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Paint Your Porch “Haint Blue”!

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Does painting the porch a certain hue of blue keep out stinging insects—or restless spirits? Mike McGrath, host of You Bet Your Garden, discusses what the color ‘Haint Blue’ can do for you. Plus: Mike speaks with author Shawna Coronado about creating a living wall! And organic answers to all your growing questions.

Question of the Week

It all started when a caller said that his family down South always painted their porches a certain color that he called “haint blue” to keep stinging insects from nesting there. He said that he started doing it himself after years of having wasps build nests on his porch and hasn’t had a single nest since. I thought it was a pretty neat call; and then we were flooded with emails.

Does the Color Blue Repel Pest Insects? Or Spooks? »

Featured Interview

Shawna Coronado

Mike speaks with author Shawna Coronado. Her new book, Growing a Living Wall, allows you to make a beautiful, practical, environmentally conscious garden, even in a small space. Shawna offers easy ways to grow up, rather than out, by using non-traditional planting environments like gutters. She also recommends using mostly shade plants with this kind of system, like herbs, greens and Hosta.

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