Trump supporters rally in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania [photos updated]

As part of a coordinated national day to mobilize supporters of President Trump, groups rallied at locations in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

They ranged in size from a few dozen to a few hundred.  About 150 people rallied in Middletown, New Jersey.  Hundreds more gathered at Neshaminy State Park on the banks of the Delaware River in Bensalem, just north of Philadelphia.

Annette Minghenelli from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey was one of the few hundred people who braved the cold, windy weather at the Bensalem rally to prove she stands with the president. 

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“I am supporting the man, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump,” said Minghenelli.

Minghenelli said she is happy with the President’s performance. She said he is delivering on his promises the best he can in the short time he has been in office.   “Do I want border security? Absolutely. Do I want the immigration to stop? Absolutely. Not for the ones that are coming here legally. Term limits — number one. But, for him to be re-elected again in 2020 and he’s got my full support,” said Minghenelli. Don Thomas from Quakertown, Pennsylvania said there are a lot of campaign promises he would like to see the president make good on and he believes he will.  Thomas said he was at the rally to counter anti-Trump sentiment.  “We’re very frustrated with the protest of the people against Trump so we’re here to show we do support him,” said Thomas. 

Pat Thornton from Levittown said the president is doing a great job, and jobs are exactly what he hopes the president will create.

“Everybody can’t go to college; you know, and have a fantastic job because you know there’s just not that many of them,” said Thornton

Tammy Darcy of Doylestown was there holding a sign that had the popular Trump motto “Drain the Swamp.” She is happy with the progress the president is making and hopes he can reduce bureaucracy in Washington.

“We need to get rid of the elites in government that are poisoning what’s going on here,” said Darcy.

Outside Legislative Hall in Dover, Delaware, American flags, Trump flags and “Make America Great Again” signs adorned the Mall Saturday morning. About 50 men and women stood in the blistering cold to show support for the president.

The Tea Party group Main Street Patriots is behind the rallies nationwide which seek to demonstrate to the world why they support Trump.

“You look on the news and you see the anti-Trump protests and the anti-conservative movements, and we wanted to do something to show we are with are our president and want to take our country back,” said Alden Tonkay, the high school senior who organized the Dover rally.

The Dover gathering featured guest speakers such as Republican state senators Colin Bonini and Dave Lawson, as well as activists and community leaders active in conservative politics.

“I support his America first policies, putting the American worker first and I support his immigration policies, keeping our country safe,” Tonkay said.

“I think he’s done a very good job, I think it’s hard when you have a senate that’s not confirming his cabinet, but he’s doing a good job with the executive orders he’s put out.”

Aaron Herninko of Newark said he wanted to show support for a man he believes will serve citizens more than career politicians. He also said he agrees with Trump’s military and immigration policies.

“This is a good movement to get these politicians in line with what the founding fathers wanted for this country and put God back in this country, and that’s missing,” Herninko said.

“Politicians are more for the parties more than the people anymore — they have their own agenda and not for the people’s agenda — and we want to make this country great again.”

Eshed Alston of Dover said he’s met Trump, and even received correspondence from him in response to a letter he wrote. He says former President Barack Obama never replied to his letters. 

“Let the man get himself established, he’s only been in office five weeks and you’re talking about impeaching him? Give him a chance,” Alston said. “I’m out here because I don’t see another black face out here. To those young folk who need safe rooms and places to go cry, grow up!”

Judith Haiduk held a pink Women for Trump sign in support of the president. She said despite some of Trump’s comments on women, she supports him because she agrees with his immigration and military policies.

“I was somewhat offended by some of the comments I heard, and men and women alike should have been offended by them,” Haiduk said. “A lot of Trump is bluster, it’s still not right to say those things, but I like to judge people on their deeds as opposed to their words only, so I think the test of time is what we’re going to talk about. He certainly has put a lot of women in important positions in his entourage, so let’s see what happens in the next four years.”

Jeffrey Dixon of Newark said he doesn’t agree with everything Trump says, but supports the president because he believes he will create jobs, and cut wasteful spending in government.

“I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says. I wasn’t originally a Trump fan, I was more of a Ted Cruz fan during the campaign, but when Ted Cruz didn’t win the election I switched my allegiance to Donald Trump,” he said. “I don’t agree with a lot of things he’s said, but I don’t agree with a lot of things most politicians say — I don’t think anyone agrees with all of them.”  

Herninko said he doesn’t believe the accusations of racism and misogyny directed at Trump are valid.

“I think he’s not an eloquent speaker. He’s a man, but I think he’s a good man, I don’t believe he’s a racist. I think he wants what’s good for the people — all people. But they have to be legal too, you have to come into the country like you’re supposed to,” he said.

“Whether you like him personally, he’s still the president, and I think its unpatriotic not to support the Commander in Chief. You don’t have to like him, but you should support him.” 

Zoe Read and Rob Zawatski contributed to this report.

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