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Nov 9, 2011

1:00 a.m. – Cindy Bass was elected the next Eighth District Councilwoman on November 8, 2011. This election began in earnest on January 14 when incumbent Donna Reed Miller, a four term Democrat, announced that she would not seek re-election. In the following months, ten Democrats announced they would seek their party’s nomination. While some dropped out and some got kicked out (by ballot challenge) Cindy was one of seven Democrats that campaigned hard in the economic and racially diverse Eighth District. All seven appeared for a NewsWorks’ debate on April 27 in Germantown. On May 17 Cindy Bass won the Democratic primary. The Republicans did not nominate a candidate. Over the past few months she faced a new challenge from independent candidate Brian Rudnick in the General Election. Bass easily defeated Rudnick and now faces the task of putting together her council staff and strengthening her alliances with key city council members. Between now and January when Bass on other councilmembers are sworn in, NewsWorks will continue to use this spot to highlight developments as she prepares to represent the Eighth District.

10:14 a.m. – Brian Rudnick who lost to Cindy Bass says he won’t concede the race. Rudnick, an independent candidate, garnered about 11% of the vote while Cindy received 88%. Rudnick writes on his campaign blog, “I’m not sure how or even if she got the number of votes that’s been reported. I haven’t yet investigated how one verifies results in an electronic voting system such as ours – I mean, where do you even begin to look for the hanging chads?.”


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Nov 8, 2011 – Election Day (recap)

10:51 p.m. 

Election Category: DISTRICT COUNCIL – 8TH DIST

97.69 % 169/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 7 0.03 %




10:37 p.m. 85% of the precincts reporting

Cindy Bass (declared winner) 87%

Brian Rudnick 12%



10:29 p.m. – 74% of the precincts reporting

Cindy Bass (declared winner) 87%

Brian Rudnick 12%



10:25 p.m. – 67% of the precincts reporting

Cindy Bass (declared winner) 87%

Brian Rudnick 12%

See our full story on Cindy Bass’ victory


10:04 p.m. NewsWorks: Cindy Bass wins Eighth District Council race in Philadelphia.


10:01 p.m. 42% of the precincts reporting

Cindy Bass 85%

Brian Rudnick 14%

Cindy Bass spoke minutes ago to her supporters gathered at the Platinum Grille in Chestnut Hill. We’ll have a full story on this later tonight.



9:54 p.m. 34% of the precincts reporting 

Cindy Bass 85%

Brian Rudnick 14%



9:42 p.m.- 24% of the precincts reporting

Cindy Bass 83%

Brian Rudnick 16%



9:36 p.m. – 19% of the precincts reporting

Latest results

Cindy Bass 82%

Brian Rudnick 17%



9:25 p.m. – 15% of the precincts reporting

Latest results

Cindy Bass 79%

Brian Rudnick 20%



9:16 p.m. – We’re beginning to see returns coming in for the 8th City Council race. We now have 5% of the precincts counted. 

Cindy Bass 79%

Brian Rudnick 20%


8:44 p.m. – The voting results are coming in for many of Philadelphia’s races. So far there are no posted results on the Eighth District race. This happened during the May 17 primary for the Eighth. We had very slow returns then around 10:40 p.m. the returns came in really fast. 


8:00 p.m. The polls are closed.


12:00 p.m. This is a big day for voters in the 8th District City Council District. As you know, incumbent Donna Reed Miller did not seek re-election and so voters are deciding right now who will replace her. The two candidates are Democratic candidate and Mt. Airy resident Cindy Bass and independent candidate and Chestnut Hill resident Brian Rudnick

The 8th District covers Germantown, Logan, Nicetown, Tioga, Ogontz, parts of Hunting Park, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill.

Aaron Moselle caught up with independent candidate Brian Rudnick who had started his day at 4:30 a.m. See full story

Brian Hickey was there when Cindy Bass arrived at Germantown Christian Assembly to vote. “The voters will tell us if our message resonated,” she told us. 

Also, there was some confusion for voters who are used to voting at St Michael’s Lutheran Church at 6671 Germantown Avenue. There voting station has been moved to the nearby fire station at Germantown Ave & Carpenter Lane. See full story.


Oct 20, 2011

Brian Rudnick is airing a campaign ad on cable television. It is on Comcast Philadelphia: NW Broadcast District.

Cindy Bass continues to meet with voters on her “Listening Tour.” NewsWorks attended her Wednesday (10/19/11) campaign event in Germantown.


Oct 11, 2011

Independent candidate Brian Rudnick says he now has 15 field workers to help him knock on doors and hand out campaign fliers. In Rudnick’s post on his website, he mentions that NewsWorks is trying to schedule a debate between him and Bass. This is true. But so far no date has been set. So this debate is tentative. 

Cindy Bass‘ campaign has released a schedule of campaign events. Tonight she will be at Impacting Your World Christian Center from 7-8:30 p.m., 6515 Germantown Ave.

       October 13, 2011       Beloved St John      7-8:30pm      4541 North Broad Street (at Belfield Avenue)      October 17, 2011      Canaan Baptist Church      7-8:30pm      5430 Pulaski Avenue     October 18, 2011      House of Prayer     7-8:30pm     1600 Limekiln Pike

      October 19, 2011      TBA     7-8:30pm     October 25, 2011      Nazarene Baptist Church     7-8:30pm     Germantown Ave and Luzerne St.     November 1, 2011      Church of the Brethren     7-8:30pm     6601 Germantown Ave.     November 2, 2011     St. Therese Catholic Church    7-8:30pm    Ardleigh & Upsal Street


Oct 4, 2011

Cindy Bass, the Democratic nominee for City Council in the 8th District, announced she will begin a four-week listening tour tonight to gather ideas from community. Bass is scheduled will be at New Joy Missionary Baptist Church at 2314 West Allegheny Ave (7pm-8:30pm)


Oct 3, 2011 – It is now five weeks until the November 8th election, which will elect a new council representative from Northwest Philadelphia’s Eighth District. Over the summer Independent candidate Brian Rudnick earned a spot on the ballot. That means voters here will see both Cindy Bass and Brian’s name on the ballot. Voters can also submit any registered Eighth District voters name as a write-in candidate for council. 


Summer break 


May 19 – In many ways there were seven mini-elections waged in this year’s Eighth District Democratic Primary. There are seven wards in this District. Ward leaders and their Committee people often work together to urge their neighbors to vote for a particular candidate. Here are the ward results from Tuesday night.


9th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – John O’Connell 


1 – Cindy bass 32%               1099 votes

2 – Howard Treatman 28 %     935

3 – Verna Tyner 21 %             709

4 – Greg Paulmier 16%           534

5 – Andrew Lofton 2%            51

6 – Robin Tasco 1%                40

7 – William Durham ½ %        22


22nd Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – Rondal Couser


1 – Cindy Bass 50%                              2452

2 – Greg Paulmier 18%                          857

3 – Howard Treatman 17%                     823

4 – Verna Tyner 8%                               378

5 – Andrew Lofton 3%                          135

6 – Robin Tasco 3%                              129

7 – William Durham 1%                         69


59th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – Donna Reed Miller


1 – Cindy Bass 39%                            1257

2 – Greg Paulmier 23%                        752

3 – Howard Treatman 15%                   484

4 – Verna Tyner 14%                            432

5 – Robin Tasco 5%                             170

6 – Andrew Lofton 3%                         90

7 – William Durham 1%                       46


12th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – John Connelly


1 – Greg Paulmier 42%                         1291

2 – Cindy Bass 31%                              949

3 – Howard Treatman 11%                    325

4 – Verna Tyner 9%                              288

5 – Robin Tasco 3%                              86

6 – Andrew Lofton 3%                          80

7 – William Durham 1%                        43


17th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – Mabel Windham


1 – Cindy Bass 42%                            1321

2 – Verna Tyner 26%                            816

3 – Greg Paulmier 16%                        490

4 – Howard Treatman 6%                     198

5 – Robin Tasco 4%                             121

6 – Andrew Lofton 3%                        100

7 – William Durham 3%                       94


13th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – Rosita C. Youngblood


1 – Cindy Bass 40%                            1034

2 – Verna Tyner 25%                           639

3 – Greg Paulmier 20%                        517

4 – Robin Tasco 4%                            108

5 – Andrew Lofton 4%                        102

6 – Howard Treatman 4%                     95

7 – William Durham 2%                       57


11th Ward

Map (pdf)

Ward leader – Al Stewart


1 -Verna Tyner 51%                            858

2 – Cindy Bass 26%                            428

3 – Greg Paulmier 13%                       225

4 – Andrew Lofton 4%                        60

5 – Robin Tasco 3%                            43

6 – Howard Treatman 2%                    37

7 – William Durham 1%                      21





May 18 – Chestnut Hill resident Brian Rudnick today declared his candidacy as a write-in candidate for the Eighth District Council seat in the November General Election.

