Radio Times

Alexandra Horowitz: “On Looking”

May 3, 2013

Guest: Alexandra Horowitz

[REBROADCAST] Take a walk around the block and look around — what do you see?  What don’t you see?  Cognitive scientist ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ says that most of us fail to see a lot of the world around us. Horowitz, the author of the bestselling book “Inside of a Dog,” has now turned her attention to human perception. To explore how we people perceive the world, Horowitz walked around her Manhattan block dozens of times, often with different people, including a geologist, a naturalist, a blind woman, a sound designer, and a toddler.  She found that we all see things differently and most of us would be surprised at what remains hidden in plain sight.  Horowitz, a professor of psychology at Barnard College, talked to Marty about her new book, “On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes.”

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