2012 WHYY Youth Media Awards

The WHYY Youth Media Awards honors the best media produced by youth in grades 6-12 in the Philadelphia region. The 2012 YMA honored work produced between August 1, 2011 and July 31, 2012. This year, our second year organizing the Awards, we received over 165 entries competing in five categories in each division, Narrative, Documentary, News Report, Open, Middle School.

Special Awards

Judges' Awards

These films were selected as the best of the fest. In addition to receiving recognition in their individual categories, they were chosen by the judges as the standout films for their commitment to storytelling, technical proficiency, and intangible greatness. Judges' Award winners received a technology prize courtesy of Springboard Media.

1st Place — Grown-Up to Growing Up — Produced by Maurice Rippel

2nd Place — Look Up — Produced by Jake Oleson and Amanda Prager

3rd Place — Noir — Produced by Jared Hirsch, Alex Stern, and Alex Woodin

Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Foundation Award

Thanks to generous funding from the Thomas Scattergood Foundation, the 2012 Youth Media Awards saw the presentation of the inaugural Thomas Scattergood Behavioral Health Award. Given to the best video with a behavior health theme, the inaugural Scattergood Award went to Maurice Rippel for his documentary Grown-Up to Growing Up.

Middle School Category

First Place: "Secret Santa" by Kris Theorin »

Second Place: "A Mindless World" by Nik and Kris Theorin »

Third Place: "A Blast from the Past" by Ben Simon and Thomas Van Dean »

Narrative Category

First Place: "Look Up" by Jake Oleson and Amanda Prager »

Second Place: "The Flames" by Kathy Liu »

Third Place: "Noir" by Jared Hirsch, Alex Stern, and Alex Woodin »

Documentary Category

First Place: "Grown-Up to Growing Up" by Maurice Rippel »

Second Place: "What is a Life?" by James Tralie »

Third Place: "Right Foot Forward" by Conor O'Mara and Tom Plasket »

Open Category

First Place: "Life in My Fallout Shelter" by William Glaser »

Second Place: "College Mail" by Ani Acopian »

Third Place: "Dissociative Identity Disorder" by Garrett Scheliga »

News Report Category

First Place: "Giovanni's Room" by Dalya Shalom Hahn, Emily Hartwell, Kayla Izenman, Olivia Kane »

Second Place: "David Ohlerking: A Child's Touch, A Master's Art" by Grace Bertolino, Danielle Fox, Rochitha Nathan, Daniel Post-Jacobs »

Third Place: "Safe Sex and Teens" by Chloe Goldstein, Rachel Aliya Makansi, Anvit Rai, Selena Seay-Reynolds, Lauren Witonsky »