Rudnick is the guy who shoots those slice-of-life style videos for The Chestnut Hill Local. My favorite is when he stumbled upon a wedding at the Valley Green In. (see video)

He declared his candidacy on his blog today with these words:

And, whereas the Green Party of Philadelphia has yet to rally around anyone for whom we could collect petition signatures to get on the November ballot, I  hereby throw my shoe at the Democratic machine by declaring my candidacy as a write-in for the 2011 November general election for 8th District Council.

This will be his second run at this Council seat. He ran unsuccessfully as the Green Party nominee in 2007. In that contest Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller won with 21,131 votes, Jesse Brown came in second with 5,223, Brian Rudnick got 1,126, and Jim Foster finished last with 590.

This time his name won’t appear on the ballot. As a write-in candidate he’ll have to rely on voters remembering his name and typing it in on the screen. But for Brian the upside of his write-in candidacy is that he won’t have to collect petition signatures over the summer leaving him more time to shoot videos.


Election Day

May 17 – 11:45 p.m. –  

1st Cindy Bass gave her acceptance speech shortly have being declared the winner. She told supporters that it was time to unify the voters in the District, “We had seven people run, they all had their own constituency, and it’s really time to work with them, bring everybody to the table and to unify.”

2nd – Greg Paulmier came in 2nd in the race. After hearing the news that Bass had won, Paulmier summed up his campaign this way, “I feel like we did the best we could,” and added. “No one can say he didn’t run his hardest.”

3rd – Verna Tyner conceded the race shortly after 11:00 p.m. “I guess I better find Cindy’s number,” Tyner said.

4th – Howard Treatman gave his concession speech at 11:05 p.m. “we ran a good race.,” Treatman told a gathering of his supporters.

5th – We probably won’t hear a concession speech from Robin Tasco. Around 10 p.m. she heard on the radio that Cindy had a comfortable lead and then called it a night and went home.

6th – Andrew Lofton didn’t give a speech tonight. With only 5 or 6 supporters left around 10:30 p.m. Lofton said he was going home because he had to work tomorrow.

7th – William Durham is incommunicado at this hour. He spent the night with close family and friends. He told NewsWorks he’d give us an interview but no such luck.



97.69 % 169/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %





May 17 – 11:00 p.m. – NewsWorks calls the race for Cindy Bass.

With 98 percent of the votes counted Cindy Bass is the winner of the Democratic Primary for the Eighth District Council race. She won in a seven-way contest and is likely to win the General Election in November. The Republican Party did not run any candidates this year.




94.80 % 164/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %


May 17 – 10:44 p.m. – We just saw a big jump in percentage of precincts counted. We’re now at 56%.


58.38 % 101/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %



May 17 – 10:19 p.m. – Howard Treatman has arrived at The Commodore Barry Club

By Bob O’Brien for NewsWorks

Howard Treatman is awaiting the election results with his supporters tonight in Mt. Airy. David Scholnick, Treatman’s campaign coordinator, said earlier tonight that he feels confident that Howard will do well in the 59th Ward in Germantown, where Treatman lives, and the 22nd Ward that includes West Mt. Airy.

When asked about large sum of money ($275,000) that Treatman donated to his campaign and whether that a positive thing, Scholnick fired off the campaign’s standard response, “Howard is spending his own money. It’s something that assures the voters that he’s independent of any political party. He’s not a part of the machine.”



16.18 % 28/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %





1.16 % 2/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %


May 17 – 10:04 p.m. -Verna Tyner arrives at her Election night party

By Yara Simon for NewsWorksVerna Tyner arrived after 9:20 p.m. and was cheered on by her supporters as she walked in to her Election night Headquarters at the old Bargain Thrift Store location at at 5245 Germantown Ave.Her son, Ricky Bailey, is checking his IPad for election returns for his mom.  While Tyner is spending most of her time talking with her volunteers, she occasionally drops in to see the progress. “We’re still waiting for them to come in,” she said. “I believe we’re going to win victoriously.”


May 17 – 9:53 p.m. – Lofton is in Mt. Airy tonight awaiting the election results

by Daniel Koob for NewsWorksAndrew Lofton is awaiting election returns at the Black Pearl restaurant in Mt. Airy.  At 9:30pm, Lofton read aloud the first returns of the election, announcing to those nearby he had accumulated 2.76% of an early count.Lofton’s campaign consisted mostly of text messaging and emailing. “We didn’t see a need for an office because no one would be there,” Lofton said. “All of the information people needed was available on my website.”


May 17 – 9:44 p.m. – Howard hasn’t showed up yet

By Bob O’Brien

Howard Treatman‘s party kicked off at The Commodore Barry Club in Mt. Airy tonight at 9 p.m. But as of 9:42 p.m. No Howard. There are about 30 supporters are enjoying the nice food spread that he paid for.


May 17 – 9:29 p.m. – Meanwhile at Robin’s place

by Elliott Griffin

About a dozen family and friends have gathered at the Robin Tasco’s campaign headquarters thus far. Volunteers are sharing stories about their experience passing out Tasco campaign literature throughout the neighborhood today. Tasco says she is receiving text messages from friends about the turnout at different locations. When asked which ward she expects to do best in Tasco said ” I really don’t know, I’ve been well received everywhere.”

They are planning on hearing the results on TV but they have yet to turn to any local networks.


May 17 – 9:22 p.m. This is the very first return from the Eighth District race. This is less than one-percent of the Precincts. What’s strange is some of the other District races have nearly 75 percent of the votes counted.


0.00 % 0/173 Precincts Completed.

Overall winner(s) Denoted by Winner vs Runner(s) up

Candidate Name Party Votes % Of Total Votes
Write In, 0 0.00 %


May 17 – 9:19 p.m. – Police cars spotted at Cindy Bass election night party

There was some police activity in front of Cindy Bass’ election night party at the old NXNW spot in Mt. Airy. The disturbance, we are told, had nothing to do with the Bass campaign. NewsWorks photographer Bas Slabbers talked to police and witnesses on scene. Here’s what he described to me: At 8:30 p.m. eight police cars arrived after two men were apparently angry with a woman in car, who they believed owed them money for their election day help. The two say they were passing out campaign literature on behalf of Liberty City earlier in the day at Allens Lane Art Center. No one was arrested and police left the scene at 8:40 p.m.


May 17 – 8:56 p.m. – Verna Tyner’s supporters are arriving

By Yara Simon for NewsWorks

Verna Tyner’s are gathering at 5425 Germantown Ave. to await tonight’s election returns. People are slowly arriving. Laura Frank, a campaign coordinator, was among the first to arrive. She was at the campaign’s call center today and is maintaining a positive attitude. “We’re hoping to celebrate,” she said. “We’re planning to celebrate.”


May 17 – 8:46 p.m. – Robin Tasco awaits results

By Elliott Griffin for NewsWorks

About 12 people are now at Robin Tasco Election night party at 25-27 E. Walnut Lane in Germantown.  With no wifi available supporters are gathering about a TV in the middle of the room. Tasco says that there was definitely low voter turnout throughout the area today. “When I was in the 13th ward today some people still didn’t know who all the candidates were but by their own accounts not because the information wasn’t out there,” she said. Nonetheless, the crowd at Tasco headquarters is excited, frequently chanting “Tasco, Tasco!”


May 17 – 8:00 p.m. The polls are closed.


May 17 – 7:25 p.m. – The Committee of Seventy has this 6 p.m. snapshot of voter turnout at two polling locations.

Ward 9, Division 9 (Eighth District): 189 voters/835 registered

Ward 9, Division 8 (Eighth District): 103 voters/482 registered


May 17 – 7:02 p.m. – Michael Gaudini one of our Temple University students roaming the District spotted Greg Paulmier delivering meals to his campaign workers around the Eighth District.


