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Protect yourself from mealybugs

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January 26, 2013 — A common houseplant pest this time of year is the mealybug, but you can safely and easily do away with these waxy-covered plant pests says Mike McGrath. And, Mike talks to E.B. White’s granddaughter, Martha White, about life on the Maine farm that he called home. Plus answers to listeners’ garden questions.

Questions of the Week

We have a pretty large greenhouse with several types of house plants inside. We’ve had problems with pests for as long as I can remember, mostly mealybugs and scale. The school does not allow us to use pesticides because of the students. We’ve been using dish soap, but it doesn’t work. Any advice on safe ways to treat these nasty bugs? Get the answer »

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  • Stephen Carpenter

    The RSS feed link on your website is no longer providing my podcatcher (doggcatcher) the information it needs to download the audio file. All I’m seeing is the description. This was a recent change, as I was having no trouble through the end of 2012.

  • Kathy Panek

    Hi, Mike

    I’m wondering about a garden pest I’ve seen in substantial numbers just this week. Up and down the bud stalks of my hostas are white hopping insects that seem to have emerged from a white weblike goo on the stalks. Can you tell me what they are and how to safely eradicate them? In the last few years I haven’t seen many of these insects probably because the deer ate all the hosta bloom stalks!. This year I have been faithfully spraying with liquid fence and hanging bars of Irish spring and so far the deer have left the hosta alone. Now the insects have the hostas all to themselves. I’d welcome any advice you have.

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