Excerpts from an interview with Janeane Garofalo:

Patrick Stoner: You standup comics interest me. You're not quite the same as other comic actors. For example, I imagine you hate retakes.

Janeane Garofalo: HATE them. Yes. Good comic actors don't mind working with the script, getting it just right, trying it again and again. Those of us who cross over into film from standup want to get it in one take. Repeating it begins to kill the freshness. Repeating it 72 times murders it. You want it to be alive, to feel like we just thought of it. That's why I always change the order of the jokes in standup.

Stoner: How do you do that? How can you keep track of it?

Garofalo: I carry a notebook with me. I have 11 years of stuff in there. I just don't want the audience to get the same flow of ideas if they've seen it all before. It's the same idea as keeping a film scene fresh. I'll change the order and try to give the impression that it's all just coming to me right then. I mean, sometimes I'll decide two jokes have to go together--one thing just naturally needs to follow another--but anything else I'll move around. I think I owe the audience that.

Stoner: Now, one of your standup routines relates to this movie [The Truth About Dogs and Cats]. You're talking to the women, and you say if they go work out and don't eat anything but lettuce AND then claim it's just because they want to feel good for themselves, that they're being dishonest.

Garofalo: [laughs]They're SELLING OUT. That's right. Doing it for ourselves...right. If you're buying into that perfect body image thing, then you're helping the enemy. And, I do it too. I've actually had conversations with intelligent people about the FAT CONTENT in foods. I've done that. I'm just as bad as anybody else, but at least I'm ASHAMED of it.

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