May 17 – 6:50 p.m. – Committee of Seventy says the rain caused some minor issues at some polling locations around Philadelphia. Here’s what Ellen Mattleman Kaplan sent us earlier this afternoon:

“We are continuing to get reports of improper electioneering at a number of polling places (to some degree attributable to campaigners trying to get in from the rain). Our volunteers are getting a lot of practice reminding campaigners not to get within 10 feet of the place where voting is taking place.”


May 17 – 5:08 p.m. – Polling location update by Max Matza

At 4:00 p.m. campaign workers at the Pleasant Recreation Center are growing weary of the rain and the low turnout. A man working for the Greg Paulmier campaign guesses that around 10-20 people having been arriving here every hour to vote. A woman is using a broom, trying to sweep a puddle away from the entrance to the rec center. Some voters are driving across the soggy field in the playground, from Chew Avenue, parking on the basketball court. Below the basketball court men sit in folding chairs clutching campaign literature. They listen to Ipods and text on their cell phones. None are speaking to each other, but they look up occasionally to ask people walking past if they have voted yet. A Paulmier van equipped the speakers drives down Boyer St shattering the awkward silence.


May 17 – 5:03 p.m. – John “weatherman” Street updates his robocall message

By Kristen Mosbrucker for NewsWorks

I also just got an “automated” call from former Mayor John Street. This afternoon robocalls with Street’s voice are going out with a new message. The recording: “Hello, this is former mayor John Street. I know it’s raining outside but You can’t let a little rain stop us from voting for people who will make a difference for us in city hall. If you haven’t voted grab an umbrella and get on down to the polls.”

It was paid for by Tyner for Council —and Street says vote for Verna Tyner and Bill Green.


May 17 – 4:57 p.m. – Confusion over ballots bring Verna Tyner to poll location

By Max Matza for NewsWorks

At 3:30 Verna Tyner visited the Holy Trinity Bethlehem Presbyterian Church on 11th and Rockland St after having received phone calls from supporters claiming that the polling location is using incorrect ballots. “Some of the voters called me. The people knew me and were concerned.” She believes the problem arose because the 49th Ward consists of more than one councilmanic district.

Tyner told Newsworks that her pastor, D. Omar Epps from Bryant Baptist Church in South Philadelphia, has joined her campaign for the rest of the day. At 4:30 she admits, “I thought that I would be actually resting by now, but I have been visiting more polling places… everyone wants to say hello.” Her impression of the voter turnout, after having visited many polling places in the Eighth District, is that “its slow all over, all over the city.”


May 17 – 4:44 p.m. – Polling location updates by Andrea Lorenzo and Aden Gideon, Temple University students Around 2:15 p.m. at the Morris Estate Recreation Center, there seemed to be more people handing out literature than there were voters.  “Weather is keeping them back,” says Deatra Butler, a campaigner for Democratic candidate Cindy Bass.  Butler explains that majority of the voters polling at Morris Estate are senior citizens and the weather might be the reason for such low turnout.  In the six hours that she has spent at the estate, she has seen about 30 people come in to vote. Angelique Parrish, a campaigner for Democratic candidate Greg Paulmier, said that the voter turnout at the Philip Murray House, which is only a block away, was more successful than at the Morris Estate. James Harvey, a committee member, believes he saw around 70 people come in to vote at the Murray House.  He explained that they offered a translator for non-English speaking residents.


May 17 – 4:17 p.m. – polling location update by Alan Tu, NewsWorks editor, and Foluke Denis, Temple University student.

At the Ladder 18, Engine 59 fire station on West Hunting Park Avenue poll workers at 2 p.m. said turnout has been light. 

At E.W Rhodes School, on 29th and Clearfield streets, turnout is on pace with other off year primaries. Poll worker Denise Hailey said she has been there since 6:30 a.m. and by 3 p.m. only about 70 out of 622 people had voted.

“For a May Primary the same amount of people have shown. People are very complacent and in order for the system to work, we need people here at the polls,” Hailey said.

At this location a van drove by with a loud speaker screeching, “Vote that white Mayor out of office, vote for Milton Street.” The reference to “white Mayor” is a dig at Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who is black, but has been characterized by some as ‘not black enough’ in the policies he supports.


May 17 – 4:15 p.m. – polling location update by Phil Neuffer, Temple University student.

Just as in many other parts of the city, in the 11th Ward of the Eighth District, voter turnout or lack thereof has been the story for today’s municipal primary elections.

“This [turnout] is pathetic,” said Darlene Davis after voting at Thankful Baptist Church, a polling location on 17th Street and West Allegheny Ave.

The Church was quiet for most of the early morning with a mere 28 voters having cast ballots as noon approached.

“I think we should have more,” Judge of Elections William Knight said, although he admitted a low turnout is not surprising. “In major elections we get more people but not as much with primaries.”

Knight, who has been judge of elections at Thankful Baptist Church for the past few years, saw the total number of voters reach 54 at around 2:30 p.m. after an early afternoon surge.

The rain isn’t deterring campaign supporters. Several supporters for Cindy Bass, Greg Paulmier and Verna Tyner were seen handing out campaign materials.


May 17 – 3:14 p.m. – polling location updates by Dan Snyder and Juliet DeRose, Temple University students.

Voter turnout was low at 2:20 p.m. at the Chestnut Hill library polling location. In fact, there seemed to be more people checking out books in the library than casting a ballot.

But there were clear signs that it was Election Day. Supporters of Greg Paulmier were greeting voters here.

Judge of Elections, Carol Isard told us they had nearly 120 voters of the 717 registered in the area. Isard thought the rain had deterred a good part of the voting base.

Most voters who came in were Democrats. Election workers said that’s exactly what they expected as the Germantown area (and Philadelphia as a whole) tends to vote Democratic.

It was also a slow day at the Water-Tower Recreation Center. Still, we were promptly greeted at the door by realtor and Paulmier supporter, Neil Kugelman. Inside, more of Paulmier’s supporters swarmed us with pamphlets and “suggested ballots.” 

In the hour we observed this afternoon, only about three voters stopped in to punch their ticket. Apparently only about 80 voters had cast a ballot all day. Deborah Kline, a Democratic Committee member said she felt that more people would likely filter in later on in the day.

“After school hours and when the trains roll in is really when we expect to see bigger numbers,” said Kline. Rain seems to be another large factor, but young people seemed to be more interested here. We found two 18-year-old twins lending their support to campaign for Cindy Bass at the Water Tower Recreation Center.


May 17 – 2:54 p.m. – polling location updates by Max Matza

At around 1 p.m. campaign volunteers at the Chestnut Hill Library were quietly reading novels in the foyer. Adrian Voss says he’s glad to be dry, but extremely bored. Turnout appears to be light at this location. At the fire station on West Highland Avenue in Chestnut Hill, firefighters have responded to two emergency calls as of 1p.m. As alarm bells rang, voters and volunteers watched the firefighters suit up and jump on the fire engine. As the truck peeled out, exhaust fumes filled the garage.

Kathy Shaifer and her husband Carl have volunteered to help with voting here for about 10 years. She has grown used to the whole ordeal, and sees it as a welcome distraction from her 13-hour shift. At the Allen Lane Art Center in Mt. Airy around noon today, high school volunteers for the Bass campaign, Matt O’Toole and Max Cavalli, have erected a shelter out of a lawn chair and a rainbow umbrella. They proudly call their design, “The Cave.” They are unpaid volunteers who are using the experience to boost their resumes. As seniors in high school, they are starting to understand the importance of credentials. “It looks good to colleges,” Cavalli explains.


May 17 – 2:44 p.m. – polling location update by Natasha A. Shapiro, Temple University student.

In the 12th Ward of Germantown at 10 a.m. this Election Day has been dreary in both the weather and voter turnout.  “It’s been a slow and steady crowd,” said Jean Lindsey, “But primaries are usually slow anyway.

Nikita Stewart, Theresa Carter and Scottie Walker joined Lindsey outside the polls at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf at 143 W Coulter St. where they’re encouraging passerby to come inside.

“Get your vote on!” they yell at cars passing by the intersection of Coulter and Knox streets.

Down the street, outside the polls at the Germantown Professional Building, the situation isn’t much different. “I think there’s been about 42 people so far,” said poll worker Curtis Hatton.  “It’s kind of slow.”


