Kurt Russell

Excerpts from an interview with Kurt Russell...

Patrick Stoner: I'm sorry. I know -- from the press material -- that I'm supposed to believe there is a lot of Snake [Russell's character in ESCAPE FROM NY./L.A.] in you. I've known you a few years and watched your work for many years, and I just don't see it.

Kurt Russell: [laughs] Well, I suppose there's a dark side to all of us. I don't know how much "Snake" there is in me, but I do know he's the only character I ever wanted to return to and explore again.

Stoner: Of course, you also were helping to create the character [as co-writer of the sequel] this time. That would help. Do you think of your characters as your children?

Russell: No.

Stoner: [laughs] Oh, great. Well, I thought I had something there.

Russell: I did too, for a moment -- for about five seconds. I thought, "Yes, that's right," and then I said, "Nahh."

Stoner: But you do feel possessive of THIS character. You even kept the costume, didn't you?

Russell: Yes. I wanted it for a souvenir -- I helped design it, you see.

Stoner: You did?

Russell: Yes, with the costume designer. So, naturally I liked it, and you know what? I really liked getting back into that leather outfit. When I put it on, it kept reminding me of things about "Snake" -- how he felt, who he was, how he moved and looked. It was very helpful.

Stoner: That's an interesting metaphor, isn't it? Putting on a character's "skin?"

Russell: Yes. Although it also reminded me of the problems.

Stoner: What problems?

Russell: Well, like the eyepatch ... I help write these action scenes, completely forgetting that I have to do the stunts in an eyepatch that cuts off my peripheral vision. So, as I'm putting on the costume, I'm thinking of all of those falls and drops and flips and twists -- and I can't see ANYTHING to my left, AND I have no depth of field. So, I'm constantly bumping into things before I think I'm there. Brilliant of me, wasn't it?

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