You Bet Your Garden

What’s eating your potatoes?

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March 26, 2011 — The Colorado potato beetle is the most dreaded foe of potato growers. Mike McGrath reveals how to beat the beetles. Plus, new hope for stopping stink bugs and your fabulous phone calls!

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Question of the Week

have a family farm in central Virginia that has a major pest problem. For years, we have grown mostly potatoes for our family. However, we lose a large portion of the crop to the Colorado Potato Beetle. For years we have used liquid and powdered Sevin with ‘ok’ results. But I would now like to find a more healthy and natural way to fight the bugs. Can you offer any advice on what types of beneficial insects to use and where to buy them? Or is there a chemical that is safe to use? Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user Mike Bernett

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