May 17 – 2:24 p.m. – polling location update by Andrew Lecointe and Derek Dennis, Temple University students.

At the Senior Center on 1531 Tioga St., there was a little mishap around 11: 30 a.m. involving someone who voted under someone else’s name. A second vote will be placed by the actual voter, and the other vote will apparently be thrown out.


May 17 – At 2:20 Howard Treatman emerged from Starbucks on Germantown Ave in Chestnut Hill. “Getting caffeinated” he explains, while holding up his coffee. This could be a long night for Treatman. (update from Max Matza)


May 17 – 1:05 p.m – Polling location updates by Kristen Mosbrucker

Verna Tyner voted early this morning around 7:30 a.m. at the Venango House on 21st Street in the Tioga neighborhood. Reporter Kristen Mosbrucker caught up with her there in the rain. Typically upbeat on the campaign, she told Mosbrucker the rain to her is like, “liquid sunshine.” And yes, she said, she did vote for herself.

Asked about the Ethics Board recent raid of Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office, Tyner says it hasn’t fazed her a bit and says they are two different people. Miller endorsed Tyner last Tuesday. Shortly after that on Friday the 13th the Ethics Board began an investigation into whether Miller’s staffers used city time and resources to send out Miller’s endorsement letter of Tyner.

Despite Tioga being a Tyner stronghold, Cindy Bass and Greg Paulmier supporters were out in force this morning.  The Bass supporters were going door-to-door handing out Bass for Council pamphlets. One Bass worker was blunt about the reason for helping out. “It’s just about the money,” NewsWorks was told. (Bass workers get $100 each; Greg Paulmier workers said the same.)

When asked whether anyone but Verna Tyner has a chance at her old stomping grounds, Elizabeth Stokes, a committee person for the 11th ward says it’s not likely. 

“I think they feel threatened,” she says referring to the other campaigners, “[Verna Tyner] she’s a good person and does a good job.” 

By 8:30 am only about 20 people had come to the polling location, turn out is expected to be low around the city.


May 17 – 12:16 p.m. – William Durham plans to campaign at 4 p.m. near the Philip Murray House, at the intersection of Stenton and Old York Road.  It’s the largest polling place in the 17th Ward.  His campaign told NewsWorks that he is planning to await election returns in a largely private event. NewsWorks will have a reporter there.


May 17 – 11:30 a.m.  Germantown Polling location update by Eliot Shorr-Parks, Temple University student

Turn out is light this morning at Philadelphia at Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. As of 10 a.m. poll workers estimated that about 30 people had voted. A number that is low for this location. Some of the volunteers here blame both the gloomy weather and general voter apathy for the light early turnout.

One person who was out was Traffic Court candidate Carlene Clark, who was seen shaking hands with voters nearby.


May 17 – 10:18 a.m. – Andrew Lofton says he’ll hold his election night party at The Black Pearl Restaurant, 7200 Germantown Ave, Mt. Airy.

Verna Tyner’s election night party will be at 5245 Germantown Ave. in Germantown. This is where Bargain Thrift Store used to be before it closed.


May 17 – 9:52 a.m. – Robin Tasco will holding her election night party at her campaign HQ at 25-27 E. Walnut Lane.

Howard Treatman is about to cast his vote. His campaign says he’ll be at Mastery Charter School/Pickett at 10 a.m.


May 17 – 7:00 a.m. – Polls open.

Download a sample Eighth District ballot (pdf)



May 16 – Howard Treatman just triggered the “millionaire’s provision” in the city’s campaign finance laws. NewsWorks has learned that Treatman has donated even more money to his campaign. In total, he has given $275,000 of his own personal money into his campaign for City Council. NewsWorks reporter Dave Davies says Treatman’s donations has implications for every Philadelphia candidate. The Ethics Board just sent out an email with this annoucement. 

       On May 12, 2011, Howard Treatman, a candidate in the 8th City Council district       election, contributed $35,000 to his candidate committee, Treatman for Council. That contribution brought the total amount contributed by Mr. Treatman to his campaign to $279,486.10.

       Pursuant to Regulation No. 1, Paragraph 1.7, if a candidate makes total contributions of $250,000 or more of his or her personal resources to his or her candidate committee, then the contribution limits for all candidates for that office shall be doubled for that calendar year. (pdf)



May 16 – Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, along with the Committee of Seventy, announced today that they will be watching Tuesday’s Primary Election closely. In a statement released this morning it says: “Mobile units, each with an Assistant District Attorney and a District Attorney’s Detective, will be dispatched to problem polling places to investigate any person who attempts to violate a citizen’s right to vote.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Charges can include:  assault, vote fraud, harassment, terroristic threats and voter intimidation.”


May 15 – Verna Tyner received her Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communications from LaSalle University today. She attended Simon Gratz High School (Class of 1977). If anyone has a photo of Tyner at the graduation ceremony please email to me atu@whyy.org


May 15 – I got my photos from last night’s East Mt. Neighbors fundraising dance event. We spotted Cindy Bass and her husband and Howard Treatman and his wife. We’ll have those photos when I publish the EMAN story later tonight. (Greg Paulmier also made it to Saturday’s dance but we don’t have a photo.)


May 15 – We spotted a William Durham campaign sign. I don’t think there are a lot of these. According to his most recent campaign finance filing, Durham had $11 left to spend after May 3.


May 15 – G-Town Radio is planning to provide election result live on Election night. Ed Feldman will be joined by Pete Mazzaccaro, editor for the Chestnut Hill Local, Karl Biemuller, editor for The Germantown Chronicle & The Northwest Independent, and Holly Otterbein, staffwriter for The City Paper. The broadcast time is something Ed is still working on. Apparently, he will have to kick some other people off the air, if he wants studio time. Good luck with that Ed.



May 14 – We just learned where Cindy Bass plans to hold her election night party. It will be at the old North by Northwest site at 7165 Germantown Ave in Mt Airy. Howard Treatman has booked a spot at the Commodore Barry Club for Tuesday night. So, that’s two for Mt. Airy. We’ll let you know where the other five will be as soon as we know. Also, NewsWorks is sending reporters to cover all seven candidates on election night.


May 14 – The Ethics Board investigation into possible misuse of city property for campaign activities is wider than we first thought. Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Ethics Board also issued a subpoena for materials within Council President Anna Verna’s office. Yesterday, the Ethics Board raided Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office after it received complaints that her endorsement of Verna Tyner was sent out on Council letterhead. The complaints came from representatives of two Eighth District candidates. Read full story.


May 14 – Governor Ed Rendell has endorsed Cindy Bass in the Eighth District race. “From her years working for me, I know Cindy to be an incredibly hard-working, conscientious and ethical leader,” Rendell said in a statement released today from the Bass campaign. (pdf)


The Day of the Raid

Friday the 13th – We are learning more about what prompted the Ethics Board to launch an investigation into Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office.

Fox29 reports that The Committee of Seventy was the first to be tipped off on this.  

“Fox 29 has learned on Thursday morning, the watchdog group Committee of 70 received two phone calls from a tipster or tipsters, claiming that campaign materials for 8th district council candidate Verna Tyner were being reproduced on the copy machine in Donna Reed Miller’s office.” Read full story

Heard in the Hall reports Miller’s endorsement of Verna Tyner was printed on Council letterhead.  

“The issue seems to be related to the Tyner endorsement, which Miller’s communications director, Michael Quintero Moore, e-mailed this week from his city e-mail account on Miller’s city council letterhead. Ethics rules prohibt campaign work done with city time and resources.” Read full story


Friday the 13th – Verna Tyner is holding the her last major (pre-primary) fundraiser tonight. It will be from 7-11 p.m. at Maia’s Banquet Hall, 5920 Greene Street.


Friday the 13th – Howard Treatman says if the allegations against Donna Reed Miller are true it represents another example of the “back-room politics” that he hopes to get rid of.  Read his full statement.  Also, we learned that Treatman plans to be at the Commodore Barry Club in Mt. Airy for his election night party.


Friday the 13th – Dave Davies has just posted the NewsWorks story on today’s raid on Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller’s office. Miller’s attorney had little to say but in a statement said Miller is cooperating with the Ethics Board. Read full story.


Friday the 13th – Greg Paulmier had a witty response when NewsWorks caught up with him today. When asked about his reaction to the news that the Ethics Board raided Donna Reed Miller’s office, he fired off this one; “I’m the only one who got it 12 years ago,” Paulmier exclaimed.

