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The Wonderful World of Melons

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You say cantaloupe; I say muskmelon. On this week’s You Bet Your Garden, host Mike McGrath discusses that mis-naming of tropical melons and what it takes to grow these tasty treats of summer. Plus: the plant science in your backyard; and the answers to all your growing questions.

Question of the Week:

I have a ‘flat earth’ plot in a community garden here in Shawnee. My 7-year-old son Jack loves cantaloupe (aka muskmelon) and demanded that we try to grow some this year, so the pressure is on me to deliver. I haven’t tried to grow them before, but a couple of our other gardeners have told me they haven’t had any luck with them. Back around May 1st, we started some plants from seed under the lights I use to start tomatoes. Now what? A few websites say to use black plastic to keep the soil warm. Do you have any advice?

—Chris in Shawnee, Kansas
Is that a muskmelon or a cantaloupe? »

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