How to love a geek: A very special Black Tribbles report


    Peter Parker lives the dream of every nerd, winning the affections of his teen-crush-turned-supermodel Mary Jane Watson. Only in the comic books? Not so fast, my friend! It can happen to you, if you’re a geek.

    Each month, prolific Philadelphia podcasters, the Black Tribbles (winners of the 2014 Streaming Project of the Year award), visit Speak Easy with special reports on everything sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons, and other stuff that every nerd needs to know.

    In the Spider-Man comic books, Peter Parker lives the dream of every nerd who ever wore a pocket protector, winning the affections of his teen-crush-turned-fashion-supermodel Mary Jane Watson. Spider-Man gets the girl. Only in the comic books? Not so fast, my friend! It can happen to you, if you’re a geek.

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    Erik Darden and Jason Richardson are two members of the Black Tribbles, stars of radio, podcast and video. But before they were tribbles, they were geeks who followed the path thwipped by Marvel’s web-slinger and “out-punted their coverage” to get their IT-girls, Jasmine and Danae. Both ladies have enjoyed successful marriages by staying in touch with their own special geekiness while finding room in their hearts to embrace the geek leanings of their husbands.

    Jasmine Darden and Danae Richardson, Phoenix Tribble and Scully Tribble, respectively, joined the Black Tribbles in the studios of WHYY to share the stories of their romance and their experiences loving a geek. Listen to them tell how falling asleep at a college fraternity party or flirting by the photocopier can be a precursor for wedded bliss.

    In honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, here are some insights from the First Ladies of the Tribble Nation.

    What about your husband, as a geek, made him more appealing than the other men you’ve been with?

    Danae: [Jason] was very accepting of my oddness. [Not extremely surprising, considering that many could consider his geekiness to be odd.] The fact that he loved things that many considered unpopular or uncool, and he didn’t care what others thought about it, it reflected his confidence, confidence in doing something he truly enjoyed over what was popular at the time.

    The fact that he loved Disney movies for example, adamantly professing his favorites, and knew many of the songs, was awesome. I love that he doesn’t change who he is to fit in a mold.

    Jasmine: The most appealing thing about Erik, as a geek, is that he is not afraid to let his “geek flag” fly. He doesn’t have to try and be someone he is not. He is not concerned with fitting into a mold of how most people would perceive a geek to be — boring and with no social life. He is quite the opposite, and I love that about him.

    Finish this statement: A perfect day for me with my geek would be … ?

    Danae: Sleep in, play “Wolf Among Us” and “Mortal Kombat” together, consume island food, go for a walk together, hit the comic book shop for some graphic novels, home for dinner and wine, and end with an evening of foreign horror flicks and a heated discussion over zombie theories.

    Jasmine: Hmm. That’s a tough one, depending on the day and mood. First thought to come to mind would be a relaxing day where we order take-out, have a picnic on the living room floor, and watch our favorite movies all day — of course, while analyzing them, or pointing out something new we missed during our previous viewings.

    What would you say to those who don’t find a geek — man or woman — has anything to offer them?

    Danae: Acceptance [of your geek and your oddities] and determination; not swayed by peer pressure or what society determines is okay to love. Embrace passion!

    Jasmine: Every geek is different. Don’t knock them all just because one may not like what you are into. We all “geek out” about different things. You have to find the geek that’s right for you.

    Hear this and more from the Black Tribbles on their podcast, “Tribble Nation,” available at iTunes and Pod-o-matic. “Tribble Nation” is a monthly podcast focusing on the geek in every color imaginable, from scientist to author, from comic book artist to comic book collector. Each episode features an interview with a special guest and a review of current topics within his or her field of geek interest.

    The Black Tribbles are: Jason Richardson, aka Spider-Tribble; Len Webb, aka BatTribble; Kennedy Allen, aka Storm Tribble; Erik Darden, aka Master Tribble; and Randy Green, aka Super Tribble.

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