“I’m not surprised by it. It’s unfortunate. I don’t wish this upon anyone.” Paulmier believes this could hurt Verna Tyner who was endorsed by Miller on Tuesday.” It might drag Verna’s candidacy into the cloud that Donna Reed Miller has been under since her first term, as far as I’m concerned,” Paulmier said. It should be pointed out that Paulmier had actively sought Miller’s endorsement earlier in the campaign.


Friday the 13th – Reached on her cell phone this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. Verna Tyner was surprised to hear the news about Donna Reed Miller’s office being raided. After being told about why Miller’s office was being investigated, she said her campaign had nothing to do with this. “Nobody is doing nothing for my campaign. I have four campaign headquarters. So I do my work myself,” Tyner told NewsWorks.


Friday the 13th – The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Ethics Board has raided the office of Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller. A source tells the DN that printers in Miller’s office may have been used to print campaign materials for Verna Tyner’s campaign. Miller recently endorsed Tyner in the Eighth District Council race.

Clout story

Fox 29 report

CBS Philly



May 12 – Verna Tyner has scheduled a fundraising event for tomorrow night at Maia’s Banquet Hall, 5920 Greene Street. On hand will be State Senator Shirley Kitchen, State Senator LeAnna Washington, City Councilman Bill Greenlee. The event runs from 7pm – 11pm. (pdf)


May 11 – Cindy Bass has picked up a few more endorsements. The Philadelphia Daily News, The Philadelphia Tribune and The Guardian Civic League are endorsing her . Here’s what the DN says about Bass, “This savvy Temple grad has worked in housing counseling at Mt. Airy USA, and as a special assistant to Allyson Schwartz and as senior policy adviser to U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah. These should be useful connections for finding new solutions for improving this district.” Read the full endorsement.

Also, Bass plans to hold a get out the vote rally this Saturday with Mayor Michael Nutter. The event is planned for Vernon Park, 5700 Block of Germantown Ave, from 2-5 p.m.


May 11 – Robin Tasco was on G-Town’s Morning Feed this morning. She bad mouthed Cindy for what she described as Cindy Bass not wanting to sit with the rest of the candidates immediately before the NewsWorks debate.

On Thursday, May 12, Tasco will be holding hosting several speakers at her campaign headquarters at 25-27 Walnut Lane in Germantown. Scheduled to speak are: Khalil Ali, Prince Muhammad, Dr. John Churchville, Henry Debarnaro, and Dr. Muhammad Ahmad.

She is also planning to hold a fundraising dinner/dance party on Saturday night from 7-12. Location: 7165 Germantown Avenue.


May 11 – Verna Tyner was on G-Town’s Morning Feed this morning. She said she has no problem with Donna Reed Miller endorsing her. She said she was seeking the support of everyone in the District and it would be wrong to turn away anyone.

May 11 – Donna Reed Miller endorses Verna Tyner. Here is the full statement.


May 11 – Seen in the Philadelphia Speaks Forum. “This may become Nutter’s candidate versus Street’s candidate,” writes jazzcat. This is one of the comments posted in a thread about Verna Tyner’s recent endorsement by Donna Reed Miller and an endorsement expected by former Philadelphia Mayor John Street.


May 10 – BREAKING NEWS – Ok. so I poked fun at Tyner’s campaign for sending out a press release that was essentially a re-endorsement by Shirley Kitchen. Then what do I find out. The City Paper is reporting that former Philadelphia Mayor John Street is expected to endorse Verna Tyner and earlier today, incumbent Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller endorsed Tyner. 


May 10 – With no new endorsements Verna Tyner’s campaign sent out a press release today saying state Senator Shirley Kitchen is re-affirming her earlier endorsement of Tyner. (pdf)


May 10 – Former Congressman Joe Hoeffel is endorsing Cindy Bass. (pdf)


May 10 – Brett Mandel has just released results from his City Council candidate survey. He wants to know if they would demand, if elected, that the city’s upcoming property tax reassessment remain revenue neutral. The three candidates who support this:  Andrew Lofton Greg Paulmier Howard Treatman 

Background: In Philadelphia, some of the poorest residents are paying a disproportionately high amount in property taxes. So, the city plans to rework the formula so it’s more fair. In the past, the city says it could do this without taking in more revenue. Mandel believes the mayor has abandoned this idea. Mandel says if you look at the five-year budget it shows that the mayor is counting on property taxes generating a lot more money in the future.


May 10 – The Committee of Seventy is asking all candidates where they stand on various ethics proposals. In the Eighth District Andrew Lofton, Greg Paulmier and Verna Tyner have completed the survey. The three differ on several questions including:  

17. Will not personally Hire or Permit Staff to Serve as Ward Leaders, Committeepeople or From Taking an Active Part in the Management or Affairs of a Political Party or Political Campaign. 

Andrew Lofton says he would honor that idea.

Greg Paulmier says he does not agree with this idea.

Verna Tyner says she does not agree either. In an area that allows candidates to elaborate further Tyner offered this explanation, “As I have learned from my experience as Chair of the 11th Ward Democratic Committee, committeepersons are, at their best, the ones with the most direct relationships with the voters and residents elected officials represent,” Tyner wrote.




May 9 – It was a big weekend of campaigning for the candidates. We saw most of them at the Mt. Airy Day festivalHoward Treatman gets the prize for best effort after finding a clown to volunteer at his table on Saturday.

NewsWorks begins its Issues Series this week. We are running a Q&A series all this week on our Mt. Airy/Chestnut Hill and Germantown/West Oak Lane pages. We are featuring two questions each day. Our first question is on how the next council rep will stop the exodus of middle-class families from the District. The second question will be posted at noon.

Also, our second MindMap is posted. A MindMap is a Q&A on the fun stuff in life; favorite books, best poems. On this Monday we’re feature William Durham’s MindMap.

Finally, The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a major piece on the Eighth District race. It’s an overview of the race for newcomers. Most of you have heard everything that’s in there. It’s still a very good story. Check it out.

The campaign finance papers filed by Robin Tasco appeared on the City’s Department of Records website today. So, we now have campaign donation and spending numbers for all seven candidates. Here’s the updated story.

Last week Verna Tyner won the endorsement of the 9th Ward. This week, a small contingent of those who favored Cindy Bass are going on the record to say they didn’t vote for Tyner. (pdf)

John O’Connell, the 9th Ward leader, sent this email with what he said was a response to those pesky 9th Ward Bass-sympathizers. I thought it was going to be a public lashing for committee members not towing the Ward endorsement. Instead it’s just him saying why he favors the candidate he’s working so hard to elect.


May 6 – Today NewsWorks begin featuring MindMaps of each of the candidates. These will give you a chance to get to know the candidate on a more personal level. We ask questions like “Books on my nightstand.” We will run one each weekday. Not all of the candidates have turned theirs in. We’ll run the ones we get. Today we feature Verna Tyner.

May 6 – Today is filing deadline for the 2011 pre-primary campaign finance report. NewsWorks is sending Dave Davies and Aaron Moselle to look over the numbers at the City Commissioners’ office. These reports will show how much money the candidates have raised, spent, and how much they have left.


May 5 – Philly for Change has endorsed Howard Treatman. This is a progressive (liberal) chapter of Howard Dean’s group Democracy for America. (pdf)


May 4 – The 9th Ward Democratic Ward is endorsing Verna Tyner for city council. The 9th covers all of Chestnut Hill and the top half of Mt. Airy. The Ward leader John O’Connell is one of Tyner’s biggest supporters. Still he says, it’s the committee members who make the decision. Here’s the note he just sent NewsWorks.

Thought I’d drop you a note a say, Verna Tyner surprised everyone and ran away with the 9th ward democratic committee’s endorsement. By a margin of better than 2 to 1. Tyner 20  Bass 8 Treatman 2 Paulmier 1.
After interviewing each candidate we felt Tyner was the most experienced, the most independent and demonstrated a vision and understanding of what it takes to represent the entire district better than the rest of the field.
A few of our committee members even received a call from the Mayor, but Tyner’s supporters never wavered. Finally a meaningful endorsement from people who actually live in the district.

John O’Connell
Ward Leader


May 3 – The mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton is endorsing Cindy Bass. Former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies has announced her support for the Bass campaign. In a statement released yesterday by the Bass campaign Margolies states, “She shares my commitment to advancing women’s issues.” Her son, Marc Mezvinsky married Chelsea Clinton on July 31, 2010.

