WHYY I Like This Book: 6th - 12th Grade Application

Enter the wonderful world of books with WHYY I Like This Book. WHYY will produce a series of reading and literacy-focused/child-centered spots featuring distinguished readers on air in short pieces answering "WHYY I Like This Book." These spots will explore the motivations behind what interests a child about a book -- the topic, the illustrations, the characters, a book that is a family favorite, and how children choose to read what they read expressed in their own words.

WHYY urges librarians, parents, and educators to use WHYY I Like This Book as an opportunity for students to do an extra credit assignment for school, as part of an after school program assignment, as a library engagement activity or as a home project with parents/guardians. No matter how you enter, think long and hard about what gets you reading and let us know WHYY I Like This Book.

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School Name:

Teacher's Name:

Book Title:

Book Author(s):

Please explain "WHYY I Like This Book":

What about this book was interesting or special to you?

Who was your favorite character and what made them stand out?

How did you get this book? Was it a gift, a book you found in the library, or recommended by a teacher? Please explain how you came across this book.

How long ago did you read this book?

Have you read other books about this subject or other books written by the same author? If so, what books?

Explain why/if you have read this book more than once?

Did you read this book as part of a school assignment? If so, please explain the subject area and project.

Do you talk about books with friends and family? If so, what do you like about discussing books?

Have you been able to encourage your friends to read this book?