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Mexican Cuisine

Featuring exclusive episodes from No Passport Required with Marcus Samuelsson, Pati's Mexican Table, and Check, Please! Philly. Test your knowledge of the dishes featured, and take a spin at Mexican Cuisine trivia for a chance to win a Great Fall Feast Essentials Box!
Pati and Chef Alex Ruiz on a farm in Oaxaca, Mexico
From Pueblo To City

Pati's Mexican

Pati spends a day with one of Oaxaca’s best-known chefs and owner of Casa Oaxaca, Alex Ruiz, and makes meatballs in guajillo sauce.

A red sign with a lizard that says
Los Gallos

Check Please, Philly!

Kae Lani Palmisano and her guests review the camarones a la diabla, guacamole, shrimp tacos, and horchata at Los Gallos.

Soul Food

Featuring exclusive episodes from No Passport Required with Marcus Samuelsson, Kevin Belton's Cookin' Louisiana, Somewhere South, Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebration, You Oughta Know, and bonus listening content from The Fresh Air Archive.
Two people eating vegan chicken tenders
Go Vegan Philly

You Oughta Know

Learn how Go Vegan Philly makes vegan food with a side of hip-hop.

Kevin Belton in his kitchen studio
Cajun Fest

Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebration

Chef Kevin Belton cooks up cajun fried frog legs, cracklins, and catfish court-bouillon.

Asian Cuisine

Featuring exclusive episodes from Simply Ming, Somewhere South, No Passport Required with Marcus Samuelsson, Check, Please! Philly, and OUTNABOUT.
Ming Tsai and his son Henry
Sushi from Maui

Simply Ming

Chef Tsai assembles sushi and makes Tsai Family Hot Pot.

Grace Chen making coffee
Ray's Cafe and Tea House


Grace Chen makes coffee.