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WHYY is the leading public media organization in the Philadelphia Region, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. You can access us on television, radio, in the community and right here online.

Our Vision is to create…

A community engaged and enriched through media.

Our Mission is to…

Engage audiences, expand perspectives and empower communities through continuous learning, truthful reporting, healthy dialogue and amplification of diverse voices.

We are deeply committed to the needs of young people. In fact, many people’s first experience with WHYY is watching our award-winning PBS Kids television programs as a child. We also offer multimedia instruction in our studios and at 42+ local schools. However, our children’s service is just the tip of the iceberg.

We produce more than a dozen local programs, such as Fresh Air with Terry Gross, You Oughta Know, and Studio 2. We offer a robust regional news service supported by a newsroom more than 50 people strong. We are also your local PBS and NPR station, bringing you long-time favorite programs, such as Antiques Roadshow, Morning Edition and more.

We bring together people in the community for more than 50 events each year. From critical conversations about civic issues with experts to “meet and greets” with big personalities, keep an eye on our events calendar for things to do all year round.

One of the things that makes us who we are is that we are Member-supported and a not-for-profit organization. Support from people in our community makes up about 50% of our operating budget, with additional support from leadership gifts, corporate underwriting and grants from foundations. This special funding formula allows us the creative freedom to create high-quality programs and services not possible anywhere else.

“WHYY is an important factor in our intellectual and emotional wellbeing!”

-WHYY Member, Kennett Square, Pa.

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A regular meeting of the WHYY Board of Directors will be held on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 8:00 am. This meeting will take at WHYY, 150 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

A regular meeting of the WHYY Community Advisory Board will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at noon. This meeting will take at WHYY, 150 N. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Coverage Area

Curious people of all ages, backgrounds and interests come to WHYY through a variety of media platforms to find the high quality, inspiring content they love. Information about WHYY-TV and WHYY-FM broadcast coverage areas can be found here.

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FCC Public Inspection Files
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