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Paw Paws

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December 8, 2012 — Ever hear of the famed “Banana of the North?” These native fruit trees reign on You Bet Your Garden as Mike McGrath delves into growing the unique and delectable paw-paw.

Question of the Week

When do pawpaw trees bloom? Four years ago, I started five trees with seeds from a fruit I bought at a market in Lancaster, PA. The trees are about six feet tall and healthy, but no flowers yet. This year I also purchased two different varieties of professionally started trees, as it appears cross-pollination is necessary to get fruit. How old do these trees need to be before they bloom? And will my trees from seed ever produce flowers? Get the answer ยป

Photo by Flickr user redmudball

  • Bruce Pencek

    Do you have any tips for how idea-seeking landscapers and gardeners should maximize the value of visits to arboreta and botanical gardens (and flower shows, for that matter)? Often the places can be overwhelming, with lots of neat things crowding out memories of things that can actually be implemented in one’s own patch of land.

    What sort of pre-visit preparation? Optimal strategies for taking notes and pictures? Keeping focused?

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