May 3 – Verna Tyner has released this press release outlining her top eight priorites if elected to city council. This includes her idea of asking every household in the District to cough up $10 to help market and spruce up local businesses. She believes she can also get different levels of government to match that $10. The idea sounds similar to a business improvement district, only this time it’s funded by residents.


May 1 – Four of the seven candidates made it to today’s debate in Germantown. The event was held at the Second Baptist Church in Germantown. The four who made it were Howard Treatman, Cindy Bass, Greg Paulmier and Andrew Lofton. Temple University’s Matthew Finn was there to cover it. Here’s his story.


April 30 – The 9th Ward/CHCA candidates debate that was scheduled for Mon, May 2 HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

April 30 – Thanks to everyone who came to our debate on Wednesday night. We estimated the crowd around 250 people. The candidates deserve recognition for presenting a lively and respectful debate that voters in the Eighth District can be proud of.  Here’s a some of the press we got from the debate.

City Paper – Everything you need to know about last night’s 8th Council District debate

Daily News – Schools, jobs, DROP highlight 8th Council District debate

Patch – Debate Doesn’t Sway Many Opinions

Patch – News Analysis: 8th District Debate Largely a Study in Personalities

Patch – In 8th District Debate, Candidates Work to Show They’ll Involve Community Members

Chestnut Hill Local – 8th District Council Candidates debate education, development and more


April 28 – NewsWorks – Packed house hears big Eighth District field dig into issues

               G-Town Radio – Podcast of the entire debate


NewsWorks Debate

April 27 – Newsworks Eighth District candidates debate is tonight at 7 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Germantown. 35 W. Chelten Ave.  All seven Democratic candidates will be there.

       Patrick Cobb’s live blog


April 25 – It’s official. D.A. Seth Williams has endorsed Cindy Bass in the Eighth District race. Williams, who’s known Bass for more than 25 years, said her support of city law enforcement will make her an asset on Council and help Philadelphia become a safer city.

April 25 – If you can’t make it to Wednesday night’s NewsWorks council debate G-Town will be streaming it live on the internet. Please let everyone you know about our debate on Weds, April 27. Since this is a district council race the winner of the May 17 Democratic primary could be decided by only a handful of votes. These elections sometimes are described as a “committeeman’s election” in that the party members, who are often the most motivated, decide the outcome. But you don’t have to be a committee person or even a ward leader to vote. Your vote counts just as much as someone who spends their entire year thinking about Eighth Distirct issues. Since this is an open seat (Donna Reed Miller is retiring) this primary election could decide who is your council representative for the next 16 years (number of years Miller held 8th District seat). If you’re a registered Democratic voter in the Eight District this is what it’s all about.

April 25 – Temple University’s journalism students recently posted this profile of Greg Paulmier on their Philadelphia Neighborhoods news website.

April 25 – The Philadelphia Inquirer is endorsing Cindy Bass in the Eighth District City Council race. Here’s part of the reason the Inquirer Editorial Board says Bass can be an effective councilwoman. “Bass is poised, professional, and outspoken. She served as a community loan officer for almost a decade, has extensive on-the-ground involvement with highly praised nonprofits such as Mount Airy USA, and has a wealth of contacts from Harrisburg and Washington.” (read the full endorsement)

April 25 – Seth Williams is holding a press conference with Cindy Bass at this hour. We are expecting that he’ll endorse Bass for City Council. We have a reporter covering this.


April 24 – Neighborhood Networks is endorsing Greg Paulmier in the Eighth District council race. Paulmier has been a member of NN since its beginning in 2005. In its statement endorsing Paulmier, it cites his work in rehabbing homes in Germantown as an example of how he has tried to improve the Eighth District. Download full statement (pdf)


April 23 – Former City Council candidate Fay Dawson is endorsing Greg Paulmier. I got the email this afternoon from Greg’s wife Lillian Paulmier.

Former 8th District Candidate and Community Advocate Faye Dawson has formally endorsed Greg Paulmier for City Council. Dawson and her campaign organization, We the People For a Better Future for our Community made the endorsement reported in the Germantown Chronicle. Challenged for ballot access by Brandon Vaughn. Dawson’s 870 signatures of people who said they wanted to see her make a run for the council seat, were whittled down to less that the 750 needed to remain on the ballot. Faye Dawson is founder and president of the Vincent Woodson Foundation. A group that organizes anti-violence rallies and provides bereavement support to victims’ families. Endorsing Greg Paulmier, Dawson said she was committed, “to support Greg in his effort to bring genuine leadership to the District. I enthusiastically recommend Greg for this position and I urge all who supported my candidacy to work for his election.”


April 22  – Sometimes the most interesting press releases arrive on Fridays after 5 p.m. For example, this one from the Cindy Bass campaign. It says, “District Attorney Seth Williams to Join Cindy Bass for Campaign Announcement.” This event is scheduled for Monday, April 25 at 9 a.m. in Center City. This appears to be another major endorsement for the Bass campaign.


April 21 – The students at Temple University’s Journalism school are doing a great job reporting on the Eighth District. I haven’t been able to post all of their stories here on the blog or in our Top Stories stack because there have been so many of them. I can’t keep up with them. Jennifer Lee caught up with Robin Tasco recently and wrote this story.

April 21 – Jimmy Tayoun writes in his newspaper The Public Record that turnout for the May 17 primary could be higher than most people think. While he doesn’t have a poll to back this up, he surmises that with a large number of competitive races, e.g. Eighth District Democratic primary, and with Milton Street in the race for mayor more people may be following the campaigns.

April 21 – Howard Treatman sent a letter to his supporters today asking them to put a lawn sign. This is my favorite time of the year. I love pre-primary spring time when all the colorful lawn signs are blooming. It’s going be a visual mosaic with seven candidates. Also, he issued a new position paper on ex-felon re-entry. He said while he supports Donna Reed Miller’s new “Ban the Box” law it’s not enough. “The goal is not to increase the number of interviews an ex-offender gets, but to increase the number of ex-offenders employed, He stated. If you want to read more go to this link.

April 21 – A reminder to all candidates. Please send me your press releases and event announcements. I’m not taking sides in the race, but I can only post things I either get through email ( atu@whyy.org) or find on your websites. By the way, I love how some of your campaigns are using Facebook. Those sites seem to have more life than the traditional campaign website. I think Obama was onto something with social media campaigning.


April 20 – I have more information about the upcoming 9th Ward/Chestnut Hill Community Association candidates debate scheduled for Monday, May 2. It will be a structured debate moderated by Ward leader John O’Connell. He says candidates will get a chance to give opening statements, then they’ll be questions from him and from audience members. This will be held at the Chestnut Hill library, 8711 Germantown Ave, from 7-9 p.m.

April 20 – There will be a candidates forum on Thursday, April 21, 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Academy of Natural Sciences. City Council candidates running for seats in Districts 6-10 will get a chance to speak. The event will be moderated by NewsWorks’ Dave Davies. You are asked to RSVP for this event.

April 20 – We’re going to start seeing more of those campaign lawn signs. Cindy Bass recently announced to her supporters that her signs have arrived.

April 20 – I just noticed that Greg Paulmier is using YouTube for his campaign ads. They are not expensive TV ads but videos of him talking about why he’s running.

April 20 – Andrew Lofton has a fundraiser planned for April 29 at the Black Bone Art Gallery, 7117 Germantown Ave. The event sponsored by The Friends and Family of Andrew Lofton runs from 6-8 p.m.

April 20 – While looking around Verna Tyner’s campaign website, I found this link to a story on the Eighth District race by Jimmy Tayoun. He tries to assess each candidates power base e.g. Cindy Bass getting the Mayor’s endorsement, Howard Treatman’s campaign war chest, etc.


April 19 – Press release issued by the Howard Treatman campaign following Anita Hamilton’s endorsement annoucement. (pdf)


April 18 – Former Eighth District candidate Anita Hamilton is planning to endorse Howard Treatman for council tomorrow. Her endorsement will be made at 11 a.m. in Gilbert Stuart Park, Germantown Avenue and Ashmead Place.


