You Bet Your Garden

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Mike McGrath’s interview on Here and Now: Long, Cold Winter Leading To Gardening Woes

Chelsey Fields

June 8, 2013 — Mike speaks with Chelsey Fields, vegetable product manager for The Cook’s Garden about special gourmet herbs cultivated on a mountaintop.

Dr. Phillip Kaufman

May 18, 2013 — Mike speaks with Dr. Phillip Kaufman, a professor at the University of Florida, about unusually large mosquitoes.

Dan Sullivan

May 4, 2013 — Dan Sullivan, an adjunct instructor who developed the Masters in Sustainable Food Systems program at Green Mountain College, talks with Mike about his article and research published in Mother Earth News about persistent herbicides in compost.

Dr. James Roberts

December 15, 2012Our very special guest, Dr. James Roberts, Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical University of South Carolina at Charleston and Director of the South Carolina Pediatric Research Network, along with Dr. Kathryn Carr of the University of Washington, is the lead author of a lengthy—and very important—policy statement just issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics addressing the health effects of pesticide use on children.

Dr. Bill Quarles

September 22, 2012 & July 21, 2012 — Dr. Bill Quarles of the Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC) has been a terrific garden resource, sharing information on air about honeybee populations and genetically-engineered crops. He also provides insight in his articles on combating bedbugs, controlling termites, the changing world of pesticides, and other topics at the BIRC.

Dr. Lee Reich

September 15, 2012Dr. Lee Reich spoke with Mike McGrath about the easiest and most difficult fruits to grow. Lee Reich is the author of many books, including Grow Fruit Naturally, Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, and The Pruning Book.

Bob Olney, PE, MSPH

August 18, 2012Bob Oley from the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance spoke with Mike McGrath about how to prevent ticks from entering your landscape. Bob Oley, PE, MSPH is a lyme and tick-borne disease prevention expert and public health and site consultant.

Dr. Meg McGrath

June 30, 2012Dr. Meg McGrath of Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, shares her expertise with Mike McGrath on late blight on tomatoes.

Mark Birdsall

May 5, 2012 — Mark Birdsall works with Food For All, a partnership with the Food Bank to build community organic garden beds at sites owned by organizations willing to donate food to those in need. Mark spoke with Mike McGrath about the project.

Ken Druse

April 21, 2012 — Ken Druse, host of the garden podcast REAL DIRT and author of Natural Companions shares information with Mike McGrath about propagating new plants from old.

Dr. Hazel Barton

March 24, 2012 — Award-winning biologist Dr. Hazel Barton reports on the white nose disease that is threatening local bat populations.

Leigh Greenwood

December 11, 2011Leigh Greenwood, Coalitions Manager for the Forest Health Program, speaks with Mike McGrath about the dangers of moving firewood.

Guy Fipps, PhD, PE

August 27, 2011 — Director of the Irrigation Technology Center at Texas A&M University Guy Fipps, PhD, PE, shares with Mike McGrath the secret to watering your lawn perfectly.

Andrea Wulf

June 25, 2011 — Horticulture historian Andrea Wulf, author of many publications including The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession, Founding Gardeners: The Revolutionary Generation, Nature, and the Shaping of the American Nation, and Chasing Venus speaks with Mike McGrath about the gardens of the founding fathers.

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