Archive: Audio Storytelling

A Martini Memory

Ed Cohen shares a story about how martinis helped him become closer to his mother and help her cope with the loss of her husband. — Produced by Ed Cohen

Food Deserts

Many neighborhoods in Philadelphia are criticized for lacking essential access to healthy food options, these neighborhoods are often called 'food deserts'. Despite the new Fresh Grocer recently opening on North Broad street, many residents are still looking for healthy options. — Produced by Scott Hatfield

"Major" Taylor

Major Taylor was one of the first African American athletes to gain prominence in mainstream sport. Here we find out more about this forgotten hero, who has paved the way for future athletes. — Produced by Charles Washington

My Mom's Hobby

Handwriting analysis is not a hobby many people pick up voluntarily. For Ellen Stupak, this avocation gives her a great deal of joy. — Produced by Sherri Stupak

Richelle's Story

The art of storytelling is a power tool in healing. Richelle Phillips shares her story about surviving breast cancer. — Produced by Armenta Washington