April 15 – Verna Tyner is trying to keep the heat on Cindy Bass over the DROP issue. The Tyner campaign sent us this press release (pdf) that essentially says don’t vote for Bass because if she’s elected she might vote for Marian Tasco – a DROP participant – for Council President. The Tyner statement also has a link to a Fox29 report on Bass’ comments about DROP. To be fair, Bass does say that she doesn’t think DROP was intended to be used for elected officials.

April 15 – A candidates debate has been scheduled for Monday, May 2nd. 9th ward Dems and Chestnut Hill Community Association to hold 8th District Candidates Debate, It will be at the Chestnut Hill Free Library,  7-9 p.m. 8720 Germantown Avenue. This is the same night as the CHCA’s Traffic, Transportation, and Parking Committee meeting. So all you policy wonks are going to have big decision to make.


April 14 – The continued legal challenge to Robin Tasco’s petition is over, for now at least. Will Tasco speaking this morning on G-Town’s Morning Feed said Brandon’s Vaughn’s appeal of a judge’s ruling keeping Tasco on the ballot has been rejected. The appeal wanted a judge to allow for Robin Tasco’s petition signatures to be scrutinized for any invalid signatures. To get on the ballot, District Council candidates are required to turn in a minimum of 750 signatures of registered voters in the district who are the same party as the candidate. The original challenge to Tasco’s signatures was filed last month and thrown out because of a missed deadline. This decision upholds the earlier one. The case can still be appealed within 14 days.

On a separate matter, he reported that Cindy Bass wrote herself a check for $50,000. This is legal for a candidate to do. But it’s significant because at a Cindy Bass campaign event Chaka Fattah took a swipe at Bass opponent Howard Treatman for donating $100,000 to his own campaign. “This is not a seat that’s going to be purchased,” the Congresman said.

(Updated 4:55 p.m.) When asked today about Chaka Fattah’s comments that the council seat is not for sale Howard Treatman shot back “Cindy has the same amount invested in her campaign as me.” Treatman says Cindy donated $50,000 to her campaign and has made an additional $50,000 loan to her campaign. He also, said “The problem in the Eighth District is not about someone trying to buy a council seat, it’s about people who try to buy their council representative. I can’t be bought,” he said.

April 14 – 9:10 a.m. Ed Feldman promises he’ll break some news related to the Eighth District Council Race this morning. I’m waiting….Right now he’s talking about orgasms and marijuana. You can listen live.


April 12 – Bill Durham was on G-Town radio’s Morning Feed this morning at 9 a.m. (listen to podcast)


April 10 – The last time I talked to Ed Feldman he mentioned to me that candidate Bill Durham was tentatively scheduled to appear on Morning Feed this Tuesday, April 12 at 9 a.m.

April 10 – I was reading Dave Daviesblog post about a number of city council candidates who haven’t sent in their information to the City Board of Ethics.  Apparently it’s a law that was passed last year. In the Eighth District only Robin Tasco is behind on this one.


April 9 – Mayor Nutter endorsed Cindy Bass this morning at an event in Mt. Airy. NewsWorks story and Philadelphia Neighborhoods story

April 9 – I’m a little late on sharing this link with you. Temple University’s Philadelphia Neighborhoods’ news website ran this profile of Howard Treatman on 4/6/11

April 9 – Also, Temple University did a nice job on covering NewsWorks’ final voters forum in Mt. Airy.



April 7 – The City Paper also has stumbled on a strange account. According to the report Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller says Greg Paulmier was escorted out of City Hall by police for his behavior. The Eighth District Councilwoman says Paulmier was trying to get her to endorse his candidacy. NewsWorks’ Patrick Cobbs spoke with Paulmier today and we’ll get that side of the story tomorrow morning.

April 7 – The City Paper says its sources have confirmed that Mayor Nutter is indeed planning to endorse Cindy Bass at a Mt. Airy event this Saturday.

April 7 – After learning that Nutter was likely to endorse her opponent Bass, Verna Tyner says she immediately placed a call to the Mayor’s office to see if there was any truth to a “rumor” that his endorsement was part of a deal. In a press release, Tyner says the rumor is that Nutter would endorse Bass, if Bass promised to back Councilwoman Marian Tasco for council president. You can download Tyner’s press release here.

April 7Robin Tasco is holding a rally at her campaign office (corner of Walnut Lane and Germantown Avenue) at 6pm today with a couple guest speakers.


April 6 – NewsWorks blogger Dave Davies writes about some new developments in the Eighth District Race. There’s speculation that Mayor Nutter might endorse Cindy Bass for City Council at an event planned for this Saturday at Wired Beans in Mt. Airy. Cindy’s boss Chaka Fattah along with Dwight Evans and Vincent Hughes are expected to be there. Check out his story.


April 5 – Brandon Vaughn, an Eighth District voter, who unsuccessfully tried to get Robin Tasco thrown off the ballot is appealing the judge’s findings, according to Tasco who spoke this morning on Ed Feldman’s show Morning Feed. She also claims that Steven Vaughn (relation to Brandon unknown) called her on her cell phone and threatened her. Those are her words. Tasco said Steven Vaughn told her that if she didn’t drop out of the race she would face an insurance fraud lawsuit on an unrelated matter. Two other candidates that survived ballot challenges Andrew Lofton and Bill Durham are not facing appeals at this time. So for them it appears they’ll remain on the May 17 ballot.

Listen to the podcast.


April 5 – The Eighth District race was discussed yesterday on Radio Times. The show was not exclusively focused on the Eighth but on all of the city council races in Philadelphia. Here’s a link to the show.


April 1 – Howard Treatman says he will be at a Spring Clean Up event too. (pdf)

April 1 – Verna Tyner says she will participate in Saturday’s Spring Clean Up. (pdf)


March 31 – Tonight Bill Durham plans to talk with members of the Brinhurst Neighbors Association. The event begins tonight at 6 p.m. 7500 Germantown Ave., Elders Hall, Suite 113, Conference Room #2 (Use Parking Lot J)

March 31 – I’m playing catch up on some of the campaign news. Philadelphia Neighborhoods, a news website produced by Temple University’s journalism students, recently published a candidate profile of Greg Paulmier. This is Paulmier’s fourth run for city council. In the article Paulmier said his repeated unsuccessful campaigns actually makes his a better candidate today, “I think losing three times has made me a better candidate this year, because if I had won the first time, I wouldn’t be as sensitive to the needs of the people in our community.”


March 29 – Bill Durham’s campaign took the time to write up a press release (pdf) to say he’s a nice guy. Do you think we should fact check this one?

March 29 – Greg Paulmier will be a guest on G-Town Radio’s Morning Feed on this morning at 9:00AM hosted by Ed Feldman. (Listen to the podcast)


March 28 – Verna Tyner press release on Inquirer’s school violence series. (Press release download)


March 25 – Verna Tyner will have a fundraising dinner on Monday, March 28, 5-8 p.m. at Venango House, 2104 West Venango Street. (Press Release download)


March 24 – Cindy Bass appeared on G-Town’s Morning Feed this morning.  Listen to the podcast.


March 23 – Our first NewsWorks voter forum was held at First United Methodist Church of Germantown. Check out the coverage.

*NewsWorks – Eighth District voters describe their dream representative

*Philadelphia Neighborhoods – Northwest: Residents Voice Concerns for City Council   Candidates

*Mt. Airy Patch – What Makes an Ideal City Council Member?


March 23 – Bill Durham names campaign manager



March 22 – Three petition challenges in the Eighth District Council race were tossed out yesterday. Andrew Lofton, Bill Durham, and Robin Tasco will appear on the May 17 Primary ballot. A ballot challenge hearing for Jordan Dillard is scheduled today. (see full story)

March 22 – Howard Treatman was on G-Town’s Morning Feed on Tuesday morning. (listen to the podcast)

March 22 – NewsWorks founder and creator Chris Satullo was on Morning Feed yesterday talking about the upcoming voter forums and the April 27 debate. (listen to the podcast)


March 21 – NewsWorks’ Editor Patrick Cobbs will be covering the petition challenge hearings today on Delaware Ave. It appears four Eighth District candidates will have their petition signatures scrutizined today.

March 21 – Chris Satullo is schedule to be on G-Town’s Morning Feed this morning at 9 a.m. Satullo is the executive director of news and civic dialogue at WHYY/NewsWorks. He will be talking about our upcoming voters forums and the candidates’ debate on April 27. Listen Live


March 19 – Three candidates are scheduled to have petition challenge hearings on Monday. Bill Durham, Robin Tasco, and Andrew Lofton will go before a Philadelphia City Commissioners’ hearing judge to see if they enough validated signatures on their petitions. We don’t know the status of Jordan Dillard whose petitions have also been challenged. He may have a hearing on Monday but we just don’t know. See full story.

