The Tornoe spin

    In this month’s editorial cartoon Rob Tornoe looks at one of the front runners of the Republican presidential race. Here’s his spin.


    Eye of Newt? Newt Gingrich might have called out Mitt Romney on his “pious baloney,” but poor Newt might now be classified as “desperate baloney” after being eclipsed this week by the frothy Rick Santorum in Colorado and Minnesota. I would have mentioned Missouri, but Gingrich’s campaign was so unorganized that poor Newt wasn’t even on the ballot. After losing Florida, Gingrich’s new strategy is to seek delegates and survive until Super Tuesday, where geography favors him more than the other candidates. Oklahoma, Tennessee and Ohio all vote on March 6, as does Georgia, his home state. On the other hand, so does Virginia, another state that Gingrich failed to quality for the ballot, despite the fact it’s his current home state (a true Washington outsider). That brings us to little Delaware. Our Republican primary isn’t until April 24, so there’s little chance it will matter much among Republicans. But if Newt survives until Super Tuesday, and manages to pull off a string of victories, we could see the white-haired wife-lover right here in the First State, campaigning for delegates. Delaware’s primary is winner-take-all, and we have 18 delegates to throw at the victor. Back in 2008, John McCain beat Mitt Romney by 13 percentage points, so the state has no love for the Mittster. Plus, he was endorsed by our favorite non-witch, Christine O’Donnell, so that’s likely to drive more GOP votes Newt’s way. Weirder things have happened. For a state that voted for someone who admitted to dabbling in witchcraft, is a little Eye of Newt really all that out there? Rob Tornoe is an editorial cartoonist and a WHYY contributor. Check out more of his work at

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