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Producing tasty Brussels sprouts

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January 28, 2012 — Although the butt of jokes, Brussels sprouts are a highly nutritious member of the cabbage family. Mike McGrath reveals the special tricks it takes to produce sprouts with a surprisingly sweet taste. Plus answers to all your growing questions!

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Question of the Week

I have been trying to grow Brussels sprouts the past two years. I start from seed and each year, the plants do well; they get big and healthy and strong, but the sprouts are loose-leafed and/or very small. I garden in sunny raised beds, feed the plants with my own compost and a fish and seaweed fertilizer, and test my soil every year for pH and fertilizer needs. Should I even bother trying again? Thanks for your help; I don’t know how I’d make it without your show! Get the answer »

Photo by Flickr user krgjumper

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