As things stand now (Saturday, March 19 at 1:48 p.m.) there are still eight candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the Eighth City Council District.

March 19 – Chris Satullo, NewsWorks/WHYY’s executive director for news and civic dialogue, is scheduled to be on Ed Feldman’s Morning Feed radio show on Monday, March 21 at 9 a.m. He will talk about NewsWorks’ voter forums and candidates’ debate. (Listen live link)


The ballot challenges

March 18 – Fay Dawson was knocked out of the race today in a petition challenge hearing. See full story. Bill Durham and Robin Tasco had hearings scheduled today but those will continue on Monday, March 21. Both have complained that the challenges that were filed against them were filed after a 5 p.m. deadline.

March 18 – I talked to Fred Voigt at the City Commissioners’ office about why we were told earlier this week that there were no petition challenges in the Eighth District. He said, that’s because when I contacted the office on March 16 around 10:30 a.m. there were no challenges. It was only later that the office recorded five challenges submitted electronically after the Tuesday 5 p.m. deadline. He says, the challenge hearings are moving forward and it’s up to a judge to determine whether the challenges were filed too late.

March 18 – I talked to Ed Feldman this morning and he’s got more Eighth District candidates scheduled for Morning Feed. (Listen live)

Tues, March 22 at 9:00 a.m. – Howard Treatman

Thurs, March 24 at 9:00 a.m. – Cindy Bass

March 18 -Five of the ten candidates running for the Eighth District Council seat are facing challenges over petitions. NewsWorks Editor Patrick Cobbs is at the City Commissioners hearings on ballot challenges. He said the five are:

Andrew Lofton

William Durham

Robin Tasco

Fay Dawson

Jordan Dillard

See our full story on this.


March 17 – Donna Gentile O’Donnell announced tonight that she is dropping out of the 8th District Race. In a statement sent to her supporters and members of the media she said the winning scenario she had hoped for is “not in the cards.”

“At the beginning of this campaign, I had always known that this was a possibility. And as many of you know, I passed on the prospect of an at-large candidacy because the chance for success, given the lack of open seats, and the demands of a City-wide race, made the prospects for winning remote. Given what I now know about the field of candidates, I am forced to draw a similar unfortunate conclusion.”

In remarks to The Philadelphia Inquirer tonight she said race was a factor in why she decided she could not win, “There is a racial demographic that will play itself out in the race, and when you add up the numbers, the winning scenario is just not there.”

O’Donnell is white. Of the remaining nine candidates running for the Democratic nomination for the Eighth District Council; Six candidates are African-American and three are white.

To read her full statement click here.


March 17 – We have learned today that a voter has challenged the petitions of at least two of the 8th District candidates. Fay Dawson and Andrew Lofton have told NewsWorks that they were notified of the challenges and will appear Friday for hearings. On March 16, The City Commisioners’ Office had said there were no challenges.

March 17Candidates for the Eighth District City Council primary race will meet at the Happy Hollow Recreation Center, at Wayne and Logan streets in Germantown at 1:30 to answer questions and introduce themselves to voters. Call 215-843-5555 for information. NewsWorks’ Patrick Cobbs is covering this.

March 17 – Here is the order in which the Eighth District candidates would appear on the May 17th ballot if no one drops out. You can read our full story here.

March 17 – Andrew Lofton was on G-Town’s Morning Feed this morning at 9:00 a.m. If you missed it you can here a podcast version here.


Greg Paulmier (D)
Cindy Bass (D)
Andrew Lofton (D)
Robin Tasco (D)
Howard Treatman (D)
Fay Dawson (D)
Verna Tyner (D)
Bill Durham (D)
Jordan Dillard (D)
Donna Gentile O’Donnell (D)


March 16 – Lillian Paulmier, wife and Campaign Manager of 8th District City Council Candidate Greg Paulmier pulled the number one spot on the May 17 Democratic Primary Ballot.  Greg Paulmier will be addressing the members of Liberty City Democratic Club tonight (3/16/11), at the William Way Center located at 1315 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA at 6:30PM.

March 16 – The Philadelphia City Commissioners Office confirmed today that there were NO challenges yesterday in the Eighth District Council race. See story.

March 16 – NewsWorks’ Patrick Cobbs is at City Hall right now watching numbers being pulled out of a coffee can. The process was scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. but will take some time. District Eight candidates won’t draw numbers until nearly the end. Here’s the order in which candidates pull numbers for ballot position.

Municipal court Traffic Court Mayor City Commissioners Register of wills Sheriff Council-at-large Council Districts.


March 15  (6:57 p.m)  – Today at 5:00 p.m. was the deadline to challenge a candidate’s right to be on the May 17 Primary Ballot. At 3:30 p.m. Fred Voight, the deputy city commissioner, said there were no challenges filed in the Eighth District. He promised he would call me at 5:15 p.m. to give me the final tally. Ho hum..

While we’re all waiting, I can tell you that tomorrow in City Hall candidates running in Philadelphia’s municipal elections will draw numbers from a can for ballot position. This just means that the person who gets 1 will be the first candidate listed in their race. NewsWorks is sending over a reporter to cover this. We’ll let you know who might have the top spots.

Candidate Howard Treatman held an open-house at his campaign headquarters on Sunday. Above Average Jane blogger thought there might be free cookies there. She investigated and it turns out she was right.



March 14 – G-Town’s Morning Feed producer Kenzo Nakawatase says the next two 8th District candidates to appear will be Lofton and Bass. You can listen live to G-town here. Archived candidate interview can be heard here.

Andrew Lofton is scheduled on Thurs, Mar 17 at 9:00 a.m.

Cindy Bass has rescheduled for Thurs, Mar 24 at 9:00 a.m.


March 11 – Verna Tyner will be in Germantown tonight from 7-9 p.m. to talk with residents. The event is open to the public and will be held at the home of Connie Winters. Please RSVP at 215.844.8891.

March 11 – Howard Treatman launched his campaign website on Thursday. Treatman is also planning an open-house this Sunday 3-5 p.m. at his campaign headquarters, 7151 Germantown Ave.


March 10 – Cindy Bass was scheduled to appear on Morning Feed yesterday but she apparently had to cancel. Ed Feldman’s description of Wed’s show reads “Ed again gets stood up by a city council candidate, and kills the time by speaking with the intern.” (updated: Julie Ramsey wrote in below (comments) that Cindy notified Ed on Tuesday that she couldn’t make it because she was sick)


March 9 – Verna Tyner held a “Meet and Greet” in the evening at the old NXNW spot in Mt. Airy. The small crowd was made up of Ward and Committee people. It was nice to see the effort.

March 9 – Greg Paulmier confirmed he will attend the Wayne Avenue Merchant Association’s candidates forum. Thursday March 17, 2011  1:30 PM at Happy Hollow Playground Wayne & Logan Street in Germantown.



March 8 @ 7:00 p.m.

March 8 @ 5:00 p.m. – NewsWorks’

March 8 – EMAN’s Newsletter lists another upcoming candidates forum. “On March 30th, there will be an 8th City Council District Candidates’ Night at the Joseph Coleman Northwest Regional Library, sponsored by the Chew & Belfield Neighbors Club. The program starts at 6:30 PM, & includes a question-and-answer session.”

March 8 – Candidates must turn in their petitions no later than 5 p.m. to the City Commissioners’ office in City Hall. The petitions will be checked and candidates that have collected 750 or more validated signatures will appear on the May 17 Primary ballot.  NewsWorks will have a reporter on hand to see who makes across this first hurdle.

March 8 – City Council candidate Jordan Dillard will be Ed Feldman’s show this morning at 9 a.m. You can listen to the podcast here.


Thursday March 17, 2011 (St. Patrick’s Day) @ 1:30 PM at the Happy Hollow Playground, Wayne Ave and Logan St.


March 4 – Two more 8th District council candidates are scheduled to appear on Ed Feldman’s radio show on G-Town Radio.

will be on Tues, Mar 8 @ 9 a.m.

will be on Weds, Mar 9 @ 9 a.m.

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