Help! I’m politically divided from my massage therapist

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I just found out my massage therapist is voting for Trump. I’m voting for Hillary. Massages are supposed to be relaxing, and knowing that I’m receiving my massage from a Trump supporter will not be particularly relaxing.

Instead of enjoying the experience, I’m far more likely to spend the session fretting about the fact that the healing hands that are magically removing the knots from my neck will soon be pulling the lever to put Mr. Trump in the White house.

Susan didn’t tell me herself. She’s far too professional to ever bring up such a divisive topic during a session. A friend who is also her client learned about it in conversation and passed the news along to me.

This has become a touch too personal for me. Should I find another massage therapist who isn’t a Trump supporter? Boycott Susan until Hillary is safely elected? Continue to see Susan, but get a temporary tattoo listing the reasons that I support Hillary, in the hope that I can change Susan’s mind as she’s rubbing my back?

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When I asked my Facebook pals for their advice, I got a range of responses.

Some friends urged me to stick with Susan:

If I stopped talking to every person in my life who loves the Donald, I’d lose a lot of people. Hang in there! It will be over soon enough.
I’ve unfriended a lot of people this election season because I can’t support anyone supporting Trump’s hatred. But a good massage is a thing of beauty, so unless she starts talking politics during a session, I’d stay with her.
People are entitled to their opinions and I think you should respect that. She’s not imposing her politics on you. She’s just trying to make a living.
If we start punishing people for their political views by withholding business or friendship we are devolving into something sad. It’s a challenge, but I am trying very hard not to punish people for what they believe.
You can’t spend your life looking for people who agree with you. Nor can you assume you’re the only one who came to the fight with the absolute truth.
Dropping her for her politics, as long as she’s not trying to sway you to her side is as bad as someone dropping you because you support Hillary.
Show some tolerance and just let it slide off your back (pun intended.)
You have an opportunity to connect with somebody who thinks very differently than you. I say keep your masseuse, and thank your gods that you have been afforded a window out of your social bubble.
If she’s a good therapist, I wouldn’t leave her on the basis of information she didn’t give you. You’re dealing with Trump supporters everywhere you go. You just don’t know it.
If you want to stand up for what is right with the hope of changing her mind, speak up! People are actually far more malleable to social pressures than we acknowledge. It may ruin the massage for you, but if it convinces her to rethink her position, it’ll be time well spent.

Other friends advised me to shun Susan:

I’d question Susan’s judgment, obviously, and her heart. Trump preaches hate and exclusion and a bunch of other ugliness. Anyone who is taken in by that would not be touching me.
There are plenty of good massage therapists who share your politics. Definitely switch, and tell her why.
All things being equal, I prefer to be around people who have good values, and to do business with people who have good values.
Surely she’s not the only gifted massage therapist out there? Maybe it makes sense to ask about someone’s political leanings before getting naked in a small room with them?
Dump Susan. Find a Bernie supporter. They probably give better massages anyway…
Do not schedule a massage before election day. Then schedule one and offer your condolences.

After thinking it over, I’ve decided to follow that last bit of advice. I’m going to stop seeing Susan. Not forever, but until Clinton wins. And as stressful as the next two weeks are bound to be, I won’t seek out another massage therapist.

Instead, I’m taking my massage money and donating it to Hillary’s campaign.

And if Trump becomes president? The political beliefs of the therapist who will need to give me the massive, stress-busting massage I’ll require if that happens will be the least of my worries.

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