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Funding for Heart Healthy Philadelphia is provided by:

Mid-Atlantic Region
Office of Public Health
and Science
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Heart Healthy Philadelphia

Heart Healthy Philadelphia is a regional social marketing campaign to engage people in steps toward healthy eating and cooking through TV programming and community cooking demonstrations. Chef Jim Coleman offers Healthy Flavors recipes and tips.

Healthy Flavors Tips from Jim Coleman

Salt and Sugar Substitute
We know we get too much sodium in our diet everyday. Instead of salting your food the next time it's put in front of you, Chef Jim Coleman has a few salt substitute tips. Watch the video »

Cream Substitute
We all love to have a nice creamy soup, but sometimes heavy creams are just not that healthy for the heart. Chef Jim Coleman offers 3 easy ways to incorporate a soup base that tastes just like cream. Watch the video »

Portion Control
The key to controlling weight and having a healthy lifestyle is knowing what a healthy portion size is. Chef Jim Coleman gives us some tips so we can know how much food is too much food. Watch the video »

Nuts to You
We've all been hearing about how great nuts are for you. But just like with anything else, too much of a good thing can not be so good for you. Chef Jim Coleman tells us what a good portion of nuts should be. Watch the video »

Reading Labels
Labels can be very confusing to read and to understand. Chef Jim Coleman tries to help us understand what's on the outside of the box. Watch the video »

Health information and community events about heart health, diabetes and obesity are provided by PhillyHealthInfo, the health information service of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

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