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April 29
Commonspace Favorites: “Whose Your Daddy”
From a cowboy with a secret obsession to a dad called “Mom,” fathers and children share unexpected and heartfelt stories all about dads. Learn more.

May 6
Intelligence Squared: “Does Humanitarian Intervention Cause More Harm Than Good?”
Proponents of humanitarian intervention – the use of force to halt human rights abuses – argue that the world’s most powerful militaries have a responsibility to protect innocent civilians around the world. Beyond saving lives, they argue, intervention deters would-be abusers and ensures global stability, thereby strengthening the liberal world order. But opponents argue that military intervention is thinly veiled Western imperialism, and subsequently, an assault on state sovereignty. And, it’s ineffective: the West, with its military might, increases the death toll and worsens the conflicts it sets out to solve. Further, given recent waves of populism in the U.S., France, and U.K., they suggest that Western nations should spend their time looking inward rather than policing activity around the world. Learn more.

May 13
BBC Special: “My Mixed-Up World”
Ahead of Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, Nora Fakim, the daughter of a mixed-race marriage, explores what it’s like for other young people deciding what cultural and racial boxes they tick. She meets some of the children born into families who took part in a World Service series 15 years ago. The series recorded couples marrying across racial, economic, geographical or cultural boundaries, who hoped their children would embrace different aspects of identity. Now teenagers, Nora asks them about their experiences and challenges growing up.

May 20
Voices in the Family: “The Power of Grit”
WHYY’s Voices in the Family host Dr. Dan Gottlieb talks with Angela Duckworth about success, failure, character and the way psychology plays a role in grit. Angela Duckworth is the CEO of Character Lab and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She has found that grit is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain. Defining grit as the “combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal,” Duckworth has identified scientific evidence that grit can grow and has determined that grittiness, not IQ or natural talent, explains why some people succeed while others fail. Learn more.

May 27
Commonspace Favorites: “Home of the Brave”
Dare to dream the American dream? Real stories bring to life the bravery, sacrifice, and hope that has defined every wave of US immigration—including, most likely, those of your ancestors. Learn more.

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