-wise on a national scale with a consolidated Christian base behind her. After all, Republican voters don’t care as much about those pesky Fourteenth and Sixteenth Amendments as long as the Second Amendment is supported above all others. So watch out left-wing attack groups, the GOP might just have the right candidate to take on the liberal media and shake up the liberal-controlled GOP establishment.Say it with me – Christine O’Donnell for President?

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